Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions In High Resolution

Barbara: Aw, okay, I just used that title for word-ly effect. Forgive me. Should I resolve never to write another affected title again?

(Well, I won’t, and you can’t make me.)

Anyway, here’s the thing: I do think regularly shifting our perspective and resolving to do things in healthier, more beneficial ways is really important. But I worry about New Year’s Resolutions. I worry about one-shot deals. About “failing” at the end of the long year and then feeling like a failure. About the long-term looseness of a once-a-year oath, in that there are 365 tomorrows to which we can postpone our commitment to walking more/eating better/being nicer. The New Year’s Resolution is just so GRAND a gesture.

I’ve started to believe that we are just better off if we make New Day's Resolutions.

You know, like, Every Day.

This is the day I do something nice for myself. This is the day I don’t sit at my computer for 8 hours straight. This is the day I cook meals for my friend-in-need. I still may not get around to doing it, but the thought is fresh in my mind. The goal way more immediate. And usually more attainable because I have to resolve something I believe I can do in that one day—not over the course of 52 weeks full of them.

Here’s what I like to do instead on New Year’s Eve (no, not party madly, drink profusely, paint the town, or stay up till dawn, although those can all be fun in the right situations): I like to do the year-in-review. The backward glance over what actually worked. That way I can guarantee myself a hearty pat on the back instead of guilt-ridden chocolate binging.

So here goes. My happiness in a nutshell.

I want to acknowledge that for all intents and purposes, I have done all I can by my daughters this year. I know they will always be a going concern re their wellbeing and happiness, but they are not my “job” anymore. And they turned out unbelievably awesome.

I would like to announce a true shift in my sense of joy and acceptance. More than ever, stuff just rolls off my back. And nothing is the worse for it. In fact, everything is the better. I am less stressed, less neurotic, and less … disappointed. It may not last, but this is something I will continue to resolve on a daily basis.

I want to proclaim my undying love for my husband, with whom I have been through a helluva lot over the years and, thanks to our mutual commitment to being vigilant about acceptance and curiosity, our lives are sweeter and lighter and more wonderful than they were ten years ago.

I want to express amazement that I have created and nurtured no less than six creative projects this year, all of them at risk of being tossed aside due to personal frustrations, and yet all of them still breathing and still being nurtured through to next stages.

And most of all, I want to bow to this community of like-minded, loving, intelligent, spunky (my girls always wanted to be called “spunky”, so consider it high praise), awesome, adorable and just AMAZING blog readers. You have helped nurture my spirit even when I didn’t think I had it in me. You have upheld my firmly believed truth that people aren’t just blandly curious about each other, but care enormously and passionately for a greater good.

Thanks to this wonderful assortment of surprising Old Year Developments, I find myself here celebrating the coming year with optimism and strength. Thank you all!!! And happy, happy New Year to each and every one of you!!!
The Fam in the Old Year
(and PS, yes, that's me adorned in mini lights and tree garland *shrug*)
Deb: I love this idea, Barb.

I have made over our bloggie time together many proclamations in honour of husband, boy, friends, parents, and bloggers.  Riffing off your idea, I would like to kick off 2012 honouring my dear friend and writing partner, the lovely Barbara. She is, first and foremost, a treat to look at. I do not say this lightly or even jokingly. She is beautiful and her inner beauty shines so brightly through her gorgeous packaging that she is always a feast for the eyes. She exudes creativity, love without judgment, and kindness. She is a patient and loving ear, whose advice is always couched in "this may not be right for you" or "maybe you have already thought of this but..." and yet it invariably opens up a part of the scenario I had not quite grasped on my own. Barb personifies constructive criticism. She could teach a course. It has been an emotional roller coaster this year for me. She has been a huge part in my emotional rescue.  

I love you, Barb. 


  1. So happy to be the first to comment this morning because, of course, I had to say something to my darling Ms. M. I had no idea she would do this and am completely floored by it. Not because Deb would do something so loving and wonderful -- she is sweetness and wonderfulness personified -- but because I am floored. Touched and weeping, I honour my dear friend too who has brought so much laughter, wisdom, and insight into my life. I love you, Deb. (and I lvoe you too, because that's how it always comes out!)

  2. I love your post of gratitude and mutual love and admiration. I, for one, am glad to see the backside of 2011. It was a difficult year, as I lost my mother and 3 other friends, one 59 years old the week before Christmas. This post will remind me though of the things in this past year that I am grateful for and try to concentrate on those and keep my head clearer. I am looking forward to 2012, and am grateful for my 3 boys and watching them turn in to fine young men. I am grateful that I found your blog this year and that it has bee very thought provoking, sweet and brought me much laughter. I wish you both (and your families) a wonderful New Year full of new adventures, experiences and much laughter!!!

  3. Awhhh....What a wonderful Post !!!!!!

    Barb thanks for this wonderful post...and that reminded me how great this year was for started off roughly but....this year was responsible for the biggest most amazing changes that ever happened in my life...!!!!I found law of attraction and it completely changed me.. I started LIVING my life this year, i am doing great in terms of my career and most importantly i found you guys this year !!! I believe that Life always gets just have to allow it to breathe...and it will shows you wonders !!! its all getting better and better....and i intend to live that way !!! And Deb...what you wrote about Barb was so guys are awesome....

    I just have to say to both of you !!!! You have been a major part in making my life happier.....I really cannot explain or why just have...and I love you both for that....!!! I am completely speechless right now....I hope you guys know how much you mean to me....!!!!!
    <3 xoxo

  4. “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

    Apparetly it's from George Eliot- but I'm agonna make it my own for the year.
    Oh Barb & Deb- GET A ROOM!!

  5. What a beautiful post and so right on the nose, focus on the positive and to hell with the rest! I've not had the easiest of years myself however I still had a happy year, a busy, active, doing my best imitation of a chicken with it's head cut off kind of year but I found a reason to smile a little every day sometimes right here on this blog and that's good enough for me.

    It has been my pleasure to find your blog and see the love and care you give to one another, your families, your friends, your readers and fans. You are lovely beautiful women inside and out who deserve the best out of the new year to come and I hope you both get it.

    Happy New Year to you both and all the other readers.

  6. Fabulous post, Barb. I enjoy your blog so much. I can't wait to see what Barb and Deb have on their minds each week. Thanks for sharing a part of your lives with us.

    Happy New Year

  7. I also want to contribute to the love fest of Deb and Barb. I am so much richer because of knowing you two and waiting everyday for the next installment in your lives. I laugh, I cry and I think about everything you say. I loved your holiday idea of putting all our sayings around your house. It makes me feel that much closer to you and all your readers. This last year has been an amazing one for me in all ways. I am a much better writer, thinker and friend because of the many things you impart to us daily. I look forward to 2012 with gusto and amazing internet friends. I would love to one day met you two, maybe this will be the year. You always have a place to stay in sunny Southern California as Casa Woods. I have already had visitors who I only knew thru the internet and everyone met all my expectations and more. Happy New Year and may your year be filled with good health, joy and lots of musings.

  8. Mary-Jo, Shalaka, Erin, Madge, excellent Old Year Accomplishments!! Shawn, Sharon, and all, thanks for your lovely wishes and we are so very glad you found us. Sharon, we WILL get a room, provided you and the rest of the TMA lovelies join us :)

  9. Oh my gosh, Barb and Deb, this is a lovely and loving post. Barb, your family is lovely and Deb, so is yours. The photos really show how much love there is in your lives and it is truly beautiful.
    I am so glad that I found you ladies this year! You two have brought me many laughs and some tears since I found you and for both, I am eternally grateful! I love being able to have these conversations with everyone and I cannot wait to see what the new years brings for each and every one of us!
    Lots of love, Barb, Deb, your families, and everyone here! xoxo
    Happy New Year!

  10. Aaah, nothing quite like the Mutual Admiration Club. :)

    For me, I can sum up 2011 with one word - "change". I've done more note taking in 2011 than I have in quite some time. One of my long-term clients completed his degree (and I lost a client - but I can say I worked myself out of a job!).

    My husband and I did a massive cleaning purge of our home (amazing how much junk we had accumulated over 14 years ...), and got around to doing some home repairs.

    Odin is in his final year of elementary school. We've been "high school shopping", had the debate about which school he'll go, and picked one out - a school that has the best programming and supports in place for him. He's been learning how to take public transit to get to school (one less stressor come August 2012).

    I grew and came to the realization that although I love note-taking, the jobs seem to be scarce, and it's a "feast or famine" kind of existence, and I am weary of that aspect. So, I went out an applied for different positions (which is huge because job hunting is a major trigger for my anxiety). I managed to get two different jobs. Tried one, and didn't like it. The second job I got completely on my own - during one of the most stressful periods of my life.

    And, I found the courage to participate here and quit being horribly anxious about what I say here. Thank you, Barb and Deb, for welcoming me, and to everyone who read this. You all helped me through a difficult period, and put a smile on my face.

    I can safely say 2012 will also continue with the theme of "change". I start my new job on January 3. Odin (and my husband and I) will be saying goodbye to a school that has been home to Odin for 10 years (he repeated Kindergarten) - who have nurtured, encouraged and supported him in countless different ways; who have celebrated all of his milestones with us; and who have (in my mind most importantly) accepted him for the person he is - and move onto the next grand adventure in his life.

    Happy New Year, Everyone. Thank you for all you've done for me. May 2012 be a good one.

  11. This is GREAT!!
    So many people in one place just complementing each other!
    As with most of us here, finding this blog has been a tremendous blessing. It’s like free therapy! And is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the relief and warm welcoming everyone!
    Wishing everyone a safe and wonderfully happy New Year.

  12. You guys are awesome sauce! Happy new year to you all.
    Hugs & Highballs (the case there was confusion)

  13. ^________^

    Love the family pics and THIS BLOG!!! Even on my stupid dial-up crappy internet, I only come on here every few days just to read this blog...even if that's all I do on this stupid crappy dial-up internet.

    Tomorrow sis and I will be ringing in the new year with our best friend, and earlier today I wrote a bucket list (will be posted on our blog sometime next week when new faster interent is here). No, there's nothing on there about winning the lottery or finding a cure for cancer. Simple, yet seemingly achievable.

    Thanks for this blog. :] Kelly from Ohio/Kentucky

  14. Steph, Jo, Karen, Kelly from NJ, and Kelly with bad dial-up (and sis, Holly!), love you guys! Kelly, I want to read your bucket list.

    And Jo, you have so much to deal with and yet you do it with steely determination and great intelligence (like so many of you guys here). Hats off to you and your changes (and good luck with the new job!!!)

  15. Barb, I'm going to try your "one a day" method of resolution. However, I'm going to alter it slightly. Over the past month or so, my therapy group has been working hard at discovering, and believing in, our own self worth. It's a tough sell.

    This feels really weird to tell people about, but I'm going to write a list of people who like and care about me, and read a name on the list first thing in the morning. That way, if something goes wrong or gets really difficult during the day, I can remember that morning's name and know I'm not completely alone, even if I am by myself at the time.

    Barb and Deb, thank you for your caring and empathy. It feels so embarrassing to admit this is what I'm going to be doing, but this blog/group has become a safe place to admit it. It helps that it's by keyboard, too, because I wouldn't be able to say anything, even to my group, about what I'll be doing. So thank you for your blog, a place of comfort.

    The one tangible thing I will be doing in 2012 is FINALLY getting divorced. We've been separated for 3 years. Anything we still had has already been divided and settled. He is not my dad's daughter. There is no emotional ties holding me to him. It's only $215 to file for an "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage." So cost isn't even an issue.
    It will be done, and by me because I've been residing in the state in which we got married for almost my entire life. (He's been out for much more than a year.)

    Beginnings and endings. That's what it's all about, isn't it.

    Happy New Year.

  16. Dawn,for someone who has to deal with so much, you manage to articulate the process with such precision. I love the name a day safety net. It's friggin' brilliant. And divorce, yes! Congrats on facing this turning point with courage and conviction. Good luck!

    We're here when you need us and you're here when we need you. So there's that. xoxo

  17. Love this post. Can't believe that the new year is almost here and 2012 will be among us. I always make a New Years goal and try to keep it. This year my new years goal is To try and make 2012 better than 2011. Which means working on my self. And to be closer to my friends and family . And the biggest think I want to try and do or not do is not stress as much. I stress like no one would believe , and it gets to me. So that's the biggest thing I want to work on.

    I hope all of you have an amazing 2012.I know it will an amazing year for all of us. . I hope that everyone spends the new year with the ones we love. Xoxo to all

  18. Dawn -

    Put my name on that list.

    Love and hugs,

  19. Put my name on that same list as rigels and Deb, and Barbs .Xoxo Dawn. But I have to say that I totally feel the same way as Dawn does when she said that she feels like this is a safe place to admit stuff. That's what's I love about this blog , . I love the fact that can cme here and just be myself. Gotta love that .

  20. Dawn, place me beside everyone else. I'm rooting for ya!

    Lyndsie - agreed. That is a precious gift, and which I value very much.

    Barb, thank you for your compliment.

    And, to share something which happened earlier today which made me chuckle:

    Husband (to Odin): You should come to the (hockey) game tonight. There is a really good looking girl ...

    Odin: Now is not the time for romance. Give it about three years.

  21. Dawn, I think that is a very clever and fantastic idea! Having that daily reminder is a good thing for us all to have. Hope you have a great New Year!

  22. Kelly from Ohio/Kentucky, I think that Bucket list thing is a good idea. I have been thinking about making one myself and I think I will now! Happy New Year to you and your sis!

  23. My email inbox today has contained Barbara's sweet but pointy finger repeatedly prodding me between the shoulder blades to comment here. So, sorry, here's more of my rambling nonsense being inflicted upon y'all. Sorry.

    Back on my last birthday (12/31/10), I typed here about my New Year's Resolution for 2011. My accomplishment for 2011 is that I honored that resolution. I said that I would Get in the TARDIS, and I did. I really, really did, and it's been cool. I learned to say yes to stuff and have it happen. I learned to risk wanting new, daring things. I learned to risk saying yes. I learned to risk trying the absurd.

    I learned to hope. Not every hour of every day, but enough to move beyond mere survival and into getting a taste of truly living. Some nights are harder than others. And, I spent much of Feb. and March in a bad, bad situation that cast me straight down into the bowels of my pit. One of my biggest accomplishments of this year, though, is that I am able to climb out of my pit faster than before. I don't stay hopeless for as long of stretches of time.

    I was able to get this new taste of being truly alive because of Barbara and Deb. It never would've happened without them. They are my earthly saviors. They have willingly, joyfully been God's hands and feet. They have worked to help me change my life. They encourage. They listen. They critique. They fuss strategically, lovingly, potently (DEB!). They let their joy overflow onto me. Barbara is always "thrilled", and Deb always believes. Deb believes and knows stuff for me when I can't. She holds onto a different truth for me when I can't see it. And, because of her convictions, sometimes I can believe that other truth a little bit. Barbara is such a brilliant partner in crime. She's a very enthusiastic, firm hand nudging me along. Barbara is always my brightest cheerleader. Barbara is the embodiment of go for it. She has this remarkable knack for knowing exactly what to say to jostle me out of a rut in my thinking. Barbara keeps saying she's proud of me. That.... that's so unusual. Deb and Barbara understand the power of red lipstick. They understand the power of pink, glittery shoes. They love me, and they grant me the honor of loving them. Along with my son and my best friend now here in Arkansas and my best friend dating all the way back to university days, Deb and Barbara are the greatest gifts God has ever given me.

    There's more to the story here than most of y'all know. It's a long, mutant freak, pathetic story going back a few years. Deb and Barbara know the whole story, and they're OK with it. Let's just call it what it is. The blunt truth is that I would've been dead within the past 4 years if it weren't for Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath, and Barbara Radecki. They saved my life. Literally. As much as if they'd held pressure on a spurting arterial wound or given me breaths. It's strange but true. So there.

    Actually, that's one of the bravest things I did this year. I told that story. And, then, after days and days of Barbara and KatieK peeling me down from hanging from the ceiling by my toenails, letting Deb see the story, too.

    And, it didn't backfire. It didn't explode in my face.

    Nobody hurt me for it.

    Nobody hurt me.

    Anyway, how did I Get in the TARDIS this year? Multiple ways.

  24. When I found out that the Colin and Brad Show was coming to Conway (a smidgen over 3 hours from here) this spring, I stepped out on faith and spent money I couldn't spare (newly unemployed at the time -- $40 meant more than a week's groceries -- yikes) and bought a ticket. I had a long conversation with my best friend about how I'd regret it for the rest of my life if I let practicality, the banality of the mundane, the rut, interfere with the chance to grab at a bucket list item. She was in full agreement and impeccably supportive. I had a yard sale to help pay myself back for the ticket and to scrape together the gas money. When my decrepit old car's transmission gave out about week before the show, she volunteered the overnight use of her minivan. Her exact words were, "I had already made up my mind that I was going to do whatever it took. Give you the gas money. Drive you there myself. Whatever it takes, you ARE GOING to that show. This is too important." She is the best best friend ever.

    I had gotten together the guts to tell Barbara and Deb about getting the ticket. Barbara, of course, was soooo squeally happy and enthusiastic. She was as excited for me as I was excited! Later on, I got a short email from Deb that, well, knocked me wonkity. Exploded my brain. Spun me out to oblivion and back trying to wrap my head around it. She offered for me to meet Colin. (And, 10 minutes later, Barbara emailed saying that she'd never speak to me again if I didn't say yes. lolol) I chose to get into the TARDIS. I said, "Yes, please." And, it happened on April 9. And, I didn't run away from it happening.

    I'm still kinda quiet about it. When I think about it, it is with reverent awe and gratitude. I've only ever told 2 people the whole story (Barbara and Ruth) (and, that didn't happen till on into the summer) because it's still too powerful to talk about. And, that was told by typing, not by voice. Some things I can only say at the keyboard, not in person with vocal chords. I can tell all about the show (what a hoot!). But, the after the show? When I try to sort that one out, try to express that one, I still kinda curl into myself and get quiet about that one.

    His hugs are the very best in the whole world. Ever.

    How else did I get in the TARDIS this year?

  25. In July, I had my first ever gallery showing of my photographs. (In no small part due to Barbara's many, many months of encouragement about my photography.) It was just the little tiny itsy bitsy gallery in the local small town civic center (a refurbished historic vaudeville house/movie theatre on Main St.), but it was a really big deal to me. A superhuge big deal. It was a big, scary, brave, wonderful thing.

    (I'm the chic in the black shirt.)

    OK, fast forward for a minute, and y'all wanna hear something freaky cool about 2012? Totally unbelievable and wow! This coming summer, some of my stuff will be in a gallery in Myrtle Beach, SC, for the tourist season. Holy freakin cow. What a wonderfully weird turn of events!!!

    OK, now back to 2011. See, something changed on a very deep, fundamental level this year. And, it's all because of Deb. Way back in the spring in an email, she called me an artist. Just casually in the course of a sentence like it was no big deal. Deb McGrath called me an artist. That..... that stripped the gears of my brain's transmission. An artist? Deb, freakin DEB, called me? ME? an artist?!?! Something about that email, something about Deb saying that, something, well, it totally changed my reality. It's like Deb picked up my universe, rotated it a quarter turn, and then sat it back down. I kept thinking about her saying that, and kept thinking about it, and kept thinking about it.

    That Deb would call me an artist, that she would believe that about me, that changed everything. It quite simply changed everything. Because, after a while, a little corner of me started to wonder. A little corner of me has started to want to believe it's true.

  26. OK, back to Get in the TARDIS. This was the first year ever I entered anything into the county fair. It was exciting! Two of my crochet items got 2nd place ribbons. One of my photographs got a second place ribbon in its category. But, are y'all ready for this?!?!? Brace yourselves for the unbelievable. *deep breath* One of my photographs took Best in Show for the whole adult photography division. Out of all the pictures in all the categories, mine won the purple ribbon. Whoa. Freaky cool!!!

    Another entry into the TARDIS this year is that, at Barbara's urging, I have started writing fiction. I've taken on a big writing project. And, it's fiction. Never in a million years would I ever have predicted this! I'm trying to write fiction. Mind you, I'm not succeeding. So far, it's an exercise in banging my head against the desk. But, I am trying my hand at fiction, and that's a huuuuuge stretch for me.

    So, yes, I kept my New Year's resolution for 2011. I got in the TARDIS. I'm keeping the same resolution for 2012 in addition to a new resolution I've made. But, I'm not going to type that out here because I've already blithered way too much. It's a big, weird resolution. But, I figure I'll give it a go since the TARDIS thing seems to be working for me.

    Oh, and on the 2011 TARDIS front, there was that evening at the grocery store when I spent about 20 minutes speaking French with a man named Guilliam. And, what a man he was. Luscious, lustrous brown hair. Breathtaking, lose-yourself-in-them eyes. Sweet, sweet, sweeeeet, cute smile. Dreamy..... *happy sigh* That was definitely a 2011 highlight. I'm very glad I cowgirled up for that one. Guilliam. Mmmmmmmmmm..... 20 of the best minutes of 2011. Heck, 20 of the best minutes of 2005-2011. Lovely, lovely surprise adventure.

    So, anyway, in a few minutes, I turn 39. Here's hoping I don't screw up too badly in 2012.

  27. Sorry everyone that I have been off the grid with this one. I was in migraine town-population-me! Believe me I have read every single one and have marvelled at the postitive statements and loving comments. I thank each and every one of you for every kind word. But I have to say that you give yourselves too little credit. We alll give ourselves love and support but it is the I in us that really gets us through. Rigel you saved yourself, no one else. It is wonderful that we were able to help but please know that you are the strength you were looking for. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that it brings you all you are looking for, inside and out. xo

  28. Lyndsie, thanks, sending kisses! and Steph, this is what I love about this community -- everyone pitches in with the great ideas! But Jo -- you made me laugh out loud with Odin's line!!! Love the genius that is him.

    Wow, Rigel, thanks for letting everyone know how you did this year. You are and will be a true inspiration. I would also like to reiterate Deb's comment that you did all of this on your own, and if we played a part cheerleading it's a small part beside the one of having to get on the field and take the blows and run the grid and make the touchdowns (sappy cliche, but you make me feel sappy :) ).

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIGEL!!!!! Sing it with me, folks!

  29. Wow Rigel. I just sat down and took the time to read your posts. First off, congrats on all of your accomplishments! I am also interested in photography (mostly flowers) and I have got to say what an honor for your photos to be entered into a gallery and to have won ribbons!!
    Keep pushing to achive your goals in this new year as well!

  30. I wish you all the best for the new year (sorry, gotta hurry...we're having dinner)!

    Just wanted to show you something...I don't know if you know that, because although it's English, they filmed it in Germany.

    It's shown every year on New Year's Eve only.

    It's called "Dinner for One", and it's soooo funny, although it's like 50 years old.

    It's kind of a tradition to watch that. It's shown like 10 times on different channels.

    (It's in black/white usually...but I couldn't find the TV version...)

    Happy New Year! =)

  31. Happy birthday, Rigel! Just so you know, if you screw things up, I won't notice - I won't notice the difference. Ignorance can be bliss. :)

    But seriously, Happy Birthday, Rigel.

    Barb, I'm still chuckling about that line. :) That's one of the classics - along with his belief that Mom is omnipitent, and that the omnipitence - "It burns..." :) He is an interesting chap to have a conversation with. Right now, he's trying to convince one of our cats to come with us to my Mom's to celebrate New Years...

  32. Becki, thanks for sharing that. Very cute! And Jo, I think a good cat at a party just elevates the whole thing, ya know?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! Much love and best wishes! Now to wine and dine. xoxo

  33. Wine and dine?

    I'd settle for a brief ceasefire of the automatic gunfire on the southern edge of my neighborhood. Just long enough for me to get to R's house for support.

    It's only 7p, and the cops are already very busy tonight.

  34. I meant to type "supper," but it came out "support." Freudian slip there, much? Given the thoroughly crappy birthday I've had (just one ick after another all dang day), supper with R's family is bit of a, "Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope," situation for salvaging the night.

    But, I wasn't joking about the automatic gunfire. Please note, I did not say semi-automatic handgun. Someone's got an automatic rifle a few blocks away and is playing with it.

    Sooooo many sirens already tonight.

    I worry about the medevac pilots who have to fly tonight with both fireworks and bullets going up into the air in such abundance.

    Everyone, please have a thought for all the paramedics and firefighters working tonight.

  35. Hiya--

    Inspiration has run dry, plus I really shouldn't be online as I am out of minutes and am incurring overage charges right this very minute!, but I'm stubborn and wanted to wish everybody a happy new year. I want you to know I read and appreciate what everybody offers on here even though I don't much comment. This year brought an odd mixture of good and bad for me. Bad, in that I was attacked in June; good in that my friends came through for me. Every last one of them. I love my friends and I love this blog.


    P.S. I'm on your list, Tootsie. No, not that one,...THAT one. Sheesh.

  36. ...and by Tootsie, I mean Dawn. *facepalms* See you next year! <3

  37. Dawn knows. :)


  38. *looks at Sara* *face crumples* Oh, Sweetie.... *sniffle* Whoa. Holy crap. *hugs, hugs, hugs*

    Well, I logged on to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is safe, good, and happy for y'all. I wish everyone a year without fear, without deprivation, without doubt, without loneliness. I wish everyone a year filled with productivity, creativity, joy, belief, friendship, good health, and adventure.

    I just got home from a lovely birthday evening with my best friend's family. After a wretched birthday day, I am very grateful for the sweet, sweet night that I've had.

    The gunfire has finally died down. There are fewer sirens. Now, I'm now going to curl up to sleep under my new birthday blanket. It's a light weight fleece blanket that is a picture of the ocean with 4 dolphins! How can I not have sweet dreams?

    Happy New Year, everyone. Emphasis on the happy.

  39. your Colin and Brad bit! I too (well, my sister did) took her own expenses and bought not only my ticket but hers too! I don't think I will ever be able to repay her.

    Hoping they come back in Richmond this year. Deb, put in a good word? :D

  40. I love this post. And this blog. And all of YOU. And I mean it. :)

  41. Holly, second that! :D

    I just love being here...Seriously. You're so awesome! =)

    P.S. My Grandma's still in hospital...but she's feeling better. Thanks for your support and thoughts!

  42. Sara, hugs hugs hugs!! Love that you girls are all looking out for each other. And Becki, big hugs to Grandma too.


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