Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video Of A Typical Day In The Writing LIfe Of Deb And Barb

First of all, thanks to everyone for the fun and games over the last two days on our Fun And Games post. We just loved watching the story––and the computer-tweaks––unfold. 

Today we have something a little different for you. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it (that might be hard...).

And thanks, Luke Mochrie, for all the help! 

xo Deb and Barbara


  1. Oh haven't we all been there, more times than we'd like! This was so real, it makes you wonder sometimes just how we get the writing done! (Wait, was that 7-8-9? lol)

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Truth be told, that was mild compared to what we normally deal with when working at our house. And yes, how do we get it done? And yes Joanne that was 7-8-9! Also want to thank everyone for the writing game yesterday. I could not stay in the game as I was shooting a 14 hour day but I did check in during breaks and love love loved every minute of it.

  3. *gasp* The boots! Show us the boots! Model them for us! :) LOL

    OK, have you had me and my best friend under surveillance? That is EXACTLY what we are like when trying to accomplish (ha!) something!

    Why after watching this do I have 867-5309/Jenny playing in my head only with the lyrics morphed into 867-5789.

    And, Fannie is so cuddly cute! *squeeee!*

  4. That was a good video. The dog was so cute.It seems like you all had ten million things going on . Thats ok when ever I try to write I usually have about ten million things that pull me away from my writing as well. Nice video.

  5. So funny that you would say that because they are by far not our largest cups but in the video you are so right-they look HUGE! When our minds are wondering, caffeine is our dear dear friend.

  6. I have a bumper sticker on my car that says, "Caffeine Based Life Form." :)

  7. I love the art on the walls behind Barb. It's very beautiful.

  8. Bumper sticker is hilarious! And thanks. I love love love love love love love the moon. Obsessed with it really. It is a beautiful moon piece that my husband bought me from an art gallery in the Napa Valley for Christmas several years ago.

  9. I am LMAO not at you I loved it!!! I loved this video!
    It was so real...
    and OMG I am Deb---I am watching, listening and it felt like I was watching life as it unfolds each day in different directions.
    The movie will be a hit ....this video is a hit!
    Thanks so for sharing.

  10. Thanks all! lifewaves, so sweet. Kat, we love you too.

  11. LOLOL..OMG...that was wonderful!!! And yes..this is the way it is when you work out of your home..(as I do too) gals are flippin' wonderful!!!

  12. omg- loooove it! I totally get it. Same thing in my house, but add a rambunctious five year old, a teething 3 month old, 2 dogs and three cats. HOW DID I WRITE A BOOK?

    (And barb I so want to talk to you to find out whats been going on.
    Seems we're all in the same emotional boat these days, and its on he verge of capsizing!
    write me!

    love to you both- you are both cuter than words can say.

  13. Such fun to watch. Great idea.

  14. Loved Marrying George Clooney on the table.

  15. Ha, thanks girls!!

    PS the funny thing about Marrying George Clooney being on the table--

    Wait -- for all you who haven't yet read her book or blog (link on the left), Amy has written a fantastic account of her experience with menopause. It's funny, wry, and heart-rending all at once.

    Okay, back to my point -- I had just finished the book and brought it to Deb's for her to read, and it just so happened to be on the table when we started filming. We realized and pushed it even further into shot (for our unpaid product placement moment) -- only to find when we saw the tape, it's not even fully in! Anyway. Read it.

  16. Fantastic!!! I thought I was the only one who got distracted all the time- now I realise I am not alone. And I am so getting the book- menopause is just a couple of months away, so may as well be prepared.

  17. *snickersnort* Oh, fabulous! Life just is so inconsiderate about letting you write, isn't it? You need a room with two bathtubs so everybody knows to leave you alone and you can just write together. Loved Deb standing on the chair--and the convo with dad *rolls eyes* I think we've all got one of those in our lives that you have to repeat everything and they still seem confused about it...

  18. So SO much fun to watch! Love, Love LOVED it! Great idea girls! I'm late for work now because I wanted to have a "peek" at it before I left ... then got totally engrossed, laughed, read the comments and decided to watch it all again - totally worth it, a great start to my day - love to you both!

  19. Rayna, definitely get the book, it's so good. And, Hart, I looove your idea about the 2 bathtubs. I know it works for you, so...

    Sandy, thank you!!! So glad you loved it!

  20. you guys are ridiculous.

    btw, that is one sentence more than I got written today. And, dear God, please tell me what the fuck is at 789 Don Mills Road.

  21. Thanks for the great response on this one everyone! And Gae 789 was the first address that popped into my head-our accountant's! But my parents were the inspiration for the address repeat and the only thing I would add is...there by the grace of God go I

  22. Gae-

    Googling around, 789 Don Mills Road in Toronto is the Foresters Building that holds The Children's Aid Society of Toronto, The Independent Order of Foresters, FOCUS Humanitarian Assitance, Toastmasters International, a branch of Scotia Bank, the UM Group (some sort of Islamic agency), MediResource, the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, United Jewish Appeal Federation of Toronto, the consumer affairs division of the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council, and the Canadian Association of Midwives among many other things.

    And, further probing yields at least 1 reason and maybe 2 why Deb's subconscious chose to cough up that address.

    Gotta love that the UM Group and the United Jewish Appeal Federation are in the same office tower. Cool beans, that.

    Oh heavens, I'm googling addresses from internet video clips. I have GOT to get a life.

  23. Rigel,




  24. I can't believe I missed this! (Well, I didn't, technically, as it's still there, and I got just as good a chuckle out of it today as I would have on Wednesday...)

    Actually, I often do miss vlogs (as I have come to understand they are called), mainly because I'm often sneak-reading blogs when I should be working (and it is much harder to sneak-watch one), or because most vlogs are too long, or even because some of them are poorly made. BUT. This one rocked!

    First of all, the fact that you are both professional actors really shows. There is just something about how most bloggers are not overly comfortable in front of a camera that you guys have eliminated entirely. Made watching it all the much more comfortable for me!

    Also, the humour and recognizability was priceless. I'm not the only one, constantly being distracted, I see ;)

    Finally - I love how Canadian you sound! Just a few years ago it all sounded "American" to me, but recently I've learnt to listen for Canadian sorry's and about's... Yay! I love it! :D

  25. Rigel -- that is soooo funny. Thanks for being such a tech-geek!

    Gae, we're gonna try -- it depends on the schedules of our filmmaker children...

    And, Cruella, so glad you found the vlog. And liked it!

    As for our accents: nope, no "sarry's" here (that's my American "sorry").

  26. Deb -

    Today, I was scraping the old, peely bumper stickers that need replacing off my car.

    While searching for replacements, I found this one that I will definitely order soon. Based on your earlier comment, I thought you'd get a giggle out of it, too.


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