Friday, February 1, 2013

A Fond Farewell Video And A Surprise Video!

Deb and Barbara: It's with tears in our eyes that we post this last (for now!) Blogging Out Loud. Thanks for the amazing comments throughout the week. You guys are the BEST!

This is a re-post of Monday's "what to expect from the blog" info, just in case you missed it: 
We’re leaving the blog up because, down the line, if we have any big announcements to make or things we want to share with you in a new post, we can (if you want, you can subscribe on the left-hand bar to get any updates). But we also feel the community that has grown here and the stuff we’ve talked about deserves to be here for any of us who might want to revisit conversations (you can easily search in the left-hand bar for key words, and Blogger will find the pertinent stories for you). Colin can also keep you posted of any of our news through Twitter, and we will keep our Twitter feed live (although probably won’t be there a lot for the next while). Just so you know, after two weeks, Blogger won’t take comments without moderation, but since we won’t be moderating, we hate to have you think we’re ignoring you. You can comment if you want, but just so you know, we might not see it (we don’t get updates) or be able to post it for a while.

And now for something really special!

The lovely Shalaka sent us this retrospective video of our blog years, and we were so touched and overwhelmed that, of course, we had to share. This is such a beautiful keepsake for us and we think you'll love it too! Thank you so much, Shalaka! And thanks to each and every one of you who have supported, nurtured, and grown with us over the years. xo

PS (added at 7:46 on Fri evening): I (Barbara) finally did a bit of "housecleaning" on the blog -- (which I had on my list-of-things-to-do for sooooo long). In case any of you check back here: I've added a page of "Comfort Food" to our lefthand sidebar. This is a collection of your favourite goodies to bring to friends in times of need -- which we asked for waaaay back when. You all said it was okay for me to post these, aaaaand I just let it fall behind. So thank you for contributing -- and check it out in the sidebar.

I also updated our videos page and my recipes page (added my easy Christmas goodies). I hope you can use the updates I've posted :)