Friday, April 1, 2011

Middle Ages Milestone

Art by Deb's finger
Happy 1st Anniversary, The Middle Ages! It has been an amazing journey filled with new friends and old, and fraught with venting, kudos and wonderings. And we have loved every single minute of it.

Which is why we are sad to say that we have to hang it up. We’re not saying forever. In fact, we NEVER SAY NEVER. But with personal and professional commitments, we are finding ourselves overwhelmed and we both know that is the last thing any of you dear and darling followers would want from us.

So what we have done for our last (for now) blog-post is to compile a little story, each of us taking one sentence from our random archival blogs, trying to give them a flow. Each sentence contains a link, so any sentence you click on will take you to that old blog-post chestnut. We hope you enjoy it.

And please know that at this point the only words we can manage are:

April Fools Day!

As if we would ever leave!!!! Who the heck would we prattle on to?

The part about today’s post is true however. But it is in honour of our 1st anniversary, not our departure. So enjoy. You are stuck with us.

Love, Deb and Barbara

And I will share my knowledge with you. It’s not too tough. It goes like this. “Thank you”. 


  1. Congrads on the Anniversary.You all always have Topics that keep you amazed or topics that make you laugh when you need it. So thanks for making me laugh when I am having a bad week. One of my faviorte post that you all did had to be " Bye Car". I just love that one and it hits close to home for me as well. So CONGRADS for your 1 year Anniversary,. Keep up the amazing stories cause there always so great.

  2. This is a birthday, right? Let's have a PARTY!!!

    Cake. There must be cake.

    And, MUSIC!

    *scurries off to compile an EstrogenFest playlist*

  3. Cake, yes!!! Let us eat it. And let "them" too. Thanks, ladies. mwah!!

  4. Happy April Lyndsie and Rigel, One year. Wow. A lot of fun. Went by so fast. I am trying to shape up for spring so I will think cake rather than eat it!

  5. *clicks on stereo --- loudly*

    Lots and lots and lots of Eurythmics/Annie Lennox. Bucketloads. Because it doesn't get any better than Annie Lennox.

    Blondie. All of Blondie. Ever. Because Debbie Harry is pretty much a goddess.

    A more than ample supply of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Mandatory.

    We need a bluesy/jazzy interlude. Lots of Etta James (gotta include I Just Want to Make Love to You). Some Annette Hanshaw, Memphis Minnie, Bessie Smith, and more from those early days.

    Can't have an EstrogenFest soundtrack without Sarah McLachlan, right? But, she doesn't have much in the way of upbeat for party, so we'll just save a couple of her songs for emotional slow dancing.

    Just for goofy fun some Ting Tings and some Fergie. *giggles*

    Speaking of goofy fun, would y'all chase me down with torches and pitchforks if I threw in some Aqua for silliness's sake?

    And, hey, with the ranting on this blog? Cliche or not, we've gotta have Bitch from Meredith Brooks.

    Definitely need lots of The Bangles.

    A couple from the Go-Go's would be OK, too.

    The Waitresses. Definitely.

    Cyndi Lauper. Of course. Some early stuff, some later stuff. Let's go with the party cliche and add Girls Just Wanna Have Fun but them temper it with Shine.

    Kate Bush

    Regina Spektor

    Of course, there'll have to be a few vintage tunes from Doris Day to make Deb happy! :)

    Hmmm, and representing aggressive kick-assedness, some M.I.A.

    Some Duffy and some Adele because their voices are soooo good.

    Oh! Yes! I've Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing!

    Oh, and, of course, Dixie Chicks.

    Hmmmmm, Cowboy Junkies and Concrete Blonde would make for a nice, smoky interlude. Along with Traci Chapman.

    Florence + the Machine

    Would it be so wrong if I said I wanted to include some songs from the Grease soundtrack? *giggle*

    Jane Siberry. yup. *starts singing Mimi on the Beach*

    Gotta have some Tina Turner. Gotta.

    Loreena McKennitt? Kate Havnevik? Maybe, maybe...

    Oh yes, and we MUST have some Amanda Palmer!

    Heart and Soul by T'Pau

    Joni Mitchell would be nice.

    Pat Benetar might not be uncalled for. *giggle*

    Some Voices of the Beehive and some Shakespeare's Sister might be nice. Specifically, I find myself enthusiastically humming Monsters and Angels by Voice of the Beehive. Oh, funny thing, to this day, I cannot hear Stay by Shakespeare's Sister without seeing in my mind's eye that hilarious Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders spoof of that video. *lolol*

    Weather Girls! Gotta have some Weather Girls! *starts humming It's Raining Men*

    Sheena Easton

    Carly Simon

    *giggle* Donna Summer! :)

    Oh, and The Pretenders, because Chrissie Hynde is just so dang cool.

    99 Luftballons from Nena (everyone shout along to Captain Kirk!)

    Toucha Toucha Toucha Me from the Rocky Horror Soundtrack. Of course. *giggles*

    Oh, and definitely, the dance mix of Tom's Diner from Suzanne Vega and DNA. Inclusion of this song is mandatory.

    Bjork? Maybe.

    *wanders around room caterwauling along at the top of my lungs to Love is a Stranger by The Eurythmics*

    *runs across the internet to tacklehug Barbara and Deb*

    Where's the cake?

    Ooooooooo, Heart of Glass by Blondie is starting! Y'all come dance!


  6. Rigel! Your list is PERFECT. Truly. Not a song out of step with my favourite kinda party. WE LOVE YOU!!!

  7. You brats! You got me.
    What a relief that it was just a joke. I'd miss you guys.

  8. Oh, and throw in some Shania Twain, too.

    And, even though it's April, I don't care. When including The Waitresses, we gotta play Christmas Wrapping. Loudly. And, bounce around most vigorously with great merriment. Because it's one of the besty best best bestest New Wave songs ever and a very cute, girlie tune as well. One of my favorite songs ever.

    Kate - I refuse to acknowledge April Fools cruelty. ;)

  9. Yeah you got me, too. And this after being pranked all morning by my five-year old.
    Happy Bday bloggie. You girls can't leave us or we'll have to stalk you.

    love you.

  10. I somehow thought April Fool's would be the answer and so glad it was. I am always more cautious today as I know a lot of what is said is fake. Glad your was as well. Love you two.

  11. *smacks forehead* I have committed musical blasphemy! I was having so much fun with the 80's that I failed to include some magnificent old school female voices. *hangs head in shame* Please forgive me, oh angelic voices of Motown.

    Add to EstrogenFest playlist:

    pretty much anything by the Supremes but ESPECIALLY Reflections (freakin love that song)

    The Ronettes

    Then He Kissed Me by the Crystals

    the great and mighty Aretha Franklin (oooo, now I'm in the mood to watch Blues Brothers)

    And, since I have no aversion to good Christmas music any time of year, we simply must rock around the Christmas tree with Brenda Lee.

    Oh, and just for kicks, let's gyrate to the Propeller Heads version of History Repeating with Shirley Bassey. I defy y'all to resist the urge to strut sassily as that song blares.

    And, good heavens, if there's gonna be caterwauling, there's gonna be some Janis Joplin. I'm just sayin'.... *hollers GO ON! TAKE ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART, NOW, BABY! as my cat plots his escape from auditory hell*

    Deb - "Think cake." *giggle* A great bumper sticker philosophy! lol Hmmmm, ok, no baked delights for you today. Glitter. We must arrange a big dose of glitter for you.

    *throws fluffy handfuls of confetti over Barbara and Deb*

    Hmmmmm, somehow, though, this party seems to be lacking something. *think, think, think* *discretely sneaks out back door and begins assembling a CO2 cannon* As long as the pumpkin doesn't hit the neighbor's house, maybe no one'll call the cops.

    How immature and debauched would y'all like to be? No, no, no, not Chippendale's. *crinkles nose* Tacky. But.... Perhaps, we could arrange a party parade of sexy men for our wanton visual and conversational delight? I nominate Nathan Fillion and Tory Belleci.

    Good grief, I don't even drink, and even I'm wondering why Deb hasn't popped the cork on some champagne, yet! :)

    *flings more handfuls of confetti*

  12. Perhaps this party needs some mental health stations. OK, folks, if you need to vent some frustrations, I just hung a pinata in the corner. Here's a big stick. Go whack away. If you need something a bit more, I just chucked an older printer out back. Here's a baseball bat. Have yourselves an Office Space moment.

    Hmmmmm... where to set up the special chairs so the massage therapists can come give us blog birthday back and neck rubs?

    Since Deb and Barbara are the fantabulous ring leaders of this bloggie goodness, don't y'all think they should have sparkly crowns to wear today? Tiaras?

    Maybe we could also have big, buff, gorgeous young men carry them around in sedan chairs today, too?

    *eyes Deb and Barbara* Suddenly, I am imagining the 2 of y'all in this way:

    Oh, and before I forget... *throws more confetti* Happy Birthday, The Middle Ages!!!

  13. Oh, and Deb, speaking of blog posts past, maybe we should invite your chunt neighbor to the party. See, I need someone to sit in the dunking booth. Oh? Did I mention that the water in the base of the dunking booth contains an energetic school of hungry piranhas?

    I'm just sayin'.... We've got some unfinished bloggie goon squad business with the chunt.

    *evil genius mad scientist laughter*

  14. Thanks all! Feelin' the party vibes :)

  15. You rascally rabbits YOU!!! : )

  16. Happy Birthday!!

    And by the way, it's my birthday too! No fooling. Gonna have to post later about how no one ever believes its really my b-day. Talk about traumatizing...!

  17. *crosses arms* *stares at Barbara ruefully* *shakes head*

    Twister? Really?

    All right, young lady, but everyone has to keep their clothes on! (Except Nathan Fillion and Tory Belleci.) And, you put that bottle of canola oil back in the kitchen cabinet right now!


  18. *runs across the internet (or at least to the far corner of Arkansas lol) and hugs Ruth*

  19. Rigel your head is a computer. I am partying down already!So glad we got you Kate and Hollye. Would have been so sad if we didn't get someone. I LOVE APRIL FOOL'S DAY. Thanks Amy, we had fun coming up with it. Madge clearly you are crafty in the ways of April the 1st! Thanks. Melody we ARE wascally wabbits are we not?

    Quite the April Fools's for your Mom huh? :-)

  21. Deb -

    As I informed Barbara in an earlier email, April Fool's Day pranks give me the urge to sharpen long, pointy, menacing sticks.

    *wanders off singing Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful by The Waitresses*

  22. A very happy anniversary. May there be many more.

  23. Yep. My Dad is a Texas A&M Aggie so he told my Mom that I had to be born on either April Fools Day or Halloween...she didn't want to wait till Halloween. Dad actually passed out Baby Ruth candy bars instead of cigars when I was born. And calls me every year at 3:33 a.m. just to remind me :)

  24. Thanks, Molly!

    And Ruth: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love your April Fools story. Your dad sounds so adorable.

  25. Yikes, you had me there (in my defense, it is now April 2nd, so I didn't expect to be fooled...) *phew*

    Fortunately, I now get to wish you a happy blogiversary in stead of a teary bye-bye. Honoured to have been around for the first year, looking forward to many more :)

  26. You got me too!
    And for me it is now late on April 3rd here in NZ so I too, had let my guard down to pranks.
    So glad we don't have to bid you farewell and I don't have to make a weekly ritual of checking a dormant blog 'just in case'

    Happy Anniversary ladies! It's been a blast following you (in a non-creepy way haha) the past year - here's to another great year of tears and laughter! *raises glass of water (coz it's too late on a Sunday night to drink when I've got work tomorrow morning!)*


  27. Thanks for playing, lovely ladies :)

  28. A very, very Happy Anniversary to this wonderful blog! Looks like I got here just in time... :)


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