Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick Pic

Barbara: Okay, saw this on Facebook and it just soooo resonated with me that I had to share it with you guys. Doesn't it make PERFECT sense?!

Okay, here's a question. I got this photo from someone's public wall post. Do I link to them and/or give them credit? Or does that infringe on their privacy? And if something appears on someone's wall and doesn't appear to have any other credit, does it implicitly mean it's their own creation, or might the wrong person, in fact, get the credit??? Help!


  1. Yeah first comment today.ok so I totally understand on this one because I am on Facebook every day. Usually what I do is leave a comment about it on the public wall and say their name in what ever I am saying. That way you can still give them the credit but not single them out personally . Also if you see a something in facebook that does not have a credit In my opinion I would say that maby they created it . Think some times you can tell as well if they Have created it or not jusT lt by what type of person they are. Again this is just all my opinion . Great post.

  2. Oh I left something out. I think Twitter is like this a lot . I think That the same question could go for TWitter as well. If someone tweets something and someone else retweets it do you give them the credit. Sorry Barb but I had to ask cause I tweet every five seconds .

  3. Thanks, Lyndsie. This does make sense. And the comment about Twitter -- glad you added that because Deb and I may still jump into the Twitter fray!

  4. Twitter is great you really should.

  5. Thanks Lyndsie you make good points. On the old FB format, when I would share, it would automatically say who I shared it from. Now I have to add it and I do. I don't source out the original, I just say "shared" from the person who's post I read it on. Does that make sense? I LOVE THIS ONE! So simple and soooooooooooooo true. It is an ongoing lesson for me. but I have gotten much better, yes I have!

  6. The theory behind the graphic is sound, but it fails as an applied science.


  7. Lyndsie -

    If Deb ever does start tweeting, all I'll ever be able to think of when she's on Twitter is that episode of GAF with the, ermmmm, experimental music video. With the birds. And, the nuclear bomb mushroom clouds. And, Deb singing, "Tweet, tweet, tweet," while Colin, ummmmm, wow, I don't think there are even words for what Colin was doing. *dissolves into giggles*

    Hang on, lemme dig around on the internet.

    Aha! The episode's been taken down, but there's a sampling in here.

    *laughs so hard that I need to run to the bathroom*

  8. I do the shared from it bugged me when it changed from automatic as I didn't realize it had for some time. I use facebook on my phone and rarely on a computer so sometimes I miss changes for quite awhile.

    As for the pic what about if the answer to "can I do something about it" is "I don't know?". I have a very hard time accepting that sometimes there really is nothing you can do and will try desperatly to think of something.

    Like right now trying to figure out things I can't do anything about is sending my stress levels through the roof. My Mom has been my Dad and my brothers primary caregiver for many years. My brother now lives in a care center but she remains his advocate and as he gets lonely she visits 3 times a week. I've always helped where I can and done my best but it has always been my mom to keep it all together.

    Now she broke her ankle and will be out of commision for at least 6 weeks so everything she does has fallen to me. There is no one else, I have to figure out how to care for all three of them, their dog, their house, their bills my own kids and my own house nevermind still work a full time job.

    What do you do when so many needs pile up that you can't handle it all but you have no damn choice. I know that my best just isn't going to be good enough right now and that I'm going to let someone down. How do you accept that, how do you not worry?

    Sorry no one here needed to hear that but I don't want those that need me to realize just how close I am to cracking and if I don't share it somewhere I think I will.

  9. Can I take that back? I just kinda lost it for a moment.

  10. *hugs Erin* No take backs. No need. *hugs Erin again*

  11. A few friends and I call it "stealing" when we repost something on Facebook. We say "stealing this," and usually the response is, "That's okay, I stole it, too!
    Sometimes I'll also put "stolen from" when I repost it, but if it's a graphic like the one above, I don't.

    Rigel: ROTFLMAO about the "tweet tweet tweet" Now that's all I'll ever think about, too!

  12. I love this, and I've seen it before. It is so hard to know what the original source is for things that go viral. The name with it on facebook is PROBABLY just somebody who found it elsewhere and uploaded it--because it was uploaded into their profile. It is a good lessong though--if you create something, embed your name in the picture.

  13. Erin: I'm glad you were comfortable enough to vent among us. My mind left town for a few days this week and it can be difficult to rein it in sometimes. Being able to vent in a safe place beats doing it to the people you love. You end up feeling like crap about it, they may end up feeling like crap about it, and it'll take on a life of its own. (BELIEVE me on this.)
    I wish I could help.

  14. Erin, no no no take backs here!! Safe zone! Safe zone! (hear the sirens blaring and the perimeters being marked off :) ) Please, please always vent here -- because we do. Listen to Rigel and Dawn: We all NEED a place we can vent, don't we?! I have only one piece of advice though. Prioritize. Then tackle one thing at a time. Everyone knows and understand you're in the middle of an extenuating circumstance, not that you're being remiss. Breathe. Trust. Do. Things will be dealt with, if not as "perfectly" or "smoothly" as before. Hats off to you for taking on the challenge!! (um, does this qualify as more than one piece of advice???!) But big huge HUGS!!

    Thanks, Hart and Deb, for more credit advice. I am going to guess that today's post was pulled by the FB person and not created by them. If the creator checks in -- please let us know and we will give full credit!

    Rigel, thanks for the laugh -- first on your first comment and then on your link!!! You are a veritable treasure trove. Watching this just made me sooo nostalgic for that brilliant show.

  15. Erin Barb is right blogger is. Good place to vent.sometimes we just have to vent .I do on facebook a lot or when I am writhing a post on my blog. I actually wrote a post the other day and just had too vent. And let it out or I was going to scream. But it may me feel better.Bi ended up screaming anyways but the venting still made me feel better.

  16. Erin, go ahead and freak out. I'll join you. It's pissbitchy mood time.

    I just walked out of a lunch outing. Got up, said thank you for the lunch, and walked the mile or so home taking deep breaths of the chilly, gusty wind. I could not handle one more second of being crammed into a tiny, crowded, loud diner surrounded by people with bad breath. Every dropped fork, every screeched chair leg pierced my skull like an ice pick. I was sitting at a big table with a bunch of people I love, and all I wanted to do was get out of there because it was physically hurting me. My best friend was sitting beside me and kept leaning in to talk to me and nudge me not realizing how close I was to viciously biting her head off because I need, need, needed my personal space.

    The walk home was: step, breath, step, breath, step, ahhhhh that cool wind feels good, step, breath, step, pull my hair out of my face, step, breath. Try, try, trying to get the pressure inside my head to ease off. It didn't.

    I left because I didn't want to lash out. But, my head was hurting badly enough that I knew I was about to start doing just that. I needed to be quiet and alone and not crowded. I was about to start being really mean to people I don't want to be mean to. But, they would NOT leave me alone.

    There was a darling, cute, wonderful baby girl whom I love, love, love in our lunch group, and I didn't hold her even once. Not one cuddle. Because, I knew how shaky my hands are and how weak I'm feeling, and I didn't want to risk dropping her.

    I hate all of humanity this afternoon. People are too loud, too smelly, and touching me too much. Quit jostling me. Quit jostling me!

    I don't even want the cat in my lap. Or, on my feet. Get off me, cat!

    My head is pounding. My hands are shaking. I'm shivering. I have to pick my son up from school in 2 hours. I have got to get myself back to functioning. I'm going to bed for an hour. Maybe a nap will help. Something has to make my skull stop screaming.

    So, see, Erin. Venting. Safe place. Hasn't this lovely community of fabulously kind nutjobs proven, yet, that this isn't a place where you have to look pretty, either literally or figuratively? :P

  17. Thank you Rigel, Barb, Dawn and Lyndsie, your right this is as good a place as any to vent and we all need to do it sometimes.

    Barb I am trying very hard to prioritze but my mind keeps skipping down the road to what the right next step should be, not an easy thing when you can't just make decisions unilaterally.

    Rigel I know exactly what you mean about needing personal space. For me the more upset I am or if my hold over my anger or tears is slipping the last thing I want is anyone or anything in my space. Even if it's an attempt at support it is gauranteed to make me snap and feel worse not better. I'm not good at showing my vulnerable side, sounds like you aren't either.

    And yes this lovely community is very kind and I am so glad to have found it. Reading your words of support are really helping to bolster me up to get through another tough day.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hehehehehehe....that video was cute. Just woke up from a nap. Still not feeling the greatest, but...there's really nothing that can be done. It'll all go away...eventually.

    In my experience, sometimes venting is just what is needed to keep me from going over the edge. Luckily, my wonderful sister prevents me from doing that. :] It's either that or I throw things, or yell...and that's not pretty.

  20. Loving you lovely "pissbitchy" ladies today! And you're so lucky I'm not in hugging distance because I would be tempted to do just that (or maybe I'm the lucky one, as it sounds like heads might be bitten ;) ). Erin, I totally relate to the scrambling mind mess -- it's taken me years to heed my own advice. But imagine a horse and carriage careening down a rocky road: you still gotta pull on those reins to make it through the passe. We're here, my dear, and Rigel, for you too, whenever it gets too hard to steer all by yourselves. xo

  21. Kelly, you guys are so very lucky!! Hang on to that!

  22. I vent on my blog, too. Occasionally, I'd vent on FB, but then friends would ask if they can help, or what the hell happened. My answer would be, look, i just needed to vent. I don't want help, I just want to SCREAM.
    Rigel, there are times when I just want to crawl out my own skin. I've become more and more agoraphobic in the past few years and just stay at home most days, in my own room, where I feel safe. Sometimes my daughter will come over and I just have to tell her I'm having a tough time. She knows I get like this, but dammit, she's my daughter and I can't deal with the guilt. Hell of a cycle, I'll tell ya.

    Thanks, guys. Hugs to all.

  23. On my way to get kiddo from school. Still have splitting headache. Now, with an extra dose of dizziness ta boot.

    I should probably stop and see what my blood pressure is. But, then, why bother? There's nothing to be done for it for a few days, yet.

    Dawn - It isn't agoraphobia. It's that my bp has been spiking dangerously high and making me sick as a dog. And, when I feel that gross, I get mean!

    I'm scheduled to work tomorrow. *sigh*

  24. Whenever I post an image that I've found on FB, I simply caption it "Seen on Facebook" so it's clear I'm not claiming credit for it. (On FB itself I just hit Share; I'd rather not Share than have to spend time tracking down the copyright owner or pointing back to the person who posted it. Who has time for that? And I don't understand why FB sometimes does the pointing, and other times doesn't. It's beyond my ken.)

    But with the recent new copyright laws, god knows. Someone could come after you with a big stick and insist you remove the image, and if you comply that's the end of it. You might only get a lecture.

  25. I'm going to get all scholarly here but without an answer at the end. As a student of information and library studies, our first assignment has been how to do a good bibliography. We are learning how to properly give credit where it is due. Books, essays, journals, those things are easy. Anything off the Internet presents its own set of citation problems. Half the time we don't know where is originates from and there isn't much of a way to verify the origins either. It's also hard to know if the information is reliable or not.

    Yeah,I don't have much of a point nor do I know the answer.

    As for the ranting and venting, it's nice to have a place to go where you are safe among friends and if that place is a blog, then everyone is there to give you a virtual hug (which sometimes are best as you don't have to actually be physically touched.) I don't have any good friends that I feel I can vent with, except my sister and I don't like to do that to her too often. I don't dare vent on my blog. (Hubby reads it and if the vent is about him......) I keep a handwritten journal. I often vent there. I just hope my kids, grandkids or other posterity who might read my journal in the future don't think worse of me for those moments when I'm having an insane rant. :) Have a lovely day, ladies.

  26. We are lucky, Barb! More like blessed!!!!!! :)

    And I LOVE this picture! So true!

  27. 202/114

    Well, that explains a freakin lot about today.

    *grumble growl snarl*

  28. Rigel...I certainly hope that's not your blood pressure


  29. Yeah, it is.

    Do NOT pick a fight with me about this. Do NOT. I mean it. You won't tell me anything I don't already know.

  30. Argh, Rigel! Take care (how, not sure)

    Kate and Molly, thanks, as much as we don't have definitive answers, I feel better knowing there's at least a cyberspace consensus! And if someone comes and takes credit, I am thrilled to give it.

    Thanks to our venters today -- it needed to be said. Dawn, I know it's hard, but you and your daughter have the best gift between you: honesty, no matter how tough. Hugs!

    xo B

  31. Just thinking about this but like Facebook maby blogger should have a vent day. Just a day where everyone could say what is on their mind . I know it's weird but if you think about it we could all really use a day to just get everything off our chest . I know I could use a day like this.I think if the weirdest things but I had to say might be good .in my opinion .

  32. LOL I think if Facebook created a "vent day," a LOT of the venting would be directed toward Facebook.

    Thanks, Barb. It helps to be reminded of the good stuff, too.

  33. Wow Ladies, have just now had a chance to read everything. Reeked of humanity and I loved it. I am in the middle of the middle of the middle right now Erin and I can relate which is why I am not "on top of it" as it were. I loved the rants by all because you felt safe and a rant is good for our hearts. It gets the tension out of our bodies which is a good thing. As far as FB goes, I think when people post something, they are wishing it goes viral so they are thrilled to see it shared and reposted. If they don't put their name to it, what can you do? Nothing. If they do, we share name too. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it! xo

  34. My exact sequence of thoughts this morning:

    1. NOoooo! No, alarm clock! Shut up! I hate you, alarm clock! I need more sleep! Sleep! *smacks the crap out of snooze bar*

    2. I gotta go to the bathroom.

    3. I hope kiddo's not a slow bear this morning. We've got to get going. We have to drop his suitcase off at his dad's on the way to school.

    4. Gotta pay rent and electric bill today before work. Don't forget!

    5. I wonder how Deb and Erin are doing today.

    6. I want more sleep.

    7. The blankets are so warm. I want more sleep.

    8. Dang it. I gotta pee.

  35. LOL!!!! Sounds like a typical morning to me....minus the fact that I don't have kids.


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