Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Neighbour The Moose

Deb: Her name is Florence Moosengale and she is my neighbour. Never one to shirk a holiday or event she is always turned out. Any occasion and Flo is on it. She is loved. She is appreciated. She makes me smile every single time I see her. Thank you Integracare and your team who bring Florence Moosengale into our lives. 

The following is the fashion show all about Flo. My favourite of all time is in this runway spectacular. It is Florence as Queen Victoria. 


  1. Thanks for the morning smile Deb. I love when folks take the time to do this kind of thing. Flo looks almost life sized too so leaves a lot of options for decorating. Have a wonderful day today Deb, hugs to you and Colin. Break a leg! Off to a full day of classes for me. XOXO

    1. Thanks Mary. She is life sized! And thanks for the good wishes!

  2. That was so cool. I diffently made me smile for the morning,. I love the halloween dress ups, that was my faviorte but they were all so great.

  3. Hi ladies.
    Love your blog! Maybe we can guest post for each other sometimes??

  4. Thanks Amy! Maybe a three way. We've done them before and they are fun. If you want to see a sample, look back under Deb and Barb have a three way.

  5. Ok was I the only one who thought Flo was actually a person until I clicked the link? LOL I got a wonderful smile from this. :)

  6. I LOVE HER! Moosengale.....How things work out sometimes!! :D

    BTW Sweetie...I'v started applauding....and yelling "MOCHRIE!!!! MCGRATH!!! MOCHRIE!!! MCGRATH!! WE LOVE YOU......YOU'RE SO ADORABLE....FUNNIEST COUPLE EVER" here.... so if you hear it when you're performing its probably me! :D

    again...BREAK A LEG!!! xoxoxoxo

  7. Too funny. I was totally expecting a real moose, as the University of Idaho (in my hometown) had a moose on campus yesterday, so friends were sharing a picture of him. I love your moose, but HWMNBMOTI would probably be threatening vandalism, were she our neighbor. He envisions himself as classy, which really wreaks havoc with his sense of whimsy.

  8. The town where my parents live is the Peanut Capital of the World and home to the National Peanut Festival. They did the community statues thingie a few years back -- Peanuts About Town. Many still stand. The visitors' center has the special Golden Peanut. Here's a sample:

    Flo is too cute! Moose in a yellow polka dot bikini FTW!!!

  9. That is awesome! What a pretty moose :]


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