Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Body Parts

Barbara: I’m going off-schedule this week—Five Crazy Things for today, longer blog post for tomorrow. Long story, but suffice to say, it’s better this way!

Okay, so body parts. I want to know what 5 things you love about your physical self today. Yes, 5! This may be super-easy for some of you (and we want to learn from you), but we all know now that confidence is more attractive than actual “perfection”. Let’s adopt some confidence today. And no provisos! (ie I love my nose, but it’s really long and pointy, so maybe I shouldn’t, or whatever). Today, we are all gorgeous!
1. My nose.
2. My feet (this probably would never have a proviso attached. Even on a bad day, I’ve always loved my feet).
3. My lower back dimples.
4. My lips.
5. My softer tummy (I used to covet the flat, flat tummy, and even while naturally thin, of course, could never achieve it. Today, I truly love the soft roundness of my older tummy. And, yes, I said “today”.)

1. My eyes. Whenever my face is looking sleepy, I just look in my eyes and am happy.
2. My feet. I should have been a ballerina. My feet are great and I love them.
3. My eyelashes and eyebrows—Dark, long, dependable.
4. My hands—My mom's hands.
5. My knees—My Dad's knees. 


  1. 1. My eyes
    2. My nails (someone does them so what's not to love)
    3. My Brain (hey it's a part of my head!)
    4. Hair (another part of the head)
    5. Cheeks (the ones on my head of course!)


    1. Your #5 proviso made me laugh out loud, Dorothy!

  2. I love my eyes (very green).
    I love my smile.
    I love my laugh.
    I love my curly hair.
    I love my heart.

  3. 7 months ago my number 1 pick would have been my flat toned stomach, but now it's my super huge belly! Other than that I'm gratelul for the parts of my body that havent changed too much with pregnancy- eyes, lips, hands, and freckles (I know most people hate their freckles but for some reson I've always loved them!).

    1. Best #1 ever! I remember that too. And freckles are awesome.

    2. OMG YES!!!! Pregnancy....!! I'M ON MY WAY TO PAINT THE NURSERY ;) *Runs away to get blue paint and brushes*. Soo excited for you hon!

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  5. 1.My hair
    2.My eyes
    3.My calves

    Sigh, this should not be so hard.

    4. Fingers
    5. Feet

    1. Exactly, Allyson -- it should NOT be so hard. Hence the challenge today. Thrilled you jumped in anyway!

  6. 1. My eyes
    2. My cheekbones
    3. My lips
    4. My hair (I never would have said this ten years ago but then I realized I can't love my oldest daughters hair and not my own since she got hers from me)
    5. My legs

  7. OMG I love this. You know how much I love appreciating!! (Speaking of which.. Ive send a appreciative FB message to you and Deb)
    Softer tummy...teehee...Why are you sooo cute, Barb??? and I LOOOOVE Both yours and Deb's EYES TOO! I remembering painting them...had so much fun!

    1. My fingers, because without them I couldnt paint
    2. My feet, I love dancing! and they are BIG and like Duck's feet and I find them cute!
    3. My eyes, I love that they turn sucha earthy brown in sunlight
    4. MY DIMPLE!!! Love my dimple.
    5. My hair. It has natural waves...and I like that. All I have to do is wash it...and no need for styling coz they end up with loose gorgeous curls.
    6. My smile and laugh.... I love them both!!
    7. My nose. (Its long and pointy and big.. and I know I never liked it...but I kinda do now... a part of me I'd like to embrace)
    8. My cheeks, they compliment my dimple
    9. My lips, they compliment my smile and laugh (Including my broken front teeth they're cute! Love them)
    10. My heart, I <3 my heart ;) I was gonna say brain too..but I dont have one. Theres just...void and brain!! I love my weirdness if that counts!

    1. love this list! It's a personal positivity we all need to embrace! Thanks, S!

  8. Oh I tend to not like my body at all but after reading the things you guys have said I feel inspired to did deep!
    1.My eyes. the only things I have consistantly gotten complemets on. Exact replicas of my dads eyes. Very very bright blue :)
    2. My they count, I consider them part of my body... :)
    3. My I have never and will never be a size 2 or 4 or 6 but I am starting to like my curvyness.
    4. My legs. I spent my entire childhood playing softball and a lot of that as catcher so my legs are far too muscle I think. but other than never being able to fit into a pair of skinny jeans I dont mind the muscles : ) makes me me!
    5. ......I think I be being a little vain here but my bottom. : ) It suprises me how much I like the way jeans fit me back there. I am a girl after all we all gotta check how that end looks in the mirror! lol

    1. TATTOOS????? OMG thats AWESOME!!!!

    2. Nothing on this list sounds vain! You're inspiring me with how you jumped in -- despite your reluctance - and gave us such a positive list! xo

    3. I'm jealous of people who have butts. I don't have one. My body is shaped like a guy's from the back: straight down from the neck to my feet. (Not much in the hip area, either.)

  9. 1. My hair. Never dyed it, never will. I make every hairstylist I've ever met jealous.
    2. My eyes.
    3. My feet. Surgical scars and all. The scars make them unique.
    4. My hands.
    5. pancreas?

    1. The pancreas thing makes me laugh. I hate mine. Doesn't work. :)

    2. Hilarious, you two! But the hair thing? Yeah, me too jealous...

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  11. firstly, I love this idea for a blog/post. it is good to remind myself about what I am happy with. way to go Barb.
    1) my lips
    2) my teeth. never wore braces and I have a perfect bite according to my Dentist
    3) my smile ( okay,they are all connected but different)
    4) my height. I can sleep in a bus seat if need be
    5) my breasts - inhumanely huge, but really a defining point of who I am.

    1. Ooh, my height! Good one - I love being the height I am.

    2. Thanks, Denny. I'm rather proud of this one myself (too bad I couldn't put it on my list). And, speaking of which: excellent one. I love the human duality of #5.

  12. 1. My legs. I've always liked them.
    2. My hair, especially with this haircut. I love it shaved!
    3. My eyes. No reason, just because.
    4. My boobs. :-) I really like the look of them in a sundress, and I can understand why guys like them so much. They're great!
    5. My scars. I like having physical reminders of stories from the past.

    1. Great one! I especially love how many people today are in love with their "imperfections". About time we got here!

  13. 1. My eyes - hazel/green--Nice colors. They also squint when I smile. Good happy face.
    2. My legs, esp. calves. The only part of my body with true muscular definition.
    3. My boobs. I'm heavy. At least I have a chest that balances things out a bit.
    4. My nose. My dad, his brother, and my grandmother all had/have it. It fits my face enough. It won't be what I pick if I'm ever offered plastic surgery.
    5. The skin on my hands and face. I don't think anyone can tell my age based on either of these areas. I'm happy with that.

    1. A huge yes to these! Especially since I have been the happy observer of these beauties.

    2. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Barb. That made my day.

  14. I don't have 5. I barely have 2. And, I've been thinking for 4 hours to come up with those 2.

    1. My hair: OK, I'm not so much on the current style. It's in that annoying in-betweens nonstyle, but I'll get it cut again soon so no worries. But, I do like that I'm fine with my natural color (dark blonde with a vast array of tones that also streaks in natural white blonde highlights in the summer). I also like that my natural color hides what little bit of white/gray that has started coming in very well. I know it's there, but I don't think anyone else can tell. I don't have a problem with white/gray hair. I'm just not quite ready for that visual identity, yet. I have some things I need to get done first for my life before I'm ready to own that visual identity. Anyway, other than being cool with the color, my hair is thick. I have a lot of it. The individual strands are very thin which makes finding hair accessories that will stay in place a challenge. But, I have a bazillion gazillion gajillion of those strands. So, I'm glad for that.

    2. My teeth. I wouldn't mind them being whiter, but it doesn't bother me enough to want to whiten them. Why screw with the enamel? Seems like an unnecessary risk. Why not take that risk? Because of the reason I like my teeth: they give me no trouble. I've never had a cavity. I didn't have braces. No, they are't perfectly straight and perfectly spaced, but they suit me just fine. And, as someone who is completely phobic about going to the dentist, I'm grateful that they give me no need to do so! I appreciate my strong, healthy teeth.

    There aren't 3 more. I've thought and thought and thought, but nope. I just plain hate my body. Completely. The boobs, though quite substantial, sag and are mutant blobs. The brain may be smart, resourceful, and creative, but it also is consumed with anxiety and goes an occasional nasty round with depression. The legs are strong, but they are beyond ugly with fat and scars and too much skin and bruises. And, my right knee pops out of joint frequently. I have strong shoulders, but what's the point?

    I don't like how my hands look. Too many scars and a couple of damaged knuckles. And, I don't like the fine tremors I sometimes have to deal with in them (dumbass thyroid!). But, I guess I do really like that they are skilled hands.

    OK, I'll add a #3:
    3. My hands: not for how they look but for what they can do. My hands make. They create. They type crazy fast. And, they've helped save lives.

    I'm getting my first 2 tattoos on Dec. 28, so I hope to add them to the like list like Kelly NJ above. We'll see. Here's hoping. Remember, I've been saying for like a year and a half that I'm getting my first ink for my 40th birthday. Well, unfortunately, that time has come. I descend into the bowels of 40 on 12/31.



    But, yeah, today's topic may have been intended to be uplifted, but it's depressing as hell when I approach it realistically.

    1. Today's post was put into your hands to do with what you would/could. I haven't seen you in real life, but, aside from the gorgeous hair, I could easily add for you: smile, eyes, and skin. These shine brightly from every photo I've seen and are an easy plus-3.

    2. Yay to the tattoos! but beware...they are addicting!! Lol Good luck :)

    3. I'm jealous. My teeth are miserable; loose, off-color, and now one of my upper front teeth is chipped. I need some mad dental work. Whitening would be nice as an afterthought.

  15. This is a hard one for me.
    1. My eyes. I pride myself on being unreadable when it comes to my emotions, but if you really know me, then my eyes will tell my story.
    2. My eyelashes. Long, dark, and perfect for me. I never where eye makeup because I don't need it.
    3. My scars. They tell bits of my life story.
    4. My lips. I kind of have that "romantic pout" going on, but they don't look fake or extra plumped or anything.
    5. My eyebrows. I have always been able to move them more than the average person. Seems to sometimes fascinate people.
    This is my list for today. Who knows what it would have been yesterday or what it could be tomorrow.

    1. Yes, I so get your addendum -- because I think we do move around with regards to our body image. But, hey a bit of practice makes the imperfect perfect, no? Truly love your list.

    2. Oh, and lips! I've see those red lipsticked babies! Yowsa.

    3. Love that you said scars, I am bit of a tomboy and have scars that I just crack up laughing when I think of how they happened. Scars are equivilent to my tattoos for me. Once i got over the pain they leave a lasting memory!

  16. Steph, did you say "fascinate" on purpose when talking about your eyebrows? If so, AWESOME. I get it! If you didn't mean that, I'll tell you all about the Star Trek nerd that dwells inside of me. LOL

    1. ...aaaand now I want to know the Star Trek nerd story....

    2. Leonard Nimoy, who plays Spock on Star Trek, has the ability to raise one eyebrow almost to his hairline. As Spock, when the eyebrow goes up, it's usually accompanied by, "Fascinating." It's the human equivalent of, "Oh really?" It can also mean, "ooookaaaaaayyyy."

      Can't picture a raised eyebrow without "fascinating" accompanying it.

    3. Wow. I did not know this Spock story, but, as a member of the "lift one eyebrow in thought" club, I find this fascinating!! ;)

  17. Longtime lurker coming out at last here...
    Ooh, good question.
    1. My mouth. The things it says, from insanely stupid to the hilariously funny, from quietly depressed to blatantly cheerful. Doesn't look half bad either!
    2. My hands. Big palms and average fingers, always deceptively and confusingly soft. Good at playing instruments and wielding a pencil.
    3. My eyes. You don't see many people with green-grey eyes. Not that it's easy to see them, because my glasses are usually filthy, but hey, the glasses part isn't bad at all - I look better with them than without.
    4. My ribs. Yeah, this is a weird one. I play soccer and frequently get elbowed and kicked in the ribs, so I know they can take a beating and they'll still protect me. Ribs are like having constant hugs from yourself.
    5. The little crevice between my collarbones. Makes for a perfect place to rest my silver dragon pendant!

    1. Well, what a great way to jump in, Sarah! Welcome, and let me just say, your list is awesome! You own it -- and yet still made me smile/laugh/nod in agreement. Ribs=hug, love it! and on and on. Thanks for playing :)

    2. I like wearing glasses because it cuts down (okay, eliminates) on the need for eye makeup. :)

  18. I LoVe this! Truly LoVe LoVe LoVe this! All the LoVe on this page is simply beautiful. What a treasured way to be grateful and accepting.

    I have been asked this question before... "what i LiKe/love about Me".... and my answer is still the same. I LoVe everything! I've always LoVed everything. And it wasn't until i grew older that i understood "WHY" all people didn't Love EVERYTHING about themselves.

    You see, my Dad gave me the most AMAZING gift any father/parent could ever give their child: confidence. He did this by telling me, every single day, from the time i was born, until he was no longer with us.... He told me, that "i was the prettiest girl in all the land". He told me, that my eyes were pretty, nose, mouth, face, arms, hands, fingers, heart, mind, body and soul! EVERYTHING! And he told me this everyday. And I never grew tired of hearing it! I treasured it. And i believe it. Not just about myself, either. I think the same way about everyone. It's hard to explain. But i truly believe i see the beauty in ALL people.

    It's the gift that keeps on giving. Many of my gal~pals have heard this story, and have raised their kids the same way. It's a beautiful thing that, although my dad is no longer with me in form, his LoVing gift to me, is still touching others so sweetly.... and now i have salt in my eyes ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you beauties!


    1. Oh, isn't that beautiful!! And this is soooo what you radiate, Seana! This is how we raised our girls too, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. And, no, they did not grow up to be self-absorbed, conceited bitches. In fact, like you, they are the complete opposite of that. Maybe when you let someone know they can relax about beauty, it frees them up to feel beautiful and see beauty everywhere. Thanks, Seana, for always sharing you. xoxo

    2. Beautiful story, Seana! My grandmother told me similar things when I was young. Unfortunately for me, my father was not loving at all. He and his wife said many hurtful things to me throughout my youth and they had a lasting effect on the way I saw myself for a long time. Only when I entered college did I realize that I am not defined by what they said. No one defines me. I am worth something, everything.
      Much LoVe to you, Seana!xoxo

  19. My five favourite body parts. Hmmm. Tough one, I think.

    1. My smile.
    2. My eyes. Big and brown.
    3. My hair. It's thick, and naturally curly (some may say "coarse", but it holds a curl better"
    4. My hands. Granted, at the moment, I can't feel them (stupid carpal tunnel syndrome), but Hey, they *are* my money-makers. :D
    5. ... drawing a blank here.

    This has a lot to do with the fact that I don't like to focus on me.

    1. Carpal tunnel?! Argghhhh. Feeling for you, Jo! Sorry the fifth was too hard, but your 4 are beautiful, and maybe next time we ask it won't be so hard... :)

  20. 1 My eyes (light blue)
    2 brain
    3 hands
    4 feet
    5...idk i'm not sure what else to put :/

    1. Light blue -- nice! And #5...???

    2. Lol. I'm not sure :/
      My stomach :) because I can play it like a drum whenever I feel like it.

    3. Okay, that was well worth the extra wait!

  21. Souzan Rezai from Vancouver, BCNovember 26, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    Oh this was so LoVely, as Seanna said!!
    What an uplifting this to read (I know, I'm behind, I'm always behind because I actually like keeping this blog as a happy place to go for a few hours when I feel just way too nutty, so I save it and let it build up. Like a pick-me-up piggy bank.)

    1. My eyes: They're bright, and if you're lucky enough, you get to see their green side...

    2. My legs: I got good legs.

    3. The bizarre bump on the back of my neck: it's not so much that I like it (it actually pisses me off half the time), but that it's exactly like my mom's. And for as long as I can remember, my dad will pat my neck, and say in the most excited disbelief how it's EXACTLY like my mom's. It's like constant proof that I came from love.

    4. My freckles/moles: I'm afraid to get too attached to them, cause the day may come when I'll have to get them removed for safety, but after a long battle of hatred through my teens, I suddenly woke up in my twenties, realized my beauty spots are what models die for, and that teen me was an idiot.

    5. My tattoo: It's not just a part of my body, it's my friend. He never forgets how much I love my life, and when it's hard for me to remember that, he does it for the both of us. Yeah, it's a he. Couldn't tell ya.

    1. Awwww, sot beautiful, Souzan! #3 literally made me tear up. Actually all of these added to a nice lump in my throat :)

  22. Souzan Rezai from Vancouver, BCNovember 26, 2012 at 7:55 PM

    :) this was a wonderful exercise! And you're perfect, but sadly lost into the deleted-vortex post has joined my perfect, but sadly lost into the deleted-vortex play. But they're high fiving each other at their mutual brilliance; probs while enjoying brandy from snifters, or something... Go us!


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