Monday, August 15, 2011

Prelude to EBB and FLOW

Seven days
As many sunsets
Laughs a plenty
Quiet quiets.
Cacophony of cocktails
One sand village
8 outdoor showers
Tons of chips
No tension
One ukulele
Much harmony
Forgotten lyrics
Four books read
6 tubes of suntan oil
One tiny watercolour
More chips
One flea market
One kite day
Five games
One musical night
One satisfied but reluctant departure.

***Blog to follow on Friday.****


  1. Wow what beautiful pictures those are. I love any kind of sun sets So I love those pics to death. The colors in the are just perfect. I especially Love the ones with the orange coloring in them since I am love with the color . How can you look at those pics and not have a good day. Great picture taking to who ever took those pictures.

  2. these are gorgeous! i love the third one down- just beautiful! And a lovely interlude too!


  3. Your photos are amazing! Love the colors in the second one.

  4. Thanks Lyndsie, J and Megan. Our friend Greg would set up the camera on a tri-pod during the sunsets and whenever one of us would like what we saw, we would snap. We actually have tons of them but I chose one from each night of our vacation. Each one reflects a different time during the sunset.

  5. Beautiful. Can't wait to see the blog new and redesigned. Are you updating photos of the two of you?

  6. Redesign problems? Naaah. The blog just partied too hard and is hungover.

  7. lovely!!!! and LOVE that you've taken time to refresh.......I appreciate both of you and what you express in your blog......looking forward to more....

  8. Ha, Rigel! That sounds about right. Madge, we're hoping to incorporate new photos, will see what the templates offer us. And Lori, thanks for the vote of confidence!

  9. Oh, man... we so had that happen a couple times when the Burrow was trying to get going. We ended up FIRST with a rule to save the code before messing with it....

    Then with a revised rule that only Mari has the right to make changes because she is most savvy (being the baby)... erm... that second rule might have been because I screwed it up. Again...

  10. Ha, thanks Hart! I wish we'd thought of saving the code (and when I say "we", I actually mean my daughter and I -- Deb can NOT be held accountable for today's blunder!!). But then, we were only playing... or so we thought.

    Personally, I think the blog had a hand in the whole thing...

  11. Love the pics :] absolutely stunning

  12. Yeah but the reason I am not responsible for the mistake is that I don't do any of the work. Must make that clear. Barb is on it! She actually lost sleep over it bless her. We will get it all fixed and lovely I am sure. And when I say we, I mean her.

  13. Yes, but Deb said "bless her" and you know what THAT means. ;)
    Don't worry Barbara, shite like that happens all the time in the IT world. You'll figure it out and get it going the way you like. You've learned a valuable lesson too...make copies before f'ing around with code. ;p

    P.S. Sunsets + Deb = Me + Jealous :)

  14. LOL, Karen! Yes, our dear Barbara putzed around with the code, bless her heart. ;)

    Deb: Which beach?

  15. Ooh, how pretty! I can't wait to read about it on Friday!

  16. Rigel it was lake Huron. Stun stun stunning. Thanks April. Karen it was heaven and only three hours away.

  17. April, it's great to see you back! xo

  18. Mother Nature is such a talented artist, isn't she? And you've captured her work here beautifully.


  19. Thanks, Barbara! It's good to be back. And I like what you've done with the blog. It's looking very sharp, indeed! :)


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