Friday, October 14, 2011

Making Magic And Believing In It

Barbara: So, yes, we shot our demo pilot on Wednesday and it was wonderful! Cannot even begin to describe the wondrousness of it. We promised you photos and here they are. But I also wanted to expound a bit (a very tiny bit) on the whole “making your dream come true” thing. Man, it takes a lot of work and prep and tenacity and commitment and optimism and courage to do it, but most of all, MOST of all, it takes a village to raise a dream. Without our army of likeminded, dedicated, hard-working, imaginative, and creative dreamers, Deb and I would never ever have had our dream come true. All day, I couldn’t help marveling at this barefaced fact. Deb was marveling too. We would routinely, throughout the day, look at each other in wonder and amazement. We are eternally grateful to all who came aboard our project and helped to realize it.

But there’s also the other side of the whole process: the questioning, the insecurity, the second-guessing, the fatigue. And the next day you wake up and you kinda feel like you’ve been through a tornado: exhilarated and invigorated, but also unable to stop wondering, “What the hell actually happened out there?!” The thing about dreams is that very often they feel like … well, like dreams. Did it really happen? Was it as good as I thought? Is life in any way … different because a miracle just happened?

In my experience, I have never been able to have the glory of the one hand without the anxiety of the other. Have you? Is it possible? Or are we just hardwired to be faithful skeptics?!

Deb: Well, I can only second what Barb said. It was a tiny little miracle this day. Yes, it’s true that when we did the postmortem the next day we were brimming with things we might have done or could have done or might have changed or had regrets about. But the truth, the real truth, is that THIS is the creative process. The fact that we were given this opportunity was the gift. The rest is not even worth the paper to wrap it in. We are proud. Beyond that, we will see. 


  1. Hurray! Fingers crossed for your project!

  2. That looked like it was some fun . Where was it shot at.if no one minds ms asking?

  3. "it takes a lot of work and prep and tenacity and commitment and optimism and courage to do it, but most of all, MOST of all, it takes a village to raise a dream."

    This is beautiful.

    I LOVE the second picture: Deb is just as happy as can be and Colin's got the best game face ever! I hope that this project goes well for you lovely ladies! :)

  4. What a lovely post! :] Totally made my day!! LOVE the pictures (the second and last one are my favorite!)

    Hope you don't mind, but I posted the quote Holly posted on my facebook. I just love it. Enjoy this dream, ladies!

  5. Thanks guys, now we edit and do music and make it look all nice and shiny. Then we run it up the flagpole and see who salutes!

  6. Each picture brought more SQUEEEEEEE'ing!!! What an exciting, amazing day for y'all! WOW doesn't even begin to cover it!

    First off, poor Colin working through the long day while coming down with a cold. :( Poor, dear man.

    Secondly, I cracked up when I first scrolled the pictures along my screen thinking, "That's the red jacket and moon necklace she wore in Newfoundland!" lolol Deb, your wardrobe is becoming famous. (Infamous?)

    I am soooooooo curious about all the technical stuff that's going on in those pictures. I'm so curious what each person's job is. I'm so curious about all that gear and all those wires! What is all that stuff happening in each of those pictures?

    Hmmm, I know from Andy, Sarah, and other theatre geek types that stage people say, "Break a leg," and don't say M******. What do TV people say for good luck? Whatever it is, I wish it upon everyone who worked that day on that pilot ten thousand fold! I hope the show gets picked up. But, if it doesn't, I hope this is going to be one of those instances where one thing that doesn't happen actually turns out to be the trigger that starts a spooky cool cosmic chain of events that leads to something different, more, better. I wish good things for the good people who came together to work in good spirit!

  7. Holly I just gave you kudos for the great quote but on the last blog!!! kudos, love it, glad it's being re-posted. And in case you guys, those of you who are seeing Colin soon, want to know how to get backstage, see comments from last post. My back is OUT and I cannot retype it here. Who is going this weekend and who is going in November. I just want to make sure that everyone gets BS to see he and Brad!

  8. Rigel how I love your zest for life! You are always so supportive of anything we do. I won't test your support by murdering someone, I promise. Yes it is fascinating what they all do. Wish I knew the details of every job but when I am feeling better, maybe Barb and I can give a rundown. Might be an interesting blog! Hmmmm.

  9. I loved the photos and to see what fall looks like as well as how happy both of you look.

  10. Oh, Deb! OH NO!!! A hurt back! ACK!!!!!!

    I won't dare hug you because that would hurt, but I am thinking the gentlest, soothing warmth in your direction!

    *hands Deb bottle of ibuprofen, fills Deb's ice water glass, plugs in the heating pad, puts cell phone w/in Deb's reach, puts yummy comfort snacks within easy reach, stacks up big pile of fashion magazines and catalogs by Deb, hands Deb ink pen so she can circle Christmas hints in the catalogs, puts laptop within easy reach of Deb and plugs in charging cord, puts hairbrush and nice, damp wash cloth in easy reach so you can freshen up whenever you feel the need*

    Oh, Deb, I have been there. More than once ever sense I screwed up a disc in a bad ice skating wipe out years ago. I hit the ice in a bad, bad way and ended up on a backboard in an ambulance. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, and especially not you!

    Can you walk? Do you have someone there with you to help you get around? How is your sciatic nerve in each leg? Are your legs staying underneath you whenever you get up? Have you seen a doctor to get something for the muscle spasms?

    *eyes Deb* Maybe a nice distraction while you are knocked wonkity and not up scurrying around would be to internet window shop and set up a wist? . Just drag the "Add to Wist" button up to your tool bar and then click to add anything that strikes your fancy as you peruse online. See? No money spent, guilt free, nicely distracting from the ouchies shopping!

    I hope Fannie and Bairn are being loving and snuggly but are sensing that they need to be careful with you and are being low key cuddle puppies.

    *frowns at Deb* Oh, ugh! Having your back go out is just the ickiest!

    When do you leave for London? Oh heavens, a sore back on a transAtlantic flight. NOoooo!!! Please tell me that somehow, someway y'all've been able to swing at least having the bigger, squishier, roomier first class seats? *worries*

    Oh, Deb. *sad sigh* This sucks!!!

  11. Deb, THANK YOU!!!!! Soooo excited now! :D

  12. It is wonderful that you two had the opportunity for fulfilling your dream together. The pictures look wonderful. There is something to be said for being in an environment with competent professionals who you trust and creating an caring environment - especially in the apparent "chaos" of filming.

    Most people (trying not to generalize here...) invest themselves in things which they create, develop, research because the people feel it (whatever it may be) is important. Most people won't commit themselves to a project unless there is some sort of passion for it - be it intellectual, emotional, curosity. Most people give a damn. Time and energy are precious commodities in today's world. And when you open your project to other people's scrutiny, you become vulnerable. You don't want other people judging you harshly. You don't want other people devaluing something you care about - something you value. And, in the creative arts, the human condition is explored (be it through paint, words, actions), so the emotional value you invested would be higher, I think.

    I'm feeling like I'm rambling now, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. :)

  13. My first chance today to check in and just wanted to thank you all for weighing in! Rigel, your well-wishes are always so spot on. And Jo, if that's rambling then ramble on. Absolutely beautiful!

  14. Aww Deb.sorry about your back.hope you feel better real soon. Hope your back gets well real soon.

  15. Hooray for you all! Judging by the happy faces in the pictures, it looks like you had a fun time. Hard work is so great when it is making dreams come true. Congratulations! I'm loving the green trees and the green grass littered with orange and yellow fall leaves in the pictures. Deb I hope your back gets to feeling better soon. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

  16. Thanks Lyndsie, sitting right now with a heating pad and muscle relaxers. Yes Molly it was grand. And I am feeling a tad better tonight. Thanks everyone for the good wishes.

  17. Congratulations on realizing your dream! We are so happy and excited for you! Lots of love and hugs and kisses! Dave & Nancy

  18. Deb -
    Hoping your back is much, much better this morning.

  19. Congrats on your project Whats the pilot about and where did you guys shout it. Hoping all the best and keepin my fingers and toes crossed for you xo

  20. sorry oops "shoot it"


  21. Congratulations all around! BRAVO! Very very exciting!!!

    And YES Barbra, In my experience, you CAN have the glory of it all in ONE hand without the anxiety of the other. It is soon as you surrender it over ;) I think your blog title sums that up perfectly "Making Magic And Believing In It".

    You did it. You all did the magic. It's the artiest in you that stirs the anxiety spoon in your creative pot. Brad say's it best to me all the time, "Your optimistic eyes seem like paradise, to someone like me". And then he joins me in paradise!

    Find your surrender...and hand it over. Thats the "Believing In It" part. Funny how that part is always the bookends of or dreams.

    BIG LoVe to you both.

  22. "...I have never been able to have the glory of the one hand without the anxiety of the other."

    Barb, I believe you have to break each step down into its own piece. Yes, this miracle really did happen. You have the pictures to prove it. They are BEAUTIFUL, by the way. I didn't know SO many people would be necessary. That'd be the one thing I'd go "WOW" about...that so many people were willing to help create your little miracle.

    Your next step is to add the bells and whistles needed to make it an actual tv-type show. Then, when you are finished with that, that'll be the next miracle completed.

    The anxiety comes beforehand. The result is the miracle. Good luck to you and Deb. I hope it goes the way you want it to.

    Deb, you need some healing vibes in your household. I'm sending some, hoping they help.

    As for the backstage offers, wow. I've never been backstage. I'm always in the back alleys! LOL

    Ask Colin if he and Brad want to meet for Chinese food or a drink before their shows Nov. 4th. :D

    November 5th, in Boston, will require the security tags and such. Can't wait to drop names! Otherwise, back to the alley I go!

  23. so. very. exciting. Thanks for sharing the photos. I've missed you, but now I see there's a very great reason why. ;)

  24. How exciting! While I completely understand that anxiety on the one hand, what I see on those faces is pure joy from the process of creation.

    Congratulations to you both and to all the people who helped make this dream come true!

  25. Seana and Dawn, wow, yes! So beautifully said. And thanks for the reminders. Gae, Lisa, and Jennifer, Dave and Rigel, thanks for your wishes and support! Jennifer, we'll release more deets later, but it's something we're very proud of and hopeful for!


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