Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Invented It

Deb: I did! Dog costumes and shortening words like “Brill” for “Brilliant”! Why doesn’t anyone believe me? 

My friend invented the Christmas light blankets for bushes. Nobody believes him either. It’s hard to live with, yes, indeed it is.
Barbara: Okay, I invented the Weather Witch (a figment of my imagination who changes inclement weather for my own personal needs). It’s not a commonly used invention––does it still count?
Deb: Uh-uh.


  1. Another great blog to read. Love that pic of you two. The pooch has to be related to mine and hey, I INVENTED THE WORD "BRILL." I use it all the time. I'll be back for sure R x

  2. Thanks, Rosina! We love your blog too -- little yin/yang going on here? The Middle Ages vs Middle Ageless -- love it!

    And Deb will totally fight you on the Brill thing. But she's in NYC right now, wreaking Middles Ages havoc. Maybe a blog in there coming soon??

  3. No way, I say brill all the time. Well, occasionally. I didn't invent it, though, so I'll let Rosina and Deb fight over that one. But I claim all rights to "holy carp." I never heard anyone say that until after I started saying it.

    The Holy Carp will smite the lying credit-stealers.

    And I think the Weather Witch hates me.

  4. Ha! I love holy carp and its deity,the Holy Carp. Will adopt and proliferate.

    Oh, and my daughter and her friends invented the "180" accompanied by a finger lined across the mouth. Def: you don't love something, so you feel 180 about it (either spoken or pantomimed with the finger action).

    PS for anyone who's interested: the humiliated pooch in the bat costume is my own sweet Chaplin.

  5. Chaplin looks adorable!

  6. Thanks Rosina,
    Barb's dog Chaplin is indeed a love. I have two dogs and one of these days will post their pix too. They are so jealous of Chaplin right now. Welcome and I think we should have a "brill off!"


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