A Primer For The Middle Ages

Okay, we know that many of you are blog aficionados, speeding along the internet highway in your snappy roadster, stopping in at all the fun places and meeting the most amazing people. But we also know there are a fair number of you who are new to this, cautiously visiting with your tin of fresh-baked cookies clutched in your hands and no idea where to leave them! So if you’re a roadster-type and know all this stuff, then you can just skip to the end of the post for the FUN STUFF.

But if you’re a cautious new visitor, then we thought we might walk you through the few basics we’ve picked up. Oy, talk about the blind leading the blind!

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here goes:

Finding us again: If you like our site, you can “bookmark”  or "favourite" it (top of the page in the toolbar) on your server (ie: Google) and come back with a mere click of the mouse. Or you can go to your “url” feed at the top of the server page (ie that long white oval where the web address shows up) and start typing “t-h-e-m-i-d” (etc), and the feed should give you our site (http://themiddle-ages.blogspot.com/) as an option: just click on it and voila. 

Links: If you see a word or words in our post that show/s up in another colour, that is a link to another page, site, article, or video. Just click on the word/s and off you go! And speaking of which, you can also check out our own blog page-links in the left-hand column (About Us, The Deb and Barbara VideosBookmarked by Deb and BarbaraDeb's Deco Tips, and Barbara's Easy Recipe).

Getting updates: You can have each new post emailed to you now––just follow the link on the left-hand bar. 

Comments: Right underneath every post is a discreet little word: “comments”. If you click on this, then you can see how other readers weigh in––and often this is the best part! And, if you want, you can leave your own comment. Start a WHOLE discussion. (But you must "play nice", even if you disagree with us!) To leave a comment, just fill in the square. It will ask you for a profile of sorts, but that is up to you: full name, anonymous, pseudonym. And your privacy is as protected as you would like it to be. The first few times, most people feel shy commenting—but try it and you’ll see how quickly it becomes easy, and how suddenly the world feels like “a cozy place” (as we like to say).

In creating a profile (even with a pseudonym), you can link your name/icon to your OWN website or blog (or any other site you want to support). And that way, every time you comment, your icon shows up and anyone who’s interested can link to you and your stuff. That’s how we spread the blog love … or “blove”!! 

Why be a “follower”, how does it work, and will my privacy be compromised? Turns out following is a two-way street. Nice for us as we know you’re out there and reading and we can click on your icon and maybe get to know you a bit too. Good for you because if you have a blogger feed, it’ll tell you the moment we’ve posted something new (on your “dashboard”). And either way, it’s another opportunity to link your profile to your own blog or website. To be a follower, you need to click on the "Follow" icon and it will talk you through the (very easy) steps.

Privacy? We will never pass any of your info over to anyone! But we can’t possibly know all the loopholes that may exist. So … if you’re interested in having a full profile for any of the above reasons but you have concerns, then you can create a free email account (ie: Google gmail or Yahoo) in literally 2 minutes and web-browse using that email address. To avoid missing any emails, just have the new account routed to your private account.

Sharing our blog: If there’s a post you particularly (b)love, you can “share it” on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You simply click on those prompts (at the bottom of each post) and our site-address and a short passage will go straight to your home page. AND/OR you can click on the discreet little envelope (email) icon at the bottom of each post and it will walk you through how to email a specific post to a friend.

If ANYONE has any tweaks or suggestions or questions for this primer, PLEASE let us know and we will try to address them. 

And we would love to read YOUR deco tips and/or recipes. If you want to share, email us your story at: radeckirites@gmail.com

Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Really love your blog It is so nice to be able to read & see what you are up to Debra Your cousin Peggy

  2. blogging sounds like fun! i just don't have the time...


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