Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Costa Rica Gift Of Happiness: Day 3, In Transit

We're just getting ready to head to Arenal Springs, but thought we'd post some more shots of the wonderful food and fun of El Silencio before we leave. Mmmmm.

Bread basket

Trout tartare

Pumpkin and ginger soup

Fresh pasta with chicken

Homemade gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce

Chicken with blackberry and cassava chips

Cafe crema


  1. One more gorgeous than the next. I am so hungry now. Enjoy.

  2. That food looks amazing.,once again you have took some amazing pictures. And I have to say that I am with Madgew, that food makes me hungry. Love the senery In the pics . Glad u all are having a great time on your trip.

  3. One word......WOW !!!!!!!!
    and also......I am drooling here !!!!

  4. You're doing a great job with the food shots, which are not easy to do! Also, what are the little tipi-type frames on the lawn? I take it they're for some plant to climb on?

  5. Just a quick comment before I leave for work, but YUM!!! Now, I am hungry!!! The pumpkin soup, the chicken with blackberry, the gnocchi! MMmmmmm!!!

    Whoever is taking these scenic photographs is doing a really cool job of it!

    So. Much. Green.

    What does the rain forest smell like?

  6. Oh, and before I forget:

    Deb, I am wish, wish, wishing you a day of nausea-free "in transit."

  7. SOOOO pretty. And the food looks esp DElish!

    Deb ya acktually look- relaxed! It's about time!
    Enjoy u lucky dogs!

  8. Hmm, that food looks delicious!

    And the pictures are so beautiful. The nature is stunning! I wanted to say: I can smell the freshness of the rain forest, but I have no idea how it ordinary wet forest?

    I especially like the blurry pic of Colin...don't know why...looks kinda cool.

  9. Thank you for sharing more of your trip with us.I can't get over how absolutely LUSH it all is! I suppose that would be due to the rain, but it sure is having a better effect on Costa Rica's environment than it does here. The sounds of the rainforest must be relaxing. Being "one" with nature could not be better defined.

    That cafe crema is an entirely different version of beautiful. Email us some, would you, please? :)

  10. I forgot to comment earlier when I posted! It takes quite long to download everything, and I think I got pulled away after that. But I've been reading all your comments -- and have so many things I want to say to you all, just no time to do it.

    We just arrived at our second destination, Arenal Springs Resort. And are just settling in with wi-fi in our rooms (so a bit easier to post, etc). The volcano is in spitting distance (not really but seems to be), but shrouded in cloud. Here it is warm and not quite as densely lush, but in the few minutes since we've been sitting on our porch and writing here, we've heard a howler monkey very close by and been visited by birds too exotic to describe with justice. No camera nearby, no time to run in and get it! Deb is in her own room just trying to rest off the Gravol from today (and I think swearing off them). We will update you as soon as we have stuff to share. Maybe later... xo

  11. I love these beautiful pictures!!! It was raining here last night and all I could think of is you guys in the rain forest. : )
    Keep the pictures coming and continue enjoying your trip!

  12. Thanks, Kelly! And PS everybody, Phil is taking all the pics. So happy!!

  13. Pictures made me feel better. Had kind of a crappy day today :/

    Can't wait to see more!!!!

  14. LOVE the pictures! And I think Colin looks absolutely smashing in glasses (I'm a little bit biased, lol!)

  15. I agree with Becki and Holly, the pic of Colin is lovely, artistic even, I'd say. Wondering what he's thinking about...
    All of the photos are amazing and beautiful! Well done, Phil, well done!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  16. Great pictures! I hope you are having fun :)

  17. OMG everything looks so lush and green and WET!!!The food looks absolutely scrumptious....every dish. I bet it was a hard place to leave, the cottages with the hot tubs look so cozy and inviting. What a nice place to start your trip. The photography is great and the waterfalls yesterday were stunning (you could almost hear them) Thanks for sharing your days, dinners and scenery......Enjoy!!!

  18. A friend of mine is going to go absolutely green with envy when you start posting the pictures and descriptions of anything Arenal. She was BIG on that volcano. She's recommended a particular tour company to me, and says she'll probably meet me there. :) I'm still hoping to win the trip, but I have her page bookmarked, just to be sure. :)

    Apple rules!

  19. Hi there,
    I looked up some home remedies for Deb to help avoid motion sickness. Hopefully they might help.
    * When riding in the car, ride in the front seat facing forward. Try not to move your head back and forth, or too quickly.
    * Focus on something in the distance, even if it's just the horizon. It allows your eyes to see that you are moving.
    * Avoid reading when you are riding in a car.
    * Ride on an empty stomach. If you must eat before hitting the road make it something light and bland like saltines. If you eat and are nauseous after eating the crackers or bread, keep your stomach empty for the next ride.
    * Avoid heavy food or odors during or before you get in the car and skip the roadside diners, the smells from which can trigger and episode.
    * Stay calm, cool, and collected. Sometimes the stress from worrying about getting car sick will bring on the sickness. Try some deep breathing exercises. Breathe in slowly and as deeply as you can. Release the air from your lungs slowly. Don't think about getting car sick, but instead focus on the feeling of your body relaxing from head to toe. Repeat twice more and you should be very relaxed...or you didn't do it right. :)
    * Take some peppermint candies with you and pop one into your mouth if you start to feel queasy.
    * Sip some warm decaf tea with honey if you begin to get sick. (Maybe you could get a thermos of it from the spa?)
    * Sipping apple juice may also help...remember, that's SIP. :)
    * There's also the ginger tea but we've already nagged you about that so no need to repeat.
    * Oh, one last says to stay away from alcohol while on your trip. I wouldn't be able to give it up entirely but saving it for the night wouldn't hurt.

    There you go, Deb. Hopefully one or more of these home remedies will help you so that you don't have to take the Gravol

  20. P.S. Thank you for the food photos. :) It doesn't really seem like they are feeding you "native" cuisine, which would include lots of plantains, beans, and rice. As long as it's good, that's what counts. :)
    I'm so in LOVE with the cabins with the porches overlooking the forest. Heavenly, relaxing and wonderful, albeit damp. Lush and green. As long as it's not 100% humidity and hot I could stand the moisture. A friend once told me that the whole time he was in CR his clothes stayed damp. Hopefully it's not that way for you guys.
    Again with the hugs,

  21. Lucas had the pimpinest kegger at your house last nite!! It was awsome. Lots hotties. I puked in your plant. Have fun.


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