Thursday, October 20, 2011

London Diary, Day Four: Random London Day Four

Deb: Today was a lovely day in Londontown, but we did not set out to do anything of particular note. We had chores to take care of and so we set off to Covent Garden to stroll around and hit the market where the chores would be struck off the list. We had a lovely day in and around Covent Garden, shopping and watching street performers. We found a great little Italian restaurant and had a superb lunch, thankfully as it is 8:40pm and Colin is still at rehearsal. We bought four wonderful first edition prints done in 1931 of Peter Pan for the powder room we are updating. We purchased them in the quaint shop in a little alley of bookshops in Covent Garden where we strolled together the first time we came to London. On that first trip we got two beautiful prints there, late 1800’s, which hang in our dining room still.
The four prints we bought and are in love with.

As we walked back to the hotel to drop things off, we passed a gorgeous church that had signage announcing that it was being restored to its original Victorian state and all were welcome to come in and worship or just see the restoration in progress. I've attached photos of both the prints and the church, which will not do either of them justice, but hopefully you will enjoy.
The reno of the Victorian church. You can see the chaps on the scaffold trying to fit an idol.
After that, we came back and I promptly fell sound asleep with the heating pad on my poor struggling back. I woke up and Colin left for rehearsal and I ventured out to get these mugs I had seen commemorating her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her 60-year anniversary as monarch. A perfect little whimsical design done in cameo of her in wellies and trench, corgies in tow. Love them!
The delightful precious mugs! Aren't they sweet?

So because I do not have a ton of stuff for today, I thought I would include some random points of interest that have happened over the last few days. I will do these using photos with captions. Tomorrow I plan to get on my horse early and to have some facts and fun shots for you all. Okay, really hungry now. May have to go into mini-bar and eat Pringles.
Children on their school break taking intensive courses on becoming
bikers in the big city. How great is that?

The love nest of Liz and Dick that they hid in right after Cleopatra. Lots of sex in that house!

The home of Annie Lennox.

Sunset from our room (on the rooftops of London ... caaa wa' a sight).
P.S. Just as I typed my last word, my husband came in and the whole bunch of us went out to a fab Indian restaurant for dinner. So I did not have to eat the Pringles!


  1. Oh, Deb, can't wait to see those prints in your powder room! And, okay, the photo that slayed me today: "Cyclist under instruction". Prime Brit wit.

  2. It looks like those prints are from old books. I love them. Also love all your photos today. Getting to see a part of London I have not visited. So glad you are enjoying yourself. Still on antibiotics for kidney infection? I hope the back pain will let up altogether but it seems to not keep you done. Also, what is Colin's gig in London?

  3. Peter Pan is one of my favorite books (movies & plays) of all time. (When I was three, I dressed up as Peter for Halloween.) I love those prints you got. Just fantastic. I had 24 hours to spend in London 6 years ago. I went to Kensington Gardens and saw the Peter Pan statue. Trip complete.

    These updates are so fun and what a neat journal of your trip you will have when it is all over.

  4. First of all, that mug is the most adorable souvenir ever! It is the emobodiment of kawaii! You should totally submit your snapshots to the "Must Have Cute" blog! Secondly, Annie Lennox!!! Little Bird! The Gift! Cold! Love is a Stranger! Love Song for a Vampire! Money Can't Buy It! Freakin love me some Annie Lennox and Eurythmics!

    But, most, Most, MOST importantly: DEB!!! That picture of the sunset over the rooftops of London!?!?!?! Don't you recognize what you just did?!?!? You had a Sara Crewe moment!!! When she first met Ram Dass, remember?!?!? Omigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!!! A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett! The chapter that introduces Ram Dass after the Indian Gentleman moves in next door! AAAAAHHHHH!!! DEBDEBDEBDEBDEBDEBDEBDEB!!! SARA CREWE!!!

  5. Yay! I knew I'd already unpacked the box of books that contained A Little Princess. Frances Hodgson Burnett, pp. 104-105, one of my alltime favorite books EVER for almost 30 years, now. I LOVE this book.
    "There was such a sunset as this a few days after the Indian gentleman was brought to his new home; and, as it fortunately happened that afternoon's work was done in the kitchen and nobody had ordered her to go anywhere or perform any task. Sara found it easier than usual to slip away and go upstairs.
    She mounted her table and stood looking out. It was a wonderful moment. There were floods of molten gold covering the west, as if a glorious tide was sweeping over the world. A deep, rich yellow light filled the air; the birds flying across the tops of the houses showed quite black against it.
    "It's a Splendid one," said Sara softly to herself. "It makes me feel almost afraid -- as if something strange was just going to happen. The Splendid ones always make me feel like that."
    She suddenly turned her head because she heard a sound a few yards away from her. It was an odd sound, like a queer little squeaky chattering. It came from the window of the next attic. Someone had come to look at the sunset as she had. There was a head and part of a body emerging from the skylight, but it was not the head or body of a little girl or a housemaid; it was the picturesque white-swathed form and dark-faced, gleaming-eyed, white-turbaned head of a native Indian -- "a Lascar," Sara said to herself quickly, -- and the sound she had heard came from a small monkey he held in his arms as if he were fond of it, and which was snuggling and chattering against his breast."

    *sigh* My favorite chapter in my favorite book.

  6. LOVE INDIAN FOOD!!! and I just adore that mug!!! So glad you're having fun, and that Peter Pan book is the greatest! :]

    And of course, because of Whose Line? I will never look at Peter Pan the same way again...

  7. Kelly, you just made Pepsi and marshmallows come up my nose.

  8. Ok...

    1. LOVE Covent Gardens!!!! Nearby Trafalgar= bliss! :D I would live in Trafalgar Square if I could!

    2. LOVE indian food!

    3. LOVE those mugs! Totally darling!


    5. LOVE this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I enjoy looking at your pictures. The mugs are so cute. :)
    The image in the last photo reminds me of the cover of "The Great Gatsby." The chandelier reflection has created a very haunting image there. I also love the photo of the church, and that of the home of Annie Lennox. Architectural designs and shots appeal to me.

    You are certainly accomplishing a lot for someone whose back is still sore. It looks like so much fun! Continue to enjoy!

    P.S. Please bring me a Corgi, would you? Bunny ears, no tail, if possible. Thank you. :)

  10. Wow Deb it seems like you are just having a blast on your London trip. Love the photos of the peter pan. They are very beautiful.

  11. Dawn I am so glad that someone mentioned the reflection of the chandlier. I was not going to mention it and see if someone did! Well done Dawn. Rigel thank you for that gorgeous chapter. Yes yes I had a Sara Crew moment and thanks for pointing that out! Lyndsie we are having just the best time thanks. Madge the infection is gone, thanks but the back is still a challenge. Not stopping me though. I am going to book a massage for this weekend as it kept me up last night. Pins and needles going down my left leg. Oh well, I'm sure as hell not staying in! And the Who's line guys are here shooting a new show for ABC called "Trust us with your Life". I know Barb, witty and so wise of them to do. One little kid was going through his paces down the street and the instructor was calling out"look behind, ride, look behind, smart! Molly I agree with you I LOVE Peter Pan always have. Still have my scratched album of Mary Martin doing it. Love the books too! I am going to Kensington to take the same shot myself! Rigel I am a huge Annie Lennox fan too. Huge! And yes the wee mugs! Love them. Holly what a lovely and great note, thanks. I say great alot don't I? And I overuse the !!!! Can't help myself.

  12. Kelly I forgot to respond to yours sorry! What Peter Pan scene she said, almost afraid to ask? Colin doesn't remember.

  13. *giggle*


    *giggle giggle giggle*


  14. I wonder if you ate at the same amazing Indian restaurant that we just ate at in London--our trip was wonderful but all too brief. I'm truly appreciating your journaling of your experience so I can (re)live vicariously through you. don't miss the national portrait museum--it was lovely--and don't overlook galleries and a walk-about east London--xo Lori

  15. Does "Little Elvis" ring a bell?? XD

  16. That Wendy is a hormonal little bitch, isn't she? ;)

  17. I guess I should have been a little more specific, but Holly nailed it.

    Sorry about that, Rigel. That must have been

  18. I love peter pan and by odd coincedence It's the book I'm reading for bedtime with my little one right now. It's an old beautiful copy of the book with the same style of drawing as the prints you bought, it's a beautiful book which stays on mine and not the kids bookshelf. I'm loving all your pictures Deb the church and sunset are both beautiful.

    Rigel thanks for qouting that passage, I read this book a long time ago and wanted to read it again but couldn't remember the name or who wrote it and now I can!

  19. Oh, Erin, it such a wonderful book, isn't it?!?!? I consider A Little Princess comfort reading. It's one of the books I get down off the shelf and reread when, for example, I have the flu or am trying to recover from something really bad happening. (Also on my comfort reading list: Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott and The Bishop and the Missing L Train by Andrew Greeley)

    Kelly and Holly, I guess I'll be the one to humiliate myself with overt fangirlishness and post the link for anyone who might thinking, "WTF?"

    Of course, after watching that, they're probably still thinking, "WTF?!?"

  20. LOL. That was hilarious!

    Deb, sounds like you're having a fabulous holiday in London. I love the souvenir mug you picked up. And the prints of Peter Pan - gorgeous. And I just love the sunset photo of the skyline. The chandelier just adds a whole other layer of meaning to it...

    I'm obviously tired because I misread "Cyclists under instruction" as "Cyclists Under Construction". Um, whoops. :)

  21. Oh Deb, so glad you posted this!!!!!! This is a good one!! Poor Colin always having to play the woman/girl! :D

  22. If you are interested in prints make sure to check out the shops in Cecil Court! Lovely shops of prints, maps, books, theatre memoriabilia . . . grand fun! Just off Leicester Square. Whoo!

    Laura in ATL

  23. Deb, here's the link to "Peter Pan." Maybe it'll jog Colin's memory. Or maybe not.

    Also, I've posted a few Colin/Brad show recaps from 2005 in my journal. One was inspired by Dr. Seuss. Could you let him know about these? I'd like to know what he thinks. (Ideally, clicking on my name (in purple) should bring him directly to the right page.)
    Thanks SO much.

  24. Rigel you little Minx, clearly you remember what we don't! Lori it was called Gaylord but of course there are a million wonderful Indian restaurants in London aren't there? You cannot go wrong. National portrait gallery is on our list! They are having a special exhibit of actresses like Lily Langtree and the like. Cannot wait. Little Elvis? Okay menomindcramp. I will ask Colin when he returns! Erin how lovely that you are reading it with your little one. WE did as well with the boy. Also I would sing him Never never land and the Lost boys lullaby every night. Sweet sweet memories. Rigel you inspired me today. I have only seen the Shirley Temple movie of the Little princess and didn't I march into a wonderful little bookstore today and ask for it. The clerk was so tickled and went to fetch it for me only to find they were out. So, almost weeping for sorrow, he took my email and promised it to me in two days. You gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jo don't feel bad. I think they are both. xo Laura thanks so much. I will do it!Rigel checking out link now!

  25. This is why I didn't post a link...everyone else would have!! XD


  26. Finally figured out how to post from my iPhone -- and then signed in using wrong i. d. Sorry Deb! En route right now but wanted to add one more destination to your list. Check out Sean's recommendation on my F B.

  27. Deb -

    Yay! You can read A Little Princess on the plane home! :D It is exquisite! When you have read it, please let me know what you think!

    BTW, neither the Shirley Temple movie nor the 1995 Leisel Matthews movie hold true the book. The book in infinitely better. (Although, the 1995 movie has a very beautiful soundtrack.) If you want to watch A Little Princess in a form that stays true to the book, check out the BBC miniseries from the 80's:
    It stayed much, much closer to the book even down to a lot of the dialogue! (Plus, there's the bonus prize of Nigel Havers as Mr. Carrisford. Yum.)

    But, the book still trumps them all. It is magnificent.

  28. Thanks ladies for putting the spank me spank me like Regis image in my head! But my husband does make a delightful Wendy! Should I be worried. Barb, got it. Off I go to that print place. Rigel thanks as always for being my fountain of knowledge! xo

  29. Deb your enciente Peter Pan from "My Talk Show" is still my fav!


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