Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Olympic Dreams

Barbara: You might not all be as Olympic-feverish as Deb and I, but that won’t stop me from throwing out this week’s challenge: if you could participate in any sport in the Summer Olympics (we’ll do Winter when the time comes), what would they be?
1. Rowing, sculls, 2-person (this is one I could actually imagine myself doing)
2. Trampoline (could never imagine myself doing for fear of heights, but would love that free-flying experience)
3. Swimming (400 meter breaststroke)
4. Shot-put (just, for once, to be able to not throw like a girl)
5. Triathlon (this would be my dream sport—not thanks to any skill at all, but because it so so amazing)

Deb: When I was in junior school I participated in track and field. I wasn’t bad for a runt. When I got to high school it was over as my fellow athletes left me in their dust, height-wise. So...
1.  100 meters
2.  200 meters
3.  4 by 4 relay
4.  High jump
5.  Diving


  1. LOVED YOUR LISTS! And you are right about Triathlon, Barb.
    Not much of a Olympics person. But, I'm sure I'll love it. I LOVE the sports.
    (I had to check the sports list again!)
    My list has:

    1. Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics (It just gives me the sense of freedom ya know)

    2. Synchronized Swimming (It would be sooo BLISSFUL!)

    3. Archery (I DONT KNOW WHY)

    4. Shooting (Still dont know why)

    5. And MY FAVOURITE! Figure skating
    (Even if I cant skate...I would LOVE to do this! Its the most Artistic Sport I think!)

    Oh...and its 5.55 !!!!! Talk about timing...!

    1. Great timing! PS I guess I shouldn't point out that this list was supposed to Summer games only??? :) Oh, and I was wondering: are the Olympics not that big a deal in India? We noticed that there were very few Indian athletes at the game relative to the population. Any insight??? Oh, and did the blackout get you??? xoxo

    2. Hey! Well the internet blackout did. electricity is fine here... LOL in fact .. I found out about the blackout after you mentioned it. Its perfectly normal here. It didnt happen in Mumbai (googled it now). Mostly places like New Delhi and eastern states. Ha! They wouldnt dare try doing that in Mumbai!! Its the heart of the country... It'll kill 'em!

      Well Olympics.. are not a BIG deal. Well Hockey isnt either (considering its the our national sport). Lots of Indians mostly care about cricket and the IPLS.

      Yeah. There arent many Indian athletes. I dont know, I think its probably because a lot of them dont get a proper future after they win medals and come back to India, ya know. This place is not really ideal place for aspiring athletes. You gotta have a good backup of MONEY or the perfect people and the perfect timing. I guess this might be a case in most of the places.. But India's got so many problems right now, I guess the people are still trying to survive here first. and Well the "RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE" dont give a rats ass about these things....They are just after MONEY...!!!!
      Well thats my theory. I dont know really. But Ive found out that most of the things come down to this.

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE the Olympics!!!! Holly, my roommate and I were TEARING it up last night! (we are fond of beach volleyball)

    1. Swimming or diving
    2. CURLING! I want to be the person that pushes the big thing to the opponents :]
    3. Figure skating. OH YES!!! I love that!!! Except my poor ankle couldn't take it :/
    4. I like speed skating too.
    5. And of course beach volleyball. Love me some May-Treanor and Walsh. tomorrow night! :D

    1. They really do make me tear up too, Kelly. So crazy! PS Summer games!!!

  3. Kayaking on the white water
    Diving by myself
    Soccer (I played for 10 years on a women's over 30 team in real life)
    Skeet shooting
    Butterfly swimming.

    1. I didn't know you played soccer! Awesome, Madge!

  4. My Olympic top sports:

    1. 10 m diving
    2. Road cycling - both the road race and time trial
    3. Rowing
    4. Archery
    5. Triathalon
    6. Gymnastics

  5. 1. Archery, shooting inanimate objects is fun!
    2. Soccer, discovered I love the game in the past few years
    3. Rowing, I do dragon boat, it's paddling not rowing but eh same difference
    4. Fencing, c'mon playing with swords!
    5. Taekwondo, used to do it, loved competetions

  6. 1.swimming
    2.ping pong

    1. There was a small program on last night's coverage featuring two Blue Jays baseball players learning to play ping pong against the 2 Canadian leaders in ping pong. It was hilarious watching the great baseball athletes struggle!

  7. 1. Trampoline, definitely!!
    2. Horse-jumping
    3. Javelin throw
    4. Springboard diving
    5. Shooting

    Softball would be several numbers on this list. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. (Played in high school.) SO disappointed it's no longer in the Olympics.

    It seems that we want to play or participate in sports we used to play.

    1. As I hardly participated in any sports, I'm always amazed how much I love to watch them (and covet their skills). Yeah, I was shocked that softball/baseball is out of the games!

  8. In no particular order:
    1. Soccer (Football)
    2. Archery
    3. Equestrian sports
    4. Ping pong
    5. Synchronized Swimming

    1. Synchronized swimming -- that might be the toughest one, believe it or not!

  9. 1. Tae Kwon Do
    2. Judo
    3. swimming
    4. gymnastics
    5. Badminton

    1. Definitely Tae Kwon Do for you. Would pay big bucks to watch you compete!

    2. I did Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid and loved it. Once, I kicked one of the teachers (I was supposed to ) and sent him to the floor. I was about 8 at the time. Scared the living daylights out of myself!
      Love Badminton. Actually discussed starting a team at my high school, but it never happened.

  10. It's supposed to be 102F today. It is hot and sticky outside, and the firefighters have been far too busy. I don't want to wait to think about winter please. Besides, 2 years from now, maybe my answers will have changed. Who knows?

    Winter Olympics:
    1. Biathlon
    2. ice hockey
    3. curling
    4. cross country skiing
    5. figure skating

    1. I like that you're getting it down for prosperity! It would be great to compare lists in 2 years...

  11. Hi Barb and Deb, Hope you had a great weekend. storm on way for T.O. (oops, here it comes now)..
    Let's see:
    5 Olympic sports for a Canadian wannabe??

    1. Ice hockey (of course)
    2. Tennis (yay)
    3. Eventually golf, please. (hey, they put in beach volleyball)
    4. Eating at all the venues (well, it is a challenge in Britain)
    5. Baseball (never made it to the "show").

    What about your hubbies?

    Ed Schonberger


    1. Hilarious, Ed! I am responding to you, yes, in the middle of the raging storm. Love it myself, my dog, not so much!

      Just so you know, Deb is away this week and has very spotty internet, so may not respond here today, but I asked my hubby and he says:

      Swimming (freestyle and relay), Tennis, 100meter dash, Gymnastics, and Cycling (road race).

  12. Oh, Deb and Barb...Kelly and I are totally thriving into the Olympic spirit! :D

    1. Gymnastics! Did it when I was a kid. They're so graceful and strong. Some of the stuff they do is incredible!

    2. Swimming/Diving. LOVE to swim!

    3. Curling! Me and Kelly would have to be on a team! haha! :D

    4. Figure Skating. Gives me goosebumps sometimes...so beautiful! I always watch that in the winter.

    5. Archery!!!! I took a class my last semester in college. Would love to do it again! :D

    1. No!!! You've done Archery? THAT IS SO COOOL!

    2. I have!! It was only for about eight weeks but it was AWESOME!! :D

    3. I think archery is so very cool too. I would totally take this!

  13. 1. Fencing
    2. Archery
    3. Gymnastics
    4. Any of the swimming
    5. Basketball

    I love the Olympics! Ryan Lochte is amazing! ;)

    1. He is amazing. My new fave is Missy Franklin (as she is also Canadian by birth :) )

    2. Missy Franklin is amazing. Period.
      Champions like her transcend nationalities- they are world citizens who show all of us mortals how far the human body and mind can go.

      But maybe I say that only because my country is yet to produce someone like her :-(

  14. my 5 :
    1:boxing : i did a little boxing training once and i loved it . i am epileptic so i can;t box properly(i.e have people hit me) however i can hit the training bag ! by the way , this is the first time women's boxing has ever been part of the summer Olympics , and it is Ireland's best chance of wining a medal . we have a 4 times world champion Katie Taylor in our team , you may have seen her carrying the Irish flag at the opening ceremony .

    2:archery : something else i tried once at a huge vintage vehicle rally in stradbally in county Laois ( pronounced leash before someone asks !) back in 2006. hurts your shoulder like hell but it is really good fun .

    3: shot putt: the only track and field event i could do in school , i loved it

    4:football ( sorry i refuse to call it soccer as all my life i have known it as football , what you guys known as football we know as american football !) i just love football . manchester united are my favourite league team . fc united of manchester are my favourite non league team .

    5: badminton : i was watching some of this evening in the hospital . sadly today the Irish player was knocked out by a French women . looks like a more difficult version of tennis. would love to try it out .

    1. I used to love badminton in high school (might've been the one sport I did love playing) I think that is so cool that you've tried boxing! I will root for your guy :)

  15. 1. Dog Bathing
    2. Fly Swatting
    3. Evening Wine on the Patio
    4. Beach Bumming
    5. Ice Cream Making

  16. I'm an Olympics junkie- have been since the LA Games of '84. Dream list, right?

    1. Gymnastics - how I love watching those women do things to their body I never thought possible. I know I'll trip and fall if I attempt even a graceful jump, but what the heck, a gal can always dream

    2. Diving - I shut my eyes and I can almost see many of those flawless dives I have witnessed on telly. Every attempt of mine ends up with me falling flat on my tummy, but this is not about reality, is it?

    3. Equestrian- no idea why, but for some reason, I find the idea of riding a horse and making it jump over hurdles seems the most wonderful thing in the world.

    4. Sailing- the smell of the sea in your nose, the wind in your hair. Being whipped along by the wind, in control of your yatch. Power and powerlessness linked.

    5. Marathon - never thought I would say it, but this is about the only sport that I can actually attempt. Yes, I will come trundling into the stadium two hours after the medals have been distributed, but come in I will, and participation is more important than winning, isn't it?

    1. Oh, Natasha, thanks so much for the evocative list. I love how your imagination is working here! I could never do a marathon, but it is the endurance thing that really captures my imagination...

  17. I am late again but at least it is still the same day this time : )
    I am sitting here right now listening to them play the national anthem for the Girls Gymnastic gold medal winners.. this is so fitting.
    1. Swimming!!! I am a fish and love to swim : )
    2. Archery. My dad taught me to use his bow and I would love to be better at it.
    3. Gymnastics ....is it possible to just do the uneven bars? those are my favorite
    4. Softball...Is softball an olympic sport?? I dont see why not
    5. Skeet shooting... I already do it with my dad and brother so I might as well add it to the list : )
    Night all <3

    1. Softball WAS an Olympic sport, until this year. Sadly, it is out :( But your list is still great! And those American girls were on fire last night!!

  18. Love, love, love the Olympics! I've been watching them every chance I get, and as many sports as I can find. :)

    My list of 5?

    1. Shooting (I was on the rifle team in college and thought it was the neatest thing!)
    2. Fencing (Fun with swords!)
    3. Water Polo (An odd choice, perhaps, but I really like watching it.)
    4. Field Hockey (Cause hockey in any form is awesome!)
    5. Rhythmic Gymnastics (Fun with ribbons...)

    1. I haven't seen any water polo yet this year (I think it depends on the time they air it). That is a very cool sport.

  19. Love the olympics! Of course, I mostly cheer for Germany, but I love to see all those different and interesting sports and nations.

    1. Swimming (most probably breast): I was in a swim team for some years, and though not awesome, I wad quite okish.

    2. Diving: I can only jump from 3 meter... And tried 5, but I'm so afraid of heights that it's not my thing. Would love to do it though.

    3. Gymnastics: awesome, just awesome

    4. Trampoline: I have one and I love to jump though I cannot do twists and saults

    5. Badminton: love to watch it, it's cool

  20. I'm loving the Olympics, especially since it's in my home country this time. :D Hmm, my five would be:

    1. Synchronized Diving (I'd have to get over my fear of heights for this one, but it's so fantastic!)
    2. Equestrian (because I love horses and I'd love to ride that well)
    3. Gymnastics (Oh, how I wish I was anything LIKE that flexible!)
    4. Archery (just because it's cool, in a Robin Hood kind of way, and I did a bit in college)
    5. Fencing (again, a really cool sport :P)


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