Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

In honour of our first year birthday, we decided to re-vamp our blog a little. Gone are the “Side of Slaw” and “WTF?!” pages (look at our list in the left column). We weren’t really updating them, so… wtf, right? In their place, we now have Deb’s Deco Tips and Barbara’s Easy Recipes. We're hoping that since these new pages are different enough from our regular posts, we'll (hopefully!) be inspired to regularly update them. From now on, we’ll feature a new deco tip and a new easy recipe every second Saturday in addition to our regular blog-posts. We’ve also moved our Bookmarked list to its own page so we can add more books, keep existing ones, and link to all of them in case you want to check them out for yourselves. We'll also be happy to link any of your books to this list.

In the meantime, if you have any great decorating ideas or easy recipes you’d like to share here, just email us at radeckirites at gmail dot com and we'll publish them with links to you and your page.

And for all of you waiting with baited breath as to the winning blog-post of Deb’s blog-draw last Monday, we’ll be posting the winner on Wednesday.

We'll get back to our usual shenanigans after this, but we did want you to know that we’re excited to shake blog-things up a bit. We’re excited at the prospect of chatting with you wonderful peeps for another blogging year. And we’re thrilled that it’s spring and the birds are out. Thanks for all your love and support over the year, and please know that we’re sending you ours.

xo Deb and Barbara


  1. Well, the electricity has come back on. I came to check today's blog post between waves of thunderstorms.

    This post has been up almost 2 1/2 hours, and there are no comments, yet. :( Sad bloggie. So, of course, here I will post a comment:

    *HUGS HUGS HUGS* To Barbara, Deb, and all TMA bloggie darlings!

    *tries to think of blog post relevant comment* *fails* I don't think Deb wants deco tips from me. I'm the one with a viking helmet, wizard's hat, and propeller beanie hanging on my dining room wall. Not Deb's style. Aaaaahhhh, but I guess I'll email Barbara my easy tomato salad recipe! There. I was on topic. Woo. ;)


  2. A fun change. Today's deco tip and recipe look great. I might have to try the popcorn chicken tonight. I think the kids would love it.

  3. Thanks, Rigel. As you haven't been around for a while, it's quite typical that the comments don't come through till afternoon. And even more common that our straight-ahead posts (like today's) don't necessarily garner a lot of comments. That said, we love hearing from our lovely readers!

    Molly, I highly highly recommend a try. They are yumalicious!

  4. Love the Name of your site, and you're both adorable. It's fun having a blog/website with two gals delivering content. that's what we do, AND, we're sisters. We're way more irreverent and probably not as nice as you two, but carrying on regardless. Enjoyed perusing your site. Here's ours, but you might want a glass of wine to go with us:

  5. Ack, people! So sorry -- with the new blog duties requiring computer futzing and with yours truly not being so very excellent at it, I only now realized I'd forgotten to activate the comments section in Deb's Deco Tips. It is now activated if you would like to leave a comment. Thank you!!

  6. KK and Sal, we crossed comments, but how can we not appreciate The Midlife Gals?! And we love irreverence, so looking forward to that. Welcome!

  7. Love the new tips and and things that you all have added. I do have to say that I have tried Debs light candle Idea and I have to say it is very pretty.The only thing that I do different is instead of buttons in the bottom of the glass jar I put sea shells from when I was at the beach and then put just A little bit of sand. Just because I like the beach so well.

    I don't know if you all have tried it but I have also done the floating candle trick as well. It is basically the same thing only with this one you get like a tube candle holder and you can put whatever you want in the bottom of it then you fill the candle holder with water and once you get it filled with water you put one of those tea light candles in it. Then you have a floating candle.

    I thought it may be something cool. Maby.

  8. Ooh, I love this idea, Lyndsie. Both the shells and the floating candles. Thanks!

  9. Lovin' the new pages! Btw, you may want to update your primer to reflect the changes.

    Looking forawrd to your future posts!

    Rigel, are you planning to attend Colin's show in Conway this Saturday? I'm trying to get tickets and drive up from south of L.R. Just wondering if you would be there.

  10. Yes, Ruth! YES! I'm going to the show! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (I get all fluttery guts just thinking about it!) I got one of the very last tickets for sale! :) It's sold out. I hope you were able to get a ticket! :) *hugs, hugs, hugs* Hope, hope, hope for you!

    My ticket is a will call so I'll be there at 6:00pm to get it --- a full 1 1/2 hour before the start of the show. You wanna hang out for a little while? Or, you wanna grab something cheap to eat before heading over to UCA? I'll be coming into town the back way from Beebee. (Why drive through LR when I don't have to, right? ;) )

    My car is broken down, errm, forever. ("She's dead, Jim," in McCoy voice.) And, I won't have viable transportation until next Tuesday. But, my best friend is letting me borrow her minivan to make the drive to Conway and back on Saturday. (I'm a smidgen over 3 hours away.) Bestest best friend ever.

    Oh, we have GOT to email back and forth. OK, hmmmm, don't wanna give out my email publicly. Hang on. Lemme think. (Which is hard, because I have about 50% of a migraine still hanging on to the whole right side of my skull. *sigh*)

    OK, I just set up a temporary, disposable email address that I'll kill off in a couple of days. Ruth, email me at , please. Then, I'll email you back my real email address, OK? :)


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