Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blahbedy Blog

Barbara: So if you look at the date of our first post, you might notice that it says April 1, but you might also notice that we are only really going “live” this week (April 19). And you might ask yourself, Boy, what took them so long to get going? And I might––but probably shouldn’t—tell you that we’ve actually been trying to get this baby up since February!!!! And these blogs were written that long ago!! Apparently this is exactly how long it takes for two tech-illiterate middle-aged women to acclimatize themselves to the confounding worlds of (in no particular order): the internet, setting up a blog (we actually designed 7 different ones on 3 different sites before settling on this one), learning and sort-of using html (what even IS that??!!), writing blogs, and tentatively but excitedly exploring the outside world of other sites. Hopefully, our poor taxed brains won’t self-combust in this new venture! Wish us luck …

Deb: I don’t see what the hell you’re complaining about. It was EASY! I sat here quite content in my bloggy ignorance while you did all the work. Easy. Then I took time out of my very busy schedule so you could drive to my home and explain it to me. Easy. 

Barbara: No, that’s absolutely not the way it was!!!! ... well, um … maybe it actually kinda was …

PS We have received several private emails with amazing insights into friendship––but it seems Deb and I aren’t the only ones hesitant about the blog-world because none of these people were sure how to comment and join, and several people HAVE joined and commented and can't be seen! So … I’ve changed the comment setting to “anyone”, meaning you don’t need to sign up to comment. But if anyone can give us more info about these other settings (that look so damn professional on the screen, but have confounded pretty much ALL of us), we’d be eternally grateful!!


  1. Well, I can't offer any advice, since I've never really had a blog. I'm still struggling with the vlog I tried to start last year. But I just wanted to say that even though I'm not much of a blog reader, I'm loving this one so far. Keep it up. ^^

  2. Thanks, Adrienne! Can we view your vlogs somewhere? Send us a link!
    xo B

  3. Okay, I just learned something NEW!! Just press on Adrienne's name and it goes right to her video blog (vlog for all us newbies). Which is ADORABLE! Adrienne, if you're back, you might want to check out this excellent video reviewer (who might just be Deb's son––who's studying film at New York Film Academy):

  4. Believe it or not, I'm already a huge fan of Film Conscious. I love his reviews, and he's so hilarious.

  5. That's great! Yeah, we think he's pretty awesome (and scarily brilliant)!

  6. Deb and Barbara, I've been doing this for awhile. If you need help, I may be able to help. I'm only semi-computer illiterate. I helped fix something on Tracy's blog. :)

    Love the blog. This should be fun and interesting to read.

    Good luck to you.

  7. Hey Megan! So nice to "see" you.

    After work, I'm going to take you up on that offer!

    Thanks so much! xo B

  8. hahaha you guys are so cute.

    AND very tech illiterate might i add. AHEM.
    i appears that has changed now...


  9. Me too, if you need a hand figuring things out blogwise ... It won't take you long to master.

  10. Sorry, I can't help you, just commiserate with you. BUT, I know how to spell "computer," so there's a sense of accomplishment, anyway.


  11. Thanks, My Kateness. And Anon, we have been known to have spelling issues over here, so you never know when we'll come a-knockin'!

    Megan over at Angsty Writer has very generously walked me through a few basics, so we'll see how it goes...


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