Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Costa Rica Gift Of Happiness: Day 5, Arenal to Nosara

Deb: We would love to start out day five by thanking our gracious hosts at Arenal Springs Resort and Spa. The Arenal Volcano view from our room was already worth the price of admission. The lovely soak in the thermal hot springs at the hotel was only topped by the cocktails we had as we bellied up to the wet bar. Literally, wet bar, as we sipped and giggled through our “Sex on the Volcano” and “Guaro Sours”.

Colin: I did not giggle. And I thought it was lovely that Deb was in the pool this time without her shoes on.

Phil: But she did bring her purse.

Deb: We went down for dinner after our spectacular day and all had a dinner tipico, which means a typical Costa Rican meal. We were, as we had been the night before, the focus of a long table of college-aged girls who kept staring and giggling in our general direction.

Phil: We deluded ourselves into thinking that they did not recognize Colin but were wondering who were these handsome men at the next table.

Barbara: At which point I told Phil to get over himself. (we’re kidding!)

Deb: As it turned out, the girls did recognize Colin and were tickled to death to have a group photo with him. They are a lovely bunch of college gals from Little Rock, Arkansas here in Costa Rica for a soccer tournament.

Barbara: Friends or yours, Rigel? (again, just kidding)

Deb: The morning started early with a wonderful buffet breakfast. Have we mentioned the food lately? WOW. Everywhere. Wow. Road-side stops. Wow. Hotels. Wow. Good food, Costa Rica!!!

Barbara: After breakfast, we were picked up by our driver, José (not the same José as before, btw) who was taking us from Arenal to the coast—and to our next hotel, The Harmony in Nosara. José, as with every other driver we’ve had, was charming and sincere. A real (young) gentleman who spoke perfect English and who offered us fascinating tidbits of Costa Rican lore.

And what a drive! Deb did well, in case anyone is wondering (she went Gravol commando—au naturel—and sat in the front for the windy bits). The drive was long—a good five hours—but we passed through some absolutely stunning scenery. We watched the volcano recede after slowly emerging from the clouds for the first time since our arrival, and found ourselves in the deep lush forest, which for the most part is protected from development, that surrounds the gorgeous (and huge) Lake Arenal. On our drive we saw large families of white-nosed quati (a member of the raccoon family) scrounging for lunch and greeting the tourists. So sweet!

This drive really cemented my conviction that Costa Rica can hardly be called a “third world country” anymore. We have now crossed hundreds of miles of country and everywhere we go, the towns and roadsides are spotlessly clean and beautiful. Every economic reality seems to be reflected in the homes, but the difference is, house-pride is unilateral. Every garden and yard is neat, with no garbage, and with some kind of spotless porch oriented for the best view. There is no sign of crime, although it must exist. Maybe in the big cities, and certainly more of the petty nature than anything else. And more importantly, poor live beside rich, fancy home beside modest. Literally side by side. I have rarely seen this kind of community openness.

Deb: After a few hours’ drive, we got to the canyon. We looked at the area with some familiarity—and then realized the mountains looked like the opening credits from Mash (the only thing missing was the helicopter): dry, clay-coloured landscape, the green mixed with stunning gnarled leafless trees.

Barbara: We finally arrived at The Harmony Hotel––

Deb: Intake of breath: paradise. Outtake of breath.

Barbara: ––This is an oasis settled not far from the beach (the area right on the beach here is protected as a turtle habitat).

Colin: For turtle poking.

Barbara: We wasted no time getting changed into bathing suits and running down the short, sandy path to the OCEAN!!!!! Oh my. It is miles and miles of creamy sand, crashing waves (just thick with surfers waiting to catch the next wave), and sun sun SUN!!

A Side-Barb: Today is Deb and Colin’s ANNIVERSARY!!!! Sing it with me: Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary!! 23 years of wedded bliss. And we get to share the day/night with them (well, not the night-night, but you know what I mean). We are just now heading off to our private garden showers (you read that right—private outdoor showers!!!) to get ready for dinner and a relaxing evening of celebration! For our dear friends, for friendship, for Costa Rica.

PS while internet was working fine on our arrival, we haven’t had any luck in the “after hours”, so this was not posted at dinner on Jan 8 as was intended. Instead we are going to bed (after our spectacularly delicious dinner), post unposted, and hoping it goes up in the morning! 

Colin being sweetly approached by college athletes
Arenal Volcano from our room at Arenal Springs Resort

The view of Arenal from the road.

On the road: White-nosed quati

Awesome chicken tacos on the road

The pool at The Harmony Hotel: Paradise!

The beach!!!

Enjoying the anniversary dinner! (Phil apologizes for the grainy shots here; he was using the iPhone for the dinner shots--low light -- and our not-excellent water-proof digital for the beach shots)


  1. I love the critter pictures! And the beach ohmygawsh the beach looks awesome! So glad you all are having a wonderful time.


  2. FIRST!!!

    First off, I'm in HORRIBLE pain awaiting a root canal. Yay. :/ Luckily, this blog makes me feel better.

    Second, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO COLIN AND DEB!!!!!!!! (3 months till my birthday today :D)

    Third, how nice that Colin let a bunch of giggly college girls take a picture. Hmmm....kind of how I was when I met him. Good times :] That beach looks absolutely HEAVENLY. It is cold and dreary today.

    Keep the posts coming! I love them :D

  3. Everywhere you have gone is so gorgeous. It appears you are the only ones there. The beach appeared gloriously empty. Have you met any people along the way beside the soccer players? I would assume if you were in big cities you would see more action but it seems much nicer to travel to resorts in Costa Rica. I have a dear friend who has since passed away but she regaled us with stories of Costa Rica. Happy Anniversary to Deb and Colin.

  4. The photos are lovely! The animals are so interesting. I agree with Kelly, Colin, that was really sweet of you.

    I'll join the chorus: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEB AND COLIN!!!!xoxo

    I have a couple quotations:

    "True love stories never have endings." ~Richard Bach

    "We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love." ~Robert Fulghum, True Love

    Again, happy anniversary to you! What a wonderful way to spend it!

  5. Happy Anniversary Colin and Deb!!

  6. Aww happy, happy anniversery. I hope you all have a wounderful celebraction . Wow , 23 years is a long time. Congrads to you both Deb, and Colin
    Also , love the pics still. wish i could all that you all are seeing in person for myself. But if i cant pics are the next best thing.

    Love the pics of beace. I love the water, and for me the beach has alwaya been a place for, me to melt away my stress. If i keep up with all,my,stress i might just drive myself to,the beach and relax.

    Also have to add that i love the pic Deb of you and Colin.

    Congrats for wonderful 23 years.....!!!!

    Loved the always !!!!
    Barb you look really good in that cute green skirt !!
    And the beach is so beautiful !!!!
    But the best one.......was the last one.....
    Colin and Deb ...gosh you are truly made for each other !!!! The pix is so beautiful....i am welling up here.....I love you both !

  8. Aww the animal pics are so cute!
    And Happy Anniversary Colin and Deb! Congrats on 23 years! and might I say what a wonderful place to be in to celebrate. Costa Rica!

  9. Happy Anniversary Deb & Colin. Has it really been 23 years WOW Just seems like yesterday I use to babysit you Deb Love following your trip too the pictures are great Peggy[your cousin]

  10. First of all thank you everyone for your wonderful anniversary wishes. Right now we are sitting by the pool about to have lunch so all is good in the land of the Costa Rican four. Peggy I love the reference to babysitting me and I remember those days well. Shall we make a pact not to say how long ago that was? LOL. Kelly from N.J I know! The animals. And they were such little dolls the way they moved towards us for a better look! (or hope for food)Shalaka thank-you! We love that pix too!Lyndsie, sounds like a good idea. Get to that beach girl. Oh my goodness Steph I loved the quotes, especially the "weird" one. How did you know??? Madge how nice for you that you can think of your lost friend when you see these posts. I am glad that we have triggered that for you. Although I am sure you did not need us, to remember a wonderful friend who has left! There have been some people Madge who have recognized Colin (is that what you meant?) including a lovely couple from Ireland and one woman from Toronto who said "you're the guy from tv!" But yeah in the city there is always more action. Kelly grrrrr arggggh for the root canal but you will feel like you are laying in the sun when it is over. Sending painless thoughts your way. I know huh Holly-the ctitters! Darling critters!!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary Colin and Deb from
    you friends at Bonavista Lighthouse
    on the Rock!!!! (M & M)
    ps. still hoping to see you on Republic of Doyle one of these days!!

  12. Happy Anniversary and what a wonderful place and way to spend it!
    Todays wonderful pics are the last straw I am so taking the girls swimming next weekend! Won't be the same what with the eye-burning clorine and lack of foliage but it is the closest I'm going to get as I'm not into the whole polar bear club thingy. brrrr. I agree with everyone what cute critters, all 4 of you.

  13. Okay, I can honestly say I am not a person who easily gets envious. People can have their fancy this's and that's (and you know how fancy those can be) and I'm totally indifferent. But having been following this blog all along, Costa Rica Tourist Board, but not having posted till now, here I am green as The Grinch. The scenery pushed me in this direction but the animal shots have done me in. Hope you're happy having contributed to my spiritual demise.


    Now, Deb, I have an assignment for you. Please get in the ocean! IN THE WATER! At least up to your waist or chest, but all the better in over your head swimming along and diving under. Splashing around and feeling the waves wash over you! :) Who knows? You've been charmed by the wildlife on land. Maybe you'll get lucky and get to enjoy some wildlife in the water.

    OK, at this point, I do have to tease you just a little, Deb. You do realize that if you are swimming in the ocean in just over your head, you're still safe because either Barbara or Colin can be standing beside you with their feet flat on the sand with their heads still above water ready to help you, right? *teeheehee*

    Deb, RELAX IN THE OCEAN!!! It is divine!!! Just give yourself over to being a bit of driftwood and enjoy all the lovely sensations! Or, go get a good workout by standing where the waves are breaking, and battle the crashing waves and swirling forces.

    Deb, PLEASE, for ME, don't waste this chance to be in the ocean!!! Get in some salt water time for me, please!!!

    And, Colin, I have an assignment for you. You now only have 2 years' of days left to plan a spectacular London vacation with Deb for y'all's 25th anniversary. She's got unfinished business in that city!

  15. P.S. See? Arkansas women have good taste! :)

  16. Happy Anniversary Deb & Colin!!!

    This seems to be turning into one of those "trips of a lifetime ..." that you'll always remember - but in a fun, positive way. :)

  17. Wow, I just re read my comment i posted,on here and it really sounds bad. My bad didnt mean to complain. Im just stressed.,sorry.

  18. Lyndsie -

    Come on over to my place. I'm sitting here with my left eye painfully swollen shut. Grab root canal Kelly and bring her with you. We'll sit around, drink Diet Cokes, and whine together. :P lol

  19. Oh, oh, OH!!! Animals! There is my Wildlife Happiness right there in those pictures! Those are spelled "coati" in "American" english. I've only seen them in zoos, not walking down the road! And the macaws! And everything!! Thank you, Phil! Best set of pics yet!!

    Barb, you are SUCH a hat person! You look fantastic and cute and darling in the one you've been wearing in most of the pics.

    Yes! This is what I pictured Costa Rica to be. I'm not surprised by the 5-hour drive; I'd read that inner CR and outer CR two different worlds and major cities are further apart. Pool bar! Pool! Beach! Is the pool chlorinated now? Is the ecological awareness as prevalent as it was in your previous hotels?

    It's funny about how the girls were looking at Colin. (That sounds funny itself, doesn't it?) I was waiting last night for you to post again because I was going to ask if anyone had recognized Colin down there. (Jeez... I gotta work on my wording.)

    Why does Colin keep winding up in the back seat? Is he just that used to limo service? ;)

    Oh, so much fun!

    Colin and Deb, much happiness in this next year. And the rest of the years, too.
    Good time of year to get married. Really good week, too. My birthday's the 11th. You have chosen wisely, grasshoppers.

    Enjoy the rest of your beautiful trip! Doesn't seem as if there is any way you couldn't!

  20. Deb and Barbara -

    About 45 minutes ago, I thought of y'all and chuckled to myself. Kiddo and I have both been under the weather today, him with sinus/allergies aggravation and me with a mutant freak left eye. By late afternoon, we were both cranky and climbing the walls so we went out for just a little while, just to get some fresh air between storm fronts and enjoy the warmth before the cold, cold comes in as the week progresses.

    I had to laugh to myself when I ended up walking behind an old man who was, hmmmm how to put this so as not to offend your Canadian sensibilities, exercising his open carry rights. Actually, if I had to guess, he probably has his conceal and carry but had taken off his jacket inside so his weapon was openly visible. About 2 feet in front of me, this old man had his small pistol tucked into the waist band of his jeans nestled in the small of his back.

    That's no big deal around here, but after y'all's reactions to my New Year's Eve tale, y'all immediately flashed through my mind, and I thought, "Deb and Barbara's jaws would be on the ground right now if they were standing here with me. They would be completely flummoxed!" lolol

    Ya know, it's not the law abiding citizens carrying with a permit that you've got to worry about. It's the non-law abiding folks carrying with criminal intent that are the issue. Hence, the law abiding folks carrying with permit. ;)

    Anyway, I'm thinking stopping for a soda here isn't the same experience y'all have with stopping for a soda. :)

  21. PS. Colin, no turtle poking!

    And with that statement, I have discovered yet another of those sentences I never DREAMED I'd ever say. Thank you, sir.

  22. Sharon (Mazel Tov)! ReineJanuary 9, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    Piffle & Pook Cheryl- we all know u have a spirit as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky- no demise imminent! I will say the critters ( & I include the iguanas) are funny & cute( ok iggys not SO much) but the scenery- OY!
    BARB - U know the song!!
    The pool & the beach are just achingly beautiful-what a wondeful place to celebrate an anniversay!
    Wow totally illustrates my Christmas Tree wish-

    So hold this moment fast
    And live and love as hard as you know how
    And make this moment last
    Because the best of times is now!
    Congrats to one of the bested couplings I know!

  23. Oh, and were the soccer players an all-star team combined from universities around the state? Or, based on the guy in the forefront's t-shirt, were they from Ouachita Baptist University? Because Ouchita's not in Little Rock. It's down in Arkadelphia in the far corner of the state from me. AND, it's where our beloved Ruth from here on TMA did her undergrad!!!

    *scurries off to email Ruth to make sure she's seen today's post*
    *braces for loud squeeeeeing from down in Texas*

  24. Again: Lovely and amazing! Pics are stunning as ever!

    I love the ocean! And sandy beaches. And the sun. And bathing in the sea. Walks. Shells. The breeze. *siiiighs*

    Happy anniversary, Deb and Colin! I wish you health, happiness and many, many more years together! Gorgeous pic of you two! :D

    P.S. I would like to take a pic with Colin...or Barbara...or Deb (or Phil ;), too...but that will never ever happen. :P

  25. To Rigel,

    Just saw the pic with the Ouachita shirt! I have the same questions as you! So jealous. At work so I could only glance.

  26. My day has taken such a turn for the weird. And, I haven't decided, yet, if it's "good weird," or, "bad weird."

    1. Courtesy of Dawn's delightfully twisted sense of humor, that dusty closet in my brain that stores away bizarre bits of trivia (it's a huge walk-in closet) is now regurgitating all of those Beavis and Butthead style snicker inducing facts about the sexual endurance of male Galapagos tortoises. Turtle poking, indeed.

    2. Between Sharon's comment above and Colin's earlier snarkiness, I now feel obligated to post the following. Just for you, Colin:

    3. Jonathan Mangum (yes, that one) just DM'ed me on Twitter asking for a recipe.


    This is a weird, weird day. And, that's not even mentioning the residue that has lingered over this day from the nightmare I was having right before waking this morning. It was a long, intense, heart pounding nightmare about being on the run with my son in an effort to save him from a Dalek whose mission was murdering him. And, at the start of the nightmare, we lived on the west coast in a condo with a great view of the Pacific. And, the Dalek was relentlessly hunting us, and everytime we successfully escaped from another near miss, the Dalek would announce that he could always turn himself into a nuclear bomb and blow up the whole city and kill millions of innocent bystanders in order to kill us, too, if that's what it took. And, I kept trying to negotiate with the Dalek telling him that he could kill me if he'd just let my son go inland and stay alive. But, the Dalek always replied that he'd just go after my son anyway once I was dead. It was a bad nightmare.

    Now, my day has included a painfully swollen eye, turtle poking, and a tweet from the Twilight Zone.

    I'm just gonna take my cup of Diet Coke and go curl up over there *points to couch* and hide under my birthday dolphins blanket, now.

    Here's hoping tonight brings sweet dreams of iguanas and quatis instead.

  27. It's amazing how fast an ALL CAPS subject line on an email brings Ruth a-runnin'! :D lololol


  28. Rigel i,might just do that. Lol ,q:-)

  29. OMG thank you DAWN!!!!
    I knew I had seen those Coati animals before in the zoos but I was certain that they didnt start with a Q. This caught my eye because I spent like 10 minutes debating on how to properly say Quati. I would have ran to google but I have had a busy day. You have eased my mind. It was going in circles! LOL

  30. I saw the animal and knew what it was. Then googled to confirm. Glad I could help!

  31. first and foremost i would like to add my voice to those wishing Deb and Colin Happy Anniversary.

    i see deb that you mentioned Colin was recognized by a couple form Ireland . glad to know my fellow country people have taste :-)

    Kelly i hope your dental work goes well . did you know we share the same date of birth ( but i bet you are a lot younger then me!)

    i am still loving the photos . what animal was in the picture underneath the one of the parrots ? beautiful looking so it is . the beach looks amazing too . looks really good for a walk at dusk ( i don't sunbathe as once badly sunburnt twice shy . i have blistered my shoulders once here and once in the UK. no sun cream on earth totally protects my ultra fair skin!)

    thanks a million for expressing an interest in my photos deb . i am not very good really but i do try :-)mostly i take transport pictures , trains buses trams trucks etc , but here are a few examples of my mom transport pictures on my Flickr page ( all of my mom transport pictures normally end up on my facebook page ) :

    St Stephens green Dublin , carriage minus jarvey ( carriage driver)

    St Stephens green and Grafton street

    my suburb of Dublin on a snowy day 28th November 2010

    baggot street bridge

    last but by no means least i call this one i think i pissed off the ducks !

    by the way i have some good pictures from a local Christmas market . i must edit them and get the posted to Flickr i can send you a link if you are interested .

  32. just to let you know i don;t know how to turn links click-able on this site . you are going to have to do a cut and paste job with the links i have left in my last message .

  33. just noticed Rigel's comment about the guy with the gun in the back of his jeans . that would freak me the heck out too . then again i am Irish guns are only common to criminals and farmers here . even the gardai (Irish police force) are unarmed .

    before i leave one small spelling correction : my mom transport pictures should read my non transport pictures .

  34. Dawn - Lemme explain. It was, oh I think a couple of days ago, that Mangum tweeted about having been thwarted by a devious Hot Pocket. Just trust that there are enough cars between engine and caboose on this train of thought that it sort of, however strangely, makes sense that I'm now going to be taking snapshots as I cook up some of the groceries I buy this coming Thursday.

    As I've gone through this day which has rapidly degenerated into an episode of Sick Sad World from Daria, I've repeatedly thought, "I wonder what cool, wonderful, happy adventure Barbara and Deb are having right now."

    And, yes, I am absolutely jealous that y'all're at a warm beach. *sniffle*

    Linda: Cops w/o guns?!? HUH, WHA?!?!? The mind boggles... Do they at least carry tasers? (Our local cops have both tasers and pistols on their belts.)

    How the hell do your cops not have guns?!?!?!?

  35. HAPPY 23RD ANNIVERSARY, DEB & COLIN - AND MANY, MANY MORE WONDERFUL YEARS TOGETHER!! Thanks for the 'tour' and sharing part of your life and time with us! The place looks spectacular, so sit back, relax, have lots of fun in the sand and sun, and enjoy!

    My computer broke down a few weeks ago, so I haven't been able to follow you since before Christmas. I've got some catching up to do!

    Sharon Rogers

  36. Linda, I'm looking through your pics. A fox in the garden on a snowy day?!? SQUEEEEEE!!!!

  37. Deb, when I found that "weird" quotation, I immediately thought of you and Colin! (in a good way, of course).

  38. FYI: just read something on Yahoo! about Colin writing a book???????? If so...AWESOME.

    On the mend now after my root canal...will keep everyone posted. (read my blog)

  39. BTW, the anniversary snapshots remind me of a conversation I was part of on Saturday evening in the breakroom at work. Several of us were sitting around talking about how much we hope 2012 will be better than 2011. Amongst those in the room, 2011 had brought a hefty supply of hard blows, despair, losses, and grief. So, anyway, we were talking about wishes for 2012, resolutions, etc. And, a couple of women brought up hoping that 2012 would bring, "A good man."

    I thought (and eventually said out loud), "While I'd welcome a man for the steady supply of sex, having someone to spoon with in bed, and having a tall, strong, chest to curl into and feel the man's arms go around me in a tight hug when I'm feeling weak, sad, and wobbly, right now, I can truly say a relationship would be inconvenient. I have plans. I have things I need to get done. And, a man could really be in the way. For a man to come along right now, he'd have to blend into my plans and my changing life. Right now, I'm not willing to bend to a man's will and have a man get in the way of what I'm working toward. But, yeah, I do miss getting my brains screwed out on a frequent basis."

    They all stared at me like I was nuts.

    But, I have to admit that when I look at your anniversary snapshots and remember that love letter post from a while back, the following goes through my mind, "I would not settle for anything less in a relationship."

  40. Kelly! *gentle hugs* Oh, you poor thing!

    *more careful hugs*

    Chocolate pudding?

  41. Hey root canal Kelly ( sorry , that seems like a rude name to call you.......okay I'll try again)
    Hey Kelly, I have something that will help ease the pain from your root canal <3
    Click on my name above and then my "Just Me" blog.
    I uploaded a few of my pics.
    They made my Grandmom feel better when she wasn't feeling well. She said she liked how they seemed calm.
    Made her smile too! (you don't have to smile if it hurts : ) )
    Hope it helps you feel better!

  42. Hey all. Kelly's in here hanging out with me; we're taking care of her. She's feeling better after a Lortab and prescription strength ibuprofen. :]

  43. *facepalm* turtle poking *back to facepalm, knowing that comment isn't going away no matter how much I hope it does*

    Rigel-I remember the hotpocket catastrophe of 2012. You take any pictures you want.

  44. Well, I gotta teach the man how to make homemade ones. Tastier, cheaper, healthier, and, since they are baked, unable to lead to another one of those humiliating microwave incidents. Besides, start to finish, they take, what?, 15 minutes? Easypeasy.

    Still, seriously, that DM today was a definitive WTF?!?! moment. The universe decided to throw me a rather amusing curve ball today which is a nice balm given how badly my eye is hurting.

    (Every time I type DM, I think Dungeon Master instead of Direct Message.)

    BTW, Dawn, video of that, errmmm, ya know, turtle poking tortoise endurance topic made the geek blog circuit a long while back. Lemme tell ya, that's a weird enough topic to have sticking power in one's brain. There were even *shudder* sound effects. Turtle poking. Tortoise porn. I'm just sayin'... *shudders again*

  45. Uh oh.

    It occurs to me that discussions of anything involving the terms "Hot Pockets" and "porn" should never be typed out in that close of proximity to each other.

    This could easily degenerate into a really baaaaaad game of "If You Know What I Mean" Whose Line style.



    Aaaah, screw it. I want a cupcake. *stomps away*

  46. LOL...If You Know What I Mean is one of my favorite Whose Line games. One big seemingly dirty joke after another!

    *wants cupcake...*

    This blog makes me so happy! :)

  47. What fun! Sooooo happy Deb didn't get sick or need the Gravol! Beautiful photos of the volcano. I LOVE volcanology. Isn't it pretty when the clouds go by a mountain and some get stuck to the top of it. I loved watching that phenom when I lived in Southern Utah. If you've never been there you should make it an item on your bucket list. Red mountains, water falls, etc..
    Turtle you ride a horse for that, and do they call one who does it a turtleboy? I'd like to see the turtleboy hat.
    Aren't Scarlet Macaws gorgeous...and loud. There are all kinds of lovely parrots down there, most of which can be trained to talk. I'm just curious if your "chicken" tacos talked at one point. lol... (just kidding, of course. they're probably iguana) :)
    Happy happy anniversary to the love birds. Did ya ever notice how much anniversary sounds like adversary? :) Glad you guys made it so long. I was married 15 years myself..just not to the same person. ha
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    hugs & huaraches (you need to come home. I'm running out of h words I know in spanish. ha)

  48. The volcano pics reminded me of the Colin and Brad show back in April when sound effects was that they were volcano scientists.

    *goes back to screaming ROLL TIDE!!!*
    (3rd quarter, 15-0, Bama is destroying LSU)

  49. I just stumbled upon this blog (well, not *just* - I've been spending the last week or so perusing the archives) and I have to admit, I'm amazed.
    Not only with the amazing photography that immediately caught my eye in these most recent posts, but with the things you choose to talk about. So many of these topics are ones I've often tried to discuss on my own blog, but somehow I could never find the right words. You, it seems, had no such problems.
    I've been part of this blogging phenomenon for almost a year now, but before I found this, I never found something else that I devotedly followed in hopes of more. From what I've read, the two of you are everything I've ever wanted to be: compassionate, hilarious, profound and goofy in equal measure, actors/writers, and, if I'm perfectly honest, Canadian. (I'm a northern Minnesota girl myself - which my out-of-state relatives frequently call the 'Canadian Minnesota' region.) There are, of course, many other sterling adjectives I could list off the top of my head, but I've got more to say as well.
    Frankly it blows my mind how much of your musings resonates as it does with me. So, on that note, please know that you've got yourself a follower for eternity.
    Enjoy your trip. Happy anniversary.

    May your life be interesting,

  50. ROLL TIDE!!!! 21 - 0 Victory!!!!!!!




    YAY, ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    The University of Alabama Class of 1994, New College, WHP, UHP
    Bama's in the house!

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!

  51. Ahem.

    Dear Non-Americans,

    The University of Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Louisiana State University Tigers in a football game tonight. That's American football, not soccer. This was the college football national championship game. Alabama scored 21 points. LSU scored 0. I graduated from The University of Alabama. Therefore, I am very happy that they won this football game and are the #1 college football team in the United States of America.

    Love and hugs,


  52. Happiest of anniversieries to you, Deb and Colin!

  53. Just read Kelly's comment about Colin writing a book and had to search for info about it online.

    Colin, are you writing a book? For real?! That would definitely be a book I would buy!

    Also, I loved If You Know What I Mean, too! Great game! Always loved Colin's phrases. "Look what I can do with the donuts! *moves fingers around in the air*" Good times, good times...*sigh*

  54. Beautiful. The volcano photo is stunning.

    Happy belated anniversary to Deb and Colin.

  55. Deb is answering all the comments on Day 6 -- we are soooo enjoying reading all of these and we thank you sooooo much -- but we didn't want to forget to say Hello, new Sarah!! And welcome! We are thrilled you found us and can't wait to catch up with you on our return. We have an amazing group here and we hope you won't be shy about chiming in!


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