Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Guests of Honour

Hey all,

The Middle Ages has just had a windfall of love and honour as Gae Polisner awarded us a Versatile Blogger award last Monday. Then Lori Landau added to our blush factor.

One of the provisos with the Versatile Blogger is that you’re supposed to pay-it-forward to 15 other bloggers you respect and admire, and so on and so on. Well, it’s a lot of work for the awardee, let me tell you, and what’s more, you’re not really supposed to pay it back, so there goes our chance to honour two of our faves (*waves at Gae and Lori*). Soooo, rather than name our favourite blogs or obligate anyone to do all this work, we decided to take this chance to honour our most avid community members WHO ALSO BLOG. These are our regular commenters, those peeps who come here almost every day and weigh in on all things deep and light, but who also have these other forums where you can chat and get to know them better. This is a list with which you cannot go wrong: these are honest, interesting, and compassionate souls.

If we’ve left anyone off, we’re sooooooorrrrrrrry. We love you too! And, of course, this won’t be the last time we do this, so we can make it up to you…

So, here goes in no particular order:

Gae Polisner for her truly funny and witty comments here, and for her thoughtful observations on her blog on the art of writing, getting published, and swimming the cold East Coast waters IN THE WINTER!! And for the way she loves us (*blushes again*).

Lori Landau for her stunningly beautiful contributions here, and for her nurturing, illuminating meditations on her blog about connecting with your truest and deepest self.

Twins Holly and Kelly for visiting us every day with their bear-hugs of positive energy, but who also reflect on all things near to their hearts (like studying, nursing, and… well, Colin) on their own blog.

Kate, our StubbleJumpin’Gal, who was our first follower and has been here through thick and thin, offering her deeply centred calm and her amazing wry wit—her blog is a treasure-trove of the same.

Dawn who has changed before our very eyes by sheer force of her amazing spirit, and who rarely blogs, but when she does, it’s worth the wait (especially the “Thank God for Delete” post).

Hollye Dexter who hasn’t been by as much as she used to, but she’s got sooooo much to talk about and does so with compassion that will take your breath away.

Lyndsie who has also rarely if ever missed a day to weigh in and who writes straight from the heart and with sweet honesty.

Madge who has one of the most grounded senses of self we’ve ever read, both here and at her place, and who reminds us it does get better the more we learn.

Molly with her 5 kids and hectic life, who joins us here to commiserate and celebrate and who also shares her ideas, troubles, and triumphs on her blog with bright and singular honesty.

Lisa Golden is the political dynamo with the sharp wit of a nightclub comedian and the loving heart of gold of a…wait, that might not very sound nice, but take it from us, she’d like it :-)

Erin who joins us on a regular basis with quiet intelligence and interesting takes on things and who shares all that on her own blog, along with her beautiful writing.

Hart Johnson, aka Tami, aka Alyse,aka the Watery Tart, who has sass and heart in equal measure and who’s not afraid to speak straight, but who also oozes compassion and good sense (and she likes to get naked).

Kelly from NJ with her sweet, gentle observations and her enthusiastic support for all things TMA, and for the stunning photos on her blog.

Of course this list doesn’t include those amazing regulars who warm our hearts and make us think, but who aren’t bloggers (or who’ve just gotten started) like Shalaka and Jo and Becki and DKO and Mary-Jo and Rigel and Sharon and Karen and Anne and Steph and Linda and Annette (garedican) and on and on and, OH MY GOD, just love you guys!

Thanks all. If you want the Versatile Blogger badge, feel free to grab it: y’all deserve it! 


  1. What a nice "pay it Forward" ! Your blog really warms my heart. You both are so thoughtful and so articulate, I am so happy I found your blog, it's a great way to start the day with some thought provoking subject.

    Congratulations to all the Blog Recipients!!!

    I am sorry I am usually the first to comment each day, but that is when I am on the computer and opening your blog is like opening a present. :) xo I just can't wait!!!!

  2. OH MY GOD.....Aren't you gals the best !!!! This is so sweet of you.....How wonderfully you described everyone who is mentioned here........These gals are pretty good..Ive read their comments...Gotta check out their blogs now :D !!
    And Bless your souls for calling me and others "AMAZING regulars".....Happy to know I warm your heart.....!!! You gals are amazing...Always love to read your posts....This is where I feel at home!!
    Love you so much !!!!! xoxo

    1. And Congrats for the so deserve it !!! xo

  3. As my youngest daughter would say.....samezes.
    Which I hope means, I fee the same.

  4. ahhh shucks *embarassed smile emotion* Well thanks you guys! this is so kind <3
    Congrats on your winning the award first of all! Then second, what a wonderful way to pass on the love!!
    You have made my wait my week... maybe even my month ( I only say 'maybe' because the Daytona 500 is getting closes and I am very excited to go) But you guys totally made me smile big :) especially since I have been here such a short time : )
    THANK YOU!!!

  5. What a wonderful way to pay it forward as it were, just know we wouldn't all be here if you yourselves were not so absolutely fabulous!

  6. Congrands on the award and thanks for saying the sweet things that you all did. You all are the best.

  7. Are you serious?!?????????


    I am smiling so much my heart might just explode! Thank you both! :)

  8. Oh, and congrats on the award. Y'all are more than deserving of it! :)

  9. Congratulations on your award and it was so sweet to read all the wonderful things you had to say about everyone. Thank you for letting us join you each day. And a big thanks for your kind words about me. Can I admit here that I have this giggling delight that two people with an page have spoken to me by name and let me in on their daily conversations. (Giggle, giggle, embarrassed blush.) Thanks ladies and congrats to ALL!

  10. Thrilled you won another award and even more thrilled to have you both in my life. Thanks for the wonderful blurb about me. Funny, I just finished writing a letter to Deb today and Barb a few days ago in my quest to bring back letter writing for the month of February. I truly feel so blessed to have you two in my life through your writings. I plan to see you in person sooner than later. I am thinking of taking a road trip across the US and Canada to visit all my friends or better yet invite you all to come to Los Angeles and stay with me for a big slumber party.

  11. SSSSSSwweeeeeeet! I didn't realize I was so terrific! Thanks, my friends. It's delightful to be viewed through appreciative eyes with loving hearts, and to be included alongside some of your other faithful readers who are also dedicated bloggers. Someday we're going to have to get the whole bunch together for a hoe-down ... okay, first one of us who wins a million in the lottery throws an all-expenses-paid party for the whole crew in ... um ... Saskatchewan? heh. Just kidding. I know Costa Rica will be the destination of choice.

    I'm a big admirer of Joni Mitchell (who is a Saskatchewan girl, by the way). As soon as we got the internet, my husband went online and found her website (maintained by her fans, not Joni herself) for me, and I became a member of the discussion list, and have been so for umpteen years. But do you know what her fans do? A Jonifest every few years! A big musical party. We could follow their example ...

    1. Yeah! That would be awesome! Go out to Cypress Hills and celebrate (I'm working on the assumption that we don't win that lottery, and my husband won't rob that bank like I've been asking for years! :D )

  12. What an amazing, joyful award you've been, uh, awarded! And what an amazing, joyful surprise from you ladies to be recognized! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    It's funny. I feel better than I did when all the crap hit the fan, but I don't always realize it's noticeable to other people. I assume the misery is obvious, but miss the changes other people will also notice. Eh, easier to say Thanks for noticing, and for caring!

    PS I always start blogs, but run out of steam and just say "forget it," and delete. Gotta take my own advice and just save 'em for a less rainy day. :)

  13. That's so nice! :D
    I really need to read the other blogs, too.
    I love that.

    I want to (re)start blogging, too.
    But I always put it off...maybe I should just do it!

    You rock! :)

  14. what a gracious and kind way to respond to the "versatile blogger award." I'm not surprised, but I am enchanted with how you creatively and sweetly took the spotlight off of yourselves and put it squarely on your community. Clearly, you know and respect your readers, which is probably one reason your blog is so incredibly well-regarded and so authentically real. Kudos to you and deep pranams for the return honor..............xoxoxo Lori

  15. I've popped around some of the blogs of these lovely friends, and, not surprisingly, they are wonderful, funny, poignant places to visit. If my computer were not acting slow, would have made it to all of them. Will keep peeking in. Love the girl power, especially. <3

  16. Thank you so much! I love being included and I'm so honored to be part of this amazing group of bloggers, readers and commenters. It was great fun to read the synopses of the bloggers.

    Big hugs. And yes - you're right. I do love it. The heart of gold of a .... :-)

  17. Awww REALLY???? ^______^

    Thanks so much for this. I've had a pretty bummer day; a former patient I've cared for severely digressed this past week. It's just a very heartbreaking situation so I've been really down about that.

    AND I'M SICK!!!!!!!! >.<

    But seriously, when I saw this I just went all happy like ^__________^ I love this blog and every thing about it!!!! And Colin IS AWESOME. And so are ALL OF YOU! Thank you blog for making my day a little better :]

  18. You ladies deserve this, and thanks for thinking of me. :)

    Whenever I start thinking about blogging (again), I can't help but think, "I really don't have much to say" or "Who would be interested in x?", as that cursor finds its mocking groove and blinks continually at me. Then, Odin, the Amazing Stealth Ninja with his Mc-Stomps-A-Lot Feet, finds me to grills me on the latest area of interest - be it Communist Leaders of Romania to "The Big Bang Theory". I find my "Mom Hat" and pray I pass his "test"...

    Then, once he's in bed, I realize I meant to blog...

  19. Congrats to all the gals who made the list. Congrats to all the posters who support each other. Congrats to the gals who started it all. Congrats to everyone!!

  20. My deepest congratulations and most heartfelt affections to everyone on this sterling community. I've been here for only a month and I'm not exactly verbose but the things I have seen have stunned me. I didn't know there was this much love anywhere, let alone on a website where the vast majority of commenters don't know each other (correct me if I'm wrong).
    Frankly, all of you guys deserve it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Deb and Barb for making our lives a bit more bearable and giving us this home to come to if ever our own should lack.

    May your life be interesting,

    1. Sarah!! You've been here enough and with such honest loveliness that you so shoulda been on the list!!

      Everyone, read this deeply personal and beautifully written life-look.

      I knew I was gonna forget someone, gosh. Love you!

  21. Lovely. Congrats to all! xo

  22. Oh, my gorgeous girls, gratitude isn't necessary, but it sure feels yummy and cozy, doesn't it??? I think we should take Kate's advice and host a giant TMA sleepover!! xoxo

    1. What about me ???? Ohhhh....we'll Skype....switch on the webcam.....long distance sleepover......:-D

  23. Sharon( for 2 cents plain) ReineFebruary 16, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    Props to u both for winning the awards and even better- "paying it forward"- now that is class!
    I'm not reely the blogger type but I'm always up to read them what R.

    AND of course putting my 2 cents in!
    Again congrats!

  24. Ah well maybe next year! Seriously though congrats ladies easy to see you deserve it. And I especially want to thank all of you for instantly making me feel welcome as I enter this new phase of my life. I hope we can continue to get to know each other.

  25. Thank you beautiful angel girls! I am out of the country right now at the San Miguel Writer's conference, so haven't been online but I certainly do appreciate this and more importantly I do appreciate the two of YOU. And oh how I would love to see you girls here next year! Sending mucho amor y besos. xo


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