Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Places

Barbara: Deb and I thought it would be fun to launch a “Five Crazy Things” theme from time to time on our shorter Tue/Thurs post. The idea is that we would share our five first thoughts on whatever the topic of the day is.

As I’m out of town this week and don’t have much internet, Deb is handling the more substantial posts and I will post today and Thursday’s “quickie” and check in when I can.

So the topic for today—an EASY one (and not very “crazy”), I think, which is designed to get us rolling so we can see how it goes—is to share the five places you’d most like to go.

1. The Great Wall of China
2: The Pyramids of Giza
3: Victoria Falls
4: The Taj Mahal
5. The Great Barrier Reef

1.  The Isle of Skye
2.  The Arctic
3.  Bethlehem
4.  Jordan
5.  The Great Wall of China
6.  Barbara’s other ones!

Now tell us yours!


  1. Alright!!! this is fun!

    5.Everything you guys wrote!

    Oh..and PS. I'm still listing so I might come up with A LOT MORE in a while!!!

    1. Oh...and places that offer DELICIOUSLY SPICY FOOD !!!!!! AND GREAT MASSAGES!!!

    2. Yes me too. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Russia! I have done Paris and Venice and Athens! YOu would love and I would love to go back!!!!

    3. Aww.... AUSTRIA...YES..!!! Oh..then I'll take you with me when I go...!! lol


    5. aaah!!! Disneyworld is super awesome! Granted I went when I was like 8 so I don't remember it too well. I'm sure it's MUCH different.

      Must. see. Wonderful world of. Harry Potter.

    6. Oh yes! I want to visit Venice too! So beautiful and romantic! A friend of mine just returned from Paris and the pics he took are lovely!

  2. 1. The Islands of Seychelles
    2. The Galapagos
    3. Turkey
    3. The Holy Land
    4. Ireland
    5. Kenya

    1. Wonderful Jo-I don't know the Islands of Seychelles. Can you tell me a little more about them? Yeah Kenya and I have an Irish name for heaven's sake and never been there. ON my list too!

    2. They are 115 small Islands in the Western Indian ocean. There is wonderful snorkeling there and there are these giant potato Cod Fish which are the ugliest things and HUGE. I mean HUGE!!! Friends of mine have been there and have terrific pictures of these Cod fish. It looks like paradise to me.....google it, you'll want to add it to your list I think.

    3. I will Jo! Happy to add it to my "almost anywhere on the planet where I haven't been and some that I have" list!

    4. Oh my god, the Seychelles! They are off the west coast of southern Africa.This is also where several pictures in calendars of "paradise" are taken. HUGE smooth stones, gorgeous beaches. MUST GO.

  3. Are you reading my mind!? *very suspicious look* I have been thinking of a short lists, but I hadn't yet decided what to do with it. Hmmm...

    From my list I have removed the places I have been and would like to revisit and places that I know for sure I am going to go.

    1. Australia: Melbourne and Sydney
    2. Russia: By train to China
    3. Africa: Egypt and Marokko (not sure why, but these two are the first ones in my mind)
    4. South America: Peru and Argentina
    5. Antarctica

    Yeah I might have this plan to visit all the continets... :))

  4. Kasku, yes, Antarctica! Russia by train to China! That is intriguing!

  5. 1. Back to India
    2. Australia
    3. New Zealand
    4. Russia
    5. Back to Turkey.

    1. Lemme know when you come back :)!!

    2. Wonderful List Madge. Yeah Russia so interests me. Having spent my childhood being afraid of it, I would love to go and experience the culture and beauty.

    3. I was born just 10 km or so away from the Russian border. There were occational turntails running about, but nothing really to be afraid. The Russian culture and history is amazing, so I do highly recommend visit to Russia if you get a chance.

  6. 1. Back to Amsterdam
    2. Back to Paris
    3. Las Vegas
    4. Alaska
    5. Newfoundland

    1. Great List. I have not done Alaska or Amsterdam. Would love to!

    2. Oooh, Alaska. Good choice! Icebergs calving, Denali National park... Yep, add this to my list. (Five places? What is this "five" of which you speak, Deb? LOL )

  7. You know I would just love to go anywhere, I can not imagine myself doing anything but enjoying a trip no matter where in the world.If I had to pick 5 to start with I'd go to
    3)The Maldives
    5)South Africa

  8. 1. Scotland (been there once, but it was 20 years ago.)
    2. Bavaria
    3. Norway
    4. Colorado
    5. Ireland

    (I love green and mountains.)

    1. Bavaria? :D That's where I live.^^ Tell me, when you're here. ;)

    2. That would be fun Becki!

  9. 1) To the moon
    2) Back in time for just "one" moment.
    3) Ireland
    4) Paris
    5) "A year around-the-world" trips. And i would like to do this trip with "pick one friend/couple" and their friend picks one "friend/couple, and so on..... So we pick Deb & Colin. And you guys pick Barbara & Phil... LETS GO!


    1. Wonderful Wonderful list and IDEA Seana! Yes. let's go! "Back in time for just one Moment." Killed me. Lovely.

    2. The moon... That's a wonderful idea!

    3. Am just reading through all the comments -- have to say, I LOVE this idea, Seana!!

  10. OH MY GAWSH!!! Isle of Skye is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now that I've severely spazzed, here's mine.

    1. Back to Scotland
    2. Toronto
    3. London
    4. The west coast of the US
    5. Finland-my mom has very distant family still there.


    2. Aaaahh Toronto!!! I went to Niagra Falls when I was young. Would love to see other parts of Canada. I need a longer list....lol

    3. I recommend coming to Finland when it is summer time ;)

    4. Kasku Finland would be wonderful and I would love to come there. And Yes Kelly back to Scotland, always back to Scotland!

  11. I'd go just about anywhere. Picking 5 is tough, but the first to come to mind:

    1. Viet Nam (learned the language, would like to see it)
    2. Maui (need a chill vacation)
    3. Everywhere BC Ferries go (grew up in WA and didn't get past Vancouver)
    4. New Zealand (to find Bilbo)
    5. Norway (the beauty, family history)

    1. EEEK!!! New Zealand! (just became a recent Ringer :DDD)

    2. Eileen you are SOOOOO right! I would pretty much go anywhere and the list is way to short but we gotta start somewhere right? Viet Nam is very high on my list too!

    3. LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND BILBO!!!!!!!!! :)

      I'm reading The Hobbit right now.

  12. Oh I love those memes (whatever you might call them).

    Hmmm...I never know where I want to go...guess I'm more the sitting at home - type...

    I always wanted to visit the Ponderosa Ranch, but since that's no longer possible, I have to wipe that from my list. ;)

    1. London
    2. some huge amusement park
    3. going back to Canada
    4. Pompeji
    5. maybe USA

  13. Pompeji! Really interesting choice. It would be so incredible to see. Adding it!

  14. Oh such a simple idea yet so thought provoking : )
    ok here is my list
    1. Vegas
    2. California
    3. Greece
    4. Germany
    5. Canada!!

    I don't travel alot so I figured I should start in the US : )

    1. Starting at home is a good idea Kelly!

  15. These are in no particular order:

    1. back to London
    2. Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    3. west coast of the U.S.
    4. Toronto-ish area
    5. New Zealand
    6. Finland/Scandinavia

    i cheated. sorry! :P

    1. I know, I soooo wanted to and write down 100 top 5!

    2. Harry Potter is high on our list, too...Universal Studios in L.A. is building one now!

  16. Oh man, this is a hard one!
    Okay, in no order at all:
    1. England (So many reasons why; just love the culture and the history)
    2. Ireland (Beautiful and family reasons)
    3. Germany (Same as Ireland)
    4. Jerusalem (Personal reason)
    5. L.A. or Vegas (Party, anyone?)
    There are so many other places that I would love to go to. I have to say that I did cross one off my list recently. I visited the American Shakespeare Center and it was fantastic! So beautiful and so much fun! I recommend visiting the ASC to anyone and everyone, no matter your love (or perhaps lack thereof) of Shakespeare.
    This is a fun post! Can't wait to see what's next!

    1. ASC sounds wonderful Steph. I will keep it in mind. Good and interesting choices everyone!

    2. Oh yes Deb, the ASC is a fantastic place to visit. If you ever go, let me know!

  17. 1. Japan (including a jaunt up to Hokkaido)
    2. Canada (esp. Toronto, Nunavut (<- including crossing into the Arctic, esp. if I can see narwhals), and whale watching in the Maritimes and New Foundland)
    3. Antarctica (including penguins!)
    4. Places I have yet to explore (and want to do so fully!) in my own country, the USA: Highest Priorities = Alaska, Chicago, Portland, NYC. Additional possibilities = San Francisco, Miami. Places I have been before but want to explore more in depth: New Orleans, Washington DC.
    5. the Scandinavian nations

    1. Great list. We love D.C. and have been several times. San Francisco one of my fave places. Ahh Narwals. I remember it being the N in the boys first alphabet animals book!

    2. *Ahem* Yes, quite familiar w/one of your husband's visits to DC!


    3. Yes *ahem* I was with him!

  18. I have been to both London and Paris before and would love to return and spend substantial time in both as more than a rushed tourist. Especially, London. London was the first place ever in my whole life that from the first moment I stepped out of the airport, I felt at home. It just felt so right. London and I get along very, very well.

    I need to add a place to my list: I want to visit the Beje in Haarlem in the Netherlands. That is the home where Corrie ten Boom's family rescued Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland. It is a museum, now.

    I visited and placed flowers on Corrie's grave when I lived in California.

    Corrie is my very most favorite of all favorites ever in the whole world. My hero of all heroes.

    1. Oh Rigel what a wonderful destination!

    2. Rigel, I felt the exact same way when I visited Cobhn in Ireland for a day. It was as if I'd finally made it home. And a fresh Guiness, in a Pub? Take me back now!

  19. For the record, I think we should have a blog meet-up in Costa Rica. Who's in? :D

  20. I'm really enjoying this topic! Barbara and Deb, y'all have a winner with this listing thing!

    OK, I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but, as selfish, silly, decadent, and indulgent as it is, I kinda want to spend *winces with embarrassment* a few days at a spa resort. One of those places with the healthy, yummy food and lots of massages.

    And, I want to know what it's like to go on a Caribbean cruise. *hangs head in shame* I know! I know! I'm sorry! But, I can't help it! I want to feel spoiled!

    At some point in my life, I want to feel rich and indulged and pampered for a few days. I'm sorry!

    1. Don't be sorry, it's nothing more than you deserve!

    2. I have been on several Caribbean cruises. You can be as indulgent as you want to be. I've had a massage on each cruise... Paradise, especially with the oils and moisturizer on dry, over-sunned skin.
      I fell In love with St. Thomas the first time I saw it. Most of my cruises since have had it on their itinerary, but really, Put me on a ship anywhere and I'll be a happy camper.
      I call cruising the smorgasborde of vacations. You can sample bits of each port and if you like it, you can go back for an extended period of time. LOVE CRUISING.
      (Carnival for budget, Royal Caribbean for a little more finesse' (sp))

  21. And, I want to volunteer on an archaeological dig and a paleontological dig sometime. This desire goes all the way back to when I was a little girl!

    1. Oh yes, wouldn't that be special Rigel. And the bridge thing is amazing. Great ideas!

  22. This is gonna sound weird, but over the last year or so, I've been developing a fascination with the idea of walking across major bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm wanting to do this. Yup yup yup.

  23. Just in case you don't know it: I'm saving reading these till I get back on Sat night. Not enough internet time and I reaaaaalllly want to savour these :)

    I have to say, I love this idea! If anyone has anymore "5 crazy things" suggestions (after Thurs), help a girl (or a couple of them) out. Miss you!! xoxo

    1. Mwahahahahahahaha!!! Ooooo, y'all's email is gonna be full, now! *brain starts whirring*

  24. Great topic to take my mind of the flu. Wish I was in the Northern Hemisphere with the rest of you enjoying summer!

    1. Jamaica - my mum grew up there so it's always been a dream to see her childhood home
    2. Machu Picchu- and then everywhere else in South America!
    3. Hawaii
    4. A culinary course anywhere in Italy
    5. Morrocco

  25. Deb, we had the 'N is for Narwhal' book, too!!

    My DREAM destinations are all off the North American continent. I've been to Washington D.C (love it), Seattle, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Vegas (which I LOVE), St. Thomas (Which I LOVE MORE), New York City, Disney World, Savannah, Ga, the Boulder/Hoover Dam, Toronto, and Paris. I didn't see a lot in Paris, so I'd LOVE to go to the Louvre and also walk along the streets with the wrought iron decor, but it's not a priority.
    I have no need to see San Francisco. I'm almost afraid of the Golden Gate Bridge. Irrational to just look at something and be afraid of it, but that's where I am with it right now.
    (Gee, I've been around more than I realized. Good deal.)

    SO, with that in mind, we have:

    1. Athens and the Greek Isles, especially Mykonos
    2. Seychelles
    3. Iceland
    4. Kenya (show me some animals in the wild, not behind a fence)
    5. Dublin/Belgium/Netherlands
    5.5 Key West/Newfoundland (okay, so I lied about North America)

    The first two are a priority. Been dreaming about them for AGES. Some day, some day...

    1. Dawn I agree about the Greek Islands and I have been there to Mydonos, Rhodes and Santorini. Santorini was my absolute fave!!!

  26. If I have to narrow down #5 and #5.5, I'll choose Ireland, esp Dublin. There. Now my answer is legitimately following the "five" rules. :)

    1. I've also been to Hershey, PA, Baltimore, MD, and Where The Hell Are We, Virginia, aka Tappahannock, VA. I never need to go there again.


    2. So funny. Yes we should list the places we have been that we will never go to again!

  27. 1 The Ridgeway Trail across the South of England
    2, Aberglasney Garden in Wales
    3. Skellig Monastary on the coast of Ireland
    4. The Greek Islands
    5. And of course, NewFoundland

  28. I love how specific yours are Fran. The only one of I have been to is Newfoundland and it was heaving. Done lots of England but not specifically this. Greek Islands I loved!

  29. I know I said the first five things that pop into your mind -- but the cool thing is how many of these other suggestions piqued enough interest to make my future 5. The Seychelles -- mm, yeah, sounds divine. As do so many of these places. Thanks for the "travel for thought" and for playing along!!

  30. For someone who really wants to travel I'm finding it hard to list five places. I think it's because I really want to go everywhere, so narrowing it down is the hard bit

    1: Easter Island (Been fascinated by the Moai for years)
    2: The Shetland and Orkney Islands (Visit Scotland every year but not made it this far north yet)
    3: Berlin (Lived 9 months in Germany and have a degree in German, but never visited the capital city)
    4: Norway (to the Fjords!)
    5: New Zealand (also hunting Bilbo)

    Deb, I'm off to Skye in a couple of weeks, really looking forward to it but keeping my fingers crossed that the Scottish weather decides to be a little less wet than usual.

  31. Suzy please tell Skye that I am coming! Don't know when but I am coming! Have a wonderful time!


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