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Debra McGrath: I am an actor/writer/producer living in Toronto. I was just an actor until I couldn’t stand waiting for the phone to ring, so I became a writer so I could generate my own stuff.  But there wasn’t a line-up of people wanting to shoot my stories, so I became a producer so I could sing my own praises and get the damn thing done!  Now I am all three.  Plus a wife (for reviews on that, see husband Colin) and mother (my greatest skill if I do say so myself!)   For confirmation of that, you will have to wait a few years. My boy would not dare diss me while I am still paying for his education. I hate to cook but I set a fine table and then take pictures of it. Always. True story. I hate to bake but I open a mean bottle of wine.  I love to read but I am the slowest reader on earth and have a line-up of books waiting for me.  I work very hard at overcoming guilt when I sit down to read instead of busying myself with stuff that doesn’t matter. Love movies but always have to ask my husband, “Did we see that one? Did I like it?”  I adore ice-skating (like prayer to me) but ONLY outdoors. Love bike-riding and walking. Love working out in our gym because it has the double bonus of being healthy and being the only place where I can watch DVD sets of Thirty Something and Hart to Hart uninterrupted.  I wake up happy and go to sleep happy except for the dark years of Menopause when I woke up insane and went to bed catatonic.  I am on the other side of that now, thank Dog, a little wiser, a little dryer, and a lot hairier.

Barbara Radecki: I’m an actor and writer––done lots of both and yet you still won’t find my work unless you’re a skilled private eye with reams of time to waste. Am now adding “producer” to my resume, so I can be the boss of me––someone who I can actually canoodle, manipulate, and push over. I am married to the man I fell in love when I was 16 while we both “thespiated” in the drama department of a Montreal C.e.g.e.p. (like Grade 12 and 13, before university) and, as a result, have lots of insider-information on what it takes to make a long-term relationship succeed (advice on demand). Speaking of which, I also love giving advice and must sometimes be forbidden from doing so as I can sound very convincing and often be wrong (but not always). I am a very fast talker and a veeeerrrryyyy sloooow reader, but I talk like I think (manic) and I read like I eat (savouring every bite). I have two teenaged daughters who manage to floor me everyday. And, yes, I “talk” with “air-quotes” ALL THE TIME! Sorry.


  1. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I have really been enjoying it. And thank you so much for following mine...
    I'm going to suggest you to my friend Amy Ferris, who wrote a great book called "Marrying George Clooney - confessions from a mid-life crisis". She has a fantastic blog too, that you would love. She makes menopause and the perils of mid-life hysterical.

    Looking forward to following and supporting you. We girls gotta stick together through this mid-life thing!

    Hollye Dexter

  2. Hi Hollye,
    Love the spelling of Hollye. Thanks for the nice words! We will totally go on Amy's blog and keep visiting yours. Mid life is good though if you really think about it. Mid at 52(average age of menopause) means you will live to 104. I am aiming for 120. It's an endgame number that resonates with me! Non sequitur- do you watch Dexter, Justice girl?

  3. Hello Ladies. Just getting into the whole mid-life thing, and since my Mom is no longer around, and my sister is 9 yrs younger. I'm on my own, figuring it out. I'm glad I found you, you sound like your as crazy as I am.(In a nice way of course)

  4. Welcome, TJL! We're glad you found us too. I think you'll see there are quite a few delightfully crazy ladies hanging around here -- and we all love to commiserate.

  5. Barbara and Debra, Just love what I am reading. Attitude, spirit, love, family, interests. Now on to read some of your blogs. Cheers, Kathleen

  6. Glad I found you through Hollye. I have a blog as well. http://madgew-musings.blogspot.com/

  7. By way of a Google search of the terms: insanity AND Middle Ages .... To find this gem of a blog was truly serendipitous.

    You have now been bookmarked!

  8. Welcome, whatshername! And you gave us a good rush -- finding us via "insanity" and "middle ages". That sounds about right...

  9. Barbara, wow, I am so very thankful for your good news about the cyst vs. tumor. I had a very similar experience.
    Barb, I have written a play about mid-life women...Sweet Hollye Dexter is involved as a contributing writer and pointed me to your blog. I am interested in talking with you and seeing if there is a way to include one of your pieces.

  10. Barb:

    You produce plays? It must take a lot of volunteer work to make a local play a success. At least that is what I see in my area.

    Has anyone ever made a science fiction play?

  11. Walter -- sorry, this comment didn't automatically go through.

    To answer your question: I don't produce plays. I have, though, creative produced a couple of film and TV projects that I'm involved in. Yes, it's a lot of work, but it's also a labour of love.

    I think a sci-fi play would be awesome! I think you should go for it. From the look of your site, looks like you have the imagination necessary!

  12. i just wanna say that im only 18 years old and i love reading this blog. its witty, sad (when it has to be) and heartfelt.

    also deb i recently heard your voice doing a radio commercial for winners (correct me if im wrong). your voice is so unique and i love how distinguishable it is even over radio transmission.

    reading this blog and hearing about how your friendship has lasted through the test of time gives me great hopes for my current friendships and the ones to come!

    ps. deb: im also a big fan of your husband colin. i love whose line!

  13. I'm glad that I found you! You two are so fun and cute and silly but serious when appropriate.

    It is nice to meet women who also have husbands that they adore. Most of my friends completely zone out when I talk ad nauseum about my lovely husband. Suckas. It took a few tries but I found him!

  14. Goodness Baker, we're thrilled you found us too! Join in the revelry!

  15. I am SO thrilled to find this site. Sadly I discovered it by following a post on Facebook describing Peter and Sheila's last night together. My husband, Scott and I have known Peter and Sheila for almost 25 years - I think we married in the same year. They have always been a source of inspiration and delight - as I expect this wonderful - what do you call it - blogspot? will be! Anyway - I, too, am in the middle ages - sixteen year old son, and in September, married 25 years to the man I love...
    trying to come to terms with the challenges of what comes next! I look forward to checking in here a lot! - I'm not sure how to select the profile (this is another liability of middle age!) I'm Marion Adler - but I think I'll have to select anonymous! Cheers...

  16. Welcome Marion! A lot of people have had profile problems. And as we are middle-aged, we have been NO help whatsoever! Thrilled we'll be seeing you around xo

  17. so glad i found you guys!!! im going to keep up with you!!!!!! I love whose line and colin!!!!

  18. Hi Natalee,
    We're glad you found us too! Welcome aboard!

  19. Oh, this is such a wonderful blog! I wanted to say that it's such a wonderful place to reflect on. Oh, and Barbara, I will always know you as Sailor Neptune!

  20. Thank you 67f317...!! And welcome. It's all right -- I can always be your Sailor Neptune ;)

  21. I have just started writing my own blog and was looking for other Canadian blog sites to check out and came across yours.
    I love it and I've spent almost the last hour reading. Good thing I finished my own blog post before checking out other sites today or I wouldn't have gotten it done.
    I'll be following from here on out.

  22. Welcome, Erin! Thrilled to meet you. And good luck in your blogging. It's way more fun than it should be ;)

  23. Hi there!
    I actually discovered the blog because I'm a HUGE fan of Colin, Deb. I follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and he's always linking to your posts. I LOVE what your gals post, so I'm going to stick around! I love to write, and would LOVE to get published someday. But, for now I'm content to read- a LOT!

  24. McKenzie JohnsonMay 26, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    This may be a completely strange request (not too strange mind you so no worries) but I have a friend who just got out of an abusive marriage and has made a list of 30 things to do before she turns 30. One of the things on that list is to meet your husband Colin. She is a HUGE fan and I believe that she is SUCH a strong person for getting out of this relationship. My only hope is that you will read this and respond. She has done SO much for me and a lot of other people and I believe she deserves nothing but the best in return.

    Again, I realize this may come as an unusual request but I would very much appreciate your help in accomplishing this for her. Thank you SO much in advance and I hope to hear from you!

    ♥- Kenzie

  25. Dear Kenzi,
    Thanks for the thoughtful request for your deserving friend. The best way to contact Colin is through the Colin and Brad website. You can put in a request that way. I hope you understand that because Colin gets so many requests, he has to do it through these channels. I hope you understand that this isn’t my arena but good luck with it!
    Cheers, Deb

  26. You ladies ROCK. I enjoy your posts. They make me laugh and I hope that at least some of my responses make you laugh as well. :)
    I am currently in the wonderful throes of menopausal bliss <<-sarcasm. Fortunately I just live with my AmStaff Sophie. I'm looking forward to ending the mental pause and I'm sure she is as well. Mostly I'm looking forward to not sweating again. EVER. It should be some sort of law of nature that once we go through all this hormonal BS we get a free ride the rest of the way down the home stretch. Unfortunately Mother Nature is an evil bitch and gives us osteoporosis and an extra hairy upper lip to go with it. Ahhhhh, the joys of aging.
    Anyway, I love your blogs. Keep up the great work, ladies. :)

  27. Oh, and P.S. GREAT photos of you gals. :)

  28. Karen, thank you soooo much!! And are you kidding?! We LOVE your responses (see above comment alone) Keep 'em comin', baby!

  29. Fantastic site.
    ...And Barbara, I admire your work as Michelle Kaioh/Sailor Neptune. No one can ever replace you on that show.

  30. Thanks, Chris! You made my day :)

  31. I stumbled across ya'lls blog today, and I must say I love it! Such lovely posts, and such lovely ladies writing them :)

  32. Someone shared your post on Facebook, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading many posts. This is the first year that I've had "girlfriends", and after a "girls' night out", I decided to have my midlife crisis this year, and started blogging. I've always wanted to be writer, so I'm doing it. I've tackled diapers and driving lessons at the same time (my boys are now 6 and 22), and so far I'm surviving half an empty nest. I will be visiting often!!! We're all in this together! :-)

    1. Thank you, Jenn! We look forward to getting to know you here and from your own blog! We ARE all in this together -- which really makes those pesky midlife crises a bit more .... manageable :)

  33. We are just meeting due in part to your 3-way with Lori. Having found you, I will stand by and offer comfort. And, when you want to play in the blogosphere some more, come see me at www.laundrylinedivine.com and the blog series on mothering and creativity there. Let's talk...but only when you are up to it. Til then, I send you love and congratulations on getting your work out in this world. Love, Suzi Banks Baum

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