The Deb and Barbara Videos

This is Shalaka's beautiful video-retrospective of our almost-3-years blogging:

This is the last Blogging Out Loud we taped: our farewell and thank you!:

These are the first Blogging Out Loud videos we taped (thanks to Luke Mochrie for filming all our shenanigans so beautifully and patiently!):

Empty Nest:


Voicing the Bairn (in which we giggle for over 20 seconds):

Do You Change with the Seasons?:

This is a series of Blogging Out Loud videos we did over the 2012 holidays:

Discovering Other Celebrations:

Holidays and the Empty Nest:

Holiday Pressure:

When the Holidays are Difficult:

If You Could Dream a Christmas: 

Gifts or No gifts:

This is a choice few of our special trip to Costa Rica:

This is a video Deb made about her experience on the CBC show Little Mosque on the Prairie:

Deb did this video for an online web series: 

Our first attempt to capture our writing partnership on tape:


  1. 789 OMG So funny 789 lol x

  2. Loved these! If I had to get up at dawns crack I'd want to wear a burqa so nobody would see me scowling at them as they tried to talk to me before 11am. :)
    Two charming, and lovely people. I hope to see more vids soon!
    P.S. Don't they have answering machines up there in Canadia? I can send you a care package if you need it. Just let me know. :)

  3. Oh, Deb, I LOVE raw oysters! you needed some lemon juice and a bit of either tabasco sauce or horseradish to make it easier to eat. Also, it's okay to use a little seafood fork instead of slurping it from the nasty shell. No chewing, just swaller it down whole...gulp. A friend of mine loves oysters so much, he says he ties a string on his oyster so he can pull it out and eat it again. Isn't that just too didn't just throw up in your mouth again, did ya? :)
    Hugs N a breath mint


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