Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Sexy Food

Barbara: In honour of all the recent anniversary activity—and because I am a foodomaniac since my time began—today I’d like to hear about the foods that are your “no fail, always get me” foods. What 5 things would you love to eat on a romantic date?
1. Runny cheese
2. Buttery seafood (shrimp or lobster )
3. Oysters
4. Buttery fried, garlicky, lemony shiitake mushrooms
5. And, of course, anything chocolate (particularly dark, maybe even warm and gooey)

1. Any wonderful pungent cheese
2. A perfectly ripe pear
3. Baguette
4. Chocolate molten cake
5. Thin-crusted homemade pizza


  1. Ooooh I like this already!!!

    1. Tiramisu. ER. MAH. GERD.
    2. RAW OYSTERS. Just lay them on me! Ima gobble 'em up!!!!
    3. Ok, scratch 2. Just seafood in general!!!! Major yum!
    4. Holly's lemon butter chicken. NOM!!!
    5. O yes, Chocolate. I told one of my nursing friends I have chocolate bookies. It's true. :DDDDDD

  2. Looooooove this. Yummy, Kelly!

    As a PS to Deb and all -- my email is not working here in Montreal at the moment. I'm not getting them or able to send out. This will surely change later in the day. But paging Deb in the meantime! If you've answered my email (and if you get this message), would you mind posting here in the comments and I will add later??? Sooooorrrrryyyyyy, arggghhh...

  3. Ohhhhh.......Someone's still has their anniversary-celebration hangover ;)

    Disclaimer: Ive got a lottttta chocolate and Indian food on my list.

    1. Deep fried prawns....yummmm!!!
    2. Strawberries dipped in yummy melty....chocolate!
    3. Delicious......chocolate cake....mmmmmm
    4. This delicious Authentic and spicy oyster masala....*drools*
    5. Chicken Tandoori with some chopped onions and drizzled with lemon juice. :P
    6. Spicy Butter chicken with steamed rice....OMG!
    7. Steamed or deep fried "Modaks" its a dish we make in Ganesh Festival. Kinda like momos...
    8. Chicken seekh kababs.....YUM YUM YUM
    9. Runny cheese...maybe with nachos...(I'm not a cheese person. But Had them with CHEESE on my birthday for the first time..Cant stop thinking about them ...or the cheese!!!!)

    10. My all time favourite....An Authentic INDIAN meal, MOM-made.(Big words coming up) Dal, rice, fried 'papad', potato bhaji, mango pickle, raita and in the end...saffron rice!!!! YUMMMMILIICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'd love to be there for your Authentic INDIAN meal ... potato bhaji, dal, rice, raita ... yummy.

    2. :D I'll be thinking about you! :)

    3. Oh my. #2 is one of my favorites! Yummy!

  4. For me, it would include:

    1. Shrimp with seafood sauce. Yumm...
    2. Dosa - I fell in love with it when I was in India, and now I found two places that make it here, and it tastes like what I had in India. Yay!
    3. Perogies and cabbage rolls.
    4. Koshari - it's an Egyptian dish consisting of rice, macaroni, lentils, chick peas and tomato sauce. Quite yummy.
    5. Any food my mother-in-law makes. She's an amazing cook. :)

    1. Oh, and I forgot - jiiazi - a Chinese dumpling consisting of ground pork and bok choy, and we have it first boiled (and eat as much as humanly possible, and end with soup), and any left overs are fried up the next day for pot stickers. YUMMMY. That's our Christmas Eve meal with my inlaws. :)

    2. OH YES...FORGOT DOSAS...what is wrong with me??????

    3. You were busy thinking of your Mom-made, authentic Indian meal... :)

    4. haha! If You eat my MOM-made dosa.....YOU'LL DIE!!! Sooooo delicious... :D

    5. "If You eat my MOM-made dosa.....YOU'LL DIE!!!" I hope not! :)

    6. Shalaka - then I hope you mom won't mind me licking my plate - especially if there is lots of coconut chutney ... :)

    7. HAHA! No she wont...I DO..... I was gonna say...cocnut chutney is her specialty!

  5. Perfect topic since today is my Birthday!!!

    1. Cheese fondue (on the menu for tonight)
    2. Chocolate fondue (also on the menu for tonight)
    3. Good resturant quality Macaroni and Cheese(not the stuff from the boxes)
    4. Gosh, any chocolate really and if you can add peanut butter to the chocolate, it is perfect.
    5. Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with country gravy. OK, that is a meal and not necessarily a food, but I can get away with that today, can't I?

    Also, I've written a middle school aged book and published it on Amazon.com. Today is a FREE promotion day. Each download helps my ranking. It is a short fun read about three 7th grade girls who play in their middle school band. See my blog for more info. Thanks for letting my stick this in...


    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY. Have loads and loads of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

    2. May your birthday, days and years ALL be happy!!

    3. Happy Birthday, Molly! :D Hope you had a good day.

    4. Happy Happy Birthday, Molly!!! I hope you have a great one! I will def. check your book out. My sister would love it!

  6. Hey all! I have NO EMAIL TODAY!! (since last night) Turns the Apple icloud for email and notes is DOWN FOR 0.17% of its users. GUESS WHO IS PART OF THAT 0.17% ?????????? Yup, that would be me! Is this serendipitous? Should I feel privileged to be part of such a small and exclusive percentage??? Anyway, it is the fact today. I'm also going to be traveling home from Montreal today, so double "out of contact".

    That said, LOVE all these food lists! Oh my god, making me hungry. As I said, I am such a foodaholic that any interesting food is intoxicating. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes -- we had a GREAT time. Much of the food I mentioned was featured on our menu! A huge thanks to my dad and stepmom for stepping up at the last minute to host our delicious and delightful affair :)

    Molly, CONGRATS!! Will check in when I get back. So proud of you!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  7. 1. Anything chocolate
    2. Pumpkin ravioli
    3. A good trout
    4. Sweet Brisket
    5. Anything chocolate

  8. 1. Snow crab/shrimp of any kind
    2. Chocolate lava cake or brownie sundae
    3. Dim Sum, don't even know what I'm eating half the time but YUM
    4. Cheesecake
    5. Very specific here: tempura snap peas and asparagus from the Keg

    You are all making me very hungry, bad day to have skipped breakfast!

    1. Snow crab.... makes me think of King crab... yummmm...

  9. Sushi. It's been so long I've forgotten any others. :P

    p.s. Happy Birthday, Molly!

  10. 1. Fried fish basket-- haddock, steak fries, and onion rings. (One idea of a romantic date for me is sitting at a bench or on the wall at a beach on the ocean. If we stay out of the water, Revere Beach (in Revere, MA) is a decent setting.)

    2. Vanilla soft serve ice cream in a wafer cone. (Still with that beach theme. This part involves walking down the sidewalk along the beach holding hands.)

    3. Porterhouse steak - one of the few red meats I'll eat. TO DIE FOR. (This is off the beach, btw.)

    4. GOOD pad thai. (Still no sand.)

    5. Molten chocolate cake. (Who cares where?)

  11. Oi... I love food! :D

    1. Chocolate ice cream

    2. Calamari with Tzaziki

    3. Wiener Schnitzel with Fries :o)

    4. Double Chocolat Donut (Oh, I miss you so much!)

    5. Spaghetti Bolognese (cooked that today ^_^ - I love pasta, could eat it every day)

    6. Käsespätzle :D

    7. Steak - yes, give me some meat!

    8. shrimps, prawns, wahtever

    9. Cake

    10. Salmon

    Better stop now...

  12. Internet problems again so if this appears twice sorry all.

    Yummy favorite foods : ) ( I dont get dates often so I am making this just generic favorite foods )

    1. Pizza....I mean good pizza - made by hand, with thin crust, by Italians. I hate getting crappy pizza from a food chain. I also think I am spoiled because here in Jersey we have some of the best Italian food outside of Italy!! IMHO : )
    2. Lasgana : ) I am vegetarian so I make my own with veggie crumbles (basically ground beef for vegetarians). It is awesomely delicious.
    3. My Grams's Sweet potatoes. Best in the whole world. Not my opinion it's fact! LOL
    4. Fresh fruit. Any kind is fine by me. Especially in the summer, nice cool frech juicy fruit is so delicious.
    5. Oreos and M&M's : ) My guilty pleasures in life!

    1. I, too, worship the Oreo gods.

    2. Oreo cookies have made Irish supermarkets and i think they are really nice , especially the double stuffed ones !

  13. hmm sexy food
    1: oysters especially those big plump ones that come from Dublin bay .

    2: black forest gateaux with cream and ice cream

    3: sushi

    4: smoked salmon

    5: any pasta with carbonara sauce

  14. Oh, my...Let's see...
    1. Chocolate, any chocolate.
    2. Fruit. Something about fruit just...I don't know, I just love it I guess.
    3. Chicken Parmigiani. Love it.
    4. Steak. What can I say?
    5. If I'm on a date and the guy does the cooking (instead of going out or me cooking) then I will eat almost anything (almost) as long as he put effort into it.
    Fun post!

  15. I'm home -- but still NO EMAIL!!!! Just an fyi, Deb is too busy today to check in, but she did in fact send me a list. If my email ever comes back and if it's in there, I will, of course, copy and paste! Of all my missed technologies, having no email is by far the MOST STRESSFUL AND WEIRD!!

    Okay, molten lava cake, yeah that's THE ONE. Mmmmmmm.... Such delicious lists here!!

  16. My strategy is this: choose my dessert first. Then select a meal that will not fill me up so much that dessert seems like a bad idea. (Eating half a meal to save room for dessert is always a good option.) Being over-full is not at all romantic.

    1. fadedginger, an excellent excellent strategy.

  17. 1. Vanilla bean ice cream. There's something very genuine about the bean specks...makes the flavor more potent in my mind.

    2. Ribeye steak, grilled medium. With garlic butter.

    3. Spaghetti bolognese with NO extra cheese sprinkled on top. Nothing irks me more than pasta with more cheese I didn't request.

    4. Toffee. Buttery, crunchy toffee.

    5. Roasted bone marrow spread on toast. I know, I know, sounds skeptical, but...dear god, bnoe marrow spread on toast - with something sweet like apple butter to cut through the saltiness - nothing better. I had that for my birthday dinner, and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten.


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