Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Deb: The big day is here. It seems just yesterday, he was Willie the Wombat. And today, he’s the young man getting married who we’ve all grown to love and admire.
Barbara and Deb

Barbara: Deb very graciously offered to host a Royal Wedding party—and never one to say no to a party, especially one involving scones and champagne, even if it means getting up at 4am (!!)—here I am in hat and pjs with my gals to watch the pomp and ceremony unfold.

We’ll update this page a few times this morning to share our experience with you. If any of this reads like gibberish, blame the wee hours and champagne…

In honour of the big day: we’re following our friend Tannis’s lead and sharing our royal wedding guest names. You start with either Lord or Lady. Then it’s your first name is one of your grandparents' names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barrelled with the name of the street you grew up on. For fun, share yours with us in the comments section.

Deb’s wedding guest name is: Lady Leticia Girds-Tulloch.
Barbara’s is: Lady Gisela Kita-Sussex
And fellow partier Janis’s is: Lady Edna Blackie-Inchbury
Deb and Janis
It is now 5:10am (local time): Two more lovely ladies have joined our festivities. 

Lady June Baby-Thursfield
Lady Jean Hannah-Robina
And we're all speaking in (quite ridiculous) British accents. 
PS: is it sc(oh)ne or sc(aw)ne? Anyway, we're eating them with Devon cream and strawberry jam. Mmmm.

6:40: We think Catherine looks beyond beautiful. One of our favourite dresses ever. And they truly seem to love each other. Their love for each other makes a huge ceremony full of pomp look very intimate. Okay, we got a little teary. Weddings...

8:11: Waiting for the balcony kiss. Just realized we forgot to post Deb's photo of her with the Royals. Taken yesterday (at the grocery store -- gotta love those Royals, so accessible ;) )
9:05: Perfect wedding, perfect couple, perfect day. Sigh. We had too much fun, but are knackered now and will go back to bed (or to work as the case may be...). We'll leave you with one final picture. Keep in mind Deb adorned this precious hat with her own decorations:
PS Don't forget to leave your wedding guest names in the comments section!


  1. Here I sit watching the streaming CBC live feed. I hadn't planned to watch, but I haven't been able to sleep all night. So, I started watching the live feeds at 3:00am CDT. It's a nice distraction from worry.

    ABC (streaming via yahoo) was getting too freakin on my nerves. Teeth grittingly bad coverage. *groans* Too many commercials, and their commentators have no dignity whatsoever. Making idiots of themselves. I went looking for another way to watch. CBC is doing it MUCH better.

    I remember being a little girl sitting in PJ's in front of the TV before dawn watching Lady Di get married.

    I just went and got out a letter I have dated "15th January, 1985." I got it, oh gosh, almost 2 years after I sent a letter. It's thick cream paper, and at the top is a fancy, raised (embossed?) red feathery seal thingie and underneath in all caps is Buckingham Palace. And, it says, "From: Lady-in-Waiting to H.R.H. The Princess of Wales" It's a form letter with "Dear Rigel" written in cursive followed by the typing "The Princess of Wales has asked me to thank you so much for your lovely letter. Her Royal Highness was delighted to hear from you and thought it extremely kind of you to write. the Princess asks me to send you her very sincere thanks." Then, in cursive again, it says, "Your Sincerely, Hazel West," and then typed "Mrs. George West." Now, even at age 12, I knew this was just a form letter response, but I (as a young girl in southern Alabama) counted it pretty darn exotic to have something on Buckingham Palace letterhead signed by, as I kept referring to the signature, "a real live Lady in Waiting!" lolol Not quite as heady as your getting to meet the Queen on your birthday Deb, but pretty cool beans for a 12 year old 7th grader in Alabama. lololol

    Yes, I had the Princess Diana paper dolls and all of that stuff when I was a little girl. lol

    I will say this: I want a freakin awesome fancy British hat. Seriously. This is some rockin millinery. I think I shall become obsessed with fascinators.

    Awwww, that's cool. Check out the chimes playing for William's arrival.

    *goes to get my birth certificate to find out the name of the first street I ever lived on*

    I am Lady Christine Happy-Armenia.
    Now, don't you think a name like that rates a fancy hat?

    (Deb - Cute jammies!)

  2. Nice to see you're enjoying yourselves! (Although I'm not sure sleepy and champagne will go together very well.) I've been watching bits and pieces of it, but it won't be long and I'll be sleeping. But that's okay, because as fond as I am of all things British, I just can't bring myself to get that excited about a wedding of any sort. Oh, well...

    And just to give you a giggle, my wedding guest name would be Lady Sue Patches-Candy. :)

  3. Goodness, Rigel, you typed all that in the short time it took me to come up with my wee comment? Your fingers must be a blur on the keyboard!

    And yes, that is a name that should have a fancy hat to go with it! :)

  4. BTW, Princess Anne is my favorite royal. She is so kickass.

  5. April - Where in AL are you? *hugs*

    *resumes indulging in hat envy*

  6. Oh, the Queen looks so lovely!

  7. *gasp* Kate's dress is so pretty it's giving me goosebumps!

  8. Rigel, I'm in Chalkville. It's about 20 minutes north of Birmingham. Luckily, we seem to have missed the worst of it.

    And those are some hats! But every time I see fancy hats, I always think of the Kentucky Derby. (I work at a dog track, so it's slightly understandable, I guess. I'm not just randomly and completely insane...)

  9. Did he just say, "I love it. You look very beautiful?" *rapturous gasp*

    *sniffledy tears*

  10. *yawn* I'm afraid your wedding-viewing party is about to be minus one. I simply cannot stay awake any longer. I shall have to catch the rest later on BBC America. Good night, all...

  11. "morning, you gals. Love the names! xoxo

  12. Normally, I have to gently persuade my wife to get up...nudge her, bring her coffee, have the cats walk all over her...but this morning, all I had to say is "Royal Wedding in progress" and she was up like a shot straight to the living room and the TV. What the heck?

  13. A little while ago, I heard my landlord crank up his truck to leave for work, and I was like, "What? Whoa! When'd the sun come up?" lol

    When she was riding to the Abbey in her car and then when they were leaving in the carriage, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, "Please no bombs, no snipers, no terrorists. Please no bombs, no snipers, no terrorists. Please no bombs, no snipers, no terrorists."

    I liked the preacher who met people at the door and got them to all smile and relax a little. He mellowed everyone out. Even cut up with the Queen.

    I liked the sermon. That preacher did a good job.

    Poor Prince Harry! He looked so nervous! He looked like he was going to yurb!

    The tiny little bridesmaids were so cute!

    That one little boy in the choir who had the solo! That's a lot of pressure on a little guy!

    Her sister sure looked pretty, didn't she?

    WTF was with Beatrice's hat?!?

    WTF was with the dad repeatedly wiping his sweaty forehead with his hand?!? Eeewww!

    Weren't those horses in the procession beautiful animals!

    The music was GORGEOUS!

    Her dress could not have been more perfect. Absolutely perfect.

    And, I like how the little bridesmaids' dresses tied in well with her gown. (And, the garlands in their hair reminded me of Princess Diana's flower girls.)

    When she said, "I'm so happy," when she got into the carriage! That was so sweet!

    I liked hearing the crowd outside cheering after they took their vows.

    I liked how she really seemed to be smiling and looking around and taking it all in during the ceremony.

    Very, very nicely done.

    (And, I want a fancy hat! :) )

  14. Yay! Wedding! Watched the ceremony, loved the dress, thinks Wills is cute and Harry kind of hot, is amazed at the number of people showing up to see the balcony kiss, and YET I think this was the best part of the wedding ;) Yay again! (Now I want a scone...)

  15. Good Morning Ladies~I just knew you two would be up watching The Royal Wedding. I am seeing some now on the news and how Royal they both look. They should be the next King and Queen they already have it down....CnC can go to the Country.
    Anyone I knew were in PJ's, Hats, serving scones and tea from Grandmothers Finest China.
    Jolly Grant Time by all.
    Lady Kidget Swells of Avon on the Atlantic

  16. Who got married?...Hmm, I must have slept through it.

  17. Looks like you ladies had a ton of fun. I'm afraid I missed the whole thing. It's just too early out here. However, in honor of the day, I will wear my fanciest hat.
    Lady Peggy Sammy-Colonial

  18. I JUST LOVE THIS POST. It's my favorite royal wedding coverage. The best of British comedy. (there IS a tinge of intentional whimsey, isn't there)? I only wish I had made a hat to celebrate this auspicious day of pomp & circumstance.
    Sincerely, Lady Sonja Tippy-Whitney

  19. I didn't get up to watch the wedding,Too early for me way to early but I am watching little pieces of it right now on the news the dress is so beautiful.

    Mying would be Lady Laura Nicky-Fellowship


  20. Here is a picture of me in my hat:

  21. To everybody except pongobaz (yes, I sleep with him...), thanks for joining our tea party. LOVE your names. Pongobaz informed me that his name would be Lord Who Gives A Fuck. Oh well. Can't win 'em all...

  22. Lady Evelyn Lady-Coolidge

  23. Just watching now as I taped it. I awoke in the middle of the night with such heartburn (haven't had that in over 5 years) and tried to stay up to watch the wedding but it was only the beginning. After I felt better I went right back to sleep-need to figure out what I ate.
    It is so funny to hear their accents. I always thought they would sound like me. I loved waitty Katie's dress. Waiting no longer. Finally snagged the "real prince" and will live happily ever after I hope. Break the Royal path of disasters.

  24. May it be known that- Cruella, Lady Christine Happy-Armenia.Lady Sue Patches-Candy,Lady Kidget Swells of Avon on the Atlantic,Lady Peggy Sammy-Colonial,
    Lady Sonja Tippy-Whitney,Lady Laura Nicky-Fellowship,Lady Evelyn Lady-Coolidge,Thomas and his wife and Molly and her hat are forever members of the Royal Wedding Breakfast society! May you wear your hats well, eat your scones with gusto and live happily ever after with princes and princesses. Pongobaz, thanks for your interest, we will be in touch. :-)

  25. I think the wedding gives everyone hope that pomp and circumstance has not died and that there truly are princesses waiting for their princes. Oh if it were only true. Another gazzilion years to let little girls know this is not real life except for a very few girls/women. But for those one or two hope lives on. I have never found my prince and I think I am out of the demographics for life now. Oh what is a princess in waiting to do? :)

  26. Do you really think that Madge? Don't you think their are tons of happy unions out there? I would just hate to think there isn't. And just because you have never found your prince,doesn't mean he's not out there waiting for his Princess Madge.

  27. im english, so this is great to hear an account of the wedding from a different countries perspective!Im loving the royal guest names! mines Lady Lena Artemis- Buttermere!
    and the scone pronounciation kinda depends where you come from as to how you pronounce it- sc(oh)ne is, to me, the posh way to say it- i say it like sk-on, but it depends!


  28. oos, that last post was from me- didnt sign in! sorry!

  29. Hello Lady Lena Artemis-Buttermere. Love the name. We are the colonies after all. We love our Royals!Glad you enjoyed our coverage!

  30. Deb, I am not sure really why all this pomp and circumstance but as long as there are fairy tales there will be princesses in waiting. I was never really one of those girls. And I would guess my prince has aged out:) How about an aging Lord or man in waiting?

  31. Lady Nina Skippy- Lemans chiming in, from Buffalo! Didn't watch the ceremony, but I saw here dress, which I LOVE! I kinda want one like it...

  32. I got to see the rest of the wedding yesterday afternoon when I got up. (Thank you, BBC America!) I'm normally not that big on weddings, but something about this one made me happy. Like a fairy tale brought to life, it was so sweet! Kate was beyond beautiful, William was so very handsome, and they really looked like they were really in love. I must admit, I teared up a wee bit.

    And thanks, Deb, for including me in your Royal Wedding Breakfast society. How neat! Now all I need is a fancy hat and a scone, and I'll be all set. :-)

  33. Madge who among us would not be thrilled with a Lord in waiting? I say "go for it". Is there a spot where they usually hang out? How lovely to hear from you Lady Nina Skippy-Lemans! I am sure there are dressmakers all over the world right now, just waiting to copy that dress. You're in LUCK!
    April it was our honour to have you as our guest. And I agree, I think they are a couple in love, destined for more.

  34. I'm with Lord Pongobaz or whatever his name is ... wouldn't cross the street to look at the royals, either ... however, there was no escaping the TV coverage (no other important events going on in the world, apparently) and so did see clips, repeatedly, and must say it's nice to see those two youngsters looking so happy together. Good for them. I hope life and marriage won't be too much of a disappointment for them, but just the opposite.

  35. Then Kate you would have hated our Royal event as it was all things Royal. They seem very happy together and I echo your wishes for them! It was nice to celebrate something lovely in the world for a change.

  36. Seeing all these glorious hats (and the hats at the actual wedding) makes me realize how much I wish hat-wearing were back in vogue...

    ~ Lady Madaline Puddin-Evergreen

  37. Oh Lady Madaline Puddin-Evergreen you are so right with the hat of it all! And I say anyone can wear a hat anywhere, anytime. They just have to own it right? Our nephew is getting married in July and I shall have a lovely head covering of some sweet sort.

  38. Watched the wedding in a Sports Bar in Phnom Penh! It aired live at 5 pm so no early morning bubbles...just afternoon cocktails and nachos! Oddly enough, the sports bar is owned by a French Canadian, it has become our centre for all things Canadian, including hockey playoffs. We are at the peak of the HOT season, odd watching hockey when it is 40c with high humidity.

  39. Sydney I love that you watched it in a sports bar. AFter all, the bride WAS a "commoner"! And you are so lucky that it aired live at 5. Heaven knows we had fun getting up early but I would have loved a later start!

  40. I'd say it's SC(oh)ne, at least in the part of England i come from. Watched briefly to see what the dress looked like. Had to turn the commentary down though.

    Am glad to see they looked at each other and seemed so happy.

    Lady Gladys cocky-Eastern

  41. It's good see that you had fun with it. I was one of those that decided sleep was the better option, but my British roommate was up all night watching it. I'd say it was Sc (oh) ne too. I think it's all a matter of preference.

  42. Sc(oh) ne is the way I say it too Lady Gladys cocky-Eastern!
    Karate Los Angeles-sleep was a good choice too. You have to love it to watch it. And WE LOVED IT!


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