Friday, June 25, 2010

Weather Vane

Deb: Today is one of those days where I find myself embarrassed for the weather. 

I am not a complainer of all things weather. I take it as I find it, just happy to be alive and experiencing it. Actually, people complaining about the weather is number one on my pet peeves list. FOR GOD’S SAKE IT’S THE WEATHER, YOU CAN’T CONTROL IT, JUST DEAL WITH IT. 

However there are days like today when I find myself feeling embarrassed for it. Unable to really look at it in fear that it will spot my mocking glance and feel more ashamed of itself than it already does. For today we have a weather limbo, a rock and hard place, a shit or get off the pot kind of day. It is 8:15 am. It was supposed to pour rain. Fine with me. Then we heard sun and a little cloud. Great, bring it. But what we have is what I can only describe as Mother Nature’s constipation. It is dark and ominous, but nothing is happening. It tried to rain but barely misted. 

Now the poor weather is so stopped up, it is panicking. Getting darker and darker with nothing to show for it. Poor impotent weather. It is so still outside, like the weather has gone all quiet hoping someone will notice and bring help. Need to rain ... Need to rain ... but ... just ... can’t.... 

Don’t worry weather, help is on the way. I’ll wash my car. 

Barbara: And what brings the sun out, I ask. Throwing a shower? Er… 

By the way, I’m the total opposite. I’m that person you hate. I blame the weather for everything. My headaches, my mood, other people’s moods, fatigue, depression, stress, bad driving, bad traffic, being late, being sick, you name it! It’s the weather’s fault. I frown at its snow and storm, I grumble at its cold and damp. I revel in its sun and warmth. But I am in constant communion with it. It makes my day or holds it back. Bad weather, bad news; good weather, good omen.

It’s a bad habit, I know. And when people like you tell people like me to get a grip, I smile benignly and pretend you have a terrifically valid point, then turn my head and mumble under my breath that the weather better smarten up and only rain, gloom, or snow on days when I have nothing better to do. 

Deb: Okay, you are going to say that I put the Polly in Pollyanna ... I WISH. But ever since I was a kid, I had a weather-appreciation gene which always had me seeing the upside of any weather whatsoever (try saying “any weather whatsoever” three times fast). If it was raining, for example, I would think, “Yeah, I can get to my scrapbook and have tea.” The only issues I had were “the tanning years” where even a second of cloud could send me into the deep doldrums!

Sadly the enjoyment of my favourite weather––which is a thunder and lightening storm––is dampened (pun intended) by the terror and disgust emanating from my little blonde dog! Coincidence, Barb? So, the next time you are pissed at the weather, dear friend, just wag your tail and reach for the nearest complimentary adjective! 

But I won’t lie to you ... freezing rain will be a challenge! 

Barbara: You have a terrifically valid point.


  1. I am the person Deb hates too. And what's more pathetic, I live in Washington and I'm constantly complaining about the gray skies. They make me tired and grumpy. Everyone asks why I don't move. I've been here my whole life, my family is here. So I suppose 10 months of gray is worth that plus the two months of sun we get, plus the short drive to forests, mountains, rivers, lakes,and the ocean. :)

  2. I can take all weather except what we had yesterday. I don't remember the last time it was so ridiculously dank and oppressive with humidity. I mean really. You can't tell me there is any point to weather like that. It just needs to snap out of it sometimes!

  3. I am a person that loves any kinda of weather. I like it when it snows or rains or hails or anything.I think my faviort kinda of weather is rain, because I love to look outside and just watch it. I don't know why I like to watch it rain but, it is so fun, and the sound of it pounding aganist the side of the house is so pretty and peaceful to me. The only weather that I get really frecked outin is snow, and that is only when I have to drive in it, but besides that I am pretty good with all the weather.

  4. I'm sort of a weather complainer, especially when it comes to rain and wind. But after living in San Francisco for a year, I've gotten a little more tolerant of the damp and gusty. The only thing I still can't stand is a monstrous thunderstorm. I don't understand how Deb or anyone else could like them. Big storms have always terrified me.

  5. I LOVE WEATHER! I particularly like really GRAND, flashy, showy weather... I probably run more like Deb, except for ONE, TEENSY TINESY ANNOYING QUIRK. My infatuation wears off relatively quickly.

    Any weather that outwears its welcome THEN becomes something to grumble about. I live in Michigan, so 'cold' gets the brunt of my disgust. I have never minded rain, because except for spring in Seattle *waves at Megan* rain rarely outstays its welcome... it comes and goes. COLD though... that USUALLY stays too long--MONTHS some years. Every once in a while we get a 'hot' that is too long... about day 6 when it never goes below 90 will wear on me, though USUALLY the weather fluctuates more than that.

    Storms are ALSO my favorite, but for years we had a dalmatian lab mix who was TERRIFIES and would insist on sitting ON YOUR LAP (all 90 pounds of him)

  6. I absolutely love storms! When I was little my great-grandad and I would sit on the front porch and watch them sweep across his ranch. I also love that fresh smell that comes when it's just about to rain, it's just refreshing somehow! The only weather I don't like is when it's cloudy and dreary for days on end in the winter. Then I get like Barbara and blame my bad mood on the clouds!

  7. I like watching the weather in all shapes and forms. Except Hurricanes, which we have had 2 of in the last 5 years. (Would someone please tell the hurricanes east Texas is now closed to partying and go someplace else.) That said the older I get the more my body starts to complain with the change in weather. So I still love the weather, just hate the pains.

  8. Deb -

    Love and hugs,

  9. I love how varied and passionate all the responses are. Just like the weather everyone is wonderful and unpredictable in their feelings. A special mention to Rigel for her gorgeous poem which so spoke to me, that I am printing it out and making of it, a bookmark. Happy weekend everyone.

  10. Just back from my cottage weekend -- where it piddle-rained for hours *sigh*. But I still had fun and didn't whine too too much.

    PS I do LOVE a good thunderstorm though. Nothing like standing on a porch in the summer watching the green sky churn then spill its wrath. Love it.

    But There's Just Life's hurricanes? Too scary.

  11. Deb, lol!

    I love that you told the weather to shit or get off the pot.



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