Friday, May 13, 2011

Igloos And Dog Sleds

Sorry, folks, Blogger was down for the last two days. Some comments have been lost (although they might still come back), and we haven't been able to post today's article till now (which makes it even more redundant :) ––you'll see!)

Barbara: You know the cliché where we Canadians drive around in dog sleds, live in igloos, and it’s always -25 out? Well, this year, here in Toronto, it feels like we’re living the cliché. I’m half-tempted to gather the dogs and slap up the igloo!! Okay, it’s not -25, but it is the kind of spring cool that just seeps into your bones and never shakes itself out.

I’ve been waiting to put pansies in my garden for the last three weeks. Pansies––the hardy cold-weather flowers. Well, too cold for them. I’ve been staring dolefully out the window, bike still hanging from its hook in the garage, wondering where the heck the sun is and why the hell the rain is pouring so relentlessly.

I know Deb and I have bantered about weather in the past (she’s for it, I’m against), but I just feel like the worst kind of pouty brat these days. I need my outdoors! I need sun! I need to feel the warmth of it on my skin!

And PS: the vision of me spinning, arms outstretched, face tipped up to the rain is not my idea of child-like bliss. At all.

My front porch on, yes, a rainy cold day...
Most years, I spend the entire spring out on my front porch. My porch has got its own little eco-system up there. The afternoon sun streams under the overhanging roof and warms up the brick and furniture pillows around me. Or if it’s raining but sufficiently warm (which is often here in Canada, I swear!!), I even have an electrical outlet to charge my computer. But this spring, even wrapped in blankets and fleeces, I’m never warm enough. I am still as cooped up as I was all winter.

Help! Does anyone have a sure-fire fix for what threatens to become SFAD (seasonal fucking affective disorder)??? I mean, the people around me are seriously at risk.

Barbara’s PS: Okay, confession time: so I wrote this last week when we were in the throws of ceaseless cold weather, but then sidelined posting it as I was feeling all political and stuff and wanted to write about that. Now, this week, I am sidelined by a whopper of a cold—the kind that makes even looking at the computer screen an onerous chore (sore eyes, congested chest, midnight coughing fits wherein I banish myself to the basement guest room for fear of waking my beloveds). So when I found this blog-post still waiting on my computer, I thought, what the hell. Shouldn’t tell you that it’s been warm and sunny and my daughter is even sporting a mild sunburn on her chest from reckless sun-worshipping. I know: “wah wah”.

Deb: Deb: First off, I am glad that Barb came clean and fessed up to the fact that the blog was written pre beautiful weather. It has been stunning, warm and sunny. Secondly, those of you who follow the blog regularly, you know that one of my pet peeves is complaining about the weather. Barb read me this one with some reluctance! :-)

As I have said many times, if it is raining and you are miserable about it, then it is raining and miserable. If it is raining and you embrace it, the day holds endless possibilities. I am still that gal who can lift my face to the dark clouds and smile. 


  1. Oh, dear, Barbara! Please feel better soon! *hugs, hugs, hugs*
    *hands over mug of hot tea, snuggly blanket, bottle of peppermint oil*
    *also hands over basket of small beanbags for you to throw harmlessly because you are feeling pissy*

    *Stares at Deb* Sorry, Deb, but it is all hate for the weather around here this spring, too. Tornadoes and floods. Even Pollyanna would just climb back into bed and pull the blankets over her head.

  2. Eternal optimists about weather. Here in Los Angeles it is always around 70 and clear. No seasons. Dream it and it will come true. So glad the fucking blogger is working again. I was nuts with it down even in 70's weather.

  3. First of all I just want to say that I am glad blogger is back. Yeah blogger.

    Second,I love the weather. Barb, I am the total opposite where you stay cold I am always hot,even in the winter time. The weather here has been crazy. Last night it was storming and now the sun is half out that's just weird.

    It does rain here alot but I don't mind it. I am a little weird because I do like to go out in the rain and play. I just love it so the rain is no problem for me.

    I try not to say much about the weather. The only time that I really do complain is when it's really hot and I am a hot natured person anyways and it's even more hot out side. But even than what can you do? I say just enjoy the weather because it's going to do what it wants to do. It's like it has a mind of it's own.

    And Barb I have a suggestion for you. If you are never warm enough you should try those snuggies blankets. They are really cool. It's basically like a robe that you put on backwards. I use them in the summer times sometimes when I get out of the pool. You should give it a try.

  4. Well if our weather is any indication of what will be heading your way you can expect a return to icky weather soon. It's only 2 in Winnipeg today, windy and pouring rain, brrr.

    I usually don't let the weather affect my mood but every once in awhile it gets to me and this year is really testing me. Worries me right now because of all the flooding, rains the last thing Manitoba needs.

    p.s. feel better Barb

  5. I don't care much for the desert where I live, but I can't complain about the weather (mostly). It is clear, sunny and warm or hot most days of the year. Can't complain about that.

    However, I'm a gal who loves a good thunderstorm. We haven't had any rain here since October! Oh how I miss the rain. I can't wait until summer, our rainy season, and see lightning flashing in the sky, hear the roar of thunder and the druming of rain on the roof.

    Barb, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Colds are just awful things.

  6. Hey all, sorry for the response delay -- I've been in transit and couldn't access my email, etc. Thank you sooo much for your good wishes to get better. I have been so miserable all week. But I can say that right now, I finally feel a bit better -- like I've turned a corner. Thank you!! And PS, super hot today...

  7. Aww, Barb! *hugs*
    I TOTALLY understand... I live a couple hours south of you, in Buffalo! Our weather sucked at around the same time your did! I just took a vacation down South (Georgia and South Carolina) this past week, and learned that having hot, humid weather ain't all it's cracked up to be! I choose not to complain about the cool weather and rain, but embrace it!

  8. Thanks, Beth! And you're right, if it was always hot and humid, I'd probably find that to complain about. I really think it's the not being able to go outside for extended periods that gets me... But that seems to be changing now, yay!!

  9. I am with Deb in that I love weather, that is until I moved to Seattle. Months of low clouds, barely there drizzle, and cool temps makes folks grumpy around here. But the freak snow showers are cool. But I miss the thunderstorms.
    Barb, hope you feel better soon.

  10. Our weather isn't terrible right this second. What I'm really dreading is summer, mostly because I live in Alabama, where the high temperature in the summer reaches the approximate melting point of titanium. And the 95-100% humidity doesn't help, either. Perhaps it's time to head north...

    (And I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, Barb! Being sick always sucks and a half.)

  11. Okay, guys, that hot sunny weather on Fri changed for the weekend (my weekend away) into cold, damp, rainy times. Anyway, it did not ruin my fun, but did feel depressingly backward, weather-wise. But good news is, MY cold? Much better! Began to worry I was nursing pneumonia! xo


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