Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Treasure Box

Barbara: This is our ongoing series of “first five thoughts” when we ask you a specific question. We also want to thank those of you who’ve suggested some possible future Five Crazy Things. Don’t worry, we are keeping a list!

Today’s question is: what are the first 5 things—NOT LIVING—that you would put inside your treasure box (of any shape and size)?

1.     My manuscripts.

2.     My wedding rings. (Yes, they mean a lot, in every sense of the word.)

3.     My eggcup of special stones/shells. (The stones are from a long-ago trip to a gemstone store where, for 10 dollars, they ask you to close your eyes and randomly pick 5 stones from a case of gemstones, then a “reader” interprets your choices. Apparently mine had to do with: friendship, love, creativity, and spirituality.) (The shells are the tiny specimens that have beckoned over the last couple of beach trips. A couple are from the Costa Rica trip beachcombing with Deb and Colin.)

4.     My photo collection, both old (real) ones and new (digital).

5.     My cup of tea (not the cup, per se, but the cup of tea).

1. Our home movies
2. My music
3. Our photographs
4. My wedding rings
5. My sketchpad 


  1. OH..I LIKE THIS!!!

    1. You and Deb!!!(you can both bring a guest:D)

    2. My paintings.. OH GOD...I ALMOST FORGOT THEM :P

    3. my grandmother's ruby necklace I (family heirloom I got from my aunt...I am gonna wear it in my wedding!)

    4. All of my cherished pictures, old and new!!!

    5. And when I move I'm planning to buy a Ganesh Idol.... that would look something like this...

    1. Oh...and some cats...and NATHAN FILLION.!!! I better call "DIBBS" on him before Rigel does :P so DIBBS....ETERNAL DIBBS!

    2. Sorry, Shalaka, we said "nothing living" ;) (although your eternal dibs may still have power...)

      Love your list. Thanks for putting us on there!!

    3. Aww.....ok...then I'll add my wacom and my music!

    4. It's OK, Shalaka. Treasure box or whatever, I call dibs on Tory Belleci. ;)


    6. Ok.
      1 Enough cocolate to get me through the rest of my life - dark dark dark,

      2 all of my memoriess,good and bad because without one the others are not as sweet,

      3 my music, including the favorite music of those I love because their choces are a window into their souls

      4. My grandfathers, my mothers and my rock collection

      5 last but not least my farm because it is by far my greatest treasure - not sure if I can do that- because I think it could be argued it is a living thing - it certainly is magical. Tough, it ls goibg in the box!

    7. Rigel i see you have called dibs on Tory Belleci . good call i love mythbusters . actually i would love to meet all 5 of them . boy o boy they would have some good stories to tell .

  2. This one is very difficult. I can't think of anything that that without it I couldn't survive. I'm not really attached to anything. Hmmmm. Here goes a try:

    Treasure box:
    1. Passport (I do like to travel)
    2. Books (reading, my favourite thing to do if I have time)
    3. Computer (to keep in contact with friends and relatives while travelling)
    4. DVDs (lots of horror movies, good ones)
    5. Tickets (plane, train, cruize, bus etc.)

    Yes these are things that make me happy. Wau, I spent way too much time on this one. Usually I am much faster on thinking these short lists.

    1. lol you should see me. My lists are short first....then I keep adding on to them! I WANT EVERYTHING..!!! I cant write JUST five !! XD

    2. It's funny, Kasku, this one was easy for me to think of as a topic, but then became hard when I had to commit to them. Although these are the first ones I thought of! I actually think your list is awesome. Gives you a bit of everything.

    3. Shalaka: just lots of practice ;-) I usually use the top three on things. Places to go, books to read, etc. Its sometimes really hard to choose.

      Barbara: I bet that it is really hard to choose from many items that all have lots of memories attached to them.

      I guess one reason why I am not that attached to my belongings, is that I have already moved 18 times. Few times I moved so tha I didn't own any furniture. Really the best way to move. You don't need to carry anything heavy. ;-)

  3. I'd put my photos, my novel, one of my sock monkeys, my muse cameo necklace my mother gave me, and my cross my grandmother gave me.

  4. 1. Family photo's
    2. Family letters
    3. My teddy bear
    4. My Android tablet
    5. My dog Dougall

  5. 1. all my paintings from around around the house that I loved too much to sell
    2. my jewellery box- with the the silver charm my siblings gave me the day I was born, to the ring my best friend gave me last week. Looking at my jewellery I can see my whole life!
    3. my singlet that says "happy camper" that I bought at the Grand Canyon- it is impossible to be anything but happy when wearing it
    4. old love letters
    5. a lot of chocolate....

  6. My laptop, my photos, my shrines,my pills so I could continue to be in good health and a candle.My laptop has my writings and my photos so I could continue my journey.

  7. My list would be.
    1. A photo of my grandparents
    2.the bible
    3.my ipod
    4.the necklece my grandmother gave me
    5.my blog.

    Hard to pick but this would be my list.

  8. 1. Bible
    2. my iPod
    3. Phone/charger
    4. Photo album of Scotland pictures
    5. Laptop

    1. Can I get a longer list??? lol

      6. A picture of my Raven (she passed 2 years ago)
      7. Family photos that are all over my apartment
      8. Wallet

      I'M SORRY I CHEATED!!!!!! :/

    2. lol dont worry Kelly...I did too.....:D Mine is longer..and I have PEOPLE on it too! :D

  9. My box would contain:
    Photos of my kids
    My engagement ring from my adored second husband (and current) which was the single most indulgent thing with which I was ever gifted.
    My diamond bracelet from my first husband which I wear as a reminder of all that was good about that time in my life. There was days I needed the reminder.
    My collection of sea glass that my kids collected for me when they were little. My first marriage had just ended and I was in such a fog. I would take them to the beach each day after work just to keep occupied. Don't know how it got started but they would scour that beach maniacally looking for pieces. I have every last smooth piece that they found for me.
    All the little bits and projects my kids made for me over the years. As it is now, I keep them tucked in random places so that I come across them 'accidentally" now and them. It's like stumbling across little piles of pure joy!

    1. I understand about the reminder of the good things about your first marriage. I still have my engagement ring, and for my daughter's high school graduation (2013-EEK!), I'm going to have it shaped into a heart charm. That way she'll be able to remember that her parents did love each other at one point.

    2. That's a lovely gesture Dawn...I'm sure she'll love it.I'll probably give the bracelet to my daughter at some point too but happily they have a great relationship with their dad so there is no rush.

  10. This is a tough one. My top 5 non-living items would be:

    1. My laptop
    2. My medication and wrist splints
    3. Camera
    4. Internet connection/Wi-Fi hotspot
    5. My DVDs

  11. I would be heartbroken to lose any of these things:
    Photos, new and old
    The kids baby books
    The pink dress. Its an infant dress that has been photgraphed on my Grandmother, my Mom, me and both my girls.
    My wedding rings
    My Grandfathers coin collection.

    Kind of related to this I thought I'd share what my youngest does. When she turned 2 she got a little bag from her sister as a gift and started keeping all of her favorite things in it which went with her everywhere. She still takes it with us on trips but not all the time now. She keeps the oddest assortment of things in it and it changes over time but I absolutely love that she does this. She's kept little books and toys in it, pictures, both photos and ones she's drawn, her harmonica, a baseball she found at the stadium, shells, rocks, pins I once collected as a child and anything else you can think of, she even has a scrap of her baby blanket that the dog ripped off when he was a puppy in it. I just love to take a peek and see what she is currently treasuring.

    1. I just absolutely love this story, Erin. Your daughter -- well, both of them -- sound very special indeed. I love that your younger cherishes as she does. Interesting, isn't it?!

  12. 1. laptop and high speed internet access
    2. all of my books
    3. my camera and the rechargeable batteries and charger base and a few SD cards
    4. all of my photographs (hardcopy and digital), esp. of my son and my Grandmama
    5. a complete and self-replenishing stash of craft supplies so I can always be making

  13. I would also love to add RED SHOES and Lily of the Valley! ;-)

    1. Oh...Lily of the valley. thats a great one... maybe I want one--- No I have you in my treasure box.... Ah! I can borrow it from you later then :D

  14. This is the most difficult 'Five Things...' yet! Hmm...
    1. Photos of my grandmother and mother
    2. Bible
    3. My copy of "Treasure Island"
    4. My special teddy bear
    5. Chocolate

    So many other things that I would also want to pack, but these will have to do!

  15. Oh I just love these 5 Thing Lists!!
    1. My pooh bear (the only gift I recieved from my great grandpa before he passed)
    2. Music
    3. My Camera
    4. My complete Sherlock Holmes collection
    5. My juggling balls ( I am just learning to juggle )

  16. Kelly -

    Too bad you're so far away! We could juggle together! The summer before 8th grade, I taught myself how to juggle from a set of diagrams in an issue of World (the old National Geographic children's magazine).

    1. O Rigel I wish we were closer together!! I have only been at it a month and have got the 3 ball cascade down pat and just today I started to venture to harded things : )
      I saw some videos of penn & teller online and wanted to juggle after seeing them do it. I am much a visual learner so I just slowed down their performance video and was able to pick it up from that : )
      Any cool tricks you can do?

  17. bwaaahhh, this is so hard!!!

    ok, let's try this:

    1. bible
    2. pictures (physical ones and digital ones). ALL of them.
    3. Ashley (my stuffed dog I've had since I was 7)
    4. my iPod
    5. my laptop (so i can connect to the outside world)...lol

  18. I'm surprised at how much I'm struggling to think of things to put in, perhaps I should take it as a sign of mental detachment from physical possessions, or something profound like that

    1: Baby, Boris and Henry (my teddy bears, they count as 1 thing right?)
    2: My scrapbooks
    3: My notebooks
    4: My photos
    5: My box of random things (coins, feathers, "trinkets")

    It's interesting how people have interpreted "treasure box". I saw it as a place to keep things that mean a lot to me, and that I consider irreplaceable, while others have put things they would like with them on a journey. If I'd thought of it that way I'd have included my books and brio train set to stop me getting bored :)

  19. 1. Ticket stubs
    2. photos of Sarah, me w/ the guys, others
    3. Peter Max artwork (If I had to choose one, it would be "Flower blossom ladies trio) (similar to this) http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/11818180_peter-max-flower-lady-with-three-profiles-mixed
    4. iPod
    5. Books (Into Thin Air, Lightning, Stephen King are first on that list)

  20. This list was easy for me to make. A LARGE portion of my belongings are in storage. The stuff I "can't live without" are all in my bedroom now. I can see everything I picked right now. (Can I just put "Everything in my room" on the list?) :D

    1. Just put your room on the list!

  21. 1.)My laptop (I feel like cheating saying that but it's brilliant! It gives me Bible, music, photos, contact with friends, art and so much more!)
    3.)Dance shoes/gear

    I may regret this but that's all I wnat in my box! I am tempted to say I want to put a complete and awesome wardrobe in there (jewellery and shoes included), but I feel like that may be cheating too...

    Oh wait, am I allowed to stuff a gym in there? That'd be fun!


  22. My computer because it contains:
    1. Pictures!
    2. My music
    3. My stories

    Other than the computer:
    4. Chocolate!
    5. More chocolate!

  23. 1. All my photos, family documents and videos
    2. My Bonanza memorabilia
    3. My love letters from Sam and Tom
    4. My hard drive
    5. Derek Jeter ( oh you said nonliving damn)
    5. (Alternate because Barb put restrictions on me) so life size cut out of you guessed it - Derek Jeter!

  24. Hey all, I've been out of town all day and have had no chance to respond until now -- but I have read every, single wonderful list here!! What magical, fascinating lists. Funny, I guess I could've said my laptop -- that probably makes more sense than my manuscripts. And I do love it. I also love how all your imaginations work around the "rules" (we don't care about rule-breaking here). Thank you!!

  25. 1.) The last birthday card my Dad gave me
    2.) The painting Deb's Dad painted for us of our wedding spot...that we TREASURE!
    3.) Brads treasure BOX.
    4.) ALL of our LoVe letters to each-other.
    5.) My computer.
    6.) My sexy stuff... I know, i know, you said 5, but i like breaking rules.


  26. I'm a hoarder...I have about 35 treasure boxes...all full of ??? who knows anymore. ;) If I ever sort them all out and consolidate them down to:
    Old photographs/love letters
    my jewelry (I never wear, lol)
    all of my music with my piano
    Make Nathan FIllion appear to be dead so I can put him in my treasure box ;)
    (Sorry Shalaka, you can have him when he comes to visit you, I get him in the states)
    ...if I have Nathan playing my piano does that count as one thing or two. I need more stuff. ;)
    My computer.
    All of my boxes of cookbooks/stainless steel cookware, and woks.
    Shite how am I ever going to get the list down to 5 items :(
    My artwork that I've created, and my copies of some of Van Gogh's work in miniature, which someone painted for me.
    My granny's biscuit makin bowl. ;)
    My audiobook library.
    my big, fluffy pillow (with Nathan Fillion's head on it, NOT severed, ya silly) :D

    Okay, that's the FIRST box of my treasures....I'll let you know when I get started on box 2.

    1. P.S. You HAVE to give me Nathan Fillion. Today is my birthday and it's birthday week (like shark week, except fewer partially eaten tourists washing ashore here and there.) and I should be getting stuff all week, or you're gonna need a bigger boat. ;D

    2. happy birthday Karen . i am going to commit and act of treason and ask who Nathan Fillion is ? before you shoot me please remember I am Irish .his fame might not have reach this tiny little island !

    3. Nathan Fillion is the only Geek Adonis to ever tempt me away from my dedicated geek yearning for Tory Belleci. Alas, my loyalties must still lay primarily with Tory. (Alas, I have yet to lay with Tory myself. :( )

      OK, a crash course in all that is glorious and pulse racing about Nathan Fillion:

      1. Nathan Fillion portrayed Capt. Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly. Really, you don't need anything more than this because he was SO MAGNIFICENT in this role. He also picked up the role in the later movie Serenity.
      Useful clips:





      Moving along from Captain Tightpants to Captain Hammer, Nathan Fillion was also a part of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:


      The whole thing:


      Nathan Fillion is the epitome of all that is magnificent and panties dampening in geekdom. Nathan Fillion is the raw lust of the Whedonverse.

      bonus prizes:


      Now, he's in Castle.


      I would like to once again point out to all the young ones on here (SHALAKA!), that I am the more viable candidate for both Tory and Nathan as they are both only a year or 2 older than me! They would need someone like me, a woman with a mature, cultivated skill set and a certain amount of .... bendy-ness. ;)

      I would have no problem with inspiring Nathan Fillion to say, "Apples." :)

      But, truly truly, I've got to go with Tory Belleci as my ultimate geek crush. Because, he does mission work, rocks the Christian thing while working with outspoken atheists, and he's got SCIENCE. Plus, we could have fun blowing stuff up while he's, ya know, refracting.

      All lustiness AND respect for talent aside, they both just seem like nice, cool people. Silliness set aside, I could honestly imagine just hanging out, talking, cutting up, having a drink with either of them. They both seem like real sweethearts.

      Oh yeah, and neither is married, yet. So, guilt free lust.

      OK, now back to the geek lust.... MMMmmmmmmm.....

      On Twitter:

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  28. wow this is right good and interesting I am trying to think what would go in my metaphorical box and why . here goes :

    1: a picture of my boyfriend mike . this is because he lives in the south west of the UK and I only get to see him a couple of times a year .

    2: my mobile phone . not for the obvious reasons . it has a couple of good family pictures saved on it . also without it i would find it harder to keep in touch with mike .

    3: my ipod . my friend Suzanne nicknamed it my life support machine . it comes everywhere with me , I can;t live without the music and spoken word stuff it has on it.

    4: my computer . without it I would not have met and keep in touch with some amazing people , seen TV shows I would not normally get a chance to see , my dad and i would have found it a lot harder to run our small business , and been to brilliant gigs of both comedy and music that I would not have heard about had I not been on line

    5: my manchester united crest ring . I bought it at the shop in united's ground old trafford in 2009 . reminds me of the times i saw untied playing there with my dad . ( to all those who may not know manchester united they are a football team in the english premier league)


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