Thursday, November 24, 2011

Film Conscience

Deb: The boy has a regular gig on a site called “That Guy With The Glasses” where he does Luke Mochrie’s Film Conscience, which are movie reviews. Given the fact that so many of our followers are writers, I thought I would share this fun one the boy did on “what makes a great movie great” because it basically talks about good writing principals. It’s a fun, easy watch that I thought you guys might enjoy.

He is in his fourth year of school and now taking a year-long course on Horror Genre Studies. Yes, you read that right. Cool, huh? This was the boy we sheltered from anything scary until he was 12! And there’s the irony.


  1. He definitely has the bug. Great job. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.

  2. happy thanks giving to everyone from me here in Ireland as well . excuse my ignorance but do Canadian people actually celebrate thanks giving ? you have just reminded me to send an e-mail to my uncle and his partner in new york !
    i loved luke's film conscience clip too !

  3. I'll have to watch this when I get back on campus. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you; Holly and I are LOVING being home! We're getting ready to EAT!!!!!!!! :D

    This is a friendly warning to Black Friday shoppers; please be safe and don't get trampled on!

    P.S. This is Kelly btw. The only way it'll let me post this comment on my stupid bloody home computer is if I post it this way.

  4. I love Luke's videos! My favourite so far is probably his review of the movie 'House' I crack up every time :D

    He brings up really good points here though. Very interesting :)

  5. Thanks everyone for watching and supporting. Sorry I have not been around today. LIFE got in the way.

  6. Oh and Linda, yes we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. WE had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year of brilliant colours and stunning weather. We were thankful. As I'm sure you are. Hope you're having a great day.

  7. I like to think Evil Dead: The Musical had a hand in his upbringing. ;-)

  8. Great video! He's very talented. You must be extremely proud of him, as I'm sure you and your husband are! All the best!
    P.S. Happy late Thanksgiving to you (it was October for you all, I believe) and thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes for your American readers and friends!

  9. Nug it sooooooooooo did!!! Thanks Anon, we are proud of him and happy that he is doing what he wants to do!

  10. Wonderful- So articulate and passionate!
    Love what you've done with the boy!

  11. OHMIGAWD I totally see Colin and you in him!!! He has such great talent! :D


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