Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sloths And Such

Barbara: After yesterday’s fracas over “get moving” versus “don’t panic”, I thought it would be apropos to post something I’ve wanted to post since we received our Costa Rica Gift of Happiness (woot!!!): a Costa Rican sloth video!

A while back, I saw the famous youtube video where the sloth crosses the road in, well, in a slothfully slow way (its name hasn’t been adjectived for nothin’).  But I couldn’t embed it here. So I explored the ‘net and found dozens of similar videos—damn, those sloths like to cross roads! Either I couldn’t embed them or they were pretty bad quality. I finally found this one. You get a really nice look at the fascinating creature. 

Then I thought I’d look for Howler monkey videos because when we went to Costa Rica with the family, we were all gobsmacked by the sound they make. Video doesn’t quite do it justice—it’s more like a crazed demon from a bad horror film—but here’s a nice taste of their song (and you truly can hear them everywhere).

And last but not least, I saw this yesterday on Facebook—it’s not Costa Rica, but it just slayed me. A gorilla was returned to the wild in Africa and then, after five years, reunited with his trainer. The bond between them should erase any doubts you might have about animals and souls.  

You can still enter to go to Costa Rica too. And us—we’re counting the days!!!


  1. ooohhhh, I am crying from the gorilla reunion!! Animals love with such pure abandon, it makes me weep. That was a lovely clip.

    You must be getting so excited for your trip, so many things to look forward to!!!

  2. We are, Mary-Jo!! And isn't that video killer??? I knew you'd like it :)

  3. Barbara -

    Don't forget the sloth orphanage video! :)

  4. Awwhh Barbara... I loved the gorilla reunion video !!!! IT was so wonderful...
    You just have to love animals... and they give you their soul !!!! guys must be really excited....about the trip.....Gosh i can't wait for YOU guys to go have fun.... come back and tell us ALL ABOUT IT !!!!

  5. Oh, these are great. I think sloths are just neat, and I love how unafraid they are. But yeah... that gorilla one is a bit of a tear-jerker. You KNOW they are better off reintroduced to the wild, but the signs he loved and missed his person are very clear.

  6. I LOVE the sloth video!! And you all should watch the sloth orphanage video Rigel posted; it is pure adorable and it will make your day! I'm considering spending some time there after graduation! :) Sloths are so cute!!!

    Rigel, the sloth at 1:30 in makes me laugh so much...little Buddha sloth! :D

    The gorilla video is priceless, makes my heart smile! Definitely why I want to work with animals!!

  7. Aww how adorable, love the sloth one, I think I'm on a cute overload after adding in Rigels video to.

    The gorilla reminds me of Christian the lion,

  8. Oh, Rigel! Sloth orphanage!!! So sweet. (I was searching "sloths crossing street). And Erin, Christian the lion!! Oh, I love these videos!!

    Shalaka, we're going to blog every day about the trip -- that is so the plan. And Holly, that's great that you want to work with animals -- they are truly amazing.

  9. lol That sloth orphanage video was the darling of some of the major geek blogs a few months back. So cute!

    The whole thing about sloths crossing the road worries me so. They're so slow, and drivers are so rushed and inconsiderate. I choke up whenever I'm going down the road and see a dog, cat, squirrel, raccoon, rabbit, etc. as roadkill. Now, to add sloths to that image? *sniffle*

  10. Rigel, in all the sloth street crossings, locals would make sure that all traffic would come to a stop for the arduous, seemingly endless cross (one person deftly lifts it across to the other side). It begs the question: why would the sloth cross the road???

  11. AWW!! I loved that sloth video. All the geeky tourists were like "OMIGAWD, it's a SLOTH!!!" And he's just like.... ^___^

    That gorilla So awesome. I have no other words.

  12. Video 1: Wow!
    Video 2: Oh my!
    Video 3: Aww... Near tears!

  13. the gorilla/human connection. love engenders love, and is never forgotten. weeping.

  14. Barbara-

    To hang out with the chicken.

  15. After that gorilla video *sob*, I immediately thought of today's post when I saw this on twitter passed along by @feliciaday :

  16. I know, gorilla killed me too. But you guys have to also check out the link Erin sent! When Christian the lion sees his old (human) buddy and throws his enormous paws around his neck and enfolds him in endless hugs and kisses, unbelievable.

    Rigel, lol, thanks (was waiting for that :) ) Horse link also awesome. And PS have been sooo swamped, I haven't had a chance to write you back, but E???? And his PPP??? Wowsa wow. That kid ROCKS!!

  17. Can't wait for your adventure to start. Ihope you zipline through the forests.

  18. These videos are perfect for today for me. At college today they had puppies in Christmas sweater here in the wellness center for us to pet and play with while talking to someone if we wanted. It was just what I needed today. The puppies were being trained as therapy dogs and were quite content to just sit and let us pet them. These videos today just made me feel even better after coming home from seeing the puppies. It is amazing the things animals remember and do for us. That last video with the gorilla reminded me of how my dog back home reacts when I come home for a visit. Which I am looking forward to in a week! Animals are inspiring. They love relentlessly, are very smart, and always remember us! <3
    -Kelly from NJ-

  19. Madge, I can't wait either!! (and ziplining is on our wish list). Kelly, such a sweet post, thank you! I can just picture those therapy pups enjoying their belly rubs. We've spent so much time saying we shouldn't ever anthropomorphize (try typing that 3 times!) animals, and there they go, all anthropomorphizing themselves!!

  20. I would LOVE to sit and talk to a gorilla using sign language. That would be so awesome! I used to envy Dr. Dolittle when I was little..except that push me/pull you thing was kinda disturbing. :)
    Aren't sloths the old people of the animal kingdom? Their huge eyes are adorable.
    (see how well I behaved today? ha)


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