Thursday, October 4, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Cartoons

Barbara: Due to popular demand (or at least really loud demand), we are listing our five favourite cartoons today. Um, as you will see, my list is very pathetic and Deb’s is very prolific. Find your ground…
1. thinking…. thinking… thinking…
2. All that comes to mind is Roadrunner. I think that’s because it was so redundant on Saturday afternoons and it absolutely bugged the crap out of me. So, no, not exactly a favourite. But it did come to mind first, so…
3. …Oh! I remember really looking forward to watching The Flintstones when I came home from school for lunch!
4. And I remember they were hard to find, but I loved Casper the Friendly Ghost…
5. … And the Jetsons.

Deb: Sooooooooooooooo many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugs Bunny show, Bugs, Daffy et al. Quick Draw McGraw, Clyde Crashculp, Pinky and the Brain, Top Cat, Tom and Jerry, Pixie and Dixie, Foghorn Leghorn and Friends, Simpsons, Family Guy, Popeye, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha, Fractured Fairy Tales, Underdog, Mighty Mouse, Magilla Gorilla, The Archies, Josie and the Pussycats, Flinstones, Jetsons, George of the Jungle, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Wendy the good little witch, Baby Hugy, and a million trillion that I am forgetting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s 


  1. 1. Tom and Jerry
    2. Quick Draw Magraw
    3. The Jetsons
    4. Casper the Friendly Ghost
    5 The Flinstones

  2. YAY !!! YAY!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!

    BARB YOUR LIST IS CUTE!!! Deb's list looks like my

    ALRIGHT...Here we go......

    Tom and Jerry, Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Looney Tunes which include Bugs bunny show, Daffy duck , Foghorn Leghorn, Porky Pig, Martian, Elmer Fudd, Merry Melodies etc etc., Jetsons, Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Addams Family ,Swat Kats, Captain Planet, Atom Ant, Simpsons, Popeye, Oswald, Pingu!!!, Bob the builder, and there was this cute bunny show I can't remember the name of.., Oh....!!! HEIDI!!!! How did I forget HEIDI!!!, Quick draw Mcgraw, Penelope Pitstop, Courage the Cowardly dog, Mike Lu and Og, The Centurions, Yogi Bear...And I am sure there are many more...I just can't remember right now!

    Thanks for taking my suggestion Barb. I'M SO HAPPY! I knew today might be the cartoon list day......AAAHHHHH I was right!!! and I'm happy!! YAY! xoxo

    1. Souzan Rezai from Vancouver, BCOctober 4, 2012 at 8:46 AM

      Omg. I forgot the power puff girls! How could I forget the power puff girls!!!!

      Well done, woman. Well done!

    2. I know it was AWESOME RIGHT??? Ok...Heres a little something for ya!

    3. Who's your favorite PPG? I used to say Buttercup, but Bubbles has grown on me over the years. Never Blossom. She's annoying.

      Oh, and far as cartoons as an adult, I've gotta give a nod to Teen Titans. Raven was so cool.

    4. IDK I liked Blossom, But LOOOOVED BUBBLES!!!!!!! and buttercup. IDK Its hard to pick one.

  3. Ohh....and the Laugh-a-lympics were awesome... And Any Hanna Barbera cartoon!

  4. Souzan Rezai from Vancouver, BCOctober 4, 2012 at 8:44 AM

    1. Care Bears; 'nuff said right there I believe.

    2. There was a Saturday morning kind of reel with Garfield, and Garfield and Friends which had Orson the Pig, or sometimes Charlie brown and then the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons. I don't know if it was really the cartoons themselves, or that I watched them with my brother in the rec room on Saturday mornings and that we were allowed to eat breakfast downstairs while we watched...

    3. Batman, X-men,Ninja Turtles, and Spiderman (in that order, but for the cartoons only) I have a brother. He is older. He held the remote... and now I have a deep deep love of superheros.

    4.Felix the Cat; it was kinda psycho for a kids cartoon, and I just LOVED it. Which worries me now, come to think of it.

    5. Last but sooooo not least, The Animaniacs. That show was hilarious, and still is!

  5. 1 Tom and Jerry
    2 Looney Toons
    3 The Smurfs
    4 Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Goofy cartoons
    5 a three way tie :The Flintstones, The Jetsens, and Garfield

  6. I have not seen a cartoon in 50 years but in the day it was:

    1. Flintstones
    3. Looney tunes
    4. Popeye

  7. Yay Cartoons!!!

    1. flinstones
    2. catdog
    3. jetsons
    4. angry beavers
    5. wren and stimpy (spelling?)

    oh there are so many mmore!!! rugrats, monsters, wild thornberries, and anything looney tunes, tweety bird, tom and jerry, oh so many!!!! lets just go with anything that played on the tv in the 90s : )

  8. There are so many,.

    1.Family Guy(it's one of my faviorts to give me a good laugh)
    2.The Flinstones.(They have always been great).
    3.Scooby Doo(I use to love scooby doo and watch it every morning)
    4.The Jetsons.
    5.American Dad(a funny show).

  9. This list could go on and on and on, everytime I think I've got just 5 favorites I remember another one! Love everyones picks so far!

    1. The Smurfs
    2. All the Hanna Barbera shows (Snagglepuss, Droopy!)
    3. Chip and Dale
    4. Woody Woodpecker
    5. The Racoons

    As an adult with kids because I can't just leave my list at 5!
    2.Foster's home for Imaginary Friends
    3.Sponge Bob
    4.Dexters Labratory
    5.The Fairly Odd Parents

    1. SNAGGLEPUSS!!!!!! DROOOPY!!! Rugrats!! How did I forget them??

      Ohhh.... and baby looney tunes! Watched them everyday...Whats cuter than little bugs wearing a diaper?

    2. Yeah, Tiny Toon Adventures was cool, too.

      This were my 2 favorites of that one:

    3. BTW, Foster's Home is one of my son's all time favorites.

  10. Today is a great day for this subject I think it's going to be a great day to curl up with a blanket and watch some old cartoons. Horray for youtube and boo for a snowstorm in the first bloody week of October!

  11. 1. Taotao: First memories of TV and watching this. The little panda was just so darn cute! (rockish or maybe more poppish version of the theme)
    2. Nick Knatterton
    3. Histamiini: Well not quite cartoon, but more with puppets. Histamiini is a horse :)
    4. Moomin: I was not a small kid anymore, as this came in the 90s, but I do remember watching these when I was under 10.
    5. Maya the Bee
    6. Once Upon a Time... (I think I have seen at least Man, Space, Life and The Americas)

  12. The Best and Most Important of Young Childhood:

    Superfriends Justice League (the late 70's one) This:

    Scooby Doo Where Are You?

    Note: If the 2 above cartoons were the only cartoons ever, I'd be fine with that. These 2 are my ultimate cartoons.


    Jonny Quest


    Saturday Morning Bonus Prizes:

    Schoolhouse Rock
    I'm Just a Bill


    Interplanet Janet

    Conjunction Junction

    Also, in my memory, Saturday morning cartoons are permanently melded with nutrition PSA's like these:

    The Best of Later On (After Young Childhood):

    Muppet Babies


    including Pinky and the Brain

    Powerpuff Girls

    The Honorable Mentions:

    Captain Caveman

    Not a cartoon, but an integral part of Saturday mornings: Jason of Star Command This came on before the cartoons started. It's what one of the TV stations signed on with on Saturday mornings.

    Droopy Dog

    The New Shmoo

    Plastic Man

    Ren and Stimpy (the defining cartoon of my university years)

    1. I swear if I didn't have a math test today I would skip math and watch all of your awesome cartoon links right now Rigel!!!! Thank you!! You are going to make my weekend totally awesome when I sit down to watch these!!!! Love carttons : )

    2. Loved....The Johnny Quest theme song!

    3. Love Schoolhouse Rock: I'm Just a Bill! Seen it so many times...

  13. Oh, and also not a cartoon, but key to early childhood Saturday morning fun:

    The Shazam Isis Hour

    and, even better, Isis got had her own show:

  14. Not a cartoon, but I've got to give a shout out to my beloved Electric Company.

    <3 <3 <3

    1. I've got to give a shout out to The Legends of the Hidden Temple, Figure it Out and Double Dare!

    2. Morgan Freeman: the early years!

  15. The only one I really enjoyed was the X-men (a cartoon series from the early 90's that I watched with my sons).

  16. The only one I can distinctly remember watching religiously was Sonic the Hedgehog!! :D

  17. Animaniacs

    Wakko Warner

    Potty Emergency

  18. DANGERMOUSE!!!! Sorry, I loved that cartoon so much. I have the entire dvd box set. :P

    As for the rest... Willo The Wisp, Dungeons and Dragons, X-Men, and The Simpsons. :)

  19. Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn.

  20. So glad Shalaka mentioned Laff a Lympics. I couldn't remember the name!

    1. Laff-a-lympics I was the yogi team, my brother was the scooby team, and my dad was the really rottens. GOD we had fun watching those!

    2. Bugs Bunny. I love hearing classical music now and thinking, "Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!"

    3. The Flintstones. What I remember most distinctly now is one of their household items. I forget what it did, but it was a small critter running on a treadmill. The creature shrugged and said, "It's a living." Greg Proops says that during one of his routines, and it's now in my head for all eternity.

    4. Scooby-Doo. I always identified with Velma. Still do. :)

    5. Phineas and Ferb. I love the platypus.

  21. Dawn-

    Yes! Throw in the fact that Greg Proops also knows Rocky Horror and Buckaroo Bonzai. So nice. Niiiiice.

    (I was a Hong Kong Cavalier long before I was a Browncoat. ;> )

    I think I've mentioned before that I always identified with Velma, too. To me, she is to Scooby Doo what Sabrina was to Charlie's Angels.

  22. caartoons ? lets see thinking back to when i was a kid is getting harder as i get older .

    1: scooby doo
    2: top cat ( it might have been called boss cat in the USA )
    3: dangermouse. roz would you be english if you don;t mind me asking . i would be surprised to hear dangermouse was shown in the states or Canada . i have now got the theme song going round in my head . was willo the wisp was voiced by Kenneth Williams ?
    4: battle of the planets
    5: popeye

    1. Nope, it was Top Cat here, too.

    2. Yes, Linda, I'm English, born and bred! :)

      I can't think about Dangermouse without singing the theme tune. :P And, yes, it was Kenneth Williams. I loved those cartoons so much when I was little. At the risk of sounding old, they just don't make them like that anymore!

    3. Shoot!!! I forgot Top Cat!!!! I LOVED HIM...AND THE THEME SONG WAS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

    4. Oooops I meant this!

  23. Maple Town
    Dungeons & Dragons (did they ever make it back home???)
    Powerpuff Girls
    Captain Planet
    Nils Holgersson
    Teddy Ruxpin
    David the Gnome
    Babar the Elephant
    Animals of Farthing Wood
    The Snorks
    The Simpsons

    Do Disney cartoons count? I used to watch Disney's Robin Hood on a loop as a little girl, because I had the biggest cartoon crush on Robin Hood - still do if I'm totally honest ;-)
    (yes, I know it's a fox and I need help...I think it's the voice...)

  24. I'm thrilled you guys are all having so much fun with this one! As you can see, I do not have much to add... I'm the nerd. Too bad Deb is out of town, she may actually have heard of some of these :)

    1. I remember LOTS of Saturday morning cartoon-viewing with my dad. I think it was all Bugs Bunny and/or Hanna-Barbera, though. If it wasn't, I don't remember who else was there.

    2. I know!!! I miss Deb! Hope she reads these when she comes back!

  25. This is a hard one for me...
    The Flintstones
    Bugs Bunny and the rest of the gang
    That's all I can think of right now. I was more of a movie watcher than a TV watcher.

    1. I will say that as an adult, one of my favorite cartoons is Frankenhole. It's funny and quirky, which is why I love it.

  26. I'm just like deb because i like so~ many! This list does not include 1/10 the shows i like. also, i'm not including japanese animated shows like pokemon, yugioh, etc.

    1. American Dad
    2. Code Lyoko (link to opening because i'm not sure many of you will not know what it is)
    3. Rugrats
    4.Family Guy
    5.The Wild Thornberrys

    I didn't want to repeat what alot of people have said already, so i dug deep into my favorite show memory
    (Apart from American Dad and Family Guy most of the shows i picked were my favorite shows as a kid)

  27. Years ago, my son and I would watch Code Lyoko every afternoon!

  28. Oh boy here we go

    1. Looney Tunes-Bugs Bunny will always be my favorite but loved all the characters, Mel Blanc was genius.
    2. Rocky and Bullwinkle- Boris and Natasha what a couple
    3. Jetsons-we always teased my brother Joey that he looks like Elroy sometimes I told him he looked like Astro
    4. Casper the friendly ghost
    5. My kids introduced me to Animaniacs and loved all the characters especially Aunt Slappy and Skippy!

  29. Soooo I was just sitting here finishing watching some tv and trolling around youtube........Holy Blog Video Batman!!!!!! 8) Nothing like a gift at almost 2AM : )
    PS...I assume this will be a topic here soon so feel free to remove this Deb/Barbara if you guys consider this a spoiler! : )

    Just sharing my delight.

    1. Ha! That is sooo funny. We'd posted it last week and knew that we were going to publish today, so kept it on private. I changed the settings last night so I could know for sure it was working (youtube hasn't always been reliable for us). I find it hilarious that you found us in the middle of the night-- feels like an illicit spy game now, huh? xo

  30. Let's see. I loved the Flintstones, mostly because they were like forbidden fruit. My friend watched them at lunch so if I was at her place I saw them - if I was at home for lunch, I was watching Elwood Glover with my Mom. FogHorn LegHorn was a favorite, as was the dynamic between Tweety and Sylvester and Roadrunner and Coyote (can you believe how much they edit the 'viokence out of the Roadrunner cartoon?) I also loved ... Name is eluding me...."Be vewy vewy quiet..I'm hunting rabbit..". I think I enjoyed the fact he was the one with the weapons, but always lost! ELMER FUDD!! That's what his name was - he cracked me up. Oh for the good old days!

    1. I could actually answer that one as I was reading and you were searching for the name! But you got it, Fran. so funny :)


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