Monday, December 31, 2012

Five Crazy Things: Failed Resolutions

Barbara: We like to keep it positive here on the blog as much as possible, but it can also be fun to poke a little fun at ourselves from time to time. And what better time than the infamous resolutions time? Okay, so what 5 resolutions are you going to make this year that will definitely not last?
1. Meditate every day.
2. Get to the gym 3 times a week.
3. Get away from the computer at regular intervals.
4. No wheat.
5. Not resort to platitudes and clich├ęs in my writing ever again.

1. Sadly, number one just might be the same as Barb’s. Meditate every day! I live in hope!!!
2. Read more books on a regular basis!
3. Stop over-punctuating!!!
4. Rid myself of my ticks and twitches. Sit STILL!
5. That’s it, I think. I am happy with everything else!

AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!! Have a great one xoxo


  1. I'm not making any resolutions this year. I think I'll just keep doing what I've been doing in the last two months. But, if I were making resolutions, here are five I wouldn't keep.
    1. Work out. With volunteering and travelling, I'm just too tired.
    2. Lose weight. I could stand to lose a few pounds but with new foods to try I'm not putting the effort in.
    3. Spend more time with friends and family. Sorry, loved ones, if you want to see me you can fly here or read my blog. ( - feel free to read and share it!)
    4. Write a book. I might do it, but I might not.

    Hmm... can't think of any more. But I will spend this year challenging myself, trying new things, learning a language, being happier, and helping others.

  2. Real quick. Y'all always said to show y'all when it had happened. I've been saying for over a year and a half that I was going to do it for this birthday. Today I am 40. I did it on Fri. night.!/WinterLightHome/media/slideshow?!/WinterLightHome/media/slideshow?!/WinterLightHome/media/slideshow?!/WinterLightHome/media/slideshow?!/WinterLightHome/media/slideshow?

    Funnily enough, what I decided to get is based on a conversation that began here on blog. lol

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    1. What does the whole thing say? I'm only seeing parts and can't put them together.

    2. AND..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Oh, and failed resolutions:

    1. Lose weight
    2. Get thin
    3. Lose weight
    4. Get thin
    5. Lose weight

    1. Did I miss your birthday?? I dont remember, if I did, Sooo sorry!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweetie! <3 xo And Happy new year!

    2. You didn't miss it! {{{hugs}}} It's today! :)

    3. Shalaka -

      Did you not look above? I finally got the tattoo! I've been saying for more than a year and half that I'd get one for this birthday. I did it Friday night. I actually ended up basing it off a conversation that began on this blog and continued in email w/Barbara. Kooky unfolding of events! :) But, I just went with my gut and got what felt right.

    4. No I didnt. I read Barb's comment when I was writing mine and so I wished ya. Cool!!! You got a TATTOOO!!!!!! AWESOME!!! What did you get??? THE TARDIS??? Please say the TARDIS! :P

    5. The links above are to pics!

    6. AWESOME!!! What does it mean btw? :D

  4. 1. not taking a break from being vegan because I get a craving for cheese pizza..
    2. meditate every day (this seems to be a common one!!)
    3. stop being annoyed by my husband's annoying habits..
    4. stop getting grumpy with my kid(s)!
    5. less tv in the evening, more books, more painting

    I dont like my chances for any of these but i'll certainly try. Happy New Year everyone, hope 2013 brings much love and happiness into everyone's life here.

  5. 1. Eat seasonally
    2. Meet my 2012 resolutions
    3. Find my list of 2012 resolutions
    4. Make money doing what I love
    5. Comment on every single blog that Deb and Barb post

    Happy New Year!!! Yay for 2013!!!

  6. I don't make resolutions because some work and others big fail. I decided years ago to just do what I do and if it works it does and if not no disappointments. Too old to worry about everything anymore-I am 64 and have been free of negativity for years. So no resolutions.

  7. Hello, dear friends! I am just now visiting relatives in Michigan. I look forward to properly reading all these later (probably tomorrow). Already you are making me smile and laugh! Soooo grateful for all of you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    And of course we have to acknowledge our dear Becki and Rigel who have just celebrated milestone birthdays: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! love and xoxo

  8. 1. HA! Same and you two... Meditate everyday!
    2. Reading much more, on a regular basis
    3. Getting my ass of my chair more often
    4. Painting more (Which reminds me I started a new painting. I'll share it with you lot soon)
    5. Make feeling good as my top priority. Its not really failed one though. I am getting better at it :)

    1. OHH and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is gonna be the most AWESOME year of our lives!!! :D

  9. I honestly don't remember if I posted resolutions on our blog. I do remember one of mine, though, and it still gives me a chuckle: I resolved to have no C's on my record for my last semester of college. I ended my last semester with....*drum roll please*....2 A's, 3 B's...and a D+.

    Be careful what you wish for! lol.

    Hope everyone has an amazing end to the New Year, and that 2013 is just as wonderful as 2012 was. :) <3 See you all next year!

  10. These are so great everyone. I love that some of you have given up on resolutions and are happy with that choice. It made me laugh that some of you already know they are not going to happen and have made your peace with it. And I love that some of you (like me) just keep giving it the old college try!

  11. I like this better. It's easier to think of things I wont do in the new year as opposed to things I wish I could do next year.
    1. Lose weight....thryoid problems make this impossible but I still try often
    2. Take the dog for a walk every day....we are both too lazy for this sadly
    3. Build a better relationship with my mom.
    4. Make my bed every day....This won't last a single day!!
    5. More time studying less on YouTube...the peril of any college student :)

  12. Spell check

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  13. Its 2013. Dear Universe,....... SURPRISE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year Y'ALL! Big hugs to all of you!!! <3 xoxo

  14. I had ONE resolution for last year, get officially divorced, and I didn't do it. I kept saying, "Okay, just need the money, I'll do it now. Oh, wait, I need this first. I need that. Oh, isn't that cute! I'll buy it!"

    And now here we are again. I'm going to take the money out the first of February and do it. It costs a LOT less than I believed. No lawyer is involved, irretrievable breakdown, no kids, he's been out of the state 4+ years. There's no reason not to do it.

    What I'll probably fail at:

    1. That good old weight loss thing (even reaching a 5% goal seems a bit... distant).
    2. Leave the house at least once a day.
    3. Get dressed EVERY day.
    4. Find my desk more often. (I know it's SOMEWHERE under all that crap.)
    5. TEETH!! I need some serious dental work, but I HATE the dentist. I'd honestly rather go to the gynecologist than the dentist. I keep putting this off, too. HOPEFULLY, I'll go, but it's been at least 2 years, so... Yeah yeah, I know. Just... UGH.

    And on that note, I hope everyone has the Happy New Year they wish for!!!

  15. 1) Lose 10 lbs. "wt loss" is too generic- specificity helps achieve a realisic goal.

    2) apply for and write my certification exams.

    3) Buy back a year of pensionable service. This will put be in debt for the year but has a good payoff. so line of credit here i come!

    4) cook more- esp meals that can be frozen 4 later

    5) learn to budget, set one and STICK to it!

  16. 1: in my teen years i smoked . i thought to my self i would stop for about 4 new years before I did .

    2: deal with my weight problem

    3: try not to argue with my mom .

    4: talk less listen more

    5: learn a new skill

    well the new year is 20 minutes old here in Dublin . may 2013 bring everyone here all they want . enjoy the turn of the year when it comes your way !

  17. Hmm...well, I tend not to make resolutions since I usually don't keep them, but let's see...
    1. Lose weight.
    2. Study more.
    3. Stop spendng so much money. Ironic considering I just spent too much on some much wanted books! :)
    4. Donate more of my time to worthy causes.
    5. Make an effort to be happier and enjoy life more.
    Happy New Year, all! Lots of love, laughs, hugs, and peace to everyone! xoxo

  18. Thanks for the laughs and food for resolution thoughts. Dawn, hope that divorce one comes through! And I hope for everyone that despite the difficulty in keeping resolutions, that your dreams do come true and that you are happy and healthy!


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