Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treats

In the spirit of Halloween, a little costume change for The Middle Ages (okay, not really for Halloween, but it’s good timing, so humour us!). We’ve decided we’re going to chat with you every weekday from now on (or try to, bear with us). We thought we’d do our 3-times-a-week dialogue as usual, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’ll share something, maybe a funny or interesting photo or story or video. Maybe we’ll feature our (promised but sadly waylaid) deco tips and recipes here and then move them over to their own pages afterward. Maybe we’ll … okay, we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, we’re going to try and rock the 5-day blog-week!

Tomorrow, out of schedule, Barbara will start a conversation (that might have something to do with minor miracles), but we should hit our new stride soon enough.

In the meantime, we wanted to share this awesome news with you: we got featured in this month’s More Magazine, which is a Canadian-based mag aimed at women over 40!! We had no idea they would do this and so it was a completely unexpected and exciting surprise. Here is a photo of the page.

Oh, and PS, for those of you who’ve been asking, here’s a pic of Colin on set.

We can’t do a Halloween post without scaring you a little, so we’ve posted this video that shocked and provoked hysterical laughter courtesy of our friend, Tannis (okay, she didn’t actually produce it herself, but shared it on Facebook. Still, credit where credit is due.). This is the posted preamble: This is a car advertisement from Great Britain. When they finished filming the ad, the film editor noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. They found out that a person had been killed a year earlier in that exact same spot. The ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon. Watch the front end of the car as it clears the trees in the middle of the screen and you'll see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road.....Spooky! Is it a ghost, or is it simply mist? You decide. If you listen closely to the ad, you'll even hear the cameraman whispering in the background about it near the end of the commercial.

Beware, it’s not for the faint of heart (wink, wink).
So now a question: 1) Do you get a kick out of getting scared? In any way?


  1. Lol i've seen that video before!!! I know better than to watch those again! Can't wait to see how the new 5 days a week turns out...i'm excited.

    Thanks for another great post. Off to dr. now...goody

  2. Wow, you ladies are busy! First of all, congratulations on your mention in the magazine. That's very cool. The picture of Colin is a fun one. Looks like it will be a fun show. Good luck with the 5 times a week. I look forward to seeing how that goes. As for being scared... I can't say I enjoy it much. I'm terrified by the idea of ghosts and yet, I can't help but read about them or watch a little something on TV about them and then I spend the rest of the day regretting it. Ah well. :)
    Deb, I hope you've recovered well from the trip and are feeling better. Still thinking and praying for you Mom. Take care.

  3. I screamed out loud when I saw that ad!!! I was getting into the soft music and pretty countryside and BAM!!! screamed out loud!!!!! Happy Halloween Barb and Deb!!! Hope all is well in all aspects (especially your mom Deb)

  4. I had seen it before too and it scared the poo out of me. I do not like to be scared. I pride myself on being able to take a joke but scared is another story. Hate it! My people for centuries have not dealt with the "scared" well at all. So that's me. Molly thanks for the good wishes. We are still waiting. I will certainly post news on the blog when I get it. You have all been so supportive.

  5. I have seen it before but it always scares me. Look forward to the 5 days of laughter, fun and truth.

  6. My mom showed me that video a while ago...scared the carp out of me! Congrats on your magazine spread!!!! Y'all deserve it! :)

    Looking forward to the every-day chat thing! :D

  7. That ad is too cool. Love the pics. Hope everything is going ok for your mom. Oh and happy Halloween everyone. I Love Halloween. Then again I love every holiday.

  8. Holly, there's nothing quite like scaring a little carp out of a person! Okay, for the record, I don't love the idea of getting scared, but have been known to get into the feeling of it! Weird, huh?!

  9. Oh and something to add I just watche that video an yes it got me at the end. If anyone wants to watch a frecky movie tonight on Halloween you all need to watch paranormal activity 3 . I think it was even more weird than the first one. Just a suggestion.

  10. I hate you.

    I literally almost had a fucking heart attack. And, NO, I did not actually read the last warning line first.

    The medical bill for resuscitation is on it's way. >:(

  11. btw, congrats on the More thing.

    (still hate you. Still not sure if heart is working. *trembles, terrified*)

  12. I don't mind being scared as long as it's in good fun, I'm so tired right now though that the video didn't even make me jump. Congrats on the magazine mention as well.

    Still thinking of your Mom Deb and hoping all goes well. When I first read about it I couldn't help but think of what issues might crop up with my own mother in the case of an emergency as she is the primary caregiver for my Dad. I'm now finding out first hand as she broke her ankle in three places yesterday and I am already pushing my limits. I so feel your pain and struggle today this type of thing really sucks.

  13. I don't get a kick out of getting scared in any way, shape or form. Unfortunately, right now, I'm dealing with a very serious form of scared - my son is suicidal at the moment.

    As for scaring people, I don't like to do it - I honestly have friends who will hit me if startled (they possess very fast reflexes), so I just don't bother...

    Let's just say that right now, scary plus generalized anxiety = not a good thing.

    Must now go, and try to go through the motions of the day...

  14. Never mind! I had seen the video before and it STILL managed to make me jump! Gak, my memory ... is where? ghostly.

    Nice to see your blog pointed out in the magazine ... they are so smart, knowing your legions of faithful readers will now check out their publication!

  15. Jo. I don't even have words for that kind of fear. I am sending you love love love. Wish there was a magic wand. love.

  16. Kate, I know, I know, it works both ways, but still -- exciting!

  17. I KNEW what was coming and my heart still jumped! I do NOT like being scared. Just not a happy feeling, you know?

    I love the idea of being able to read the blog five times a week. I look forward to reading your latest, and all the comments that follow. Sometimes it's a laugh, sometimes a cry, but I always look forward to it.

    Unlike being scared. :)

  18. That is SO SO wicked you guys got picked up in a magazine! Man, I wish I lived in a country that appreciated women over 40. hmph. (I will definitely be glad to have beat the crowd though--I know what's the what around here anallat)[to mix my 'not USian dialects]

    And love the 5X a week plan! You'll hit your stride in no time.

    And I had TOTALLY forgotten I'd seen that clip before, you rotten people. That must be what Gae was yelling at Barb about *snort*

  19. AND, congrats for the blog mention! I PORED over the More website and couldn't find it. (It's probably on their front page.) Glad you posted it.

  20. Thanks, Dawn! And, yeah, I tried to find it on the site too but couldn't. It might just be in the Canadian mag version.

    Hart, lol, glad we gotchya! That is exactly what Gae was yelling at me for :). And thanks for the support (as always).

  21. Scary stuff kids!
    Have to quantify. Horror movies and even live action monsters startle me and I don't mind that so much.
    BUT I have a phobic fear of heights and even tho I've challenged it many times ( Arc de Triomphe, Statue of Liberty, Battlements of Warwick Castle etc) It's still there in all its stomach churning, limb shaking, heart racing thinkI'm gonnafalltomyDEATH power and No I Do NOT Like That!!!
    PS heard Mrs M is out of danger now w the foot- 3 Big Cheers
    HIP HIP HURRAH! (Foot foot hurrah?)

  22. Ooh, Sharon, good point! Keep the suspension bridges away!
    (Driving to LaGuardia airport was my worst nightmare come true.)(Right after the Delaware Memorial Bridge.)

  23. I've been playing catch up here since I've been working some crazy shifts over the weekend. Deb, I'm sending good thoughts and prayers to your mom and to you. Such a scary thing. But the fact that there is warmth and a pulse in that foot are encouraging signs. I hope things continue to improve. The waiting game is awful...
    I had an idea of what was coming with that video...and I still watched it. And, of course I jumped. I'm not a fan of scary stuff. I do not like scary movies, but unfortunately if someone talks me into watching one, I can't walk away very well either. My brothers made me watch one of the Halloween movies with them a number of years ago and I didn't sleep for a week!!
    Congrats on the feature in the magazine! That's awesome!

  24. Scary? Nay, nay, a thousand times nay! I don't do scary in any shape or form. Tha scariest part of my Halloween is a big bowl of candy and my copy of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". So yeah, I think I'll skip the scary vid. Yes, I am a big ol' wuss, and I'm okay with that.

    Congrats on the magazine mention, and I'm looking forward to the 5 times a week posting. And Deb, I'm still sending many good thought your mom's way. I hope she's doing better.

  25. Ha. I've seen that video before. Actually I get mad if someone intentionally scares me. I've come close to punching a couple of people before. Domestic abuse tends to have that affect on people I think. At any rate, I used to have to have a rear view mirror on my pc at work so that I could see people who would try to sneak up on me to scare me. They did that even though I would ask them not to and warn them of the possible consequences of that action. Fortunately neither of my punches connected and the stupid people are roaming around free to scare others, and I wasn't fired and/or arrested for assault. lol

    Jo, I hope you are not going through this difficult time with your son alone. HUGE HUG



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