Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As today we have posted to our WTF?! page and really want you to click over to read it, we’re keeping things to a fun minimum on this page. 

First, we want to encourage (beg) you to share with us any of your own fun WTF or Side of Slaw stories—email us at: We’ll mete them out over time—while of course giving you credit and linking to your own blog. 

Second, if you guys remember our (*cough* Deb's) rant about Grammar a few weeks back, here’s a very funny video for your amusement that perfectly illustrates our (Deb's) point. 

And lastly, we want to give a shout-out to all our great readers who also have their own wonderful blogs, which have been amusing us and warming our hearts. You have only to link to any of our Followers or Commenters (is that a word?) to see what we mean. There are some extraordinary writers and dear hearts out there! 

And then, last week, three of our readers virtually simultaneously posted videos that brought a wee tear of joy to our eyes (Deb commented on the virtue of those kinds of tears in the Apron Strings comments). So, for your further enjoyment: 

An amazing skipping rope performance and audience reaction on Life at Golden Grain Farm.

A sweet Free Hugs video from Nag on the Lake

And a downtown Toronto flash dance performance celebrating inspirational women at Ramblings of a Woman

But don't forget WTF?!  Enjoy!!


  1. I like the new post in the WTF. I would have most likely said the same thing and told that lady that she needed to mind here own business and not worry what my plants looked liked and to take care of here own.

  2. Thanks Lyndsie,
    Your is a much nicer classier version of what I wanted to tell her!


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