Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Um.....Yeah.....So, Anyway.....

Deb: Barb phoned me late this afternoon to remind me that it was my blog-post tonight. I always have an issue on a long weekend––as I am sure you all do––because Tuesday becomes Monday in my mind and the week leaps forward on me. So, long story short, I just got the message now––5:30––and I have to shower and go out to dinner for 6:30 and I will be home too late to write a post. SO ... hmmmnnn. What’s new? How are all you guys? Lovely weather, huh? Wow, do I ever have a big bruise on my foot. Still have the weird pounding in my left ear. Just had a good workout. I am watching Brothers and Sisters while I work out and it gives me twice the weight loss benefits. One, because I am sweating, and two, because I am crying. Only one episode to go though and I will be finished the latest season. Hmmmn, so anyway, how are you guys? What’s new? Had a great turkey sandwich today with mayo and cranberries and stuffing. Heaven. Really. Bliss. Uhhh, errrr, Barb and I had a really frantic workday today, but actually got lots done. It was good. Yeah. It was really good. Yeah. Ummm, Barb loved her sandwich too. I have a wart on my finger. What’s that about? Never before in my life. Maybe I am turning into a witch. That would be okay. Give me something to blog about. My doctor is burning the wart off. Keeps coming back. I think this time she might have gotten it for good. So, hey, great. Right? Fingers crossed. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh … so I am loving my Zumba classes on Saturday. Fun and great workout…………….

.................................................................................. just got back from my shower. Rushed, but really nice. Hot water and soap. Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

Anywho, it is 6:13 and I gotta go. For realsies. So, yeah, my point of view is meditating today. Shant wake it. Anywhooooooooooooooooooooo...

Barbara: So you feel it, too, Deb? I am so in the same head-space today. Just kinda out of it and wanting naps and drinks on the front porch. And yet, there’s all this … stuff … to do.

Oh! Just found out that we were nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the Best Personal Blog category … if any of you want to vote for us. But, of course, you don’t have to. But it would be super-awesome if you did. But no worries.

Anyway, because it’s that kind of day and we really need to leave you with some kind of food for thought, we’re going to post what is maybe the funniest thing we’ve ever seen. Truly. Plus you get food for thought from Ricky Gervais. Which is kinda a neat combo. 

PS: Man, those turkey sandwiches were awesome. 


  1. And here I was thinking I was the only one having those days!



    Here ya go, ladies! :)

    Love and hugs,

  3. Sounds like your having a very busy but interesting day,nice. Awesome.

    PS:Hope you all win the Blog Award Ladies. You all deserve it. Your blog is always interesting.

  4. Another great video!

    I agree that the talking snake was a mistake, but hey, two out of three aint bad.

  5. hah. you just made up that thing about the Canadian Blog Award, so Deb would feel really bad about this post!

    Ah, friendship. ;)

    (I am totally lost [and yet to be found] in revisions.)

    xo ladies. I will vote! And mean it. (Of course, I don't read too many other Canadian blogs).

    p.s. that statement is not anti-canadian. :)

  6. I also voted for you all as well.

  7. I'll sit here and read all your ramblings even when you have nothing to say. Empty out the contents of your head? I'll read it! It still makes me smile.

    and the video - AWESOME!

  8. "One of those days", yes, Rayna -- still on turkey-mode. Rigel, tee hee! Soooo cute, thanks for the link (more Ricky). Walter, that's a good one too!

    Lyndsie and Gae, thanks for voting! (and, Gae, for seeing through my diabolical plan to make Deb feel guilty about her lame post)

  9. Great post, but I've seen something even funnier. Deb's husband doing a hoedown on Whose Line about passing wind - "oops, I pooed" is the most hilarious line ever!!

    Congratulations on the nomination. My vote is in. Good luck! - Anne

  10. Hollye, our messages crossed as I posted -- and then we lost internet, argh! Thanks for the smile you gave us!

  11. Hey, congrats on the nomination! I just went and voted. There are a few more I follow I was surprised didn't register (two Jans a Will and a Cal--you silly Canadians and your one-syllable names), but I would have voted for you guys anyway,

    LOVED the video--he is excellent with the understatement.

  12. Mmm, Ricky Gervais. My latest crush. I love his brain. And then ... Javier Bardem. My goodness. Is he hot in Vickie Cristina Barcelona, or is he hot? Or is it just me?

  13. Vote placed!

    Waiting for the end of the month for the physics blog awards nominations shortlist to post so I can vote for sixtysymbols for that.

    Deb - Blame the tryptophan in the turkey! :)

    There IS something rather yummy about Ricky Gervais. The more clever a guy is the more attractive he is. But, I still would like Tory Belleci for Christmas or my birthday, please. mmmmmTory That's one present I'd like to unwrap!

    David Tennant would be a lovely subsitute, if necessary. ;)

  14. No, Katrinka, it's not just you.

    Thanks, Rigel!

    And, Hart, I don't know why those awesome peeps aren't on the list. Don't even know how we got there! But we're thrilled obviously. Thanks!!

  15. Oops, Walter -- how did I miss your comment earlier?! The talking snake bit kiiiillllls me!

  16. I voted. I hope you win but what an honor.

  17. Okay I want a sandwich too. You make yours like I make mine.
    I am in the same boat only I can't blame the turkey. So I'll just blame the weather, a front is coming through and fall is just too lovely to think about anything else anyway. For you guys down south so is spring so the weather has got us covered.

  18. They want you to read all the blogs on the list and then vote. That's gonna take some time!!! But should be a pleasure. Nice to see your blog there.

  19. You two crack me up. I love how you stick to it even when it's not easy. And thanks for that video! I'll go check out the awards now. Good luck!

  20. I just realized that randomly blah low energy rattling around days like Deb's in the midst of make me think of Bill the Cat from the old comic strip Bloom County. (I <3 Opus!) When I'm in the midst of one of those moods, I feel like I have tater tots for brains like Bill. *peers over at Deb* Are you feeling vaguely shredded potato-esque, by chance?

    Tater tots. Hey. Time to watch Napoleon Dynamite.

  21. Thanks Madge, TJL, Katrinka (of course you're right!), and Lisa!!

    Can't speak for Deb, Rigel, but Napoleon Dynamite -- ohhhh yeahhhh.


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