Thursday, October 25, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Luxurious Necessities

Barbara: My mom and step-dad—who are artists and professors and are not exactly “rolling in it”—have always claimed and nurtured the brilliant (to me) notion that one should “take care of the luxuries and the necessities take care of themselves” (thanks, Dorothy Parker, for that one). So I thought it might make an interesting Five Crazy Things.

Some of you may need to think up, economically, and some down. But most of us will likely fall into the middle somewhere. Do what you need to in order to have the most fun…

1. My Number One is absolutely good quality food. For me this means organic, free-range, fair-trade, but has, on occasion included spending 80 bucks on a few very special cheeses for a romantic night in the “cheese house” (Friends lovers will know this reference).
2. Lavender. It is my tonic. I keep a vial in my purse, in my bathroom and by my bed (not to mention the ubiquitous lavender candles). It is fragrant, soothing and therapeutic (as well as being an effective germ-killer).
3. Books. Real books that I can hold in my hands. I have so many tottering in piles, still unread, all over my bedroom, it’s getting a bit dangerous.
4. My Purse. One good one, every few years. It was the first fashion item I spent some real dough on when I was broke, and it continues to be). And, even though I’ve not reached the high hundreds yet, I still feel like my relatively modest splurges are splurges nonetheless (because they’re more than those in the $50 range, where one can easily find a useful and stylish bag). For me, no other fashion splurge feels quite as lovely and right as the one good purse.
5. Travel. No matter how precarious we’ve been through the years, we always found SOME way of traveling. Even if it just meant a road trip to my dad’s place. “Getting away from it all”: priceless.

Deb: Okay, my friend, you KNOW that my list could be “War and Peace” scary long! But I promise to restrain myself.

1. Travel, at this point of my life, is top of the list. Wonderful places, good hotels. Luxury.
2. Yes, Barb, I am also with you on the good purse!
3. Food, absolutely, good fresh organic food, and if it is going into our bodies it is worth it!
4. Fresh flowers in the house every week.  LOVE!
5. Good, well-made wonderful items of clothing around which I can build my wardrobe. Key pieces that go a long way and make an outfit come together.


  1. 1. I agree with Deb, travel I have taken many a trip knowing I really couldn't afford it but then justifying it with hell I only live once.
    2. An occasional book that everyone is talking about one by a favorite author like Nicholas Sparks or Nicholas Evans.
    3. When I'm with my daughter we'll go to Applebees her favorite restaurant. The last time we went she ordered an alchoholic drink and I was horrified. Then I remembered, oh yeah she's twenty three.
    4. I love to buy clothes but I seldom do I tend to spend whatever extra I have on my kids or (See number 5)
    5. My granddaughter and it's becoming compulsive so I have to get a grip on it. Do you know how many cute little girl outfits are out there? Every time I go into a store lately I think oh Mariella will love that or how cute would she look in that?

    1. Yes, I guess grandkids would be a kind of luxury "black-hole", huh?!

    2. Oh you and Deb will find out and I'll advise you as best I can
      : D. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw that baby born and I just love that precious little thing more every day! I just bought her a pop up toy because she doesn't have one already. That's a necessity right?

  2. 1. My animals of course, especially Red and Rudy and Niles.
    2. Good bed sheets from Au Lit (you said luxury)
    3. A fire and my needle point or good book
    4. Travel, I love Kiawah Island (have been 3 times this year)
    5. When my boys are around me

  3. As I'm creating this list, it's a bit of a struggle to figure out what I need for fun. :)

    1. A computer with internet access - some of those online games are challenging and fun. :) Plus, my music and a lot of my movies are on here. :)
    2. My e-reader and many books. I'm currently reading some books by Richard Hammond (a presenter on BBC's "Top Gear" program).
    3. A lovely dessert (oh, that peanut butter pie) to share with friends.
    4. A working vehicle - so I can go out visiting friends (and in some cases, grocery shop while visiting).
    5. Taking Odin out to eat. We have the silliest or most serious of conversations.

    1. Going out to eat is so up there for me too. Especially with my special peeps.

    2. A working vehicle is a vital part of my world as well.

  4. 1. Books. Could not live without those real, physical books that, I think, are cunrrently holding up my house!
    2. Movie night. It is one of those things that I give myself every once in a while. Make something tasty to eat and pop in a movie and crash on the floor to watch, even when there are things I should be doing.
    3. Music. I just can't see my life without it. It gets me through and helps me think sometimes.
    4. Travel. I don't travel outside of the country (since I don't do the whole flying thing) but even driving an hour away from home just brightens me and lifts my spirits.
    5. My dog. She is my buddy, my baby. She can make a bad day good with just a look or a lick.

    1. And dogs are kind of a luxury investment too, aren't they? I mean, you have to know that going in. Sooooo worth it!!

    2. Definitely an investment! She has a huge toy collection and her own closet of clothes (yes, she does sometimes wear clothes. it get cold sometimes so she needs a few sweaters. she also loves her sundresses...)! She loves it though, so it's all worth it!

  5. 1. Travel
    2. Great food
    3. Books
    4. A body of water
    5. Flowers and plants in my house and on my porch.

  6. There are lots of simple luxuries that I adore (some on y'all's lists made me smile). But, I can't call any of them luxurious necessities. The money is Just. Not. There. Are there things that, when I have $10 to blow, are my go to little happies? Yes. Do I need/want to have them often? No. I can't. Examples include crafting magazines, DIY/homesteading/self-sufficiency themed magazines, extra gas money to drive to the city, printing out hard copies of photographs, and some grocery store treats. These are preferred treats when I can swing them, but I do without them for extended spans of time. But, here are "essentials" that I "have to have" that are First World -- things that aren't REALLY essential basics but are to me. Most people in the US/Canada wouldn't bat an eye at these. I recognize that I am a spoiled First World dweller, a consumerist, pampered American. I recognize that what I call being poor is what billions of people in the world would call decadence. I try to remind myself of that instead of grumbling, but I definitely have my petulant days. LOL

    Also, I'm weird in that some things that many Americans consider essential, I don't. And, honestly, I don't even consider them preferred. For example, kiddo and I gave up having TV channels 5 years ago. At the time, it was a question of letting go of a bill I couldn't afford. What we've discovered since is that we wouldn't go back. No regrets. I could probably swing a cable bill, now, but choose not to because that money goes to other uses. Even if I became a millionaire tomorrow, I wouldn't pay for satellite/cable. No longer feel the need or desire. Also, I don't have a smart phone. I don't begrudge it for others. It makes some folks really happy, and that's cool. But, I'm using a buy minutes as I need them old style flip phone. I put $20 worth of minutes on it every couple of months. I don't need a cell phone that does internet. I don't watch shows on my phone or listen to music. I need a cell phone that can make and receive calls, mostly so my son's school can reach me and because I drive on a lot of reealllyyy rural roads. My cell phone is a tool that meets my needs, no bells and whistles. Many of the people I work with tease/mock/are obnoxious about my phone when they see it (grow the hell up, people, geez!). Oh, well.

    I have neighbors who are on food stamps and housing assistance but have cable TV and get their nails done. I don't understand that. I can't wrap my head around it. When I try to figure it out, it makes me really cranky.

    But, I recognize that these are, objectively, luxuries:

    1. internet/wifi at home: Gotta have it. Essential contact with the outside world. I'm trapped in hell's bathroom, where Satan goes to take a dump. The internet is my access to the outside world. I have to have it. HAVE TO. At home. On demand. Constantly there like the air I breathe. Internet access is my sanity.

    For example, when the ice storm hit and I was without power for over a week, internet was what I missed the worst, what I literally cried over. I didn't like scrubbing clothes by hand (something I normally wouldn't mind) because my hands were cold, dried, and cracking/bleeding from the icy weather. And, it sucked not being able to cook. But, being without internet connection was what just about drove me mad.

    For a number of reasons (that's a whole 'nother discussion!), this county has a shockingly low in-home connectivity compared to, well, civilization. (Yeah, I'm being a snob. I know. But, this county is so wretched. Need proof? Let's talk literacy rates, STD rates, graduation rates, crime rates, babies born w/drugs in their systems rates, etc.) It is very, very common for people here to not have internet (yet have cable/satellite TV). I just can't be one of them. Internet at home is my lifeline. I declare this with all fervency: a lifeline!

  7. 2. My cleaning supplies ingredients: tea tree oil, baking soda, vinegar, Dr. Bronner's lavender soap (liquid), lemongrass oil - floors, bathtub, counters, you name it, I mix it from these. Laundry? I'm a homemade laundry soap person. It's so much thriftier and less chemical-y. Washing soda, borax, and grated Fels-Naptha or Ivory. (I make the use 2 tbsp at a time dry powder recipe.) I make my own cleaning supplies in the name of a) thriftiness, b) dealing with my son's and my allergies, and c) dealing with my migraines. Many common household cleaning products trigger migraines for me. And, a lot of commercial cleaning products make me nauseous. My big luxurious cleaning indulgence? Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Dish Soap. That stuff is freakin expensive! Normally, it's $5 a bottle. But, I don't ever buy it full price. And, I can't get it locally. So, every 2 or 3 months when I know I'm going to the city, I try to find out where it's on sale, or I scrounge up coupon(s). I can usually get it down to $3 for the bottle. Could I just get a bottle of cheap-o stuff from the dollar store? Yes. Do I sometimes? Of course, when I have to. But, I do love my Mrs. Meyer's lavender stuff! It never ever triggers my allergies. It never ever messes up my hands. And, the smell is heavenly! It's like being spoiled while doing a chore I dislike. LOL So, yeah, I'm a spoiled brat about my cleaning supplies.

    3. craft supplies: I need to be able to make. NEED TO CREATE. MUST CREATE. Yes, I am very practical about this. I make most of the gifts I give. And, for example, this week, I am working on 2 projects I was paid to make. And, I'm all about the gleaning of free/cheap supplies (e.g. skeins of yarn that someone else has culled and is giving away/throwing out, patterns for 25cents each at the thrift shop). And, I only buy jewelry findings when I'm in the city and my preferred store is having a 50% off sale (I stock up once or twice a year). But, but, but. I don't just have supplies on a project by project basis. Like most crafters, I have a stash. I need my stash. It's my crafty security blanket. I always need to be able to rummage about in my plastic tubs and pick out yarn, fabric, embroidery floss, etc. to start making something. Just like I always have multiple books and at least one magazine in progress (I read, read, read), I always have 2 or 3 WIPS (works in progress) going crafty wise. Right now, I have a crochet project and an embroidery project going, moving between the 2 as mood and need for portability suits. I need to make. NEED TO. If I can't create, I get very, very unhealthy in my head. It's scary. Seriously.

    I really can't think of 2 more essential luxuries to list. There are luxuries, yes, but I don't have the luxury of considering them essential. LOL I didn't add books because I have an abundant supply of books for free. I'm an avid library patron, and I get books to own with trade-in credit at a friends used bookshop. On rare occasion, I'll order a used book online quite cheaply. I had to think hard to remember the last brand new, full price book I bought. In the past year, there's been 1. And, I bought it outright as an act of support for an author whose cause I support. If I come up with a #4 and #5, I'll add them later. It's not that I can't list luxuries I enjoy. It's just that they aren't essential. I would've answered this question differently 10 years ago, but life has culled me down and simplified me. If that makes any sense. Maybe I'll answer it differently 10 years from now. Who knows?

    For all my whining, I recognize that I am very blessed. Even when bills are a source of middle of the night anxiety, when my son's shoes fall apart during a week when there's nothing extra in the budget, when the car breaks and I break, too, I recognize that my son and I live in comparative ease. I get it. And, I am grateful. Yet, at times, bitchy. I know.

    1. I'm so glad you weighed in on this one, Rigel. Because I so get that your "luxurious necessities" would be trickier than for many of us (here, I mean). Yet, your list is evocative and beautiful. Sensuous simplicity. I love it (and respect it). Thank you!

  8. I am jobless and a college student with loans so my luxuries are the little things : )
    1. an I Tunes gift card every once in a while
    2. having a free internet connectin at college despite how crappy it can be at times
    3. having my parents come and bring me home for the weekend once in a while : ) (I don't have a car)
    4. homecooked food. if I have learned anything while being away at college it is that homecooked food is a delicacy
    5. Alone time, living with 3 other girls reinforced the fact that, while I am laening to be more open, I am shy and cherish those moments of solitude : )

    1. Great list, Kelly! My daughter (the one who's away at university) would also put homecooked food on the top of her list. I think those for whom a little luxury goes a long way should really have a few...

    2. Alone time is a BIG necessities. I completely related to that.

    3. Oh how I miss homecooked food! I have missed it so since I've lived on my own!

  9. 1. Fresh, local, organic food (it's abundant here in CA but still very spend for a family of five).
    2. Travel. (This hasn't happened recently enough, but I'm working on it.)
    3. Electronic gadgets. (Geek. But so is my husband, so it's ok.)
    4. Body care items (I make some of my own, but won't buy anything with known carcinogens or other toxic ingredients).
    5. Shoes. (Self-explanatory.)

    1. Like you and Rigel, I also try and avoid those products rife with chemicals. Shoes!

  10. 1. A good aromatic liquid bubble bath and epsom salts. I've got a deep soaker tub and this beyond anything else is me at my most indulgent. Door that locks, scented candles, a good book and a glass of wine, ahhhh.
    2. Weekend getaways, a quick recharge is sometimes all I need. Would love to do week long getaways and travel beyond the surrounding provinces/states but that just isn't in the budget very often.
    3.Kids activities. They don't after all NEED music/soccer/dance/camp. The only one I really consider a neccessity is swimming. None the less I put a big premium on extra-curricular activities. I'm just thankful they don't play hockey.
    4.Good shoes. Shoes are something I refuse to cheap out on, but I also pick very carefully and really good shoes particularly boots can last a long time.
    5.Date nights. Don't care what we do but I treasure that time we take for just the two of us or with ADULT friends.

    I would have said books as well but I don't think it counts because I don't usually buy books. I get most from the library but I do always have a book to read nearby. Actually I need to buy a book for our flight to Orlando next month, I won't take a library book as knowing me I'll probably forget it there. Anyone have a suggestion for a good read that came out fairly recent?

    1. Doors that lock :)! And date nights!! Yes, we absolutely needed those (and made sure we had them) when the kids were little (I mean, we still do, but it's not very hard anymore). I'm reading Black Bird right now, but that's a bit older (it's amazing).

  11. I thought of a #4! Using the air conditioner during the summer.

  12. 1. Two Man Group and/or Whose Live Anyway? tickets. I can't NOT go to a show. They're too vital to my existence. Many folks believe this is a complete waste of money that I don't have. They just don't get it.

    2. Computer with internet access, for so many reasons. I get too much information from the net to be able to give it up for more than a couple of days, like when the connection F's up.

    3. Books. Real live books. We have a discount bookstore locally now, and there are also churches and libraries who have regular DEEPLY discounted book sales. I also reread a lot. I'm interested in a Kindle thing or whatever, but having an actual book with me is a satisfying feeling I can't explain.

    4. Dunkin Donuts coffee and Diet Coke. Happy taste buds are a necessity in life.

    5. Bath and Body Works shower gels. For me, nothing else even comes close in terms of lasting scent, foam bubbles, and general yumminess.

    1. Someone has also mentioned a car. That's how I get to the shows, so Yep, definitely something I can't be without. I have access to car rental situations (Zip car seems like a viable option), and public transportation is VERY accessible where I live. (No one should EVER have to drive and park in Boston.) But you can't beat ownership. And personalized license plates. :)

    2. I'm so glad you own the tickets thing -- because I think this is an ESSENTIAL kind of luxury! As for the books, I forgot to mention in my own list that the books have to be "decided upon", as in I don't just pick up whatever. I acquire with a specific purpose, taste, or idea in mind.

    3. Oooh, tickets are going on my luxury list when I have a home base! I have put airplane tickets over live comedy tickets so far, but I think I need to start seeing comedy in person.

    4. Given the hit-or-miss nature of the "used book" scene, I'm a big fan of browsing through bookshelves. I've bought paperback versions of hardcovers, and when I tell you that they're by Stephen King, king of the 4,000-page books, I'm sure you'll understand the motivation behind this.

      One other thing I want to add is food for cats other than my own. There are a few local shelters who accept any and all donations, so I'll pick up some extra cans to bring them, too. Animal care is essential.

    5. Barb, I own the tickets thing because I AM the tickets thing. :) I make no apologies because other people have things on their list that I think is a complete waste of money. I can't, don't, and won't let anyone else determine the intrinsic value of things as I see it. That's what today's topic is all about, right? :)

      Travel is important to me, as well, and there are several places on my bucket list. However, going to the shows is allowing me to see the little towns in New England and New York that otherwise I'd overlook or outright ignore. I never thought I'd enjoy the small-town atmosphere, the all-within-walking distance library, police station, church with fall veggie market on Saturdays feel, not to mention that one "hidden gem" diner with pancakes the size of UFO's or THICK tuna melt sandwiches.

    6. I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE Bath and Body Works!!!! Into the Wild is my absolute favorite!

    7. Holly, I love the fruit scents. Bali Mango, Mango Mandarin, MARGARITA!! I also love Nectarine Mint, but it's only available in the anti-bacterial category, which makes NO sense to me. I'm gonna have to talk to them about that.

      Also on my list is a BIG, GOOD Margarita, frozen with salt. I have them so rarely it would be a luxury to have one again.

    8. I SO agree with your #1! Those tickets are so important to me too, although my university kind of has most of my money on a technicality for the next couple of years, so most of the time I have to beg and beg to get tickets for birthdays, holidays, etc. I'm to the point that I'm making up holidays...
      Oh, and #3...YES YES YES!!

    9. Awww Dunkin Donuts. I miss them sooo much. *cries a little bit*

      And I can totally understand you with the ticket thingy...I would do the same if I could! :) Or...I do go to concerts/performances of my favourite "stars", whenever I can. And I don't care, if others think I'm crazy. ;)

  13. 1. Since my boys moved out, I spend a lot less on groceries. So now I can afford to carry a good supply of $5 bills with which to tip the store clerks (usually teenagers working after school) who pack my bags into my vehicle, and the jockeys who fill my vehicle with gas and wash its windows. This adds up to about $20 a month for me, no big deal, but those kids are absolutely thrilled when I hand them that money. It is an inexpensive way to spread cheer.

    2. I work half-time, from my home office, and earn less than $20,000 a year, so it raises eyebrows when I pay someone to come into our little house for two hours twice a month to vacuum, clean the bathroom and wash the floors. That's more than $100 a month I could really use elsewhere, but it's so worth it to have these jobs done on a regular basis. I tend to not get around to doing them myself, but I like things clean and it's easy to keep up in between the housekeeper's visits. I notice a lot of my women friends have a lot more money than me but feel they must do the hated housework themselves, especially if they work at home.

    3. Organic, fair-trade coffee is a must. Coffee goes down my neck every day, so it has to be the best I can afford. We don't have many options out here for organic produce, but I pay the price when it's available, no matter how outrageous. I believe in voting with my dollars, as the saying goes, and want the retail stores and farmers to get the message: grow clean food, that's what we want!

    4. Like Deb, I buy fresh flowers. Just during the winter, as my flower beds give me plenty in spring, summer and fall. Their beauty gives me such a lift, every time I walk past them.

    5. My latest luxury was the purchase of a smartphone after rewarding myself for the previous year with $1 each time I did my cardio walk. The ease of texting really helps me keep in close touch with good friends; it's a great tool.

    1. Amazing list! So many of the details are just precious (in the true meaning of that word). And I had meant to put down cleaning woman -- because even when we were broke-broke somehow I always managed to keep that extra bit of help. Everything you say as reasoning applies to me. About the fresh flowers thing-- I keep meaning to ask you guys: how do you keep the water lovely and not stinky???

    2. Oooh! When I have a home I'm going to have a cleaner come in! That's one of those luxuries I really think is worth it! However, as I'm going to be living in a tent for the next 8 months or so, it's not a current necessary luxury.
      And good food, to me, isn't a necessary luxury. It's just necessary.

    3. Oh, and tipping people is an excellent luxury to have. My policy is to tip or donate money whenever I drop my wallet or money from it. The theory is that when I have too much money, the weight of it causes me to drop my wallet, and I have to lighten it by donating something to someone who needs it.

    4. Barbara,
      You'll say "Why didn't I think of that?" but I just change the water often. On the other hand, our water is stinky (iron and sulphur and magnesium) to start with.

    5. Our groceries and gasoline are in the do-it-yourself category, but it's a great idea you have. Nice.

  14. 1. Travel - I have a hard time spending more than six months in one place without going somewhere.
    2. An internet connection - I like to be able to communicate with the friends I have all over the world.
    3. My smartphone - it's a camera, MP3 player, e-book reader, computer-like thing that can get me facebook and twitter and my blog, plus online banking and e-mail. It's going to Latin America with me.

    Umm.... umm... I am divesting myself of almost everything I own. I'm going through the contents of my backpack trying to identify the next item I could call a luxury... umm...

    4. My painting supplies - I am taking acrylic paints, brushes, and watercolour paper with me as well as a sketchbook. I have gotten rid of my art supplies time and again, but always find myself buying new ones after all. Apparently I can't do without them.
    5. A hot water bottle. I hate being cold! It's so nice to have something warm to cuddle up to at night.

    1. How interesting -- even though you are truly stripping away in the most complete sense of the words, you are managing to bring along a few lovely luxuries!! I'm so excited to hear how this trip goes for you, Hannah!

    2. Reading about your trip reminds me of another necessary luxury: MY PILLOW!!

  15. 1. Weekends/days off/holidays. I'm a working girl with very little paid time off, so any of the three types of days I mentioned seem like a luxury.
    2. Travel. Whether it's being able to fly 2000 miles home to see my family, or just having a car that works properly and gets me where I need to go.
    3. An internet connection/working phone. My only way of keeping in touch with everyone I care about. They are all hundreds of miles away.
    4. Seeing a movie in a theatre. I've only seen three of those this year.
    5. A nice meal in a nice restaurant. As these are luxuries, I generally go for something really nice: fish or steak or something. Also usually followed by some sort of chocolate dessert (and dessert is a luxury in its own right, to someone with severe tree nut allergies).

    1. Even a lunch out can feel like a treat, can't it? and, mmmm chocolate, mmm...

  16. Oh gosh...SO MANY THINGS!!!!!! lol.

    1. An undiscovered/little known work featuring an actor or actress that you ADORE!!!!! Case in point: just watched a short flick (11 mins) called "Inseparable". It's on Youtube. Amazing.

    2. Waking up on a Saturday morning and actually SITTING DOWN with a cup of coffee. In your PJs. Snuggie optional. :]

    3. Taking a really really really really long and really really really hot shower after working all morning.

    4. My Mary Kay skin care products. They are my one and only "splurge" and vices. (I'm also a little bit biased because I just recently started selling it, if anyone's interested let me know :D), but it works!!

    5. BCandT coffee. ohmahgoodnessssssssss <3

    1. BC&T= Berea Coffee and Tea. It's a local place close to where we live. It's amazing!!!! ^_^

    2. Thanks for asking, Dawn, was wondering! Sadly, I don't have 11min to spare right now but I am intrigued as to short film/great actor thing... Remind me later ;)

  17. 1. Time. My granny once asked what I want for her to leave me in her will. I said, I want nothing but spent time with you. That I indeed did. I like to spend time with my friends. I have visited a friend in Brighton, who had to work most of the time. I didn't mind because she worked from home and we were able to talk while she was working. Time is mine to give others. I am putting this down as luxury, because I am working full time and studying the rest. There is really little extra time in my life at the moment.

    2. Travel. I have literally build my life around travel opportunities. I have not applied to a school if they didn't offer any travel possibilities. Through my schools I have been to Greece, Austria, England, Wales, Florida and now going to Manitoba next month. Same goes work wise. There has been few smaller jobs where there has not been travel possibility but those I chose to pay the bills.

    3. Not to be around computer. I live almost 24/7 with computer on working and doing school stuff (and playing games, blogging and wasting time not doing important stuff). So when ever I am not around the computer, I treasure it.

    Hmmm. Need to think of the last two. I don't have TV or radio (well my sister has and I am living with her at the moment), but I don't feel need to have them. I don't have time for them.

    4. Go to a cafeteria with my sister. We do lots of talking then. No extra ears around if you know what I mean.

    1. I think "time" is an excellent one. And I was just thinking that it might be an interesting "one crazy thing": what do you love to do that if you take the time to do seems to create more time around it? Except that question is so vague, I fear no one will understand!

    2. I will understand it :)) But I think you might need an alternative question to go with it. Something like the things that you will do no matter what. So then we can choose which one to anwer. :)

  18. As always I love the diverse and fabulous answers many of which I say "oh I should have said that!" I guess it just proves that our lists are endless. Thanks for a good afternoon read everyone!

  19. 1. Waking up in the morning, sitting down to breakfast and being greeted by a purring wide-eyed kitty cat...or 2!

    2. Having that one quiet moment in a busy day to thank God (or to just reflect) on how good I have it.

    3. Long conversations with sis about any and everything on our hearts/minds.

    4. Discovering something new and having an incredible passion for it. (case and point: The Hobbit...Sherlock....etc.)

    5. Laughing until you cry. Or until your stomach hurts. Or in my case...until I snort. Or a combo of the 3. Laughter really is the best medicine!

  20. 1) Travel. it is like an expensive continuing education
    2) Shoes. Prada, Coach etc. I used to buy less expensive and end up bare foot by the end of the night. I have learned that really good shoes are often the most expensive but so worth it as they fit and last a long time.
    3) Dinner out at a great place and my husband pays.
    4) Gifts for my 8 god children. the younger always get 'stuff' but last year I told those over 18th that I would no longer give them cash for birthdays and Christmas etc, but I would pay for any 'experience' we could share. so far, a trip to NYC and SF and a tattoo. long story
    5) Time alone with my husband. no phone, no work and no family.

    1. I do the "experiences" for my birthday presents to my nieces and nephew. So much better. Even as the young kids they are (or were), they still treasure that above any present. Great list!

  21. personal luxuries would be as follows :

    1: my mobile phone . more for it;s camera then making calls .

    2:to spend a whole day in Dublin city running round taking pictures like i used to .

    3: the ability to leave Ireland .

    4: to be able to watch manchester untied regain the premier league trophy with my dad .

    5: enough money to live on .


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