Monday, January 16, 2012

Rewind ... Snap!

Deb: Remember in Annie Hall when Woody Allen was trying to win an argument with a pretentious knob in the movie lineup? In order to put a stop to the inane back and forthing and secure himself as the winner, Woody casually goes behind a cardboard movie marquee and guides Marshall McLuhan toward his opponent, whereupon Mr. McLuhan puts said knob in his place.

How many times have we wished for that moment in life? How many times have we fantasized that we could call upon irrefutable proof when we are defending ourselves?
Art by Deb's finger

Last week we endured a huge kafuffle when someone in our lives angrily insisted that I had failed to impart to them some extremely important information, thus causing them undue stress, anger, and fear. They were very upset and proceeded to tear a strip off of me and three other innocent parties. The people he was dressing down had no idea to what he was referring as they had done nothing wrong. They were confident that I had done my part as promised and yet they were being lectured by this irate person.

The thing is, I had done my part. I had delivered in detail every piece of essential information needed, leaving no stone unturned. But my angry friend would hear none of it and insisted that the conversation had never taken place. I was miffed and frustrated. It had taken place. This I knew. But how to prove it?

Grasping at straws, I glanced around to see if Marshall McLuhan was maybe waiting for his cue in our powder room or crouched beside our piano, but he wasn’t.

So what does one do when these unfair moments occur?

I will admit that many times a day I may not be able to remember why I came upstairs, or what your name is, but when it comes to important conversations, I have a mind like a steel trap. As I was being dressed down by this irate person, all I could see in my mind’s eye was the replay of the exact conversation that had taken place between us. The problem was, only I could see it.

In the end, I was saved by my husband who piped up that he had been there for the conversation, and that I had indeed imparted every single morsel of information. Bless his beak!

But what about the other times when you do not have a trusty witness to jump to your defense? What then?????????

My husband, as I have reported before, often laments the “heinous lie” that was the jet-pack. He was positive that by now he would certainly have his own jet-pack charging in the garage. He does not give a damn that they have not cured the common cold. In fact he would be perfectly happy if they would give up trying for a cure and put all their brainpower behind his beloved, unrealized jet-pack.

Me? I want an earring. Just something simple, maybe a tiny gold stud ... but with the ability to instantly playback moments in my life in a full HD 3-D projection that also includes any person I am trying to prove my point to.

A sample usage might go this way:

Doctor’s secretary: ”Ms. McGrath, I am going to have to charge you for your missed appointment last week.”

Me: “But I called more than 48 hours before and cancelled my time.”

D.S.: “Sorry, Ms. McGrath, but I have nothing on the record to indicate that.”

Me: ”Well, I called and I spoke to a ‘Diane’ who took the message.”

D.S.: “Well Ms. McGrath, there is nothing in the record, so...”

Slowly and without emotion, my hand reaches up towards my gold stud and I tap it, ever so slightly. Before you can say Princess Leia, out streams a tiny projection flowing freely between us, showing clearly and with stereophonic sound, me making the call a full two days before the appointment. The projection ends with “Diane” hanging up the phone, spilling coffee on her desk, cleaning it up, and resuming her duties, the conversation with me, gone from her mind.

I tap the stud. Projection ended. I look the receptionist in the eye, my face neutral, my demeanor calm.


Oh what joy that would bring. Oh the satisfaction of it. I would have to go home and nap after such a triumph!

Okay, yes, I have allowed myself a generous helping of petty today.
But oh ... oh ... ohhhhhhhh, wouldn’t it be swell? Oh the places I could go. Oh the conversations I could recreate! Oh the points I could make, the proof I could offer.

Now I should say at this point that I am not an obsessively “right” person. By that I mean I do not always have to be right. Far from it. I am the first to admit wrongdoing or mistakes and I always apologize immediately and profusely.

But when I am right, when I have done my due diligence, when I have covered my bases to the nth degree and it is denied me in a loud angry tone?...

Where is Marshall McLuhan when you need him?

Barbara: Oh, Deb, this made me laugh so much!! And I know the actual situation you speak of because I was there when it was going down. This is so much more frustrating than the simple “two different versions of a story” because there were real repercussions here. I always like to imagine what would be the most beneficial response to any complicated human shenanigan, but, damn, if I can’t think of anything else for this sitch. I think you handled it perfectly by simply stating your case, presenting your defense, and finally letting it go. That said, I LOVE your earring idea. That is by far a more elegant “final word” than anything I could’ve come up with! 


  1. Oh my god !!! Deb its like you snuck in my head and stole my memories !!!! lol JK...!!! But seriously...I am laughing so much because...I remember all the times Ive been in these situations !!! I know how you feel..I know how frustrating it is to explain it to someone...who sometimes doesnt even wanna listen to you !!! But Like Barb said...I keep thinking about a way that would tell them "DUDE I AM RIGHT !!!!!"...ya know in a subtle way !!! But Nowadays......I just stopped giving a damn !!!! I realized that...They will never understand what I am trying to say because they will never leave their story..Like I am not leaving mine. It gets easy when you realize the other person is doing the same thing you are doing !!!
    knowing they are right !!! So I think I would do the same thing....state my case..Present my defense and let go !! So i have the satisfaction that I TRIED to explain !!!!
    I love the earring Colin...I'd love a jetpack too !!!!:D

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  3. PS....How adorable is the finger ART ??? I LOVED IT !!!!!!

  4. I love this post today. First I have to say that I have.never seen or even heard the movie that you all are talking about. I am sure it is a great,movie. Also I have to say that I get what you all are saying in this post as I also have had someone blame me for something that I just know I did. The thing with me is that even if someone is blameing for something that I know in my heart that I did the best thing for me to do is just let,them have their opinions and ignore them. The reason behind my opinion is that I have learned so much this week that life Is way to short to argue with people. My grandfather has just been told he is dying so this week I have been thing alot how life is way to short to argue with people. I say if you knnow that u did something when people say u didnt just ignore them and turn the other way. eventually they'll get over it and stop being mad.

    By the way Deb love,the cute little picture.:-) great post,all. Love it

    1. Yup..I forgot to mention that :D...and Lyndsie you said it :D.I havent heard of the movie either...But I am sure it must be awesome :P

  5. Reminds me of a real silly, although good natured argument my husband and I had a few years back. Of all the stupid things we could disagree on it was about how many little dancing bears had been on one of the girls birthday cakes. I said 4 he said 3. I made and decorated the cake and just knew I was right so after much back and forth we went for the camcorders version of events. Let’s just say I was not too subtle in victory, in fact a few raspberries may have been involved but it was certainly satisfying to see such irrefutable proof.

  6. Sorry Deb this happened to you. I am assuming that the party referred to in this story apologized and admitted their error (NOT!!!). Usually, even with witnesses people tend to believe in what they think happened. Be right or be happy. I choose be happy.I will argue my point to a degree and then I just agree to disagree. Also, someone who is so irate usually has other issues going on in their life which have nothing to do with you.

  7. Shalaka, you are right. State the case and let it go. I agree. But man I sure would love that playback app!!!! Lyndsie I highly recommend this movie Annie Hall. It is the only one of Woody Allen's movies that ever won an Oscar for best picture. Thanks for the finger art compliment. Makes me feel like a kid again. I wasn't good in art class then either! LOL. Erin I love the dancing bear argument. LOVE IT! Madge thanks, it was a shame. It was our house sitter who claimed we did not tell him that friends were coming for a massage in our gym which has a massage table and where I get mine. They had been in a horrible car accident and are getting massage in our home. Our house sitter knows these people well but because he claimed that I had not told him they were coming, their presence when he returned from the store to find them there, frightened him. I felt very badly that he was frightened. But I also resented that he literally tore a strip off of them and the massage therapist who were innocent of any charge. And add to that...He was WRONG. He had been told. So that is the whole sorted mess. Now, instead of saying sorry to us, he is just ignoring the whole thing as if it never happened. I have chosen to let it go. And Madge you hit the nail on the head. With him, it is about so much more in his life then this. He is a wounded soul.

    1. I'm sure someone is working on the app Deb...You'll get it soon ...god there are like gazillion apps out now...I know coz my friends keep annoying me to get it in my cell....!!and thanks for the movie tip...I'm gonna watch Annie Hall now !!!!

  8. AAHH a gold earring as Deb mentioned would be awfully awfully useful...and for me, I could settle for multiple gold earrings (I have two piercings in both my ears, QUADRUPLE the proof, yah!!!!!!)

    I like your finger art, by the way. I should download something like that for my iPod. And I am 100% with Madge; happy is always the option for me; if need be I will argue my point (gently) but then I usually just agree to disagree too. Great post today! :D

    Trying to get used to this new computer (mine is currently in line to get a new keyboard).

  9. Deb,

    When I first read through your post, I got a huge urge to slime that person Nickelodeon-style. While he was fussing at you and the others, I wanted a huge vat of green goo to pour down on him leaving him spluttering and covered in ick. Nasty little idiot!

    I also thought, "I bet he STILL thinks he's right. And, I bet he hasn't apologized." Because it was Colin who came to your defense, I imagined the offending dufus thinking, "Well, he's her husband. Of course, he's gonna say that. He's gonna take her side no matter what." At which point, I'd be even more irritable toward that person because he'd impugned Colin's honesty. At which point, I started imagining the slime again -- with a bonus kick to the left shin. And, that kick rendered with really pointy toed shoes. Or, steel toed boots.

    Basically, I look at that rude creature treating y'all like that, especially you Deb!, and get all huffy and pissy, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner," style.

    Petty? Immature? Sure. But, I'm just irritable enough today to think these things. I'd never act on them. But, I sure do think them.


  10. OK.

    *deep breath*

    Easing off from the irritation. (Partially.)

    1. Deb. Finger art. Useful stuff. See Day 3.

    2. Colin: I know it's not the same thing, but maybe it would tide you over.

  11. Absolutely unrelated, but WTF moments just beg to be shared:

    My son is out of school today for the MLK,Jr. holiday. I told him he could play video games for the first part of the day, but he wasn't going to be glued to a screen all day. (We're going across the river to a town that has a Hastings in a little while.)

    Eddie's in the next room playing Minecraft. His dad paid for him a subscription because he got 3 A's and 4 B's on his report card.

    Things I have heard from his room in the last hour:
    1. *hollering at the screen* "NO, MUSHROOM COW! DON'T GO INTO THE FIRE!" I have no idea, and I don't want to know.
    2. After he'd earlier explained to me that he was building a giant man-shaped structure in game to burn tonight like at the Burning Man festival, he called out to me, "Hey, Mom, do you think it needs some C-4?"
    Perhaps we've watched a bit too much Mythbusters over the years?

    I just gave him his 10 minute time warning to get off the game. It's time to drag his little self back out into the real world. LOL

    Of course, when we get to Hastings, what is he gonna dive into? Gaming magazines and manga!

    1. So so so sweetly funny. PS so sorry about the hours. SUCKS!!!

  12. Rigel I loved the finger art stuff. Made me realize that anything is possible with finger art thanks. No Mushroom cow, don't go into the fire! LOL! Holly you could have apps for every occasion with that many piercings. Lucky you! I just have four. One in one ear and three in the other year. So I must choose wisely when these human apps come along!!! And Rigel I always appreciate your jumping to my defence but I always have to remind myself that this person has other issues. It does not excuse him from being rude, but it explains it. Does that make any sense?

  13. Deb -

    Recognizing the other person's issues is the difference between imagining green slime or molten lava. ;)

    (Sorry, I woke up this morning in does-not-play-well-with-others mode because for the next month and a half or 2, my hours are cut at work by 1/4. Yup, I'm on 3/4 pay until into March. This is the slow season for the store, so dozens of us are gonna suffer until the weather warms and business picks up. This has knots tied in my tummy and an unpleasant irritability coursing through my noggin. I have never claimed not to be a mood swinging pissy bitch.)

  14. BTW, is one of the people he screamed at Cheryl? Are those the car crash massage people? Because, if so, add a kick to his right shin, too. ;) *giggle*

  15. Your post today kind of makes me want to make sure I slow down and realize everything that is going on around me. Today was move-back-in-day at college for spring semester so for the past few days I have been running around trying to make sure I have everything I need packed and all together. Then I have to unpak it all once at college. BUSY!
    I love the finger drawing!! reminds me of all my absent minded doodles along the margins of my notebooks.....speaking of that earing I could use it to record my lectures. I always end up flipping through my note books frantically tring to find that one small fact I knew I wrote down. Too bad my ears aren't pierced!
    okay I got to get back to unpacking now . ( who would know you need so much stuff for just 4 months!)

  16. Rats! Rigel that is such a drag about your hours. I hope it does not last too too long. Yes he did yell at Cheryl and her husband and the massage therapist who I have been going to for 25 years! Kelly from NJ you will soon be settled in, relaxed and with plenty of time for lazy margin doodles!

  17. I don't know the guy...I can understand that he was scared, when he saw your friends, and didn't know (had forgotten) that they came.

    I know how that feels, because I tend to forget things so easily...(I'll buy two earrings, then)

    But I don't understand, why he was so rude. :/ Even if you hadn't told him...there's no need to yell at your friends or you.

    I try to be patient and calm, but sometimes I can become very aggressive...don't like that, either.

    Diane reminded me of the Twin Peaks Diane (anybody knows her?)...because she's not really there, either, but Agent Cooper does talk to her. :P

    1. I LOVED Twin Peaks, Becki, although haven't seen it since it was actually on the air. Phil and I would brew coffee and get donuts and watch each new episode with bated breath. Speaking of bated breath, that's always a good go-to in times of conflict :)

    2. Aww, I only know it, because a friend of mine showed it to me. And then I bought the DVDs. :) It's awesome.

      Donuts! Unfortunately, we can't buy them here...(well, at least not in my little city - we have Donut stores in Berlin and in Cologne. Whenever I get there, I buy loads of them). When I went to Canada I fell in love with them (and with the ice cream). :)

  18. Laughing. Still. Man I love this. And it's so true.

  19. I'm a little stressed out just reading this. it's too close to home. nothing messes with my feathers more than being wrongly accused of something. and as it has been pointed out to me, I'm not exactly a pushover. which you can interpret to mean, I have absolutely no problem arguing right back with the source of injustice, particularly if they're incredibly rude. YET. yet. THIS is such a perfect situation to put our (yoga/meditation/self-enlightenment/therapy) practice into, well, practice. I have learned that personalizing such an attack and launching a counterattack only throws fuel on the fire, and that both people get burned in this case. Being able to tune into your own truth and then stand quietly, firmly and compassionately in it, not only ensures you won't get too overheated, it just might set an example for the anger management victim in the process. we all have our work to do in this world. clearly he has his. no need for you to take his work on. just keep on taking responsibility for your own "stuff" and letting go of the rest. PEACE.

    1. I think we all relate to these moments (and worry about how we will react). Love the meditative peace in your response though. And am happy to know it can be done!!

  20. Deb, Why did that man cough up a wedge of cheese at your head? I'm referring to your whimsical illustration, which made me giggle. :)
    I've put a lot of time and effort into learning how to let people own their own feelings/anger. If someone wants to be mad at me about something, they can. What they can't do is chew large chunks of my posterior off in the process. When they try this, they end up poking the bear. I've had grown up, linebacker sized, men back way the hell up at the mere glance from the Bear. I will attempt to keep the Bear locked up, and turn and walk away, but there have been times when her Bearish anger must be appeased with (figurative) blood. Oh the horror, the carnage, the terror,
    THE BEAR. She scares ME and I'm HER. lol But seriously, I've taught myself that most things are really not worth an argument. If I know I'm correct I'll tell you so and leave it at that. If the person continues ranting they can do it to my ginormous buttocks as I saunter away in my self-righteousness, only stopping if the severely wrong person dares
    to come into physical contact with me, thus releasing THE BEAR.
    Now I don't know what your situation was but I question whether or not that person was really your "friend". I don't think friends...true friends, would treat another friend that way. That's just my way of thinking though, and obviously from reading how I react to an argument, you might be better off learning anger management from someone in the Wrestling community...or an animal trainer. :) I'm glad that your dear hubster was there to jump in and help set things straight. I do hope you got an apology, and in front of the other people around during the disagreement. If you didn't, let me know and I'll get the Bear ready to travel to Canada. ;-)
    P.S. Where DID you get that dress in your illustration? Oh, and those shoes are divine! ;) lol

    1. You are TOO cute!!! Thanks for the laugh (and bearly images).

  21. ...Oh and P.S.A(gain)... No recording earring for ME, thank you much. I think we are recorded too much already in our day to day lives. Every street corner has a camera, as does every store. Besides, a recording can also show when we were wrong. I'd rather the doubt still be there that I had been a knucklehead. :)
    Hugs again,

  22. your gold earring idea is a great one deb. great help in dealing with my mother . although we do get on her capability for listening to dad or i can be a wee bit on the low side . if there is a debate over something that was said (or not ) push earring and what was said would be seen . how cool .

  23. @Rigel: LOVE Hastings!!!!!!! Cheap DVD-lovers of the world unite! :D

  24. @Holly - *waves* Yup, that was me sitting in the squishy green chair with a stack of magazines! :) I savored issues of mental_floss, Belle Armoire, Backwoods Home, 2 magazines about women and tattoos, Jewelry Affaire, and Countryside Magazine and Small Stock Journal. It was a happy camper few hours for me. :) Eddie snarfed down gaming magazines (he is an avid Nintendo Power reader) and then computer magazines. He spent some of his cash (the kid has more spending money than I do!) on a computer magazine.

    Bonus prize, we also made a stop at Tractor Supply Company. I do so enjoy TSC! Sadly, today's visit didn't come with any superhot cowboys. :( I bought a really cool Chickens magazine (from the publisher who puts out Hobby Farm Home) for my best friend. We dropped it off at her house on the way back into town. My indulgences for the night (the last of the indulgences for several weeks so I sure am going to savor these) were an issue of Mary Jane's Farm (@TSC), the newest issue of mental_floss (@Hastings), and a thriftiness ideas book (from the Christmas clearance table @TSC).

    I hardcore drooled over the winter issue of Belle Armoire, but the $14.99 price tag urged me to exercise restraint and not succumb to the allure.

    I don't know if I'll be as strong when the new issue of Altered Couture hits the magazine racks in Feb. *whimper*

    My son is already beginning to demonstrate some of the stereotypical male-female contrast when it comes to shopping. When we were in TSC, when he was all caught up in the current issue of Guns & Ammo, he wasn't ready to go even when I was trying to nudge him along. Yet, when I paused to squeeeeee over a sparkly pink John Deere hoodie on the way out of the store, suddenly he was all, "Let's go, Mom!" and tugging on my arm.

    Getting out of this hellhole town for the afternoon and evening was a fabulous reboot for my cranky brain!

    Oooo, and Dyersburg's AirEvac *pause to send burst of warm fuzzies to my helicopter darlings* went out on a hop while we were at Hastings and came back into base while we were grabbing a road snacks and potty break on the way back to the interstate. We've got storms brewing overnight as a cold front moves in. I know how hard the wind gusts pushed against my car when I was up on the bridge over the Mississippi River. I can't even imagine how hard the pilot was having to fight the stick in these winds. I wonder how many hours it is till the weather grounds them.

    Oy! And, before anyone (not from the American South) bites my head off over my son reading Guns & Ammo, that's his dad's doings.

    Stop SOPA! Stop PIPA! Go dark on 1/18! Call your Senators and Representatives!

    1. OMG Rigel I totally understand your excitement at tractor supply! I really do like their clothes <3 Cabela's usually has good clothes too : )
      Granted, since I live smack dab in the middle of NJ, Tractor supply stores are not too abundant but I love the one I found.
      And I completely understand the whole guns and ammo thing. My entire family should be in the deep south somewhere....we are redneck to the bone (go ahead try me, I bet you what ever you can think of we either have it or have done it) LOL : ) we are very out of place in NJ
      If it makes you feel any better about the magazine, my brother had his own shotgun before he was in high school. thats just normal for our family.
      .....I kinda feel like this needs one of those little warnings too. like dont worry we are in fact responsible and understand the danger associated with guns and we dont just let him run around when/where ever he wants to with it.
      ok there I warned you all

    2. Omigosh, KellyfromNJ! The best, Best, BEST thing about TSC in Chick Days in the spring!!! I always drive over and snuggly cuddle the baby chicks and ducks!!! SO. MUCH. SQUEEE.

      2nd best thing about TSC? HOT cowboys in tight Wranglers. Yum.

      I'm currently experiencing bibliolust over a book I found there this afternoon about maintaining a small herd of llamas and/or alpacas. Squeeeee!

      BTW, for the record, I am NOT a redneck. As a matter of fact, I, at the least, baffle and, at the worst, disgust and/or frighten the local redneck men.

      I'm not a gun freak. But, I did grow up a Southern girl (albeit, a freakyass liberal one LOL). When I was a teenager, my dad took me out often enough with weapons to make sure I knew how to get the job done before I left home to live on my own. I may not be a sharp shooter, but I understand empty the clip into center body mass. ;) I will inherit, and then my son will, my Granddaddy's guns and my dad's guns. One of those guns was my Granddaddy's daddy's! Most I will keep (securely) as family history. But, the .22 rifle and the 9mm semiautomatic pistol --- those will be my "property insurance" when I eventually achieve my Life 2.0 dream of a 5-10 acre homestead with small house, huge garden, llamas, a dog, and chickens (I'm also starting to think on a couple of goats and donkeys, maybe). I have to defend my animals from coyotes, bobcats, and whathaveyou. And, I have to defend myself from trespassers with evil intent. (Believe me, my whole property line will be legally marked with No Trespassing and No Hunting signage.)

      But, I'll still use a shovel or hoe on the rattle snakes.

    3. BTW, KellyfromNJ --

      Did the Thanksgiving Days of your youth ever involve an after meal (likely during half time of the football game) out in the cold air adventure in shooting at the wood pile out back of your Grandmama's house with your uncles. ;)

  25. My, my..what is this? back to reality, everyday life! Sorry you had to endure that. Maybe his problem was low blood sugar, Ha. Maybe a full moon!? Whatever the case, no excuse to publicly scream at someone. He keeps that up and he will give himself a heart attack. The good part……your husband came to your rescue…Defended his wife. He threw his body over you, so to speak, and protected you from the charging, raging bull! OLE!!! Hope things go better for you tomorrow. I am sure he will suffer a spell with colitis after that overflow of bile.

    1. Sorry,forgot to sign..It´s me, Glenda in CR.

  26. Deb -

    Is this the same housesitter/dog walker you griped about in an earlier post about learning to speak up about service providers treating you discourteously?

  27. I was wondering why two people were arguing over a giant slice of pizza between them. :)

    I used to date a guy who always would insist that conversations had never taken place. Even after I noted for him the time, location, events leading up to said conversation; he'd still insist that it never took place. He did this so often that I began to wonder if it was me and not him.

    Long story short, fast-forward about 15-20 years; I found out he ended up in a psychiatric hospital. I knew it wasn't me! (unless, of course, I was the reason he ended up there).

    1. Maggie St -

      I really shouldn't chuckle because it's tragically sad that the guy ended up in a psych hospital. I hope he got the treatment he needed and was able to function well at a normal life.

      But, the way you closed your comment reminded me of a really funny scene from my tied-for-all-time-favorite movie:

      (Top 3 all-time favorites: Real Genius, Seven Samurai, Ghostbusters)

      Deb and Barbara -
      Did y'all tinker with the blog's time settings, or is blogger hiccuping again? Your blog has always had an Eastern Time Zone time stamp, but tonight's it's stamping everything as though it were out of Pacific Time Zone.

    2. I have to agree with Rigel, Maggie: so sad, but your final line made me laugh out loud (sorry, Karma!!)

    3. Oh, and time zone thing -- that's weird. Will look into it right now...

  28. Wow, guns, cheese wedges pizza slices and time zones. Love the discussion going on. The gun one always fascinates me. It's as if we are talking about another world, another planet. This is not by the way judgement at all. We all live in different worlds. You may find it interesting to know that we do not know one single person who owns a gun. When I lived in L.A. for My Talk Show, every single writer on the show owned a gun. Colin and I thought we had fallen down the rabbit hole!
    Ha ha ha everyone, Okay so I can't draw! You got me!!! Anyway it did make me giggle. Pizza slice, wedge of cheese. It is supposed to be a projection of what happened earlier so that stick Deb can prove to stick guy that she was right. Sigh. Back to the old drawing board...literally. As far as the time zone thing? That's Barb's department. Over to you Barb.

    1. Sometimes, I worry that you and Barbara will be irritated when you wake up in the morning and see that we've been hanging out and playing on your blog overnight -- like we've been loitering in your yard and have left litter behind.

    2. This is me reaching across the blogosphere and slapping your pretty face ;) Litter?!!!! Silly girl -- 1, we love reading all and any shenanigans on our returns to the screen, and 2, and most importantly, we want and hope for this to be a community, not our private and exclusive-to-two club. so there!

  29. Deb -

    You went with R2D2's projection of Leia's, "Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."

    But, I think that after any time you had used your projection earring to prove your point, you should have to solemnly end the audiovisual holographic projection testimony by gravely intoning, "Many Bothans died to bring us this information."

  30. I too suffer from l'esprit de l'escalier.

    "literally, 'staircase wit' is a French term used in English that describes the predicament of thinking of the right comeback too late"

    If you ever engineer those earrings, I'll take a gross of 'em.

    1. Okay, I LOVE Esprit de l'escalier. Sounds so civilized to be pissed, doesn't it?!

    2. I am designing already Patti...

  31. Sharon ( U TALKIN&#39; To ME?!) ReineJanuary 17, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    In nursing we have a saying" If you don't write it, it didn't happen". Document EVERYthing, all the time.( with the time and as close to the event as possible) TELLING someone ( well this person) is never as good as leaving a note esp in email- "paper" trails R EVERYthing legally-. And they are so nice to print out and unfold and FLOURISH under somebody's nose!
    Deb u r 2 nice!- but I guess that's where Colin can come in and w the ole height=power gently ( or NOT so much) point them in the "right direction."
    Oh and personal aside- If he picks on Cheryl again I know 50 peeps who will come down on his head like a an avalanche in Whistler- just sayin'.;d

    1. Cute name change, Sharon!! I will also say that if you're in a sitch to write something down ahead of time, that's an EXCELLENT real-life solution to this quandary.

    2. Sharon ( Annie Wilkes) ReineJanuary 17, 2012 at 10:50 PM

      Yeah i KNOW- the program did sumpin weird when I used the apostrophe adding numbers AND changing to a semi colon.
      Wonder what Travis Bickle would do??
      N-N-NO- perhaps- not.

    3. Sharon yes. Paper trail. yes. will do. Thanks. you are so right.

    4. Oh and Sharon, just FYI, Cheryl was a victim in this.

    5. is d.s ryan stiles' wife?

    6. BTW I LOVE COLIN MOCHRIE, HES SOO ADORABLE, IM 15 THO LOL :)! Sorry about the caps

  32. Sharon (Hammer of Justice!) ReineJanuary 18, 2012 at 7:42 PM

    "Cheryl was a victim in this."
    Yes eg zacly- so the house sitter needs to mind his P's & Q's w her and her hubby OR be subject to a VERY STERN TALKING TO from Auntie Sharon?


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