Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unleash Your Compassion

Internationally renowned Steven Page headlines evening of Music and Laughter with an All-Canadian Line-up to support Animal Welfare
Comedian Colin Mochrie and Actress Debra McGrath Host
“Live and Unleashed featuring Steven Page and Friends” to support Ontario SPCA

Lights, camera...woof!  The Ontario SPCA invites animal enthusiasts, music lovers and theatre buffs to spend a night of laughter, music and entertainment at the “Live and Unleashed featuring Steven Page and Friends” onMonday, November 28 at 8:00 p.m. at Roy Thomson Hall.  Tickets are limited and available at www.liveandunleashed.ca.
Hosted by hilarious husband and wife team, comedianColin Mochrie and talented actress/comedian Debra McGrath, the evening will include performances by Canadian funk sensation Planet Earth and award-winning saxophonist Matthew James — all in the name of helping animals and directly supporting the lifesaving work of the Ontario SPCA.
The evening is themed around a young dog named Rocky who is a shining example of the lifesaving work the Ontario SPCA performs every day.  Severely abused, neglected and close to death, Rocky was rescued by Ontario SPCA investigators and captured the hearts of hundreds in the GTA.  Thanks to love, nurturing and medical care, Rocky is now on the road to recovery and has been given a chance for a new life and a home.  And in an inspiring announcement live at the event — Guests will meet Rocky’s new family for the first time! 

“I’m so excited to be participating in this fun yet important event!” says Steven Page.  “As a dog lover and owner (if that’s the right word!), I am grateful for the work of the Ontario SPCA.  Live & Unleashed is going to be a great evening of music and entertainment and guests will truly make a difference supporting all of the animals in need across Ontario.”

Event Listings/Interview Opportunities
What:             Live and Unleashed featuring Steven Page and Friends Hosted by comedian Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath
            When:            Monday, November 28 at 8:00 p.m.
Where:           Roy Thomson Hall
Why:              To support lifesaving work of the Ontario SPCA 
Who:              Steven Page (Formerly of the Barenaked Ladies) with opening acts PlanetEarth and Matthew James

Deb and Barbara: On a related note: we really want to draw your attention to the Save Stich sitch. Our friend and fellow blogger, Hollye Dexter, has an unbelievable story about how her adopted dog has become tangled in a legal nightmare. Read her story/history here and sign the petition!  If you can, buy the really good stuff on the fundraiser to support Stitch's plight. 


  1. This is Toronto, yes? Man, I'd love to be able to get there, but I can certainly help spread the word--sounds like high entertainment for a great cause!

  2. Thanks Hart! Yes Toronto. But we can help save Stitch no matter where we are in the world. I love that!

  3. I love you both! You are simply gorgeous, inside and out!
    Thank you, thank you!

  4. As are you, dearest Holls!! Keep strong!! xo B

  5. I would totally go to this...if I wasn't a thousand miles away. *sigh* What a wonderful cause though! Keep it up!

  6. Great cause it's true Kelly! And Hollye..GO TEAM STITCH!xo

  7. Oh, now you two have hit me where I live. The welfare of animals has always been a huge concern of mine. All five of our cats are rescues. Bingo came from a shelter. The other 4 were taken from a friend's friend's cat, who KEPT having kittens. I've never met a more irresponsible cat owner in my life. By the time she was finally spayed, she'd given birth to a total of 108 kittens.
    I SO wish I could make it to this event. Yet again, timing is everything. But I wish you well in this extremely important cause.

  8. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, seriously, I LOVE ANIMALS! So much so that I want to eventually open my own shelter (many, many, MANY years from now). But I do want to work with them after I graduate! I love this idea so much and I love it even more because you and Colin support it! <3


  9. P.S. My sweet baby (who passed in March '10) was a rescue who was also abused, so abused animals are especially dear to me. <3

  10. Dawn and Holly, make sure you check out Hollye's story on her blog about her dog Stitch, an abused dog her family adopted only to have the original owners take them to court, suing to get him back (btw only really interested in monetary benefit). The whole mess is stuck in the legal system where their dog is being treated as insentient property!! Please sign the petition (it takes 2 minutes). xo Barbara

  11. Only reason I'm not jealous of your Costa Rica trip is I am going to Key West at the end of the month. Piratefest! so not able to attend the function but BIG props to u all. (Again with the giving?) Hope u raise lotsa $$!

  12. Sharon, woot on the Key West fest! (and PS, D and C do more charitable events than there are hours in the day -- they are givers-supreme). Barbara

  13. Wow! Talk about going BIG or staying home. Roy Thomson Hall no less! Hope youse guys have a great event and raise tons of loot for the little ones. :-)

  14. Thanks everyone! I hope it's a good night and Sharon have fun in key west. Yeas VP, Roy Thompson. Daunting!!!

  15. You guys rock I'm confident that you guys will fill and amaze those people attending at Roy Thompson Hall. You're doing it right....

    The extent of my commitment to "a cause" is doing Character Generation for TeleMiracle - a 20 hour telethon which raises money that "assists Saskatchewan people with special needs and those that require assistance accessing medical treatment." For some reason, I tend to draw the middle-of-the-night shifts... darn my Mutant Hands of typing speed...

    And, as a bonus, I got to meet (and have my photo taken) with Bob McGrath (aka - Bob from Sesame Street - *squee*). He is so sweet - taking time out of his very busy schedule to meet the volunteers and have his photo taken with him. And, then during the telethon, he sings "Everyone Asked about You" and I start welling up with tears...

    (Not really certain if I can call volunteering at the local Shakespearean Festival "a cause", but I like how my "summer home" has changed very nicely. Beautifully landscaped, and the theatre is a tent - and subject to the whimsy of the weather gods...)

  16. Jo, these are wonderful causes! And it's great you have the time to do that. And even better that you have the gift of Mutant Typing Hands :) (oh, I wish I had me some of those!!) Barbara

  17. Oh, I wish I could loan you my Mutant Typing Hands, and be of use to you. Work for cheap-ish. :)


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