Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Skills

Barbara: Rigel suggested this one for us (thanks, Rigel!): what are the five skills you would want to learn?
1.     Master chef cooking
2.     Real and proper horseback riding
3.     Rock climbing (but without my fear of heights)
4.     Real and proper gardening
5.     Marine…well, not “biology” because that’s a bit more than a skill, but a marine something in that I know and understand underwater life. (help me out here, people!)

Deb: So so so so so so so so soososososososo many it’s hard to list. And by “skill” I am going to   list that which I would love to be really good at!

1.  Piano
2.  Guitar
3.  Horseback riding (with Barb and Jo!!!)
4.  Sewing skills
5.  Dancing


  1. God there are SO MANY THINGS!!!! too Hard... and So....Ive got 10!!!...for now ;)

    1. PROPER Horseback riding (With all of you girls!)

    2. Learning Indian Classical singing

    3. Guitar

    4. Piano

    5. Training Wild animals (Specially the entire Cat Family)

    6. Improv!!! WOULD.LOVE.IT!

    7. Figure Skating

    8. Telekinesis (Telepathy, Psychic Abilities, premonitions I already have)

    9. Channeling my innerbeing

    10. Hands on Healing

    I was gonna write Dancing...But TODAY IS MY FIRST DANCE CLASS EVER!!! WISH ME LUCK GIRLS!

    1. Good luck Shalaka!!! Dance your heart out!

    2. Thanks Jo! BTW When I learn Horseback riding.. you gotta introduce me to RED!!!

    3. Good luck! Dancing is really enjoyable!

    4. Thanks Kasku!!! It was amazing!!!!

    5. You MUST tell us how it went! I would love to learn to dance. Oh, and play piano. Deb and I realized we could go on and on with this one. Finally decided we would pick the first 5 that came to mind -- even if, argh, they weren't the "top" 5!!

    6. Teeheee... I had the same problem !!! But I couldnt resist so...OH WELL !!!

    7. What kind of dance do you learn?
      I love to dance... :D

    8. Ohh... me too Becki.. I'm a complete Dance geek. I have a comment about it, scroll down! It'll tell ya everything :)

  2. 1. fly a plane
    2. wrangler
    3. Piano
    4. ballet
    5. Horse therapist

    1. I think you're learning the horse therapist part as we speak!

  3. 1.to become a world class chef.
    2. Writer

    I have only got two because I could not think more, but I chose my two because cooking is something I love to do,so that would be one skill,and I chose writing because Again I love to write

  4. Physician
    Shamanic Healer
    Piano Player in a bar

    1. Oooh, Shamanic healer, yeah, I love that one too.

    2. Ohh... me too...Madgew If you learn that...PLEASE TEACH ME!

  5. 1. sign language
    2. pottery- every time I touch a pottery wheel I just end up covered in clay and crying
    5. salsa dancing
    4. fire twirling- my best friend at school was great at it, I tried it once and set my favourite jeans on fire..
    5. writing poetry

    1. Samara! Man, you made me laugh with these. I have sooo been in the same pottery shoes. I wish I could master that one.

  6. 1. Tap dancing
    2. Sky diving
    3. Batik
    4. Master Serger
    5. Learn to say "That's funny" in every language.
    Okay so my last one is more for entertainment purposes at work. If I am assisting customers, and they start speaking a foreign language, I like to jump in halfway through and say "That's funny". You should see the looks on their faces.
    Heidi Peach

    1. Hilarious!!!! And "master serger" - are we talking the sewing/serging thingy???

    2. Yes sewing serger. I bought one for my business. It is working great for my project now. But I am always thinking...what can I do next?

  7. 1. Mind reading. For when my wife answers, "Nothing's wrong."
    2. Lasik x-ray vision. Remember those comic book ads for glasses powerful enough to see beneath people's clothes? I'm assuming the technology has advanced into lasik by now. (Wait a minute. Just saw a report on obesity in America. Recalculating.)
    3. Automatic You've-Done-Something-to-Your-Hair Detector. Another critical spousal skill.
    4. Speaking of hair, how about the skill of growing it on one's head? Seems to have escaped me in recent years.
    5. Speed reading. Had to throw in a serious one. Lots of books I want to read when I'm not enjoying your blog.

    1. Oh my god, Jim!!! Soooo funny (and strangely covetable)!! The last one? Seriously, would love that skill too.

    2. I agree with Barbara, I would love to have the last one too! Would help me a lot in my literature courses!

  8. 1. Horseback riding (proper not the kind that I have done so far)
    2. Flying a plane (the faster the better)
    3. Social skills ;)
    4. Triathlon
    5. Scuba diving (and understanding all that's under water)

    1. "Social skills" -- get away with you! ;) You are adorable.

    2. I agree with Barb... YOU.ARE.ADORABLE!!!

    3. Aww, you too! It's nothing. Just silly lil' me :P

  9. 1. Sign language (Started watching a show where one of them is deaf and now i wanna learn it ^-^)
    2. How to play the piano
    3. Gardening related skills
    4. Being more outgoing on my own time
    5. ...I'm blanking on a fifth one :/

  10. The quasi-realistic ones:

    1. mastering sewing skills, becoming an excellent seamstress: I can sew some things. But, I'm lousy at sewing clothes. I want to be able to design clothing and sew my designs.
    2. fluency in French, sign language, and Japanese: I have a pretty good sized chunk of the first two and an eensy weensy 101 level dabbler's bit of the 3rd. But, I want fluency in all 3. I can (and do) study at home, but I need conversational practice. *pout*
    3. I'd love to be a paramedic. This is something I could seriously go after if I could rig up tuition and scheduling. I was an EMT, member of a volunteer fire department, and an AHA CPR instructor when I was young (and had freedom and a hundred less pounds on me *growls*). I'd love to go back into that field, likely with a rural VFD.
    4. Add to my crafting skill set: doll making (esp. art dolls and prims), batik, spinning and working with raw fiber, knitting, clay sculpture (Fimo, Sculpey type clay), multimedia collage, making art quilts
    5. Somewhere, sometime, somehow, someway get back into an aikido dojo and be able to train again, only this time be good at it and progress all the way to shodan. (probably shouldn't have listed this one under "realistic" *sad sigh*)
    6. play the bagpipes: Years ago as a newly wed Navy bride in Virginia, I took bagpipes lessons for a few months and loved it. I've always wanted to be able to pick that back up and really get somewhere with it. A full set of Highland pipes is completely unrealistic. But, I wouldn't mind at all giving it a whirl with a set of kitchen pipes. http://www.hotpipes.com/kpipe.html
    7. write books, real books that get published (NOT vanity self-published) and actually sell a decent enough number of copies that it's not embarrassing, a book that actually goes from hardback to paperback (again, probably shouldn't have listed this under "realistic" *frustrated sigh*)

    Completely unrealist, daydreamy nonsense:
    1. be a helicopter pilot
    2. be able to sing properly and well: As things stand, my singing would make your ears bleed. I am incapable of staying on key/pitch. I don't sing. I caterwaul.
    3. be able to draw and paint: I am completely incapable of this form of artistic ability and lament this fact. I just don't have that part of my brain.
    4. play clarinet well enough to really and truly play during klezmer jam sessions
    5. Go ahead and transfer the aikido one from above to down here. It's never gonna happen.
    6. Be good at social interaction, eye contact, meeting people, saying the right thing at the right time and not saying the wrong thing, functioning in social settings like parties, knowing how to join into an in progress conversation, and all that interpersonal stuff. If I haven't figured it out in 39 years, it goes on the unrealistic skills list. I fucking give up.
    7. Be trim, slim, fit, buff, strong, healthy. Obviously, it's never gonna happen. I'm an ugly lardass with a screwed up thyroid, a heart that doesn't beat right, and blood pressure numbers that make nurses' eyes bug out. Here I've been groaning about facing 40. But, the truth is, I'm likely gonna be dead by 50. So, whatever. Who cares. I fucking give up.

    1. We always say our only rule on this blog is that we have to play nice -- Rigel, that means you with yourself too!! Maybe that should be on your list :) You are amazing and I think anything on your lists is actually do-able for you. Okay, I don't know about singing -- as a terrible caterwauler myself and a coveter of singing skills, I have never gotten there. This one would be on my list too. xoxo

    2. Rigel, there are things on your list that you can do. Like the painting/drawing. I was not considered an artist until I gave myself over to the art, which may or may not make any sense. See, for me, art is not something that can be learned, it is within the artist. The really great pieces of art reflect the artist in some way, either in an obvious way or an abstract, look at it sideways, is that for real? kind of way (which I prefer). I work mostly in an abstract way, not trying to recreate something, but creating something new and different.
      Try this: Get a piece of canvas paper and some paints, then turn on some loud music, anything you want, just so it's loud, and paint. Don't try to do a flower or anything like that, just paint. Use your hands and fingers, get covered in the paint of need be. If you are angry, then paint angry, if you are happy, then paint happy. Use emotion as a medium when creating. That is the big secret to art. It really does mean something.
      Art is art because it means something, not because the "right" people say it is.
      Now that my rant is over, back to watching 'Pride & Prejudice.' Colin Firth as Darcy... :)

    3. Steph: The one and only 'Pride & Prejudice.' I have it too. Too bad it is too late here, I would have watched it with you ;)

      Rigel: I am with you with the number six, the daydream kind (not that interested in bagpipes, sorry to say)

    4. Oh yes, Kasku, it truly is the only P & P!!

    5. I played the clarinet (and bass clarinet) for 10 years. Such lovely instruments they are...

  11. 1. Sign language. I feel as a future healthcare provider it would serve to be useful.
    2. Learn to write right-handed. I'm a lefty. You never know :]
    3. Knit or crochet. Nobody will teach me because...I'm a lefty :/
    4. Find an exercise I can actually a. stick with b. won't cause me pain or c. a combination of the 2.
    5. I can't think of another one. I have to work now.

    Rigel, I played the clarinet for 6 years! :D Haven't picked it up in 3.

    1. Lefties can't knit or crochet??? That needs to change! So many of you have said sign language. I would definitely love that skill too. It's almost like a "dancing language". That would really be wonderful.

    2. Kelly, I am a lefty. My mom faced me and I copied her.
      Heidi Peach

    3. My leftie 8 year old can crochet and I, a righty, taught her so there is hope!

    4. I learned to crochet and I am a lefty too! although it has been years since I crocheted, but still...
      When I write with my right hand, it looks like a 4 year old did it!
      You know, lefties are the only ones in their right minds!!

    5. It's not that, my sister just isn't willing to teach me :P

    6. All the more reason you need to drive west and come hang here for a while, Kelly! I'm right handed, but I could crochet and we could do the facing thing like Heidi above.

    7. I'm a lefty too, and my mom's tried for years to teach me, but I just never caught on. Which sucks, cause I really do love the crocheting...

    8. I always wanted to be a lefty...always :)

      Never thought that knitting is so difficult...have you tried it the way right handed people do it, or is that impossible?


    IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I mean the people are not so friendly, but their loss I say! lol. But the teacher is pretty good and they are still choreographing songs until we build up enough stamina and flexibility for....WAIT FOR IT......


    I cant wait... It felt so so so so AWESOME! For a dance geek like me, just the thought of dancing again is like a DRUG! and thats something that kept me energetic throughout the session and just lose my self to the rhythm!
    Awesome thing is... I haven't danced for about 2 years.. yet my stamina is still strong! And my flexibility was better than the people who were dancing there for a couple of months (not bragging... I'm just so EXCITED to rediscover my passion... and I'M PROUD OF MY DANCING...SO SUE ME! :D) We danced for an hour and I could still dance for another...How cool is that? It was so great to surrender to music again. The session was sucha deliciously graceful time !!! Can't wait for the next one now. :D

    And After rediscovering my pretty strong stamina and my flexibility after two years of break from dancing.. I realized something I always believed in.
    You don't dance with your body, you dance with your HEART!

    1. Oooooohhhh, lovely!! Truly who cares about the others around you when the teacher is good and you are giving yourself over to it so beautifully. Yay!!!

    2. This is so true: "You don't dance with your body, you dance with your HEART!" :)

    3. Awww, sounds awesome! :D I never had real dance lessons (I only had some dance courses in school), but sometimes I wish I would have started dancing, when I was younger...well now I do it for myself and work on my own flexibility.

      Contemporary? I don't know exactly what it is (I just think I know *lol*)...Isn't that very difficult?

    4. That's so exciting!!! I love that buzz =) I can't wait to see some of your work! (You'll video something and show us, right? Please?)

      Maybe (I don't really know but this could be true) maybe the people will warm up to you? After a little time? Or you'll just eventually pull them in with that warmth you radiate =)

  13. 1. Piano
    2. Tap-dancing
    3. Stand-up
    4. Water-skiing
    5. Baseball... batting, double-play moves from second base, everything!!

    I used to play softball, and I was mostly in right field, so that tells you something about my skill. I could hit, but not often. But I LOVED it, ALWAYS have. Would love to learn baseball, not fear the fast pitches, move fast enough to throw the ball to first successfully, EVERYTHING. I miss it.

    This list was the easiest to create yet.

    1. I am a terrible athlete, but also a real wannabe. I would LOVE to be good at some sport. Like Baseball. A team sport...

    2. lol me too... I'm a terrible athlete!!! I was always curious about football though!

  14. OH! And sing on key consistently. I can do it, and I'm finally learning how to breathe correctly, but I'd love to hit the higher range. I'm a definite alto.

    Thanks, Rigel, both for the suggestion, and the mention of singing. I LOVE that idea.

  15. Did I mantion how much I love these 5-things posts : )

    1. Juggling tricks....I thnk I will have at least one trick down by the end of summer : ), But mastering a whole bunch would be cool.
    2. Style....I have none LOL sometimes I can barley match my clothes....darn color-blindness :)
    3. Electrician...My dad is and taught me some basics but it would make him rather happy if I could grasp the more difficult stuff :)
    4. Writer
    5. contortionist.... <-----did I spell that right???? The people who are wih the circus or other shows and can bend up into a little box and stuff. I am always amazed watching these people so it would be fun I think.

    PS. I love that so many want to learn sign language!!! It is much easier to remember and learn(in my experience) than some other spoken languages. Signing doesn't require conginated verbs and that sort of thing. I was able to teach myself just by watching videos and reading a few books in a little over 6-8 months!!! oh and also just because I don't know where you all are in the world. I am speaking for American sign language and not British sign language. There is a difference! : ) Let me know if you guys need some pointers :)

    1. Kelly, I love that you mastered sign! And I have to say, your list is very original!

  16. 1.The skills to de-stress more effectively
    2.The skills necessary to change professions
    4.Play harmonica/guitar/piano better
    5.The skill to figure out mitre corners when building something without spending ten minutes on the math for each cut and still having to do it again.

    I'm working on all of them but #2 in particular right now. I'm just starting to really work on #2 and so far all its done is create the need for #1.

    1. Ha ha!! so funny (and relate-ably sad, all at the same time ;) )

  17. 1. Guitar (always wanted to play)
    2. Dancing (gave it up at a young age and now wish that I hadn't)
    3. Being able to make people laugh intentionally; I have the ability to make people laugh unintentionally now :)
    4. Cooking ( my cooking skills are somewhat lacking, to say the least)
    5. The ability to write/say/do something that people will remember for centuries.
    So many interesting skills to think about...

    1. If anyone gives lessons in #5, would they check in here???

  18. Fun!

    1. Carpenter - I want to build things
    2. Master weaver (on a loom that I built myself as a carpenter)
    3. Master bassoonist - bassoons are cool!
    4. Learn languages with ease. I want to learn Old English, Frisian, Welsh, and of course all the Romance languages.
    5. Fix a car. I'm tired of taking cars into shops for repairs.

    1. Molly,

      I am soooo with you on "Fix a car"!!!

      My dream car is a pick up truck, in good shape, solid body, from the 1960's or 1970's that I can learn to work on through and through myself. Nothing computerized. Nothing fuel injected. Just jack it up, put it on some stands, and get greasy fixing it myself.

    2. On the one hand, I wish I could repair stuff, on the other, no real interest in learning that stuff... sigh. Bassoons ARE cool!

    3. You need old enough car that can be fixed with anything ;)

  19. Oh... that's a tough one.

    1. Fly. I've always said that if I wasn't a zookeeper, I'd be a pilot!
    2. Horse-riding. There'd be quite a large group of us, it seems. :D
    3. Guitar. I have one... I just need to learn how to play the darn thing.
    4. Horse whisperer. Seriously, I just love horses and understanding them so intimately would be wonderful.
    5. Ice skate. I always end up on my bum within a few minutes - I'd love to be able to glide across the ice gracefully.

    There are so many more! Maybe I should write a 'Bucket List'. ;)

    1. I know -- as I said, Deb and I had to our first 5 and not maybe our top 5, it could go on and on...

  20. Hmmm...

    1. Gymnastics
    2. Sing
    3. Play the Piano
    4. Fly a plane
    5. Draw

    Oh, and when you're on your horses, can I come and ride with you? :)

  21. Kelly and I posted our bucket lists on our blog! :)


  22. 1) I'm going to also say sign language =)
    2) Drawing and painting (I dabble and love to but have had no training whatsoever and, well, am not very good =) )
    3) Singing. I don't want to become a superstar or anything like that, I just wish I had the vocal control to correct the terrible things I can hear my voice doing. And it's great to be able to communicate a tune whenever you want.
    4)There's a HUGE range of athletic/physical stuff that I want to be able to do or do better =)
    5) Apart from sign language, there are quite a few languages that I'd love to be able to speak!

    And now for the extra cheating numbers:

    6) I'd love to have such a strong intuition that I could tell just by looking at someone that they're unhappy or need a hug or whatever
    7) Mechanical skills so that I could build or invent whatever I want at any time (like a jetpack ;) )
    8)This is more from a moment's frustration than a lifelong dream but I wish I could snap b=my fingers and heal my knee so I can go back to training (and basically monkeying around =) )

    1. Awwww, on #8. I wish that too. Love all the rest too!

  23. Know what I want to perfect? My brain chemistry and my eyesight. Those should actually be first, but I really wanna play the piano. :D

    Had a GREAT day today. Just want to let you know about gratitude for today. Revere Beach. Walking along the edge of the cool (not freezing) water. a bit of release while watching the tide and listening what turned out to be songs that don't usually cause a reaction in me but did today.

    I didn't end up driving directly home because the right songs kept coming on the iPod and I couldn't go home without hearing the entire song. As I hit the last "lap" of the drive home, I passed a woman I hadn't seen in over a year. She's always walking slowly down the street pushing a shopping cart full of cans to return for deposit. I turned around and gave her the cans in my trunk, a ritual she and I had gotten used to. We were so happy to see each other this evening.

    You want to see gratitude? We both showed it tonight.

    Love you guys!

    1. Oh, Dawn, thank you soooo much for sharing this. Love this story. love you!!

    2. Love you, too, Barb! Wanted to share. HAD to share!

  24. Oh, Holly and Kelly! Your bucket lists INSPIRED ME! Here I've been feeling all beaten up and intimidated by BIG things. Maybe it would be nice to make a short term bucket list of smaller, happier, more reasonable, not intimidating things? *hugs you both so tight* Some are skills, some are not. But, Deb and Barbara have always fussed that it's OK to roam and wander conversationally in these comments so I'm going to take them at their word.

    First off, trying to pick myself up from the piss poor place I've been all day (I'm just so tired of being sick all the time!), I'm gonna remind myself of 2 HUGE and wonderful bucket list items that I've already been able to check mark on my list. Now, that said, I don't consider them done! I want to be able to put MULTIPLE checks by them. :) 1. I got to fly in a helicopter. (Sept. 2007) 2. I got to go to a Colin and Brad show and meet Colin. (April 2011)

  25. Hmmm, a non-guilt inducing, reasonable, doable, spirits lifting bucket list:

    Learn to bake loaves of homemade bread. Keep one, share the other. Repeat.

    Make one of these: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6uzju2JJj1qg57x3o1_1280.jpg
    to use as a tool when I'm spiraling into despair, boredom, depression, emotional eating, beating-myself-up-emotionally (this usually happens late at night when I'm feeling lonely and am most definitely a member of #teaminsomnia. Saturday nights, alone after work are the worst. ).

    Make a button and embroidery collage of my favorite quote. Hang it on the wall where I see it a lot. Keep it for myself. Don't give it away or sell it.

    Review/learn/recapture 500 French vocabulary words. Set new goal count upon achieving.

    Review/learn/recapture tenses and conjugations of 150 French verbs. Set new goal count upon achieving.

    Review/learn/recapture 500 Japanese vocabulary words. Set new goal count upon achieving.

    Review/learn/recapture tenses and degrees of politeness for 150 Japanese verbs. Set new goal count upon achieving.

    Review/learn/recapture 500 more ASL signs. Set new goal count upon achieving.

    Get proficient at installing zippers while sewing.

    Get proficient at installing button holes while sewing.

    Get proficient at using interfacing while sewing.

    Make and donate 5 blankets to Project Linus.

    Crochet and donte 5 caps through Knots of Love.

    Get a tattoo on my right ankle.

  26. Dye (temporary) my hair (or part of my hair) purple. The problem with this one is that it would get me fired from my job. *frowns* This one may take a while, but I'm gonna seize the opportunity when I've got it. I have long wanted a thick streak of beautiful, rich, exotic purple in my hair.

    *stares pointedly at Deb and Barbara* Save up for, sign up for, and do a term of this for this winter: http://www.secondcity.com/training/chicago/coursecatalog/93/
    Since I couldn't go back in June and to tide me over until ...

    Do this. Next summer. A whole week. Use part of my tax return money for this and try with all my might not to feel guilty about that. Keep telling myself that sometimes the seemingly irresponsible thing to do is actually the responsible and healthy thing to do. Try to believe that. Just fling myself into it.
    Improv in a.m. Writing in p.m. Start trying to figure out how they think in that slippery way and let themselves be all exposed without getting completely tangled up in their heads and scared all the time. Try to figure out how not to get completely locked up in all the clutter in my skull. Try to figure out how to not flinch so damn much. (There, Deb. I went public. Yet again, was the water deep enough, or did I just snap my neck?) (Bold enough for you, Barbara? I told you I'm getting dangerous. That's what happens when I get angry at being sad.)

    For a few minutes, every day, sit down and work on translating the articles in the 3 French magazines I bought recently. Treat myself to more French magazines upon completion.

    Start the following in the kitchen: growing batches of edible mung bean sprouts, the scallion regrow http://thekrazycouponlady.com/at-home/ill-never-pay-again-one-simple-way-to-free-green-onions/ , the Romaine lettuce regrow http://threepsandq.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/peculiarities-and-plants-romaine-lettuce/ . Keep them going! My tiny little apartment garden (including my basil and aloe plants).

    Organize all of my craft supplies into a usable, easy, practical workshop type set up. Honor my crafting as a "job" that deserves a workspace. Make a space that I enjoy using and that inspires productivity.

    Enter 10 crafted items into the county fair this year.

    Make and donate 10 pillow cases to ConKerr Cancer.

    Make and donate 10 pillow cases to Heads at Ease.

    Crochet a fabulous, bold pair of leg warmers for myself for this winter. Do not give them away or sell them. Use them myself.

    Make myself 3 denim skirts. Do not give them away or sell them. Use them myself.

    Make myself a flannel petticoat for this winter. Do not give it away or sell it. Use it myself.

    Make myself a long, polar fleece, patchwork skirt for this winter. Do not give it away or sell it. Use it myself.

    Crochet and donate 3 shawls for PS4FS.

    Practice every day and build up strength until I can do 20 pushups daily with solid and correct form (the bent knees, girl kind). (I can only do a wobbly 3 now. This is gonna take a long time.)

    Learn to solder.

    So, anyway, this is my “stuff that's in reach” bucket list. Maybe this'll be my "Don't Get Lost" bucket list. I hate, hate, HATE feeling trapped and helpless.

    1. I've always wanted to have purple hair!! Although I can't do that since I am a student in the education field, so it's kind of frowned upon, alhtough I don't know why.

    2. Rigel, you are awesome. I love how you get back on the horse after every hiccup and always with a new mission and/or game plan. So glad Second City is out there and still on the list :)

      And oh yeah, got interrupted in my reading of this as I had to run to the TV for Trust Us with your Life. How did we forget to promote that here??? Did you guys see Colin's new show on ABC tonight???

    3. Despite Trust us with your lfe being on opposite the MLB allstar game[ :-( ] I did watch TUWYL and loved it <3 . Kinda a mix of whose line and some games from the road they have been doing since whose line ended : ) Now back to baseball :)

  27. We don't have tv, antenna, cable, satellite, etc. I WANT WANT WANT to watch it, but I've gotta wait for someone to post it online and then watch it a few times quickly before there's a take down notice. :(

    I wish ABC would offer it on hulu for us Americans.

    1. I feel you, Rigel. I've got the cable, but I work nights and have no way to record anything. But should I find it online, I'll be sure to let you know. :)

  28. I'm back! Late but in time to respond to my five I hope

    1. Always wished I could cook spectacular meals. For my kids it was mac and cheese and other classics like that for them
    2. I wish I could speak another language fluently. Used to know some Japanese but have lost most of it.
    3. I wish I had better social skills and was not so self conscious I hate that. I have always been in awe of people who look so relaxed.
    4. I wish I had learned to play an instrument. Took guitar lessons briefly but in secret so it wasn't a pleasant experience : (
    5. Wish I could dance never really learned only fake it now and then

    PS I missed Trust Us With Your Life I was at the airport in Burbank getting ready to board my plane when I thought of it. Maybe the next one sorry Colin but it's good to be back among friends

    1. Thrilled you still managed to check in, Mary. Oh, and I keep meaning to check in with you re LA. Saw the pic on FB but was running out. It sounds (and looks) like it was sooo much fun!!!) Great list.

  29. Hey, Colin is still funny!

    Seeriously, hysterical!!!!
    (3 cheers for the oxymoron) <---- (not me).

  30. 5 skills I would want to have- hmm, let me think:

    1) Cooking- I'm pretty good with the baking, but not so goood with the cooking, and I'd really like to improve. Though it puzzles me how I can be so good with one and so bad with the other...

    2) Music- I play 2 instruments, but I'd love to learn to play the piano properly. I learned a few things on piano in college, but not nearly enough.

    3) Far, far better socal skills- That one needs no explanation, because I talked about that here before. But a lot of us seem to have that on our list, which makes feel slightly better and much less alone in the world.

    4) Language- I took Latin in high school, but I've forgotten nearly all of it, and I really wish I'd hung on to it better.

    5) Driving- An odd one, I know. My anxiety is such that I cannot drive a car without panicking. I'm 32 and still don't have a license, which can be a bit embarrasing. It would be a glorious thing indeed to be able to go somewhere without having to get a ride.

    And that's five. Sorry if it's a bit long and rambly, but it's nearly 3:30 in the morning here, and I'm just a bit tired and headachy...

    1. Not rambly or too long, April! Sometimes we gotta say it like it needs to be said :) I'm always surprised -- even when I know people in "real life" -- to find out they feel they lack social skills. They seem so perfectly social to me! Sometimes it's more a feeling inside than an outward manifestation of poor skills ... Also the driving, I know several people who've not gone there, one 45, the other 60. They do regret it. Although can't seem to get past it...

  31. hmm how interesting . my 5 are as follows :

    1: truck , train or bus driving: I would love to learn how to drive something that is not typical for a woman to drive . I have had a tiny bit of experience at driving a preserved 1955 Irish diesel locomotive , 400 meters up a siding and 400 meters back down in reverse . I have also have had a cab ride half way across Ireland on a train travelling to galway on the west coast . for those who might not know Dublin is on the east coast of Ireland .

    2: truck and bus maintenance: I have always loved mechanics. a couple of my friends own preserved buses and I have been out with them to their workshops to help work on them . all I can do is basic stuff. I would love to be able to do more and be more knowledgeable on the subject .

    3: when to shut up . being Irish and female I would win the gold medal at the talking Olympics . sometimes though I wish I could know when enough is enough . i have caused a good few arguments with mom by not knowing this .

    4:to play a musical instrument. music is so much a part of my life I would love to be able to create it as well as enjoy it .

    5:to write well . I have always said i would love to be a proper writer. i have 3 things that I am working on for my blog but with things as they are right now I doubt I will ever finish them . then when i go to send them in i always thing thats crap who the hell is going to read that !

    i forgot trust us with your life started yesterday , i read the broadcast date of the first one in colin's twitter feed a while back . this is a situation where the internet will be my friend , i hope! i am looking forward to seeing it .

    1. actually now that i think of it may I add a 6th .
      6: to fly a helicopter. i don;t just mean in a helicopter . i have always wanted to learn how to fly one

    2. Ooh, I love these powerful machinery elements! And #3 made me howl!! Did you find the show??? Looks like Rigel did, but she's in the States.


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