Monday, March 28, 2011

Can't Get Started

Deb: This isn’t the first time I’ve sat down to write a blog uninspired or tired.  There are other times when I sit down with a whole blog mapped out in my head only to find my fingers typing something else. Actually those are usually my faves.

But today is a new one. I’ve started three blogs and I just can’t find my angle. I am uninspired with me today. The facts of the stories are just facts, although each experience was really interesting and/or fun for me. 

But I sit here expressionless.

So today’s blog is my bloggie version of a movie trailer, a coming attractions if you will. Maybe one will be a huge Blog-buster hit, or maybe they’ll all go straight to video. So here they are, coming this spring??? (or not) to a Middle Ages Blog near you:

1. A Model Performance

The other night I walked a runway for the first time in my life.  No surprise there, as I hardly have the body of a model. Five-foot tall, hourglass shape is not what they seek to sell clothes. But thanks to charity––in this case, the Heart and Stroke Foundation––I was walking the walk. And for the first year ever, they included men, so my sexy husband walked too. Each participant was matched with a designer who then made a custom dress for each of us and we had the requisite fittings and changes, nip and tucks. My designer was Karamea and her instruction from me was just this: “I WILL NOT SHOW MY ARMS!

To vote for more of “A Model Performance” vote MP1

2.  A Record of my Past

My husband and I just came home from a record show. Cash only, bartering welcome. We went down just to see what was what and to make a few purchases. Nothing gives me more joy than popping a disc on the record player. Slipping the vinyl out of its sleeve, blowing the dust off, and gingerly placing the needle on the thick grove at the edge. Then comes the lovely scratch of anticipation and, boom, instant time machine.  When I was a kid, records were my pride and joy. I would actually carry around a fave album at school with my books like it was a baby. I remember Led Zeppelin 11 actually having the grooves of my handprint on it. So did Lighthouse’s One Fine Morning.

To vote for more of “A Record of my Past” vote ROMP2

3. Face-to-Face with Facebook

I tried the Facebook many years ago and did not like it one bit. Rather I should say, it was not for me. It felt my face, the Facebook. I guess I did not really grasp its purpose, as the fact that it was in my face came as a big shock to me. So Barb tried to convince me to go back on Facebook for, If nothing else, the sake of our blog. She felt it would help to get it out there.  Well, that made perfect sense and so I resigned myself to try it again.

So I am back on the Facebook and I just can’t face it. Facebook has already––ONE DAY IN––sent me a warning and cut me off from accepting friends. And the sad thing is, I do not know what I did. So within 24 hours I am in the FB penalty box.

To vote for “ Face to Face with Facebook” vote FTFWFB 3

And if the snippets are enough for you, please vote BTTODB (Back to the Old Drawing Board).


Barbara: I, for one, am thrilled and inspired by this idea, Deb. I love it when we shake it up a bit here on the blog. Just so you know, I’m not gonna vote as I’ve heard the stories. But I can say this: they’re all classic Deb.


  1. Why not write all three in future blogs? For now, I vote ROMP2!

  2. I watched your walk down the runway. You both looked great! Your dress was beautiful. It was my favorite of all the dresses. Colin's suit was very nice too. I like that shiny material. So, my vote is MP1, but anything you write will be great.

  3. Thanks M.J maybe I will but thanks for the vote. An unopened Led Zepplin 11 is enough to get me going! Yeah Molly I was thinking of posting the show with it. People can watch as much or as little as they like. Thanks for voting guys.

  4. I seen the video on Facebook of the Heart and Stroke Foundation cat walk and I just have to say, you all were so working it Deb, You and your husband were both just alsome on the run way and I really like the dress you were wearing so,my vote has to be for MP1. By far

  5. Glad you saw it Lyndsie and thanks for the kudos. It was fun and my husband rocked it too!

  6. I've been emailing back and forth with Barbara this morning, but I guess I'll comment here.



    I just read the blog. It's not often I start an early Monday morning with a big smile and laugh. I mean, really, Monday mornings are totally from the Dark Side of the Force, don't ya think?

    But .... *giggle* *snort* *full on bust out laughing*

    I watched that fashion show online this weekend.

    *giggle* *snort* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Kansas had been curled up on my feet under the desk while I sat at the computer. When Deb came out, fake flirted with the help-the-ladies-down-the-steps-gorgeous-man-in-a-tux, half-strutted/half-danced her way along the runway, and was so fabulously over the top ultra-Deb, I laughed (ok -- howled, hollered, couldn't catch my breath I was laughing and clapping so hard) so loudly that the cat jumped off my feet and took off running out of the room. Deb was scare-the-cat awesome!

    Oh, and Deb's dress was one of my 2 favorites. My other favorite was the one the gorgeous Chinese ballerina wore. There were a few others I liked (the Anne of Green Gables lady's, the simple long red one with the 2 deep slits up the front and sparkly silver zipper down the back the tall, skinny, blond woman wore, Buffy Saint Germaine's, and Elisha Cuthbert's come to mind) and a few that I did NOT like (won't name, lol). But, Deb was the definition of fabulous in her absolutely perfect dress!!! PLEASE tell me she gets to keep that beautiful gown!!!

    Oh, *giggle giggle giggle*, when Colin came out in that shiny suit to that Club des Belugas song! *ROTFLMAO!!!* Have you ever laughed so hard that your belly muscles ached? LOLOLOL Never in a million years could I ever have imagined that scene. *busts out giggling all over again* I think my brain has been sprained. In a good way. :D

    That charity fashion show was an epic win. Good heavens, someone even strutted to Gold Filter! Oh, oh, and that guy being all goofy to How You Like Me Now? *LOLOLOL* And, oh! oh! Andrea Martin going all silly, lovely Audrey Hepburn to Moon River! BWahahahahahaha!!! Most excellent fashion show ever!!!

    Yeah, so I'm privately registering my vote for Fashion Show Blog Post. :D *starts singing the Pet Shop Boys Absolutely Fabulous song* All that was missing was Patsy and Edina in the front row by the catwalk. LOL ;)

    Oh! Now, I'm wondering if fashion student Stefanie got to go?

    Love and hugs,

    p.s. For all the Firefly/Serenity folks out there, I just kept thinking, "Shiny!" about that suit. ;)

  7. My blog has been sitting empty lately due to a lack of inspiration. I applaud your brilliant "movie trailer" idea!

    And I vote for #1. After all the other comments, it's just too good to pass up.

  8. More about your Facebook woes!!!!
    Are you going to leave FB again? If so, how about in the next five days? C'mon, I have a bet to win!

  9. I vote for all three.

  10. I like all the ideas, but ROMP2 is my vote...a vote for nostalgia. I'd like to go on that romp with you.

  11. Okay, computer issues largely behind me, I'm just happy to FINALLY be able to get THE MIDDLE AGES and jump into the fray. Well, "fray" actually indicates something more feisty than is going on today but still I like to use it. But I digress.
    I'm voting for the fashion show one because I haven't seen it, am jealous of all those who have, and want to hear the behind-the-scenes hoopla - if hoopla there was.

  12. Deb,
    I vote for all three! Can I do that? They all sound like fun stories and I want to hear em all! I love the way you tell a story, even your "coming attractions" has me wanting for more. I look forward to reading about whatever it is you choose. Hopefully all three.
    On my very best day I can't scratch out anything near your absolute worst (which, incidentally, I don't think you have). So write on!
    Thank you :)

  13. Rigel I loved your description of the events. Made it sound even better than it was. NO we do not get to keep the dresses. They go on display the next year as people come into the event with shots of us wearing them. And YES Steffie was there with Barb and her other daughter and dear friend. They were the first people I thought of to give the tickets to.

  14. Thanks Ruth. Number one so noted. It's weird when we are uninspired. I try not to let it freak me out. I just go with it. I look forward to a new one from you soon.

  15. Thanks anon, I will elaborate only because they are funny and at my expense (always a fave theme) but I am afraid you are going to lose that bet. :-)

  16. Thanks Madge, God love ya!

  17. Hollye, I will "spin" that yarn! Thanks.

  18. CHERYL YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! So glad you are with us now as I knew how much it was killing you to miss out on the fun. Computer woes be damned. Glad they are history. And WELCOME TO THE FUN!

  19. Thanks a ton Melissa, I will WRITE ON BABY!

  20. I like all three topics. I need to FIND you on facebook. You know though, they frown on naked pictures... *shifty* HA! sent you a friend request. Now at least you know you can take one of their warnings seriously... (I happen to love it--it isn't a blog for the get-to-know, but it is nice for a conversation (far better than than Twitter, IMHO)

  21. Hart I did not get your friend request. I would have jumped on it. DAMN YOU FACEBOOK! Please try again.

  22. I would like anything that involves fotos and videos. #Iamtootiredtoread.

    that hashtag thing is a twitter reference. shouldn't you be tweeting too?

    selfishly, I'd like you on fb, so you should write about that.

    got milk?

    I have no idea what this means.

  23. Gae I will try to find fots and vids for you my dear. And Twitter? Only with the birds.

  24. I'd love to hear all three!

    And can I say, as a newcomer to this blog, that I do love it here. I came across it not long ago, and after reading one post, found myself wanting to read more. Before I knew it, I'd read all of them and found them to be very interesting, indeed! Your lovely blog is now nestled in my favorites column, so I'll always be able to find it... :)

  25. Thanks so much, April! We're thrilled you found us. And keep weighing in -- we love to hear from you.

  26. Welcome April! Love the musical note. So glad you found us. I tried to get on to your blog and couldn't. Tips?

  27. You professional writers and your themed blog entries! You know, when I try to do that, I get the fewest reader responses. When I sit down with nothing to say, throw up a picture and start out just giving a brief description of it, then out comes all this unplanned, disorganized stuff that sounds like nothing much (to me) and don't you know it, these are the entries that garner the most appreciative and highest number of comments? Just about every time.

    So, I go away for a couple days and find out you've been in a fashion show and I've missed it. Hope I can find it online, whatever Rigel (nice to see you back, Girlysue) watched.

    As for FB, I had no interest in it whatsoever until my WORK requested I participate. My WORK!! Can you believe that? I guess the social networking thing is that important in this day and age. Hard to believe. I'll believe it when I believe this other thing I'm hearing about how it's bothersome and unprofessional to phone someone nowadays, since Tweeting and Texting has become all the fashion. Seems incongrous to me that the younger generation (?), who have apparently brought us the trendy spitting-on-the-sidewalk thing that I abhor (among other party games I won't mention right now), is lecturing to us old fogies about bad manners. Wha ...??? LOL.

    Deb I want to read all three of those possible blog entries. All three. Yep. Don't stop at one. Don't stop at two. Why, don't even stop at three!

    Isn't repeating ourselves normal at middle age? Please don't tell me otherwise. I use my age as an excuse for everything.

  28. I also want to read all three!

    And Rigel - Welcome back!!! We missed you! :-)


  29. Deb, I don't have a blog of my own, I'm afraid. My writing skills leave oh, so much to be desired, so I just read the blogs of others...

  30. How did you get a profile then April?
    I too, am a blog-reader not a blog-writer, and so have just been 'anonymous Elle' all this time - I'd love to have a pretty picture and a name too!


  31. Elle, I just created an account (using my Google information, I think). You can create a profile without having to do a blog.

  32. Hi Barbara! I just found out from a couple other fans that you have a blog, and I was soo excited! Were all huge Sailor Moon fans, and I just wanted to let you know that you were an amazing voice actress as Sailor Neptune, and Im still a huge fan of you becuase of that.

    ~ From a huge Sailor Moon (and Neptune) fan.

  33. Hey Cody! Thanks so much -- and welcome. I'm glad you found the blog -- this is the best place to find me since I'm always here :). And I love to stay in touch with the Sailor Moon fans. That was a really fun time for me.


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