Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Imitates Text

Edited to add: A new fabulous Deco Tip and delicious Recipe today!!

Deb: Yesterday I was sending a text to my husband and one to my son. I have a weird thing about deleting their previous texts. I don’t. Don’t know why. Just don’t. Sentimental I suppose, which is odd because of course the texts are minutes, hours, days, even weeks apart. I was being driven home from the set and decided to peruse them just to see what was there.

Man I laughed!  They were soooooooooooooo unrelated. But so funny in their juxtaposition. Here they are in their crazy unrelated glory:

Barbara: Oh man, Deb, this is soooo fun. Not only did I laugh at yours (“love ya” equals “love taco”???), but I found my own texts equally absurd. Makes for an interesting take on modern poetry, no?

Okay, my turn:

Still don't know what "But cingular home how??" was supposed to mean before auto-correct...


  1. Thanks Madge. When I looked at it I laughed and laughed.

  2. Isn't it funny how txt can get add up sometimes. I looked at my txt the other day only tO find that I had over 150 txt that I had not put in the trash . I txt a lot. The bad thing is not only do I txt from my phone I txt from my iPod as Well. Me and my friends back home txt each other sometimes at 1 or 2 in the morning. I love it. It's my life line from the world.

  3. Texting is still a struggle for me. Frustrating. Don't have it figured out! Blecchhh, I've admitted it!!! Must do it more than once every six months to get the hang of it, I guess.
    These made me chuckle. Teeny tiny glimpses into the minutiae of real lives. I love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah, I thought that "glimpse into the minutiae of real lives" was kinda fun too!

  5. Oops, that last comment was from me -- forgot to change profiles...

  6. Lyndsie you're right. It's our tiny little line around the world. Kate, please don't feel bad. My hairdresser used to make fun of me for not texting and I was so intimidated. Then the boy showed me and I got it and now it is my life. Fastest and best way to get in touch with boy. And wow, his stream on my iphone was so funny. Just thought he might not want his on there so I chose my texts with Colin. Thanks for your comment debandbarbara lol.

  7. I don't have a cell phone (I know, I'm the last person in existence who doesn't), but I'm sure as my kids hit their teen years, I'll have to break down. And Deb - you can Colin text a disturbing amount of times about bodily functions. ;)

  8. Haaa. I'm glad I'm not the only person who has a very long history of texts on my iPhone. I don't know why I do it, but I do. I'm pretty sure I have texts that are two+ years old. (We won't even talk about my photo gallery.)

  9. Haha, this was a great post!
    Deb, I loved this especially:
    "and your dad is wearing your mums coat"
    "printer broke because of cheerio in machine"

    made me laugh :)

    And Barb, i genuienly laughed out loud at:
    "I'm here"


  10. I never tend to delete texts either,no reason I'm just lazy. I haven't ever gone back and read them out of context however so I took a look. It is pretty funny, auto-correct sure is great for the humour aspect.

    Best of them was "I feel lime a hut" which I think was "I feel like a nut". and "Let kids fry first" I'm assuming that was try.

  11. Oh man, this is making me laugh. Any other auto-corrected texts out there like Erin's???

  12. Erica believe me-this was just a taste of that arena! I love to talk about bodily functions. Sad but true. I laughed so hard when Colin texted the thing about the coat J, and the beauty is, when my Dad realized it, he laughed too. Erin I'm glad you are part of the text parade! Don't you love the mistakes. Best part. Love Taco still makes me laugh.

  13. hey Deb , Barbara and everyone . there is a web site , and i belive a book , called damn you auto correct ( i don;t have the address to hand but you can google it ) .
    even if the auto correct changes are'nt real they will make you laugh . makes me glad i don;t have an i phone with auto correct , although with my dyslexia i could do with it !

    i am glad to see i am not the only one that does not to empty my phone text message in box my boyfriend , who is the person i usually text more then anyone else , lives in england i live in ireland . it is nice to look back at what we talk about by text every night !

  14. I was just wondering if you have your husbands full names in your phone book because that's the way you put them in there, or did you do that merely for our benefits to know who you were texting? Very funny, especially the gas part. I laughed very hard.

  15. Napposauce, to answer your question, I think the MSN announces the sender based on how they are in your address book. So the screen capture captured that part too. Sad to say, Deb and I don't have the computer skills to be any more clever than what you have here (which, thankfully, required no greater skills than pushing a button and sharing :) )

    Hey Linda! Actually long distance texting would be the best to keep for later reviewing. So romantic!

  16. Linda I have seen some of the mistakes on some site can't remember what it was. But I think it said something like "why parents shouldn't text" and it was hilare! Napposauce that is so funny and I am embarrassed to say that having grown up in the 50's I was taught to do things in a formal way. My husband is Colin Mochrie in all my addresses and parents are Jim McGrath and Anne McGrath. Silly but old habits die hard I guess.

  17. Another fun post, ladies!
    Deb, I love how completely random your texts with Colin are- really sweet and endearing, in a kooky way!
    Barb, when you texted "COME HERE AND ANSWER YOUR PHONE!" to your daughter, I cracked up! My mom doesn't know how to text, so she leaves me voicemails exactly like that!
    What a quirky look into your day-to-day lives! :)

  18. lol, Beth! You wanna hear something funny??? The white text is my daughter, the green mine!! She's "yelling" at me!! (okay, we were in Costco and I'd left her at the eyeglasses counter to pick up her perscript and then wandered off to shop, losing track of time, la di da, don't listen for my phone. Well, she phoned and phoned to no avail -- until the fateful text, tee hee.)

  19. haha Barb, so funny. I text growl at my mother all the time when she doesn't answer my texts... since I can't pick up the phone and ring her, I rely on her being near her phone to her that little 'beep beep' alerting her to my message - I get frustrated if after 3 texts I still haven't had a reply, especially if it's really important.

    I don't delete my texts unless I'm running out of memory on my phone, for no other reason than I forget and I'm lazy. I wish my phone was like my mother's old phone where you just needed to go to a menu option and press one button to delete all read texts to clear your memory... my phone you have to press about 3 buttons to delete each individual text and even then it asks 'are you sure?' YES I'M SURE! and when I've got 50+ messages, it can take hours to clear them all :(

    By the way, the website linda pointed out, is a hilarious website of autocorrect bloopers. I've had it bookmarked on my web-browser for a while now and always visit it when I'm in need of a laugh.

  20. Elle, thanks so much for the link! I am crying from laughing so much!!

  21. These are hilarious! I don't save a lot of texts, but I do have one from MathMan that reads The feathered rabbits of calamari. .

  22. The feathered rabbits of calamari. So great Lisa, so bizarre. And thanks Elle for the link. Laughed out loud. Any mistake around the word penis makes me roar. I am glad we have auto correct. It adds laughs to life!

  23. For the longest time we kept hearing these beeps and couldn't trace the source ... was it the carbon monoxide detector? did the smoke alarm need a new battery? what? what? ... only to finally discover after several days that a friend had been sending me texts on my cellphone.

    My friends just laugh at me, and I really do not mind one bit. Some day I'll figure it out. I mean, figure it out better. I did manage to send and receive texts when my cousin's husband was in the hospital with a broken back and cellphone calls were costing her an arm and a leg.

    Speaking of penises, last night I took my son back to his home in Wadena and pointed out the blooming peonies along the ramp leading to the front door. "Those are peonies," I said. "One peony, P.E.O.N.Y. Two or more, P.E.O.N.I.E.S." Emil loves to show off his spelling chops and I thought I'd help him out.

    "That sounds like 'penis' you know," was his smirky reply.


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