Thursday, November 8, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Travel Bag

Barbara: As travel has been a theme here the last few days, it seems apropos to include a new travel-themed Five Crazy Things! Aside from the usuals (toothbrush, clothing), are there 5 things you can’t live without when you stray from home (or even 1 crazy thing)?
1. Face creams. Phil is always rolling his eyes at my travel case: few clothes, but bulging bag of toiletries.
2. Essential oils. Yup, as stated here before, I need my lavender for germs and calm, and my oil of oregano and peppermint oil for possible bugs (travel or stomach).
3. A book. It’s like my noing-noing. I need to know it’s there—even if nine times out of ten when I’m traveling I don’t have time to read (or fall asleep too quickly).
4. Baby powder. The cornstarch kind. It’s the perfect, easy hair cleaner. Just shake a bit in my hand (I transfer it into a small glass herb jar), massage it through my hair, then brush it out.
5. Tea bags. Morning green and evening herbal. Like with the book, these are often not used, but I need/like to know they’re there.


1.FACE PRODUCTS, ADVIL, etc! I’m with you, Barb!
2. My Thumper! Which is my neck massager (and it’s big! BUT it goes everywhere with me!)
3. A book. Never read it!
4. Vanity Fair. Always read it on the plane.
5. My computer. Always. 


  1. 1. Music. So I need my cellphone, headphones, charger and mp3 player if I'm traveling a lot, just in case the cell runs out of juice. (Yep I need it that bad. My Family is bickering ALL.THE.TIME!)

    2. A few books. Its something I JUST NEED when I'm traveling. Its a craving! And I say few books because the last time I went traveling I read Paolo Coelho's "Brida" in a day...and the rest of the trip was like "WHAT NOW?".

    3. Homeopathic medications. Just in case of any minor health issues. And I carry Louise Hay's book "Heal your body" nowadays. Sometmes the affirmations do the trick.

    4. My Positive aspects and processes book. This is the time when I can actually appreciate things more easily. So I seize the opportunity..mostly!

    5. Facewash. I NEED my facewash...I feel really...weird If I have to use a different soap.

    6. A Sketchbook and art supplies. Not easel and colours and stuff. Just the usual pencils, erasers, paper stumps...etc etc.(I'm more of a sketch person)

    7. Kajal (eyeliner). Its a Ayurvedic liner my mom got for me. Its good for the eyes and I need it everywhere I go!

    Hmmm...Cant think of anything more...

    But Barb god thing you mentioned essential oils. I've been meaning to ask you about Lavender oil and its uses. What is it used for?

    1. I can't see Deb's list either.

    2. Sorry, guys, Deb and I crossed paths re her list. And to make a short story long, I added her name before I had her list because Blogger changes the formatting if I don't (argh). S, great list! I forgot to mention my one makeup necessity: my under-eye cover. gotta have it!

    3. Oh, and forgot to answer your question re the lavender! Okay, I dab a tiny bit under my nose (discreetly because not everyone likes fragrance, even a natural, non-toxic one) when I'm traveling on a plane, train or bus. Apparently these are rife with bacteria and viruses from all the travelers squished together. I've been told that the lavender acts as a kind of germ barrier (should be refreshed on a long flight). I also sprinkle it on my clothes/pj's if I'm stressed or worried about not sleeping, and I dab it on me as well. Not too much as it's very effective, but as I need. Love it!

    4. COOL! I'll try that. Thanks Hon!! xoxo

      And...I know what you mean about the fragrance. My mom has that issue. Even the faintest smell of anything makes her cough really bad.

  2. 1. Pen and paper for journalling, sketching, making notes about destinations.
    2. My phone for music, internet, eBook, Google translate, camera, and alarm functions.
    3. Deck of cards and pack of 5 dice.
    4. Tent and sleeping bag, so that finding the perfect hotel isn't an urgent priority on arrival in a new town.
    5. My travel knife, for preparing fruit, bread, and cheese for breakfast and for feeling comfortable sleeping in a tent in a strange place.

    1. This is an especially great list because you're over there right now!! Traveling and needing to do with so little. So excited for you, Hannah!

  3. Same as Shalaka, can't see Deb's list.

    1. I travel with Pooh (Winnie the pooh) almost everywhere I go. I got it when I moved to Grenada. It's been to Venezuela (twice), England, Bulgaria and now it is with me to Manitoba. I like how my friends also like to take pics with him.

    2. Camera. Always. No matter when or where, I will fill naked without my camera. I don't always take pics, but I will be sorry to miss the opportunity.

    3. Gum. Always. The water might be too hard or sandy. I like to keep my teeth clean as they are have some bad genes. Our gum contains xylitol so I am not talking about sugar gums.

    4. Reflector (did I spell that correct?) As sometimes the lighting is not so good in the evening and prefer no cars hitting me. At the moment I have one that a friend made me. It is a flower. Also my back bag is a reflector. The whole thing not just stripes.

    5.Usually I have some rye bread with me, but not this time. This is a school thingy so there will be enough food. I might buy some from the airport when I get there as lunch between flights.

    1. POOH?????????? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOO AWESOME!!! My mom wouldnt let me take my Tom and Jerry sheets to Toronto next year -_-. I gotta plan something now!

    2. Well it is a miniature (plastic thingy) :) My friends nickname is pooh :) You definately need to take something... Good idea is to sneak the Tom and Jerry sheets in the bag just in the last minute. Or if you know your address already, send it to yourself just before leaving so you will be there to pick it up ;)

    3. Yeah...Gotta do something like that!

    4. Aw, Pooh! This is a handy, thoughtful list for keeping yourself safe and independent. I've often brought my rye bread (no wheat, no yeast) with me because I love it and it keeps me sated if there's nowhere to eat.

    5. Oh and one other item I forgot from my list:
      6. ID necklace. It actually is a cross that I have had since birth, but it has my first name and date of birth behind it, so I use it for ID purposes (in case plane drops or something like that).

      And yes Shalaka, you gotta do what you gotta do! :))

      *Is wishing really hard for edit button for own comments*

    6. Why? I love your comments as they are!! (PS ID necklace is another really practical idea.)

    7. Usually I see all the mistakes/errors I have made after I have posted a comment. Also if I had the ability to add my extra comments to one, it wouldn't look like I am taking over the whole blog :)))

      Oh yes I like being practical. I might sometimes take something that is not so practical... Like lots of candy. Because it is just so delicious. Also because it is hard to find anything similar from the local markets. I also do some local candy taste testing for my friends (and give them the best and worst as souveniers)

  4. 1. Photos of my grandkids
    2. A candle
    3.Altar items
    4. Laptop

    1. Nice list, Madge! Funnily, I try not to bring my laptop if I can at all get away with it. Even for Paris, I just used Phil's when I wanted to post.

  5. .FACE PRODUCTS, ADVIL etc! I’m with you Barb!
    My Thumper! Which is my neck massager (and it’s big! BUT it goes everywhere with me!)
    A book. Never read it!
    Vanity Fair. Always read it on the plane.
    My computer. Always. Among other things, it contains my photos of friends and family!

    Sorry guys, went to bed without sending this to Barb and sent it early this morning but I guess she is out having a life. Damn her! ;-)

    1. Ha! Deb. Made me smile at your list, made me laugh at your comment. And I love that you bring the VF -- I've borrowed that on a number of traveling occasions!

  6. 1. book(s) and magazine(s) Unlike what many of you have said, I do use them. I rarely sleep much if at all my first night in a different place. My insomnia kicks in bigtime upon arrival for that first night (even if there's no change in time zone -- it's simply because of the different location). So, I always gobble up reading materials through the night. Also, depending on where I am and who I'm with on the trip, sometimes I need to retreat quietly into reading material for a little while here and there to get some mental personal space. (Does that make sense?)

    2. crafting WIP bag w/at least 2 (easily portable) projects, usually a one skein crochet project and a bit of embroidery. My hands have to have a way to stay busy during transit and down times. My compulsion to make doesn't take vacations. :) (Note: I can crochet long, straight patterns in a car/train w/o it making me sick. But, I can't embroider while being a car/train passenger.)

    3. camera

    The above 3 are the absolutes. Then there are:

    4. If I'm going to be the passenger and not the driver, all-natural sugar cane candied ginger root to help fight crippling car sickness.

    5. And, depending on where I'm going and what the wifi situation's gonna be, my laptop

    Also, I think I may, yet again, be the freak in this bloggie family because I INFINITELY prefer to travel alone. I do travel with others sometimes, but I prefer to be a lone sojourner. By far.

    1. Oh, I think lone-travel is an exquisite experience. Everything you do is for your own eyes and feelings! I just discovered those ginger candies here too - they're amazing, aren't they?

    2. Oh I am so with you Rigel! I have traveled those holiday travels (you know a weeks vacation with hotel and flights) with company, and last time I almost screamed at the travel companion. It is just so frustrating. I so prefer travel alone. Or if we travel together please separate hotels?

    3. I love to travel by myself, especially when driving. It's up to me when I stop for anything other than gas. I love my own schedule, my own set-up in the room and bathroom. Mine mine mine! :D

    4. Hey Rigel, I've been meaning to say, I just read The Little Princess for the first time and loved it. I can see why you like it so much. :)

  7. Let's see here...
    1. Book (no shocker there, right?!) Often I don't have time or energy on a trip to read, but I just have to bring one with me.
    2. My travel journal. I record special moments/events from my travels while they are fresh on my mind so that I will be able to remember them for a long time to come.
    3. Pillow. I just don't like using the ones in hotels...
    4. Cameras. Have to record the memories as they are being made.
    5. Snacks and drinks. Have to have something to eat on those long trips. Bringing stuff from home helps save money, so that's what I do!

    1. A travel journal is great. And snacks and drinks are essential!

  8. I just got home Tuesday, so I'm thinking this should be easy.

    1. Charged iPod. A must!
    2. At least one book.
    3. Hand lotion, specifically Bath and Body Works Nectarine Mint. ~~swoon~~
    4. Diet Coke. Glad they finally sell it INSIDE the gate and I can bring it on board the plane.
    5. I just lost my neck pillow. It fell off my suitcase and I didn't notice. :(

    1. If I'm heading for the improv shows, I bring a camera and Sharpies. You never know. :)

    2. I was thinking the same thing about the camera and Sharpies for shows! Always be prepared, I say.

  9. Deb, it seems like I remember you posting a while back about a horrid hotel experience you and Colin had just endured. You said you carried around scented candles and lit them trying to make the smell of the room bearable. Do you still do that or did that particular experience ruin the scented candles?

    1. I don't know if Deb will have time to check in today -- but that's a very good question! I want to know...

  10. 1. books (plural!) - never know what kind of "reading mood" I'll be in, so as many different books as I can carry. All I can say is: "thank god for e-readers".
    2. audio - again, preparing for any kind of "listening mood", so music, audiobooks, podcasts, comedy, relaxing, documentaries...just audio!
    3. travel cutlery - so when travelling can buy lovely salads and desserts and fruit and eat it on the go/have a picknick/snack in hotelroom. Yum.
    4. binoculars when going on a theatre trip - or a nature trip
    5. when travelling with notorious snorers: wax earplugs....
    6. my little plush hedgehog, Egie

  11. I pack light always. I am not the kind of girl that needs multiple suitcases ever so my necesities are often needed and not usually just for fun extras.
    1 Music. My ipod is always low on battery because I am always listening. It is so calming for me. I have even been know to sleep with my ipod earbuds in when I am away from home just to feel comfortable and calm : )
    2 Pooh! I am with you Kasku! My pooh is a stuffed animal but I take him everywhere I am sleeping for more than a night or two. I can sleep without him but it that little extra bit of home for comfort when you have had a long day traveling all over. You always seem to be running all over on vacation so much to do in too short a time.
    3 pencil and notebook. if I get really stressed writing it all down is a sure way to feel better.

    this is getting hard.......not sure what else I take with me when I travel......
    4 Sometimes I take my laptop depending on how much I want to disconnect from everyday life on the vacation
    5 and lastly I guess I would say a good book :)

    1. Travel hint for iPod batteries - solar charger. I'm loving mine on my trip so far!

    2. A solar charger - great to hear that works!

    3. It's much slower than a plug but you can charge while hiking or on the bus rather than only at cafés or in your hotel room.

  12. 1. CAMERA. Definitely (complete with battery charger)

    2. Laptop. Always have to have it.

    3. Phone. You never know.

    4. Bible.

    5. My own bathroom things (shampoo, body wash, face washes, etc.) I don't like using other people's or hotels. I like having my own :}

    1. Interesting -- so many people I know love those tiny little hotel bath products. I used to bring my own too, but am now a convert to the convenience of those tiny little hotel bath products...

  13. Maureen O'Neill TaravellaNovember 8, 2012 at 4:59 PM

    Deodorant...the smell, the feel, the confidence...haha.
    Toothbrush...although I often forget it and have to buy a new one.
    Rollerblades...nothing like smooth pavement on a beautiful day. doesn't help much...but hey I put in the effort.
    Clean undies...same outfit, clean problem.

  14. My own fuzzy blanket(i hate to use other blankets)

  15. 1. A brand new flakey new age self help book which I will look at a bit on the plane and then perhaps not at all
    2. My camera
    3. A little doll that Laurel sewed for me (complete with button eyes) to travel with before I went thailand - I like to take posed pictures of it.
    4. A travel book on the country I am visiting
    5. Antihistamines and medical kit

    1. I should have thought of antihistamines. I woke up to an eye the size of a golf ball from a bug bite this morning.

    2. Nooo! Take care, Hannah. xo


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