Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Superpowers

Deb: What Superpower would you most like to have?
1.   To be able to fly!!!
2.   To be able to speak every language on earth and in the universe
3.   The power to teleport myself anywhere!
4.   (stolen from my husband) To make people who are mean, racist, aggressive or simply piss me off, POO their pants at the most inopportune times!
5.   The ability to bring peace to the world and have a snappy Superhero outfit to do it in!

1. Invisibility (I love the idea of watching people (in public places, okay, not weird, peeping stuff) and truly observing the complexities of human nature.
2. Flying.
3. Underwater flying.
4. Outer space flying.
5. The ability to make people really really laugh (and, no, “at me” does NOT count!)


  1. This one I like! I already thought of my list ready few days ago, as I guessed you were going to have something like this.

    My list:
    1. Flying (everywhere)(wings are perk, but not required)
    2. To be able to understand every language, prefer to speak as well.
    3. To be able to control weather, without any consequence
    4. Supervision (no need to see through things necessarily)(glasses have nothing to do with this ability *angel smiley*)
    5. Ability to change the color of my hair at will (this would just be a silly ability, but sooo cool)

    1. Control the weather is cool and I loved the change the hair colour. No more sitting to have my hair coloured. I would love that one Kasku. And Barb you made me laugh out loud. Isn't underwater flying called swimming? :-)

    2. I know, Deb, I toyed with that one - for me the difference is that I don't need any artificial devises to breathe underwater or in outspace, I can just go an go, like a bird everywhere. But wanted to differentiate...

  2. 1. Telekinesis - the ability to move things around with my mind. To me, this encompasses the power to fly because I could also just apply my telekinesis to myself! Plus, it comes with unlimited strength. I could pick up a newborn kitten with my brain but also lift a Giant Redwood! (Why do I suddenly have the urge to quote River from Firefly? teeheehee) I'd like to be able to use my telekinesis to do things like steer explosions away from our soldiers, stop car wrecks from happening, and magically clean house instantly like Samantha on Bewitched.

    2. The Cosmic Remote: I first started wishing I had this superpower back when I was in middle school, a time when I was surrounded by particularly hateful, hormonal, vicious little beasts. Someone being mean? Someone bullying? Someone being a stuck up bitch? Someone just plain being hateful? I want my Cosmic Remote Control. Zap! Suddenly, they are whisked away into an alternative dimension where they must hang out until I see fit. While suspended in this empty void of nether dimension, they must watch their wrong doing and evil thinking on a HHHUUUGGGEEE movie screen until they are personally convicted of their nastiness. Then and only then do I let them rejoin our dimension. But, the alternative dimension inhabits its own time structure. Nobody else will notice that the icky person has been gone. They'll blink back in and just suddenly be lovely people where just a nanosecond before they had been a vile creature. My Cosmic Remote Control basically throws people into an Interdimensional Penalty Box. Repeat offenders are in the box for longer spans of time.

    3. The Superpower of Provision (aka Magical Philanthropy): Unlimited resources flowing through me to better the world -- I'd apply this superpower to everything from the manatees in Florida to girls' schools in Afghanistan. It'd be like in AD&D when a character has a Bag of Holding. I'd have a Bag of Holding of Philanthropy.

    4. I'm with Deb on the languages thing. Give me a Babel Fish, please! And, not just the speaking and hearing. I want reading and writing to. All languages EVER, including the dead ones because then I could read all the cool, old literature and decipher the writing in archeaological finds. And, if I happen to be alive when we make First Contact with sentient alien life, I'm all set! (And, if they turn out to be evil invaders, please see #1.)

    5. The superpower of not needing oxygen/needing to breathe. This would certainly open up a lot of great underwater and space adventures. Plus, combined with my telekinesis, I'd be able to get into some really tricky situations and pull off some supercool rescues. Train derailment leaking deadly gas? People trapped in a submarine? Crisis on the ISS? I'm on it!

    1. Not needing oxygen is a fascinating choice Rigel. Love it. Yours are so outside the box!!!

  3. In approx. 10 minutes, I'm in the car on the way to pick up my son! :D :D :D SQUEEEEEEE!!!

    1. How wonderful Rigel. Safe trip. Say hi to Eddie from all of us!


  4. I love number four Deb!

    1. The ability to heal pain and suffering (especially for children)
    2. The ability to be Dr. Doolittle and really communicate with animals
    3. The ability to stop time when I wanted to
    4. The ability to instantly transport people who judge others into another's body ( Quantum Leap) so that they could truly learn empathy for another human being
    5. The ability to snap my fingers and be wearing the perfect outfit for any setting

    Wow I could think of so many more

    1. Fantastic choices Mary. Yeah Quantum Leap! To heal pain and suffering, wouldn't that be a super power.

  5. Mary! Putting right what once went wrong! :D (Bonus points for cigar chomping former astronaut holographic sidekick!)

    1. Oh yeah Al, he was great what is the actor's name I can't think??? Although Scott Bakula was great as Sam too. I saw him at Paramount dressed in Star Trek uniform but we weren't allowed to take pictures : (

    2. Thank you Rigel! I'm never good at remembering actor's names unless they're a Cartwright

  6. Ah, I like this one! :D

    1. Invisible
    2. Be able to fly
    3. Beam myself wherever I want to be
    4. Swim/Dive like a fish
    5. Time Travelling

    1. It's funny Becki as you and Barb both said invisible and it was the first one I though of and thenI thought more about it and decided I did not want to see people in their intimate moments when they thought no one was around or to hear them talking about me! Silly right???

    2. Oh, no, not silly at all, Deb! I wouldn't want to be invisible with people I know!! No, I want more insight into the human condition (more a general thing) and want to just be able to observe that without also affecting it. Does that make sense???

  7. Bahahahahahaha!!! I like Colin's idea. That would be rather amusing, but then I'd probably be the one to clean it up XD

    1. Teleport!!!
    2. Fly
    3. Rid people of their pain (physical, emotional, whatever. Just enough to get them through the day/week/month)
    4. To go back in time and tell those who invented horrible things to ask them "what were you thinking?"
    5. Rain food. To those who need it, but not to me.

    Man, I struggled to come up with just 5...

    1. Kelly I love the going back in time to tell off the people who invented horrible things!

    2. Or we can just make them poo in their pants!

    3. Totally Shalaka! Totally!!!!

  8. 1. Definitely time traveling
    2. Fly
    3. Star trek transformer
    4. Be able to wiggle my nose like "Bewhitched" and have things change
    %. Be in the National Ballet

    1. The Bewitched twitch! Love that. Interesting but not surprising that we all want to fly!

  9. 1. The ability to change people's minds
    2. The ability to travel instantly
    3. Learn languages
    4.The ability to always have great health
    5. The ability to change the world through philanthropy.

  10. Ohhhhh AWESOME!!!!!

    1. Flying and teleporting...duh!?!?
    2. Super fast reflexes
    3. Speaking every language in the universe... (Yes including speaking baby...!)
    4. Time and Space travelling
    5. Instant healer and healing
    And rather than a suit I'd like a Big blue police box... thats bigger on the inside!!! and a Sonic screwdriver!...and IF possible a tall skinny Timelord who says "alonns-y" ALL THE TIME!

    I HAVE MORE...!!!! LEMME THINK... :P

  11. Shalaka I love that one of your languages is BABY! Brilliant.

  12. Oh, you guys have some good ones! I have a few I will steal and a few that are mine:

    1. Apparition (which is just teleporting, I suppose)
    2. Breathing underwater
    3. Superbouncing
    4. Instant karma rebound (so lousy people end up on the receiving end of what they are dishing)
    5. Time reversal (so I could effectively multiply time... this would allow me to work and sleep at the same time so I had more writing time)

    1. Oh I love superbouncing!!! reminds me of tigger!!

    2. Aww If I had time reversal it would help me sleep and SLEEP at the same time...AAhhhhh that is so divine!!!!

  13. 1: i would love to be able to beam form place to place as in star trek and own my own transporter .

    2: after the experience of my younger days it would be good to stop bullies , be they adults or children

    3:i would love to give everyone in the world has enough to eat and fresh water to drink and a decent amount of money to live on

    4: another thing i would love to do is to make ultra rich who have mismanaged the Irish economy got away with and made the ordinary Irish people suffer take responsibility for their actions.

    5: it would be great to have power to heal all illnesses and make people laugh .

    by the way Deb you asked me in yesterdays blog post what multi infarct dementia is . here is a link for you to read :

    the neurologist that dad saw yesterday offered to show mom and i Dads MRI scan results . mom said did'nt take him up on the offer . i did . basically , not including the most recent stroke , there was evidence of 3-5 silent strokes in my Dads brain. when i asked the neurologist how long they would have been there for he said anything up to 6 years , he couldn't be more specific . dads most recent one took place 2 weeks ago and was deep in the memory centre of his brain . this brought about the changes we saw in Dad . sadly these strokes brought about some brain damage . this is what we are dealing with now .

    1. Oh, Linda, this sounds so challenging. I am thinking of you and hoping for the best!! lots of love xoxo

    2. I can so relate. My grandmother had strokes, large and small. I know what it is like to deal with this slow loss of the person you know so well, when they start to not know who you are or where they are.

      I wish your father all the best.

  14. 1. Ability to turn off my hearing (sometimes silence is needed )
    2. Ability to "sense" emergencies ( if I can't hear the emergency alarms I need some way to make sure I don't sleep through the fire LOL)
    3. I think it would be cool to be able to hover, even it was just to freak people out and seem taller LOL
    4. Chamelon-ness! ( my spelling is probably off, but I want to be able to change color to completely blend into my surroundings. )
    5. Being able to have extend-able limbs and things hidden in a hat ( like inspector Gadget!!! ) Go-Go-Gadget Roller Skates !! LOL

    As a side Barbara..Deb tells me you have an e mail address that I could contact you with...or Facebook is also an option if that works for you all. : )

    1. Yes! Just answered this on yesterday's post (am trying to now catch up with all the amazing stuff I missed here these last couple of days). Of course, FB us anytime! We are thrilled to be friends with our blog-buddies. But the email we use for the blog is radeckirites (at) gmail (dot) com, and then I would forward to Deb as well.

    2. thanks I shall e mail you shortly : )

  15. Things I wish I had at this very moment as I'm planning for our annual Canada Day party. I mean parties are fun but I already threw two last weekend (kids birthday party and parents 40th anniversary party)and three over a such a short period is HARD!So I wish right now I had:
    1)Infinite patience, mine is running a wee bit thin
    2)Unlimited energy as I seem to be out
    3)Time control where do my days keep going?
    4)Teleportation, errands without driving around yay!
    5)Super strength, so my habit of the one trip rule would be easier to accomplish without dropping things on my toes

    What I'd like everyday:
    1)Healing power
    2)Ability to change things into whatever I want
    3)Time Control
    5)Superhuman intelligence
    I mean I can't think of anything you couldn't be able to accomplish with those 5 powers together.

  16. 1.The ability to fly(I would love to go to la la land and just sit)

    2.The abiltiy to change into any shape or size

    3.The abiltiy to clone my self(I would love to have two of me some times).

    4.The abiltiy to make my self blend in with walls and doors and nature(that would just be cool).

    5.The abiltiy to have super human strength.

    One super power that I would not want to have is the super power to read minds.
    I have enough trouble with me in my head I can't imagin everone else in it.

  17. 1. My house is sparkling clean every time I open my eyes.
    2. Wonderful, nutritious meals that everyone loves, prepared at the snap of my fingers.
    3. Make politicians and world leaders tell the truth with my superhero bracelet.
    4. Create instantaneous flashmobs and improv everywhere type events where they are needed most with an app on my supersmart phone.
    5. Clap my hands and everyone can see the "bright side" no matter what they're going through.

  18. Oh my god, I love these, you guys!! Such imagination. Such great possibilities.

  19. 1. Fly!!!
    2. To ensure justice, e.g. Victims' rights and the end to the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases.
    3. Perfect health.
    4. To see into the future accurately enough and soon enough to be able to prevent plane hijackings or terrorist activities.
    5. Financial stability. Oh hell, let's call a spade a spade. Unlimited funds forever!

  20. 1. The power to make peace in the world (like fixing the extreme global warming, removing invasive species from places they don't belong (one example the emerald ash borer in NA), restoring forest, plants and animals that have been lost due to deforestation, and giving people more food and water then they could ever need. Also, i would help with removing any and all pollution if i could.
    2. Speak any and all languages. (including animals, bugs, and all living creatures capable of understanding)although for the bugs it would be more of a pheromone related communication, but still :P
    3. Telekinesis
    4. Control the elements or if i had to choose one then i'd pick water.
    5. Flying

  21. Wow, that's a tough choice.

    1) Invisibility.
    2) Telekinesis.
    3) Cleaning, DEFINITELY! Polluted water? Poof! It's fine! Hurricane blew over some trees? Bam! All in a nice neat pile. And my living room would look a lot nicer, too!
    4)I like the idea of a bag of holding, but one that magically produces whatever you need.
    5)The ability to fix anything. I suppose that would be handy with #3 - if the hurricane knocked some trees onto someone's house, I could fix the roof. And my handy-dandy bag of holding could store all my tools!

  22. Hmm...
    1. Fly (considering I have a fear of flying...)
    2. Time travel
    3. Read really really fast
    4. Make people laugh
    5. Make people happy
    Maybe not the most interesting list, but there it is!

    1. I adding one: the ability to reverse strokes. They are horrible monster that need to be stopped!

  23. 1. Apparating (Not teleporting. Apparating. Yes, like Harry Potter)
    2. the ability to communicate with animals (Would certainly make my job a lot easier)
    3. to snap my fingers and my apartment be clean. Kind of like a clapper...
    4. Same as my back in time and punch all the d-bags in the face (SORRY about my mouth!!) who invented stupid stuff (i.e. cigarettes, blah blah blah)
    5. flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  24. The power to fly, the power to teleport (the idea of being able to spend a couple of hours in the countryside of Italy and still make it home to make dinner really appeals), to talk to animals, to see the world through someone elses eyes and my all time desire: to make litter STICK to those that throw it away! If I could just have one, the last would be it

  25. You guys these are so great! So many animal lovers and world traveller healers. Travel to Italy and make it home for dinner, reverse strokes, controlling water, apparating, sparkling house, seeing the bright side, shapeshifting, time control and the list is endless. Man these are fun to read. every one of them, thanks all.

  26. 1) I'd love to be able to read/hear things only once and be able to remember them for the rest of my life. Even if I wasn't really paying attention when I first heard it.
    2) Invisibility - not for the same reasons as you, Barb, but because it's nice just to disappear off the radar every now and then
    3) Healing

    That's kind of it...


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