Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Crazy Things: Colour

Barbara: When the kids were young, they often asked me which was my favourite colour. (Maybe as subconscious wondering as to which was my favourite child.) My answer was always, “I don’t have a favourite colour because it depends on what the colour applies to.” (And, of course, I have no favourite child given that I love them both beyond measure, and which immeasurable measure is exactly equal.)

But we’ve talked a lot about meaningful colour here, so why not “crazy” it up? Okay, so which 5 colours have significant meaning for you? OR: pick five colours and let us know how they make you feel.

1. Yellow. Makes me happy. Obviously, the symbolic colour of light and sun. Uplifting. I have several rooms painted yellow. Love it.
2. Green. Makes me calm. Zens me out. I would say it’s my “favourite” colour in general, yet I don’t have any green rooms (yet), and very few green clothes (this could change). Nature, mmm.
3. Red. I love to wear red. I love the warm shade against my skin colour. I love the strength of it. I do have a room painted red and have not gotten tired of it (although my daughter tells me she has!).
4. Blue. Strangely, I think I don’t love blue. And yet, flowers, stones, water when blue, sky when blue, all inspire me. I want to stare at blue when I write. It’s possibility. I love blue jewelry (turquoise, moonstone), cobalt glass.
5. Brown. Okay, this is maybe the colour, if we can call it that, that I am most comfortable in: clothing, furniture, accessories. It flatters my colouring. But also for its nature (forgive the pun): branches, soil, sand, stone, wood, riverbed, spring (the season), and on and on. To me, brown is the root of beauty.

1. I love green. My wedding ring is green. Emerald green is a favourite.
2. Turquoise is my ultimate favourite colour. I have always been drawn to its calm beauty.
3. Red is my power colour. I love wearing red. I think red flatters everyone. I adore using red accents with grey.
4. Mellow Yellow, the soft colour of butter is one of my favourite wall colours.
5. Black and white. I know, I know, not colours, but colours I live in and adore!


  1. Purple - love the colour and feel as regal as royalty in it.
    Blue - refreshing and airy to me
    Black and white - wear them all the time - they match everything!
    Pink - my granddaughters fav colour and while not one of my favs - getting a fresh perspective of it through young eyes
    Any colour with sparkly in it - I am told that shiny and sparkly near your face makes you look younger and distracts from wrinkles - works for me! (I have a shiny purple sweater - swear I look like a kid in it! ( Okay maybe shiny just makes you feel better!)


  2. 1. Purple! I LOVE purple! Dark, not light. I've been told I look good in purple, jewel tones, etc. Basically every time there's an occasion (Christmas or birthday), my mom insists on getting me something purple! haha!
    2. I know it's girly, but I like pink. Makes me feel....girly! lol.
    3. Gray. Blondes look good in gray and it's a bit more fun than black (which I don't mind).
    4. Dark brown. I have this pair of boots from K-mart that are on the verge of falling apart but I can't bring myself to get rid of them...I love the COLOR because it goes with everything.
    5. Stripes. I love stripes! My favorite sweater is a blue/brown striped cardigan. I wear it all the time.

    I have a few "off-color" items in my wardrobe too. Like to mix it up!

  3. P.S. Deb, my mom LOVES teal as a color but she wears a lot of black!

  4. 1) PURPLE: I have been a solid, loyal purple girl my ENTIRE LIFE. I would never have considered claiming to have no favorite color. It baffles me to consider. I do have a favorite shade within purple... Periwinkle. Loving purple identifies like-spirits, too. I have a whole heap of friends who also love purple.

    2) Teale/aqua/turquoise: These shades just to the green of blue all make me feel GORGEOUS. My eyes will pick them up, they are good with my skin. It is the best range of colors to wear.

    3) Silver (NOT gold)--the decoration of the masses... bright and shiny without being pretentious... I prefer silver jewelry and silver SHOES (do you KNOW how many pairs of silver sandals I've owned?

    4) Orange is the color of PLAY. I love it's brightness, but it doesn't have the stuffy 'purity' qualities yellow seems to carry--it is zanier, naughtier... and it reflects my love on gingers...

    5) Blues other shades: I love the depth of blue,... the sky, the sea... all the shades are calming, and like Barbara said, full of possibility.

  5. My favorite color is blue green since I was a kid and had a crayon box, but I don't have much in that color.
    But mostly I wear black, dark blue as in jeans and all types of colors for tops. I tend to like darker colors. My room is line green, peach and white and I feel wonderful in my room.

  6. 1. Orange. ( I love anything orange, orange roses anything orange.

    2. lavender( I just find it really a calming color) it makes me think of the ocean)

    turquoise( I'm always just like that color I'm not sure why)
    I really don't have any other colors are my favorite, 1 color though that I hate on me at least is pink. where it may look good on some people. it makes me look weird. no pink for this chick

  7. Ohhhh goodie!!! LOVE THIS ONE!

    1. Green. I love FRESH and soooo cool it makes me feel so vibrant and happy and everytime I think of the colour green I can immediately smell that trees, soil and leaves have in rain. It connects me with nature. (And I wanna say to Deb, that the colour of her wedding ring has always allured me. And so has both of your eye colours you have NO idea the amount of time I spent staring at your eye colour in my painting of you two. )

    2. Turquoise. MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE!!!!! In fact all shades of blue. LOL I'm even wearing turquoise right now. Its soo ALIVE AND AMAZING. I feel soo drawn to this colour yet I know I didnt quite like it when I was a child (Something that connects yesterday's discussion). But its my absolute favourite. I put blue in every painting and I surround myself with the colour. Unusually it reminds me of light more than yellow.

    3. RED!!! It has always been my favourite colour. Its sooo bright and it also describes passion and power and love. I LOVE RED! (including the one Mary-Jo instroduced us to ;) )

    4. Purple!!! Or Magenta.... also is my ultimate favourite. Also because it combines blue and red. So its love and light! I use this one everywhere and I surround myself with this colour as well!

    5. Black and White. I DO think they are colours. Well.. not literally but emotionally, for me (And for Deb apparently). Black represents confidence for me. And white....ohhhh I always start painting on a white (digital) canvas. It gives a sense of infinite possibilities and anticipation. That it can be or do or have or project ANYTHING you want. Its amazing.

    I dont really like Yellow. But I do like the buttery yellow or fluorescent yellow. It ofcourse makes me feel light and easy. And I do love brown sometimes. Another aspect of beautiful natural earthy substances.

    1. (This also explains my adoration of people, especially men with blue and green eyes)

  8. 1. Orange. Cheese is orange. Oranges are orange. Cheeze-its are delicious. A lot of my favorite food is orange :) Also I just like the brightness.
    2. Blue. My eyes are a pretty vibrant blue so I like that.
    3. That orangy-pink color you get on the horizon with a sunset. Photography hobby lets me pay attention to things like this ;)
    4. Green. Yoda is green. Yoda is awesome!
    5. Grey. like slate grey. slighty shiny grey. I like to write so this reminds me of a pencil and all the possibilities you could do with it.

    1. Perfect description of the green. THAT is a specific color. Love it!

  9. Blue-calm, peace and happiness. Reminds me of the ocean which I have visited on several occasions.
    Red-fireball. Like me :]
    Yellow-happy, joyful and warm. Also like me :]

    Too tired to think of the rest. Long day yesterday @__@

  10. Red, yellow, orange, pink - sunset colours, warm and friendly. All warm shades of those colours, too.
    Black and white or navy blue and white - almost every dress I want to buy is patterned in black and white.
    Turquoise and greeny blue - peaceful ocean colours.
    Silver rather than gold for jewelry.
    Lovely cafe au lait, coffee, chocolatey brown skin and eyes. So gorgeous!

  11. Black - most of my clothes are black. I really try to buy other colours as well, but black is my favourite.
    Dark red - well any red really as long as it is a strong colour. I don't like the light colours too much.
    Colour of red wine - it's kind of dark purple but not quite. The closest I get when I say it reminds me of red wine (then people say "oh, yes it does").

    I think to best describe what these colours mean to me would be by saying that my soul plays a fiddle that makes the sound of these colours.(no I do not have the thing where you see colour with words or music)

  12. Great evocative colour descriptions, everyone (why is it that when I read other people's descriptions on these posts that I want to change my mind?!). The funniest observation so far is the passionate love purple is getting! It's not just "purple", it's "PURPLE!". I wouldn't have named it, but I will say I get great compliments when I where it, even light lavender.

    1. i think thats human nature Barbara . we read another persons contribution and go o yeah why didn't i think of that . thats why i tend to not read other peoples posts on there 5 of topics until i have made my own contribution .

  13. Ohhh Barb you would look GREAT in PURPLE!!!! (3 "!!!" :P I love it so much.)
    I just painted a wallpaper for my desktop with subtle green, blue and purple and I forgot to add Indigo!! Well, because it makes me feel amazing and it resonates sooo much also because I recently found out that I am almost definitely an Indigo Child. Cool, huh?

  14. red - the colour of my favourite football team manchester united and has been my favourite colour all my life especially fire engine red .

    blue - the colour of my eyes , a sunny sky and of the sea . i like dark blue too the colour of my jeans .

    green - the colour that Ireland is most famous for having 40 shades of ! i like the colour of grass and some plants . at the moment i am watering a hyacinth for Dad , which he got from his friends Bryan and Kathleen and i love the green colour of the stems .

    Black - a colour that goes with any other colour . the colour of my 3 suit jackets .

    yellow - like sunlight . it reminds me of being happy.

  15. blue - love blue and have always loved blue. It's calm and peaceful.

    Green - I never realized how much I loved green until we moved and lived in the desert for three years and there was nothing green. Oh how I missed it. Now I live in a forested area and I LOVE the green. So happy to be in it again. Green is trees, forest, calm, meditative (if that is a word.)

    pink - pink makes me happy. I feel pretty and feminine when I wear pink. It looks good with my skin.

  16. 1. Blue is my favorite color almost any shade of blue will do. Ever since I was a little girl I never liked pink, I loved blue.
    2. Emerald Green because it's my birthstone and also because it makes me feel close to my Irish side with clovers and all
    3. Purple a newer love because it is my daughter's favorite color
    4. Orange also a new one because it has always been my son's favorite color.
    5.I guess I'd have to pick Black and yellow because it reminds me of my favorite football team?

    1. "1. Blue is my favorite color almost any shade of blue will do. Ever since I was a little girl I never liked pink, I loved blue." I love that this sounds like poetry!

    2. You're right Steph, I'm a poet and didn't know it! I did it again. Love this topic : )

  17. 1. Purple: It's my exciting color, if that makes any kind of sense. It makes me happy.
    2. Brown: It was my grandmother's favorite color and whenever I see it, I think of her.
    3. Black: I wear it often and just gravitate towards it.
    4. Metallic/gun metal gray: Some of my favorite nail polish is this color. It's my little bit of rebellion.
    5. Coral: I just think it's beautiful.

  18. Great colours. I actually forgot how much I loved wearing pink. I went through a real pink stage for a while -- felt great in it. And very grownup, btw. But kind of let it slide away. Like some of you, I also love wearing orange.

  19. 1. Blue, especially denim blue. Blue's a comfort color for me. Jeans, water, sky, so many things. I've also had a few blue cars.

    2. Turquoise (which, to me, is in the green group). I've been on several cruises, and always appreciate beach or island scenes. Very calming, soothing.

    3. Black. I look good in it.

    4. RED and wine. The other colors my cars have been. That screaming red car was GORGEOUS. I miss it. My current car is wine.

    5. Coral. I had my toenails done in this shade a couple of times. It's a happy color.

    1. One of the colors I do NOT like is DEEP wine. My birthstone is the garnet and it's so dark it's almost black. I HATE it. I wish it was a cheery color.

      I look like the sun when I wear yellow (size-wise), so I'm not a big fan of it.
      I hate most pinks because it brings out the pink in my face, which needs NO help in that department.

  20. There are so many colours that I could never wear (or wear comfortably). I think that's why I hated saying any colour was my favourite, because they didn't all work for all aspects of my life. I'm told I look good in yellow - yet, can't do it...


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