Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

Barbara: For those of you who celebrated Christmas this past weekend, I hope you had a beautiful weekend. I certainly did, with all the requisite eating and feting too much. But I also managed to find time to loll about with my beloveds … and to enjoy every second of it.

Too lazy still to write anything of significance, but I will leave you with this video—one of my favourite creative wonders of the world. Tomorrow I’ll come back here and throw something really really challenging your and Deb’s way to chew on. Just kidding, I’ll probably still be burping and rubbing my over-bloated belly and talking smack. But come join us!

(This is the real deal—full-scale, actual real-life animation. Amazing.)


  1. Oh my God.....!!!! This is just amazing.....thanks Barb !!!...Gawd i am studying animation... so know how long it paint every frame like this....this is awesome !!!!!

  2. Isn't it amazing, Shalaka? And just fyi, it's painted on the real walls -- ie in super-huge size! This piece is my hero.

  3. I know..... I am studying animation so ive actually watched something like this before.....our professors like to scare us fact we have been doing some live action projects like this for practice...ya know the old green screen shoots....but this is very difficult !!!! i mean.... you have to use traditional 2d animation do that....and a 7 minute...2d animation is just THE BEST.....but very tough to make...unless you are a pro ofcourse :P actually....doing this with actually placing objects or clay is easy...but in both cases you gotta be VERY VERY PATIENT...
    I think you'll like this...its a combination of animation and live action

  4. To those of you who live in countries where Dec. 26 is also a holiday, Happy Boxing Day!

  5. Will watch the clip when HIGH SPEED INTERNET comes our way, which will be VERY SOON!! :D

    Deb, hope you, Colin and Luke had a lovely holiday! Barb, hope you and your family had a lovely holiday as well! I'm just happy to be home with my family and our itchy whiny dog :]

    Love to all of you, Kelly from Ohio/Kentucky

  6. Barb I just now sat down to watch this amazing video. Thanks so much for posting it. Thanks for the Boxing Day wishes Rigel, hope everyone had an amazing holiday! xo

  7. That sure was weird. I do appreciate the work behind it, though.

  8. So I decided I should try and see if I could get it to show my name when I comment and not just anonymous. I think I did it right : )
    Dawn I have to agree with you…the subject of the video was a little odd.
    But that was fine with me because then I really focused on how cool the stop animation was!! This must have taken a ton of work.
    Oh and Happy Boxing day to anyone who celebrates it! I realized I had no idea at all what Boxing day was so I had to google it. Learning something new every day!
    -Kelly from NJ-

  9. WOW, this is takes a looot of time to do that.

    Hope you all had wonderful christmas celebrations (my Grandma is still in hospital...nobody knows what's the problem - that sucks!).

    Here is our christmas tree (I decorated it like every year. It's simple, but I like it...and I sewed the stars/hearts/stockings).

  10. Kelly from NJ, it worked!! That's so funny that you had to google Boxing Day -- here all along I thought NJ was New Jersey!

    Becki, your tree is just beautiful. I love the simplicity and the handmade ornaments. Makes it very special.

  11. hey Barb could u explain your "here all along I thought NJ was New Jersey!"
    I don't quite understand what you mean....
    sorry for my confusion....Let's blame it on the fact that I'm blonde. : )

  12. ok Barb one again I have done some research on Google : )
    Google says that there is a Trenton in Ontario Canada.... maybe that is the reason for the mix up.
    You sounded like you didn't think I live in New Jersey. so I think the Trenton part was confusing us : )
    I live in New Jersey in USA. Trenton is the city.
    Okay I think I answered my own confusion now. : )

  13. Becki, I hope your grandmother is feeling better soon and that they figure out what's going on.
    Hope everyone's holidays were wonderful!

  14. Oh my god, Kelly from NJ, that is toooo funny!! I guess it's MY blonde that's showing. I thought Boxing Day was North America wide. Okay, for those who don't know, Boxing Day is exactly like America's Black Friday. Rampant sales, much pandemonium, long lines. A good excuse to not leave the house.

    Becki, thinking of you!!

  15. Uh oh, guess I shouldn't have beaten the crap out of old Mr. Bennett across the street today. Oops. ;)
    Man that film was amazing. I might be a tad bit concerned about the mind that came out of though...oh wait, I think stuff like that too. Never mind. ha
    Hope you all had a wonderfully Christmasy Boxingly jolly time.
    Merry hugs to all, and to all a good left hook.


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