Thursday, November 10, 2011


Deb: With all the talk this week on our blog about Meteors, or rather asteroids (detailed info courtesy of Rigel) I got to thinking about early man and all the “firsts” for mankind.

Can you imagine what the cavemen and women thought when they first saw a meteor shower? Or a TOTAL ECLIPSE?

Over the ages eclipses (or is it eclipsi?) were not as they are now––Celestial Entertainment viewed on our Flat Sky screens. They were Holy-shit-the-world-is-ending, panic-making, poo-your-loincloth events.

But it always thrills me to think of that very first moment, the moment that eclipses (sorry) the fear. The essential moment where the original geek stepped out of the terrified throngs and said, “Ahhh, yeah, you know what? I’ve been keeping track and, uhhh, I think I see a pattern here with this thing ... and what’s more, it’s kinda cool.”

We can only imagine many times in history where one voice of reason turned panic into logic, fear into learning.

So often in my life I get asked, “What era would you liked to have lived in?” Don’t even have to ponder this. Like Mr. Peabody and Sherman, I would not pick one era. I would set my Way Back Machine for every thrilling moment in history from Grog the cave man sparking a fire to Steve Jobs linking the globe. I would scalp a front row ticket for “Eureka!!!!” ever single time.

A friend of mine has the most exciting of hobbies. He is an eclipse chaser. I asked him today what he has seen this particular year and he replied, “Nothing. The universe has been quiet.”

Wow. Quiet. Wow. Resting on its laurels, I assume. Who can blame it?

Please check out this link to enjoy previous and future years when the Universe is brazenly showing off.

I give you: Dave Makepeace––Eclipse Guy. Enjoy!!!


  1. Interesting, that the universe has been quiet. The more I think about it, what a statement that is. I guess we all need a little downtime every now and then.

  2. THE universe many have been quiet this year, but not all of our universes have been quiet lately. :) I've often thought of those early men on earth and no wonder they came up with stories about the different gods. There was just no explination for some of the amazing things that happened in the skies. Once I saw a most amazing sunset. The sky was covered in unusual clouds and they were bright orange with the setting of the sun. It looked like the sky was on fire. I could imagine those early Indians being afraid of a sky like that.

    As for a period in time to go to? How can you pick one? Perhaps going to see a premire of one of Mr. Shakespears plays at the Globe theater.

  3. Love this. Never knew someone did this.

  4. Joanne isn't it true? Even the universe needs to sit on the couch and eat chips every now and then. Molly that is a good time to pick. Maybe then you would find out once and for all if he really wrote them! :-) Madge I know. Cool passion huh? The nicest guy too!

  5. This is a beautiful post Deb . I have never Seen a meteor shower but I am sure it is pretty. With work and everything going on right now I really don't have time to just look up and see the beauty in a meteor shower or even just look at the stars any more. I love the stars and sky and I think that it's a piece Of art . What I think is amazing is when u
    You look up at the sky and you see the stars and all your troubles go away, for me it's been a crazy week and I feel like the world has been going to fast so when i look up at the sky to see the stars or a meteor shower it actually makes me feel good and I forget all about my troubles . Actually, for the first time In a long time I got to look up at the sky and just think. It was pretty cool because the sky was so clear except for one little star in
    it that wa right above me, which was amazing . Just
    thought I. Would share that. Sorry If I got off the subject bid the post at all. I tend to do that.

  6. Just relized I have so many errors in my comment , sorry I am posting from my iPod and it does not like me . Sorry. Hopefully my post makes since.

  7. Lyndsie there is no "off topic" ever in these blog postings. I love to hear where it takes the readers whether right to the core of it or off on a new path. As far as errors, who cares. As the song goes "focus on the donut, not the hole". xo

  8. I have seen a few eclipses but never a total solar eclipse, which, by the pictures, looks absolutely stunning!

    I would normally write more, but I am sick, sick, sick! going to the dr this afternoon to see what's up. love and hugs to all ( hugs, don't want to spread my germies) :]

  9. love this. I often think this about the first person to cook and eat a lobster. But the first to see a meteor shower is way more romantic. :)

  10. I love eclipses!!! They're just so...awesome! :D

  11. Oh Holly too bad. Get well my girl!!! Gae that made me laugh. Cook and eat a lobster but yeah...who goes "that's a cooking and eating creature. Done!"
    Kelly they are indeed awesome. I remember my first solar eclipse as a kid and we were all making special glasses to look at it. So amazing!

  12. Well little late to the party as my universe is anything but quiet currently and this has been my first opportunity to catch up on the day. I had to chime in however for two reasons.

    1- in I'm gonna say '05 my husband and I were enjoying the night sitting on our balcony when we heard a hissing kind of noise and looked skyward to see a streak of green and blue traveling across the sky. We heard a pop and the streak continued in two pieces. It was one of the most awe inspiring things I've ever seen. The next day we read about the meteorite we saw in the paper.

    2- 2 years ago Tim (my husband) more or less tripped over a meteorite wandering in a field taking pictures. He contacted a bunch of people and eventually got directed to someone in astronomy at the U of Alberta who says that after looking at pictures of it he believes it is an iron ore meteorite.

    You just reminded me of these two things and thought I would share. Now I'm going to go find some cold medicine and crash in bed, night!

  13. Erin wow, what stories! Incredible. Now...go to bed.

  14. I don't have any meteorite stories, but I love seeing a full moon. There's one out tonight, sitting lower than I would have expected. Big yellowy orange beauty. I also love looking at the stars, particularly the big dipper. There's a fantastic amount of dark road along I-90 in upstate NY. I've pulled over just to look up and get dizzy. Just LOVE it.

  15. Dawn I am pea green with envy.


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