Friday, December 10, 2010

Disneyfy Me!!!!

Deb: Last week, we were in NYC, our adopted home. For my money, there is nowhere like New York during the holidays. Everything is shiny and festive and larger than life. And that’s just the people.
Cartier 5th Avenue
I won’t lie to you, I did some shopping. So filled with the festive spirit was I that I felt buying gifts for others would just be too cliché. So I shopped for me. Just me. All me. Me.

It was glorious. Not just because I had brand new things that were coming home with me to live in my house, but because of my shopping experience.
Fendi 5th Avenue
Ahhhh, American service. I have been serviced in the U.S. from coast to coast and it is always a delight! But New York service, are ya kiddin’ me? Crazy great!

Now I know that some people find the “Disney-have-a-magical-day” service to be fake and or tedious at best.

But I say to them ... What? NO! COME ON! You can Disneyfy me, baby. I’ll take that magical day and raise you a “thank you!”  Thanks for the greeting and the smile and the help. Fake, you say??? So the fuck what? I am spending my hard-earned money here and I would love it if you gave a damn, so yeah I will have a nice day, you betcha!

What’s that you say? Thanks for shopping with us?  You are SO friggin welcome.

Did you find everything you were looking for? Yes, thanks for caring!!!

We hope to see you very soon. You bloody well will!

It is perfect service. American’s have honed it. They greet with a smile and then ... THEY LEAVE YOU ALONE ... until you are even maybe thinking of maybe needing help ... and they appear as if by retail magic.

May I start a fitting room for you? YES, YES YOU CAN!  And THANKS.
Me in New York heaven, Barney's bag in hand
 Then they reach into your laden arms, take your possible purchases and hang them up.

I start to tear up at the very thought of it. “Thank you, Becca, my arms were starting to hurt and then you came––at just the perfect time!

And how did I know her name was Becca?? Because she introduced herself, that’s why! What a concept. The woman gave me her name like I was a friend or a dinner guest. 

Are they there to take your money? You bet. But they and their employers have got a grasp on the otherwise precarious notion that being in a service industry means service.

And did my service end after the exchange of currency?  No, no it did not. I made my purchase at Barney’s and my associate, Taj, wanted to make sure that I knew that I could also wear my new skirt as a top (don’t ask) and proceeded to walk me over to the mannequin to show me. Why? Because he gives a damn. Fake? I don’t think so. But even if it is, WHO CARES? And yeah, okay he was gay so of course he cared. I promised to send him a photo.

I think that the first lady of fashion, Lady Liberty, said it best when she stated:

Give me your shoppers, the rich and the poor,
Your hurried masses who search for size four.
Send me the Homesense, their quest I’ve seen before
I lift your lamp to your car, as you walk out the door.

Barbara: I don’t get to shop a lot in the States, but I have to say that I’ve noticed this very thing. It’s beautiful.

Service me, baby, and I’m all yours.
Window at Bergdorf's


  1. I love to shop,who do not. I have yet to finish my holiday shopping. I have done part of it,but when I start It again I am sure it will be just as good as when I FINISHED it. Shopping is magical expecially when you are doing it for your self.Shopping can turn my bad day into a good day,which is always a good thing. That's why when I shop I feel like I am on top of the world and no one can bring me down.

  2. Deb and Barb...It's sooooo true! The American experience is all that...and more! While I've always shopped in the good ole U.S. of A. and loved to tell about it, it wasn't until I moved here that I appreciated how devoted retailers are to their customers. With precious few exceptions, they will knock themselves out to ensure the purchasing process is not only satisfying but ENRICHING. Now I know there will be whispers of "Yah, enriching for THEM!" but you know what, I don't care. The way I look at it, I'm gonna be buying all sorts anyway and if someone wants to make the separation of me and my assets less painful, count me in!
    A festive illustration...Hallmark is running a Holiday promo wherein they've included a $5.00 off a $5.00 purchase coupon in any number of major mags. Because I subscribe to every magazine published, I have received about 30 of these. I've made a point of using one when I pass a Hallmark store as I'm outfitting my new craft room and am stocking on basics like wrap and trim. Every time I use one of these, scoring five bucks off maybe a six dollar total expenditure, I've been thanked profusely and invited, most sincerely, to come back soon. "We'll see you again I hope!" Fake...probably...heartwarming...absolutely! I'm mean I'm basically legally shop-lifting and they can't wait to see me come again! (An aside - I am thinking of getting a "Sponsored by Hallmark" sign for the craft room so as to give credit where credit is due!")This is just one of the many tales from the register I could tell...all sharing a common, "We want your cash and we're going to woo you to get it!" theme.
    Oh and Deb,with that unerring fashion sense, you are free to do what you wish.... but I think that you wearing a skirt as a dress will simply lead to a future blog wherein we shall all forever have a new visual when we hear the phrase, "Off the rack!"

  3. Lydsie- a well described feeling of shopping! Holiday or otherwise. Yes Annette, I knew you would weigh in as you have been at the joyful end many times of American service. The Hallmark thing rocks. My Mom was an employee there for years and she still gets free cards etc. You MUST get a Sponsored by Hallmark sign for your gorgeous wrapping room! So funny. And I said it is a skirt and a top, not a dress! I am all too aware of my age! And I am not even lying-looks great as both. Hard to explain. I may need a photo follow up to prove huh?

  4. DEB, OMG...So sorry. I hope you didn't misconstrue my "off the rack" comment! I was actually alluding to your fantastic figure, specifically your full bust, and joking that the "skirt cum top" would be challenged as you are so tiny elsewhere! Age didn't occur to me! Everything you wear is fab so I have no doubt it would work either way.

  5. Annette,
    I could never be offended by anything you say! I was joking! Man sometimes I hate the computer communication. It should come with some type of a "tone intended" icon. But suffice it to say, I will NOT be wearing it as a top any time soon! co

  6. Deb...Whew...Think I'll go now and let Hallmark treat me to a couple of funky package trims to soothe my troubled nerves. As soon as I hear that sincere, "Welcome...let us know if we can assist!", this troubling exchange will promptly be forgotten! :)

  7. Funny, I think of the US and it's lack of service when compared to other companies. Talk about service visit Japan. They all stand at the doors entrances and greet you when they open for business with a bow as well. Now I just don't want snarky. I want smiles that are real. Glad it worked for you.

  8. I meant countries.

  9. Madge I'm sorry you have not had good US service experiences. Maybe I sucked them all up!!! And Annette, yes, get thee to Hallmark!

  10. I couldn't agree more, even if I technically haven't been to New York (YET!) - but American service is awesome. I too feel it is insignificant whether it is actually genuine or not, it feels NICE. And that's all that matter. You can disneyfy (my new favourite word, no argument!) me anytime too! :D

  11. I agree Cruella. I am down with the Disnefication! There's another word for you. Wonder if Walt would approve?

  12. "I have been serviced from coast to coast and it's amazing"--Deb, I fell off my chair. Oh, you lucky woman... *snort*

    I have no money. I don't shop much and am cheaper than cheap, but i DO travel for work on occasion, and for my money (or rather... my reimbursement) I think the best service is in Florida (Tampa, specifically)--then again, I am talking hotel. It was just the friendliest and least racially stratified place I've been.

  13. Hart, I must admit that's where my mind went as well!

    When I worked as a grocery store manager, I absolutely loved helping folks find things. I loved engaging in the quick 2 minute conversations as I scanned their items so they could be on their way to make some delicious meal. Somehow being able to brighten their day made mine as well. I always love good customer service and at this time of year I always appreciate the salutation of "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays."

    Great photos!

  14. yeah Hart you're right. Hotels are a whole other deal altogether. Hotel service can be crazy great.
    I'm with you Ruth, I love engaging people in friendly chat while doing a job. Makes it so worthwhile. And Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays!

  15. YES. YES. YES.
    oh Deb, you are my shopping idol.
    and i just want to mention FENDI ICICLE BELTS. did anyone else notice this? amazing.

  16. OH and something else to note. In the photos I took on my iphone of Fendi and Cartier, those bows and belts are sparkling and lights are moving through them creating a sensational effect.

  17. VAnillacardamom I am sooooooo glad you noticed. Glad but not surprised! I think our email crossed. Just as I posted my comment, yours came in. I now realized I should have taken ten seconds of video of them as they were so fabulous!


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